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Fantasies fulfilled

first time swinging becomes a group affair
She met him for dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant. Matt had been acting strange all week but when he asked her to go to dinner two days before with a sexy text that included, "hoping to fulfill some fantasies, baby" Janelle knew that he had something in mind that she was sure to enjoy. All through dinner Matt acted coy, pretending not to notice her impatience.

Finally she just asked him outright, "What do you have planned, you have me wet just thinking about it.".

He smiled and leaned forward, "You are going to just do what I say tonight. Ok?".

But his question was more of a command. She could feel herself getting wet and her pussy tingled from him suddenly taking total control, and he knew it.

As they left the restaurant they walked the without uttering a single word.

Finally Janelle broke the silence, "Can I at least ask where we are going?".

Matt grinned, "We are having drinks at a bar."

He knew they were less than a half a block away now.

"But clothing is optional." he finished, clenching her hand a little tighter to assure her that he had it all under control.

They had talked about this fantasy several times before but Matt knew that she would never follow through if she had too much time to over think it.

"We will have one drink and if you don't want to stay, we will go home and just be together."

She saw the bar and recognized the name as a swinger's club they had seen online. He held the door open for her and guided her through by pressing his hand into the small of her back.

He leaned into her ear and whispered, "God you look fantastic tonight, baby."

She stopped once inside, noticing the halfnaked bartender's pirky breasts and slid her hand around his arm, "Don't you dare leave my side," she said.

"I won't." His reassurance put her at ease.

They grabbed a drink and went for a walk around, checking out the pool and heading upstairs. Everyone was mostly naked, drawing attention to the fact that they were both fully clothed. Then they found a room where a petit redhead was on top of her guy,her long hair partially covering her tiny tits.

"Do you mind if we watch?" Matt asked.

The redhead turned and gave them both a once over, smiling at the sexy couple standing in the doorway, "Not at all" she replied.

Although they had watched porn many times together, the sight of two sexy bodies rubbing together, his hardness sliding in and out of her, made Janelle even wetter. She was surprised just how turned on she got from the sights and sounds. Matt's hands glided over her jeans and to her white blouse. Suddenly she didn't even think about the fact that they were in public and she was just incredibly turned on with her man rubbing her breasts and kissing her neck while she watched the redhead lean down to kiss her husband passionately. Matt made quick work of her blouse and bra while Janelle unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. Matt pulled her on top of him, straddling his lap, she felt how erect he was and she rubbed herself along his big, hard cock teasingly. He turned quickly, scooping her up and laying her on her back beside the other couple who were now watching them too. His hands glided over her hard body and slid off her jeans and black thong. He stood and took off his own pants taking in the whole view of his beautiful woman, naked and wet, waiting for him to fuck her. He slid on top of her and she moaned loudly, enjoying the fullness of his hard cock finally filling her.

She looked over to watch the other couple but they had stopped and were both fully engaged in watching as he played with her and she continued to rub his cock.

The redhead smiled at Janelle hungrily, "You like woman, beautiful?" she asked.

Janelle looked at Matt who knew the answer. Janelle had a few tame experiences in college and sometimes spoke about pleasing other woman when they shared fantasies.

"My name is Jill" she said to Matt, "And you are a very lucky man." 

"I know," he replied.

"Her name is Janelle, I'm Matt".

Janelle got up and extended her hand but Jill just smiled and looked at her.

"Can I kiss you, beautiful?" Jill asked.

Janelle didn't reply she just leaned in and felt her soft lips find hers. They kissed for several minutes, then Jill's mouth wandered to her nipple. Janelle closed her eyes and leaned back to kiss Matt passionately from behind her as he watched her nipples get hard under Jill's lips and tongue. Then Janelle felt the amazing pleasure of another mouth on her other nipple. Jill's husband matched her sucking and licking her breasts at the same time. Janelle leaned back and enjoyed while Matt kissed her and his fingers found her clit, then one finger penetrated her wet, waiting pussy. When a second finger gently glided in, Janelle could hardly contain her moans and pleasure.

She kissed Jill once more then looked right at her, "Can I lick your tight little pussy, beautiful?"

She was surprised by herself but too turned on to care. As Jill laid down in front of her, Janelle felt Matt's hard cock rubbing her tight ass from behind. As his cock slid into her wet pussy, she licked Jill's tiny clit and watched as her husband slid his cock into her waiting mouth. She slid one finger into her pussy while making small circles with her tongue over her clit. Jill's loud moans where hardly muffled by the cock sliding in and out of her hungry mouth. When Janelle removed her finger, she slid a second inside her and began licking in unison with her stroking fingers, Jill pushed him off her so she could scream out and writhe under Janelle's tongue. The sight made Matt come too as he thrust hard and finally filled her with his warm juices.

That night, when they returned home, Janelle rode Matt for an hour while they talked about their hot experience and she thanked him for taking the chance that she would love it once they were there, "I think I've created a monster" he said as she lay on him after, be continued.

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