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Expanding Friendships

Story of a best friend becoming a new lover
It had been about six months since I learned that I was bi and could truly enjoy sex with a man as much as sex with a woman. My gay lover had taught me many things about sex, not the least of which was that confidence always made the encounter more enjoyable. Confidence in your own sexuality as well as confidence in your ability to try new things. Even with all of that, I still kept my new sexuality private. I couldn't think of how to broach the subject with friends, so I kept it to myself. Even my best friend, whom I had known since grade school, I could not be honest with him.

I also learned that just because you saw a person naked, male or female, it didn't mean that you had to have sex with that person. No matter how cute or sexy they were. Amazingly - yes, I can admit that - sex wasn't just about getting off anymore. It was about two people coming together and finding ways to give and get pleasure with each other.

Such was the case with Jared, my best friend from grade school. Having gone through high school gym classes, various sports teams, college, college sports, and roommates, we were quite accustomed to seeing each other naked. We shared an apartment during college and for a year afterwards, and it was not at all uncommon for one of us to come home with a date only to find the other already on the couch with their date. It was probably in college when we first saw each other naked; being roommates made that a likely and common happening. So, by the time we had left college and were sharing an apartment, it was as common as taking a shower. And since we were both dating fairly regularly, it had even happened were one of us might walk in on the other while they were having sex. With a girl!

Of course now that I had a new outlook on sex, I had to admit that Jared was quite sexy. He had always worked out a lot, so his muscles were quite well toned. Not to the point of being "muscle bound" but he really had a good physique, better than mine. Jared was also what we would call a "shower" meaning that he naturally had a nice sized dick it just didn't get too much bigger when he was hard. And for better or worse, I had seen him hard. Truth be told I had even sneaked a peek or two of him with a girlfriend just so I could see him in the act. At least I had done that after realizing I was bi. And since I was being truthful I had even fantasized recently about what it would be like if I was in bed with him instead of one of his girls.

Needless to say, despite my growing desire I still couldn't find a way to come out to my friend and tell him that I was bi, or that I would gladly go down on him any time he wanted. As time went by, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to Jared, and a couple of times even started to broach the subject. But he would start talking about one of his lady friends and so I chickened out. Then I was presented with an opportunity when my company was sending a couple of us to Las Vegas for a conference. The other person was taking his wife so I invited Jared. We had been to Las Vegas several times and always had a good time, so he jumped at the chance.

We got to the hotel late on Sunday night, which was no fun for me since the conference started bright and early on Monday. Our flight had been delayed, making us late, and then when we got there the hotel had messed up the reservation and put us in a room with a single king bed. Normally I wouldn't have cared, but I was really cranky and tired. To make things a little better they upgraded the room, which simply meant it now had a huge bathroom with an over sized jacuzzi tub and a stall shower, but still just the king sized bed.

Jared on the other hand seemed completely at ease with it and even kept saying, "Dude, it's no big deal!"

The room was great and had a wonderful view of the strip overlooking the Bellaggio fountains. And the bathroom really did look relaxing. We quickly unpacked and Jared convinced me to go downstairs for a couple of drinks, then maybe a nice hot bath and I would feel better. We had a couple of great drinks, which totally loosened me up and were already making me feel better. Jared wanted to hit the craps tables so I went upstairs for that hot bath, plus I did have to get up early.

It must have been the alcohol because once in the room, I stripped completely as the tub filled, and I even poured in some bubbles. I was leaning over the tub checking the water when I felt a hand smack my ass hard. I yelped and spun around to see Jared standing there grinning.

"Sorry, dude. I couldn't resist!" And then he walked away laughing.

I climbed into the tub, letting the soaking hot water and bubbles flow up and around me. "How did you do at the tables? You came back up here pretty quick."

"For a change I hit it pretty good and quick. So I decided to quit while I was ahead."

As he talked, he walked in and leaned against the sink in nothing more than a pair of his tight jockeys. I was suddenly glad for the bubbles because I flashed on a vision of him climbing in with me, and not to get washed up. He pushed off and headed into the toilet room, which had a door. He closed it and I could hear him peeing. I tried focusing on all kinds of things to help me stop thinking about him since I would have to get out of the tub at some point. Then he stepped out of the toilet room with his underwear in his hand, and a smile on his face.

"Mind if I take a shower?"

Before I could even answer, he had turned on the water and after a moment stepped inside. Well, as I said we had certainly seen each other naked before, but nothing like the two of us like this. I mean here I was sitting totally naked in a bubble bath while he took a shower in a glass walled shower. The steam was definitely not distorting the shower enough to hide him as he washed every damn inch of his body. Between the heat and the alcohol this could not go anywhere good.

I focused on sports, the conference and anything else I could think of other than him standing in that shower stall covered with soap, the water pouring down his body. When he bent over to wash his legs I quickly got out of the tub, dried off and headed into the bedroom. Several minutes later he came in wearing a towel talking about how great that shower felt and that he was surprised I got out so quickly. I just shrugged as I continued flipping channels. When he dropped the towel and slipped on a pair of shorts I really started to second guess the king size bed.

He laid out and grabbed the remote, flipping channels, finally settling on a basketball game. Neither of us was a basketball fan and he joked that they needed cheerleaders to make the game more watchable. We stayed up a little longer before finally turning off the TV and going to sleep.

The next morning I quietly got up and got dressed for my conference. When I came back into the bedroom before heading out Jared had rolled onto his back, the covers were pushed back and I could see he had a morning hard on. I quickly shook my head and left.

I spent the day at the conference, including lunch, during which we broke up into teams and worked through it. I honestly found it to be very educational and at the end of the day a couple of other guys were heading out for dinner and invited me. I said I would love to, but had to check with a friend who was here with me.

Jared was all for heading out to dinner and making new friends. We agreed to meet in the lobby and I went upstairs to get a quick shower and change. As I walked into the room, I was greeted by Jared strolling into the bathroom totally naked and looking very tan.

"Hey buddy... I was just going to jump in the shower. Sorry, I lost track of time at the pool. Way too many distractions out there."

I tried not to look too interested, but I was starting to think I should just tell him and get it out of the way. Who knows, maybe he would be interested!

"No problem, I will jump in when you are done!"

I went into the bedroom, stripped down to my jockeys and got out my clothes for the evening. I heard the water stop and Jared called out that I could get in. I walked in naked to see Jared leaning over the sink, legs spread as he applied lotion to his forehead. I grinned and taking a page from his book slapped his ass. Quickly, I jumped in the shower as he grabbed a towel and flicked it at me.

We were laughing and talking the whole time I showered and despite my own personal sexual tension it felt really easy with him. Then again, it always had. Jared was a good friend and that was the one thing more than anything that stopped me from coming out. I didn't want to ruin that.

I finished up and when I walked into the bedroom he was already dressed and ready, flipping channels as usual. I told him what I knew about the two guys which was not much and got dressed. I had decided that perhaps if I stopped looking at him as a sex object then maybe I could relax a little. Jared complimented my outfit and jokingly suggested that maybe I was sweet on one of the guys. Or maybe he was sweet on me!

Laughing I said, "If anything, I have a feeling these guys are already a couple. One of them is definitely gay and not sure about the other."

We were walking out and Jared said, "Well, maybe his friend is bi. Nothing wrong with that. Best of both worlds." Then to finish that thought he slapped my ass.

We were laughing as we walked to the elevator but his comment did get me wondering. Was he just saying that for the other guy, or did he really think so? We had a great steak dinner, shared a bottle of wine and found that these guys - Tom and Jack - were funny and friendly. We were having a great time and while Tom was definitely gay - he admitted it - Jack was still a question mark.

After dinner, Jared surprised me again by suggesting that we go out to one of the local bars, and that maybe Tom had a fun one we could go to. Even I gave Jared a look who just winked. Tom said he knew of just the place if we wanted something both local and different. Jared answered for us and said "absolutely" and before I could get a word in, we were in a cab heading to a bar Tom knew of.

As soon as we walked in, we knew it was a gay bar since 98% of the people were guys, and based on the way they were leaning on each other, holding hands, or flat out kissing it left little to doubt. Then there was the dance floor, where it was pretty much all guys. There were a few couples but they were definitely in the minority. And they honestly seemed more interested in watching or maybe finding a third to join them.

We went to the bar and also saw an area with pool tables in the back. We ordered drinks and were hanging out when Tom and Jack decided to dance. I turned to Jared but before I could say anything a guy walked up and as he asked me to dance took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Since it was a faster song I went along and when I glanced back I saw Jared grinning. Then I saw a guy walk up and do the same to him which got me grinning as well.

When the music slowed down I started to head back to the bar but my "new friend" quickly pulled me into his arms and before I could blink had one hand in mine and the other firmly planted on my ass. As we started to dance he pulled me tight against him, clearly pressing his crotch against my thigh.

Just then Jared stepped over and said, "Excuse me, do you mind if I cut in? We are actually here together."

The guy looked a bit put out but I quickly moved to Jared who leaned in and whispered, "We better make this look good."

He pulled me into his arms and firmly planted his hand on my ass pulling me against him. I wrapped my arms around him and following suit grabbed his ass - his very tight ass. I glanced around and saw Tom and Jack in the same embrace and noticed that Jack seemed quite at ease with it. To my surprise Jared likewise seemed just as at ease with our dance, and it didn't seem to bother him that we were dancing so close. We finally broke up and went back to the bar.

We ordered fresh drinks and Jared turned to me and said, "You know Dave, I kind of get this. I mean being gay or bi or whatever. Most of what they do is fun and doesn't really seem to be a stretch from what we would do anyway. But, one thing always kind of catches me." He hesitated, then moved in close and continued, "This whole licking a guy's ass. I mean seriously, do you want to put your tongue where someone takes a crap? Not me."

I stare at him for a moment. "Jared, I am not sure what to say. I understand what you are saying though. Maybe after a really good shower, but just randomly sticking your tongue in 'there', I don't know."

Just then Tom and Jack came back and with fresh drinks we all decided to head back to play some pool. Laughing Tom commented about us clearly two straight guys were too much of a distraction and we could cause a fight. As we headed back Jared suggested that we play it up so people would know we were together. He put an arm around me pulling me close and sliding his hand down groped my ass.

I was in complete turmoil while we played pool and we all laughed and had a really good time. It didn't help my frame of mind that Tom and Jack had decided to be more open about their "friendship". They were not only grabbing at each other more openly but even kissing. As the beers continued to flow it went from pleasant little kisses to flat out making out.

It was getting very late, but since tomorrow was the last day of the conference we knew that the afternoon session would be short. Jared was truly in rare form and I even heard him talking to Tom about sex. I didn't know what to think about Jared. And when we finally left I ended up in the back seat of the cab sandwiched between Tom and Jack. We were all a little quiet since the cab driver didn't seem the type to be interested in horse play, but I did feel Tom's hand slide along my leg and inner thigh.

I was not surprised when he leaned over and whispered "maybe we should take this party up to our room. I have a feeling you guys will definitely enjoy a more private setting."

I simply replied "thanks, I can ask Jared. But, I think an even more private setting might be the key."

I could see him nodding as he squeezed my leg. When the cab pulled up we got out and headed for elevators. We were actually in different towers so we said our good nights and went our separate ways. There were a few other people on ours so I had to wait until we got off before saying anything. And then as I thought more about the evening I didn't know what to say.

Once we got to our room, Jared seemed to know exactly what to say.

"Well that was certainly an interesting night, huh? It's funny - in my mind I always pictured gay guys as these cute little guys. But at that bar there were definitely guys who were not little and some who were not cute! That one guy definitely seemed to like you. I saw him come back when we were playing pool several times. Probably still wanted to make sure we were together."

As we were talking we had been getting undressed and were now standing in just our jeans and jockeys. I grinned "oh so that is why you kept grabbing my ass? Just to put on a show?" I pouted playfully. And here I was hoping I was going to get lucky tonight. Maybe I should have taken Tom up on his offer."

He stood looking up at me, his jeans unbuttoned and he was about to unzip them. "Tom? What was his offer? You didn't tell me he made you an offer. Should I be jealous?"

I laughed "he suggested that we both come up to their room. That we might enjoy continuing this party in a more private setting."

He unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. I reacted without thinking and stood staring open mouthed. He was commando and while we were "joking" about getting hit on by gay guys, and grabbing ass he was standing there with a semi-stiff dick.

"What did you say Dave?"

I took a deep breath because I knew that this was the moment. I was either going to end up with my best friend as a lover or lose him.

Quietly I said "I told him that I was thinking something even more private might be better."

He stood staring at me and just when I thought I had lost him he smiled and said "do I need to take a really thorough shower? Or were you thinking of a bubble bath to get started?"

My heart pounding in my chest I took a deep breath, then I walked around the bed to him and slid my hand inside of his jeans lightly caressing his dick as I pushed his jeans down.

"No you don't need a shower and no bubble bath."

Then I sat down on the edge of the bed and leaning down ran my tongue across the head of his dick and down the shaft. Licking as much of him as I could as I gently fondled his balls. I looked up at him and he was grinning so I slowly wrapped my lips around the head and took him deep. I had all of his now hard cock in my mouth when I felt his hands gently caressing my chin.

"Yes Dave... suck it!"

So I did. I sucked and licked and even nibbled a little on the head. I sucked his balls, licked his shaft, fondled and licked and sucked it all. Throughout the blowjob he moaned and groaned saying "yes Dave" quite often. And when I finally felt his cock tighten and ready to unload I slid to the head while holding the shaft. He exploded in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed every drop.

As he orgasmed he moaned "oh hell yeah Dave!!"

I gently licked his cock clean as I slid off him and then sat back on the bed. I looked up at him unsure as to his reaction.

He grinned and said "I like your idea of a private setting much more."

I quickly stood up so he didn't think he had to do anything, but he stopped me with a hand on my arm. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. He slid his hand inside as I pushed them down and fondled my rock hard cock through my jockeys.

"Jared, please don't feel like you have to do anything."

He slid my underwear down and then as he stroked my dick and fondled my balls he smiled and said "Dave, I may not have your obvious experience, but I am very curious. I have been for quite awhile and tonight was just what I needed. If you didn't make a move I probably would have. I can't think of anyone's dick I would rather suck than yours - for my first time."

Before I could answer he took my place on the bed and began to lick my dick. Starting at the head, then the shaft and my balls. He was getting more comfortable with it and started to suck the head, then taking more and more of it into his mouth. He got about half of my dick in his mouth and then started to bob up and down on it. Taking more of it with each movement, he got about 2/3 of it. When I was ready to cum I warned him and following my lead from earlier he slid to the head. I shot my load and he swallowed some of it, the rest hitting his chin, neck and chest.

He licked my dick clean then laughing said "looks like I need a shower after all Dave. Sorry about that."

He stood up and I placed a hand against his cheek. "Jared, you have nothing to be sorry about. That was so good - on so many levels. Now let's get you cleaned up."

I took his hand and led him into the shower. With the water running down over us I first washed his chest off working my way down to his still hard cock. Once rinsed I eagerly knelt down and went down on him again, pleased to hear him moaning out my name throughout. I had been worried at first that he might close his eyes and think of a girl, but I was way beyond that now. When he came I again swallowed his load and despite the shower licked his dick clean.

Once again Jared managed to surprise me and when I stood up he pulled me to him and kissed me. At first it was soft, just our lips touching. But as our stiff dicks collided he slid his tongue into my mouth, french kissing me. While we stood there kissing he was fondling and groping my ass and as we broke the kiss he saw the look on my face.

"Don't worry Dave, you have a nice ass but I am not prepared to take that step. I just figured if I am going to experience sex with a guy I may as well experience as much as possible. Unless of course you want to do more."

I laughed and said "Jared you make your own decisions. But, perhaps we should wait a bit before going down that route. Personally I am much more a fan of making you cum in my mouth than anywhere else. Or I should say, anywhere else inside of me."

He didn't answer me, instead he knelt down and proceeded to blow me again. This time he did take the full length of my dick and when I did cum he was able to swallow it all. Standing up afterwards we kissed again. I had thoroughly enjoyed kissing my last lover, but kissing Jared was totally different. We turned off the water, got dried and went to bed. Naked. Both of us.

We were both tired and as we were dozing off I felt him move closer "Dave, I am really glad we did this. Really glad."

Quietly as I felt his body relax against mine I whispered "me too."

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