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Enemies On The Mat, Lovers Off

When two people are such fierce competition on the mat, something somewhere else must pull them toge
When you watch the Olympics, there is always a sport which not many people have heard of - Judo. I, being the strange and random person that I am, have grown up doing this sport. Now, I’m not on the lighter side of life, so there weren’t all that many people to fight me, but I would be useful when it came to the Olympics to fight in the heavier categories.

In competitions in the UK, before training with the Squad, I would always end up fighting Lucy, a brunette who was a little lighter and shorter than me but was older and moved like you wouldn’t believe. Being at the level we were at, we fought regularly and she always won. My fight was slowly getting worse and I was losing confidence in myself. Then I got a letter asking me to train with the British Squad. My life was MADE. My confidence was coming back up and my technique, speed and agility were getting better. I was getting a little thinner and taller too.

The next time Lucy and I fought, the match came to a draw. Step one in the right direction. Afterwards, when we were getting changed and showered I noticed that Lucy looked good. Her breasts weren’t small; she was curvy, but nice curvy.

In the next competition, I was determined that I would make things change. I would win three things: the contest, the competition, and Lucy.

The two week gap flew by and next thing I knew I was up at the crack of dawn to get to the competition. On the mat, Lucy and I stood at our separate sides, bowed, walked onto the mat, bowed, walked to the centre and bowed. Then the few seconds, arms raised defensively before the referee shouted Hajime (go), staring into each other’s eyes, psyching each other out, seeing if we could tell who would go for what move first.


We both move a few steps forward on the balls of our feet, bouncing a little as we move round. The first fight is for the dominant grip. I’m right handed but for some reason I prefer to compete left handed. I know, I’m a little mad. I get the grip I want, Lucy having to swap to a left grip too, her less favoured side. The second contest: to use this how I want to. I move in for an attack on her leg. My leg catches her and she stumbles, pulling my grip lower down her lapel. I struggle to get it back up without relinquishing my grip and losing dominance, moving my right hand off her sleeve so I can push my left one up. She pulls me down to groundwork and we grapple there. When I have someone held down in groundwork, they don’t break past my arms. She seems to want to pull me into this and I can’t figure out why. In the pulling, my right hand has gone under her jacket and has found her breast of all things. Pulling at her t-shirt, I manage to rub my thumb over her nipple. She shudders and I move my hand. I get her into the hold-down that I want and she is immobile. I can look into her eyes, and so I do. Gazing down at her gently, I see the look of surrender in her eyes.

I hold her there for fifteen seconds and the fight is over. We stand up. We bow to the judges, each other and the audience. We leave the mat. My only contest today was with Lucy, and so I win the competition. Somehow, I think I know that I have already won everything I planned to today.

We go to shower and get changed into our tracksuits, ready to collect our medals afterwards. I walk a little quicker to the showers than Lucy does, needing to be in there to soothe a slight injury. Due to there being a significant number more contestants in the other categories, they are all still out there and competing, so Lucy and I have the changing rooms to ourselves. I strip off my heavy and sweaty kit and grab my shower stuff. The one thing I hadn’t realised was that Lucy hadn’t come in. I got into the shower and started to hum to myself as the water was turned on. Letting it run down my body, I felt the heat work on my shoulder as I gently massaged it. I moved my hand away and started to clean myself, frothing up the soap.

Then a moment of panic as another hand lightly brushed over my shoulder, gently massaging it. Too soft and smooth to be a man’s hand. I jumped a little and turned round, my face stunned, but then I felt it change to shock as a pair of lips met mine and a hand stroked my face, pulling me closer. A second hand at the small of my back pulled me in and then moved down a little and squeezed gently. I accepted their kiss willingly, my eyes closing; I didn’t care.

When they released me, I let my eyes slide slowly open and stood back, taking in before me a rather damp looking Lucy in a t-shirt and her underwear. It was clinging to her. I swear, she looked so much sexier this time than the last time we were together in the showers. A new light came upon her now. She smiled at me, “Are you, well, you know…do you like me?”

I stood and grinned at her, “What gave me away?” I enquired, looking at her with a look of light puzzlement.

“Maybe something to do with your swipe of my nipple…I’d quite like you to do it again. Th-that is of course, if you want to.”

“Of course I want to you crazy fool. I like you. A lot.”

Then I moved forward and kissed the damp person who was residing in the vicinity. I pulled her closer by her t-shirt and placed my hand on her breasts. I felt her wrap round me. She accepted my tongue into her mouth and they danced there for a little while. I rubbed her breast and put my other hand into a position where I could remove her underwear. I pulled them down in what would have been one swift movement had they been dry. She pulled up her t-shirt and revealed to me once again her beautiful breasts, not that I had ever really noticed how truly stunning they were until now.

I got up and brought my jaw with me, kissed her lips, her face, her neck, her ears, her shoulders, her collarbones, her breasts, down her stomach and down her thighs. I could almost taste her juices. No, wait, I could taste them; she was so wet. I nibbled on her clit and licked her slit. Pushing my tongue in, I could feel her tightness, taste her, smell her with how close I was. All this came as a frenzy. I had never felt like this before. I knew I liked her as a friend because sometimes we had to train together too, but now, I think I fell in love with her. I know this was the part about lust but I didn’t care. I loved her because of how much I lusted for her, if that made any sense at all.

Seconds after she came, we heard the door crack open a little, indicating the first of the losers from the competition going on above had come back to follow an almost identical pattern to the one we had. This couldn’t get out. We leapt away from each other and Lucy turned on another shower, already wet it wouldn’t look suspicious to anyone. Although the smell of sex was clearly in the air, we didn’t care. It should go with the steam.

We dried and dressed and left the changing rooms. Glancing across at each other, winking, all the way back to the hall for the medal presentation.

When we were called up to receive our medals, we went up and hugged and held hands for the first time. I won’t lie, my mother and father did send me a strange look but then again, this was the first time I had beaten Lucy. Little did they know how well and truly I had her beaten. This could carry on for as long as I wanted to win… catch a nipple and she was mine.
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