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Fantasy In The Office Part 2

They got caught, but what will their boss do?
Ashleigh’s words were running around my head. She had always wanted me? I don’t think I had ever been so confused in my entire life. My body was on fire, my lips felt swollen from our kiss and I could feel my nipples straining against my bra. But I wasn’t a lesbian, or bi for that matter. Was I?

I touched my lips and looked up to Ashleigh she looked upset like she was about to cry again. I’d just fixed her up and now I was about to break her down again. I felt terrible.

“I’m sorry, Laura.” Ashleigh wiped a tear from her cheek. “I can tell you don’t feel the same. I shouldn’t have done that.”

She went to go to open the door but I didn’t want her to leave. I grabbed her arm and spun her back around my left hand on her shoulder.

“It’s not that. I’m just, I’m just so confused right now.” I let go of her shoulder and slumped back against the wall and checked my watch. Shit! We’d been there for half an hour. “Ashleigh, we gotta go. Have you seen the time?”

I grabbed my stuff and went to walk out but she stopped me. I looked at her trying to figure out what her next move was to try and prepare myself for it but nothing came.

“Laura, are you okay with what just happened? Seriously?” She looked as if she would break in two if I told her no. Oh god, what on earth was happening? My life had always been pretty straightforward but this just took me off the rails completely. I couldn’t say no though because if I did I would have been lying.

I looked her dead in the eye but as soon as I did I got butterflies again. It was the strangest, sweetest feeling I had ever had. She was so gorgeous. She must of sensed how I was feeling because she finally smiled at me and moved closer.

“I don’t need words, I can see it in your eyes. You loved it, Laura.”

Her mouth was so close to mine that if I puckered my lips we would be touching. Her sweet breath was teasing me. I wanted her to kiss me but I didn’t. Jesus, I needed some time to think about this. She brushed her lips ever so lightly across mine when the door suddenly swung open.

I jumped as the door hit the side the wall. I moved back to see an open-mouthed Jason stood in the doorway. I began to gather my things while he just stood there watching us both. I could feel the heat running through my cheeks. I looked up to Ashleigh who had the biggest smirk on her face. She was proud of getting caught? Really? It made me even more embarrassed and also a little angry.

I went to leave the bathroom but Jason stopped me.

“Um, not so fast lady.” I looked up to those gorgeous blue eyes and felt the butterflies in my stomach again. So I was attracted to my boss and the big boss. This was not good.

“I.. I’m sorry sir.” I could barely string a bloody sentence together. I was so flustered and hot and definitely wet. I needed to get out of there for some fresh air.

“You should be, you both should be.” He looked at both of us as I turned to look back at Ashleigh who had her head hang low shamefully. “My office at 5 o'clock. Both of you.”

I swung my head back to his and although his voice was stern I swear I saw him smirk. There was also a hint on mischief in his eyes. What was he up to? He looked at both of us again then turned and walked away. I was frozen. Ashleigh came to stand beside me and stroked the hair from my face.

“I’m not sure whether he’s happy, or going to fire us,” I tried to joke but she didn’t seem that interested in what I was saying. She kept stroking my hair, then she walked in front of me and held my head in her hands.

“Don’t worry about what will happen, Laura. It’ll be fine, I’m sure.” Then she leaned in and kissed me once more. It was a quick peck but left me wanting more. “God, you’re gorgeous,” she said just as she walked away. I felt my pussy clench once again. As soon as she was gone, I remembered how hungry I was.

I finished up the work I was doing at my desk, it was 4:55. The previous two hours had gone so slow. Only five minutes, then I had to be at Jason’s office. I wanted to go in with Ashleigh but she was nowhere to be found. I was wondering if she was ever going to turn up.

I shut off my computer and went sat on one of the lounge chairs in the foyer near the door which lead to Jason’s office. I had only ever been down there twice, to take coffee to people who were there for meetings. The only time I had been to his office was when I came for my interview there. I was so nervous. My palms were sweating and my hands were shaking. I was still trying to process my thoughts about how I felt about Ashleigh kissing me. All I could do was get hot and feel my pussy getting wet whenever I did think of her kisses. This reaction was beginning to confirm it for me. I did love it. She was right.

Just as I put these thoughts into my head she appeared from outside. She beamed at me and came to sit down next to me, a little too close for public eyes I might add. She didn’t seem bothered.

“Hey,” I simply said.

“Hey,” she smiled at me. “Nervous?”

“Very,” I giggled.

She patted my thigh, which made me jump with the contact. She giggled at my response to her touch. Just as she was about to speak I heard the door next to me open. Turning my head, I saw Jason looking at us both. His eyes flickering from mine to Ashleigh’s.

“Come.” he simply said. My dirty mind took it the wrong way and I tried my best not to smile. I had been desperate for relief for the last twenty minutes. And the way he said it nearly made me convulse all over the chair. I silently rose from my seat with Ashleigh following me. He lead us down the corridor to the last door on our left.

“Sit on the couch and do not say a word, either of you,” he said harshly as he opened the door. I did as I was told and went to sit on the bright red couch which filled about a quarter of this huge office. No one needed a sofa this big. I got myself comfy ready for a good bollocking. I looked out of the floor to ceiling window which had the most amazing view of the city. Ashleigh came to sit next to me, again really close. Jason closed the door and from the corner of my eye I could see him lock it. Alarm bells started ringing into my head.

“I don’t know what on earth was going on in the toilets, but you do not leave my reception desk empty, ever! Do you understand?” Jason barked. I’d thought men got turned on when women kissed other women but obviously he was far from turned on, he was fuming.

We both nodded. “Sorry, sir,” I said, my eyes cast down I didn’t dare meet his gaze. He was quiet, too quiet for my liking. I raised my head to look at him and his gaze nearly took my breath away. His eyebrows were raised and I saw him smirk. What should I do? I thought to myself. His clear blue eyes were sparkling, mischief portrayed all around his face. It was making my pussy clench.

“I’m sorry, too,” Ashleigh said, I saw her turn to look at me in the corner of my eye then back to Jason. “I just couldn’t help myself,” she said.

Oh my god. Did she really say that to my boss? I felt the embarrassment spread across my face so fast. This was humiliating but I was still so turned on from earlier. Knowing we had been caught was making me even wetter. I was wondering what Jason was going to do.

I carried on staring out of the window. I couldn’t look either of them in the eye. Jason moved from where he was standing to the front of his desk, leaning against it. I looked at him as he crossed his arms over his chest and crossed his ankles. He smiled at me.

“You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you, Laura?”

This was not what I expected to come out of his mouth. I was prepared to get fired not get asked a question like this. I was too stunned to speak. I felt my mouth open then close again repeatedly.

“She’s beautiful,” I heard Ashleigh whisper. I turned to look at her and her eyes were filled with desire. I felt my pussy clench again.

“You lost your voice with that kiss she gave you, Laura? I asked you a question,” Jason barked making me jump back into the situation.

I shook my head again. “I thought it was rhetorical, Mr Barker.”

He smirked at me again. “Hmm I suppose it was wasn’t it. And please call me Jason.”

He stood up and made his way over to the sofa we were sat on. He stood in front of me and bent down so he was level with me. He put his hand on my stocking-clad leg just above my knee and slowly began to move them up. His touch sent tingles through my whole body. He stopped at the hem of my skirt and stroked my leg with his thumb. It was like electricity running through my body. I was so turned on it hurt my pussy ached for some generous loving. I don’t know why but I closed my eyes and as I did I moaned out in pleasure.

I heard Ashleigh gasp and Jason suck in a breath. I opened my eyes again and Jason was staring at me fiercely. He looked like an animal ready to take his prey. Suddenly his mouth was on mine and one of his hands was in my hair. I didn’t even have to think twice. I kissed him back matching his passion and desire. I moaned again and as I did his tongue darted into my mouth stroking mine. The kiss was pure lust. It was like I had been set on fire. I was burning with a deep need everywhere. All too soon he pulled away and stood up. As he did I saw the slight bulge in his pants and I bit my lip. I heard Ashleigh groan. He noticed and chuckled. I needed something inside me and I knew exactly what I needed. It had to be his hard cock.

He went back to his desk and leant against it in the same position.

“Now,” he coughed clearing his throat, “For your punishment, you will carry on what you started in the bathroom, right here.” He paused and raised an eyebrow, “In front of me.”

His tone was husky and felt so smooth as he caressed the words with his tongue. I felt like I was melting. I was also gaping at him as he finished his sentence. I still didn’t know how I felt about the situation with Ashleigh. I liked it but could I take it further? I didn’t think I could.

I didn’t have much time to think at all though as Ashleigh squealed with delight and pushed me back to the chair straddling me. She cupped my head in her hand and pressed her lips every so lightly to mine. After a few pecks her kisses became more urgent and I was matching her with the same passion.

My hands were on her hips. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I had never been with a girl before. Ashleigh’s tongue urgently parted my lips and I met hers with a slow stroke. It was the hottest kiss I had ever had.

She tugged on my hair a little as she kissed me which caused me to moan and made her moan. It was so hot and sensual and soft and romantic. I didn’t want it to end. I could feel my panties getting absolutely soaked. I needed release badly.

Ashleigh suddenly started to move her hips on my legs and I could feel something a little damp. Then I realized what she was actually doing.

Holy shit, she was grinding on me.

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