Exploring with my Fiancee

By Stephanie008

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My bride to be helps me broaden my sexual horizons
Fantasy and kinky exploration of our sex life quickly escalated from light anal play to Megan having me suck her strap on before she bent me over and would fuck me. During one of our heated and lustful fuck sessions Megan coaxed me into admitting I wanted to try sucking and fucking a real cock. She was behind me as my body was bent over the bed and her strap on dildo was fully buried inside me. My admission of my curiousness only fueled her lust and desire. I moaned in approval as Megan told me she was going to take me to the arcade at the adult book store. Megan reached around and fondled my cock as she continued to fuck me. Within moments I was cumming in her hand.

Just an hour or so before we headed to the Adult Book Store, Megan took me into the shower and introduced me to an enema. It was all I could do to keep from cumming as Megan filled my ass with the soapy fluid as she teased my aching cock. I could tell she was aroused just by preparing me for my first cock. Then she took a razor and hair remover to my ass and balls getting me slick and smooth.

Soon after, we were off to broaden my sexual horizons. The drive seemed to take forever and Megan wasn’t helping as she told me how wet she was thinking about me sucking my first cock. Her dress was pushed up around her waist as she sat in the passenger seat. Megan was also not wearing panties which made it easy for her to rub her pussy on the way. It was very difficult to keep my eyes on the road. Butterflies filled my stomach as we pulled up and parked.

That unmistakable smell of a back room of an adult book store rushed into my nostrils enhancing my sexual mood. Simultaneously I was filled with uneasy nerves as my fiancé, Megan, followed close behind me. I was still in disbelief that Megan and I were about to go through with the plan. Megan’s hand was on my ass as I lead us to an extra-large booth with large glory hole. The men watched us as we slipped in and closed the door. Megan tugged my clothes off before stripping off her dress. The man in the booth next to us watched intently through the hole as Megan stroked me and as I fondled her pussy. We kissed as she reassured me all my dirty fantasies would be fulfilled.

My heart skipped a beat as the man slid his cock through the hole. The soft bluish gray light in the booth reflected off the man’s smooth shaft. Megan cooed as she wrapped her fingers around his girth. She told me to get on my knees as she gave the stranger’s cock a few slow strokes. I was driven by my lust as I came face to face with another man’s cock.

Megan smiled with a lecherous grin as she held the back of my head. I could smell his musk as his shaft rubbed against my nose and lips. Megan pushed me over the edge when she called me a dirty boy and ordered me to suck him. I took the strange cock into my mouth just as Megan had taught me with her strap on dildo. The texture and taste was amazing.

We could both hear the man moan as I swirled my tongue around his cock head while Megan fondled his shaft. The man pushed forward and his full balls came through to our side. Megan lost it and felt to her knees and she began licking his balls as I worked my mouth on his shaft. The two of us began kissing as the man pushed his dick all around our faces. Megan told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too before I went back to sucking the man’s cock.

My head bobbed back and forth on the stranger’s cock steady and fast. I desperately wanted to feel and taste his seed squirt down my throat. The man grunted and pushed forward as his cock head swelled against the inside of my cheeks. I moaned around the man’s cock as the first jets of his cum gushed from his shaft and filled my mouth. I then held still as the man’s cock continued to squirt his seed into my mouth. Megan was rubbing her pussy as she watched me take my first load of sperm and semen. She was more than pleased with my performance and as the cock pulled from my lips; Megan kissed me deeply sharing the salty load.

As soon as the man left the booth another man took his place. Megan smiled and said she was next. I was more than happy to watch my sexy slutty fiancé suck another man’s cock. I watched with wide eyes as a smooth 8 inch black cock slipped through the hole. Megan cooed again as she licked his shaft and began sucking the beautiful black cock.

As my bride to be was deep throating the throbbing cock she motioned to her ass. Megan pushed her butt up in the air as I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips. Megan moaned out around the thick black cock as my shaft impaled her dirty cunt. My hands smacked her ass cheeks and fondled her rump as I drove my dick in and out of her pussy.

The stranger’s cock popped from Megan’s mouth as she whimpered and groaned. Her white face contrasted the man’s ebony cock as it slid along her cheek. The sight was too much and I began to pump my seed into Megan’s pussy. As I recovered I heard Megan whispering through the hole. Abruptly Megan put on her dress and told me to dress.

Megan took me by the hand and led me out into the dark corridor just as our new friend came out of the booth. At the end of the hall the man opened a private room brought Megan and I inside. The door shut and Megan’s dress fell to her feet. I stripped off my clothes as the man introduced himself as Daryl.

Daryl then saw my cock still wet with Megan’s cum and he knelt at my feet and began to lick my shaft. My fiancé stood behind me and kissed my neck. Her perky firm tits pressed against my back as her wet mound pressed against my ass cheeks. Daryl’s mouth moved up and down my shaft collecting the mixture of cum in his mouth. Megan’s hand slipped down between my ass cheeks and her fingers began to probe my ass. I was completely spellbound as I watched Daryl suck my cock while my bride to be inserted more fingers into my ass. I was close to giving Daryl a mouth full of cum until Megan pulled me back.

Megan then took control of the situation. I watched as she crawled down onto her hands and knees on the padded floor. Daryl and I stroked our cocks as she wigged her ass and looked back at us. With a lusty grin Megan suggested I get Daryl’s cock ready for her pussy. I was more than happy to obey as I knelt at Megan’s spread ass. Daryl guided his cock into my mouth as I caressed his cum filled balls. Megan slipped a hand down to her pussy as I gave Daryl’s cock one last sloppy suck.

I took hold of his shaft and guided it into my fiancé’s spread pussy and watched all 8 inches glide into her. Megan let out a guttural lust filled moan as his pubic hair crushed up against her ivory ass cheeks. I was transfixed on the beautiful black cock sawing in and out of Megan’s pussy and I moved in closer. I held her ass cheeks apart giving Daryl a good look at her puckered hole. My finger began to circle her asshole and push in as Daryl worked his cock in and out of her pussy.

I pushed Daryl back pulling his dripping cock from Megan. I sucked his cock tasting the mixture of cum and then I licked Megan’s asshole. She began moaning out louder as I pressed his cock head to her ass. Slowly his cock head sank into her dirty hole. Slowly and steadily Megan’s ass was filled with Daryl’s throbbing black cock. I egged Daryl on by telling him to fuck her dirty ass harder. I knew my dirty girl could take his cock after how I had seen her sit on her 9 inch dildo. Soon I was beginning to feel a bit jealous as Megan was getting to enjoy the anal pleasure. As Daryl’s cock popped out of Megan’s ass I took him in my mouth and sucked the kinky mixture off his shaft.

After Megan’s body finished shuttering from her last orgasm she reluctantly switched places with me. Working together, Daryl and Megan lubed my ass. I whimpered as I felt Megan’s tongue swirl around my puckered hole before Daryl sank a lubed finger inside me. Daryl moved behind me and rubbed his black cock along my spread smooth asshole. Megan slide under me and began sucking my cock as I put my face into her pussy. I felt Daryl’s cock head kiss my puckered hole and I held onto Megan’s thighs. Her mouth sucked hard on my shaft as she watched Daryl push forward. I moaned out as inch by inch his cock filled me. Megan told me how hot she was as she watched me take his cock. Megan moaned again as she told me Daryl was all the way in. His girth completely filled my asshole and whimpered with each small movement of his body.

Daryl’s balls rubbed against my ass cheeks as he held his position. The pain in my ass quickly faded as the girth of another man’s cock in my ass began to make my body tingle. Slowly the throbbing cock in my ass began to rock in and out. I whimpered as Daryl held my hips and pulled me back onto his cock. I could tell he was close as his cock seemed to swell inside me. I too was close to climax as Megan’s tongue swirled around my cock head.

Daryl’s moans could have probably been heard out in the parking lot as he dumped his thick creamy load up inside me. I held still as ropes of his seed splashed against my bowels. The feeling of Daryl’s cock pressed up against my prostate along with the jets of his cum squirting inside me was absolutely amazing. My own orgasm washed over me as I filled Megan’s mouth with my load.

I winched as Daryl pulled his cock from my ass and I felt Megan as she began licking my leaking asshole. I lay still while breathing heavily as I tried to recover from my shuttering orgasm. Daryl quietly dressed and left us his number before leaving Megan and I to recover.

We kissed sharing the mixture of cum and sweat before dressing and making the walk of shame back to my car. We were both grinned the entire ride back to my place and then Megan broke the silence when she told me she had another fetish and secret she needed to share before we would walk the isle. But that is for the next chapter.