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Fantasy Man : Trinity's Temptation

Introduced to a new world of pleasures
Trinity is a stunning African American woman, who I've been seeing for a little while now. All was going great. We got along quite well and our attraction was mutual. Although the sex was good, I had the sense that she wanted more out of our physical relationship. Was I fulfilling her needs? Was I not adventurous enough? Too timid? Thoughts raced through my tired mind. I wanted to please her so badly. She oozed such sexuality that she was never far from my thoughts. Every time we were together, I could think of nothing but how I wished we were making love. Having sex. Fucking. Whatever you want to call it. I would do anything for her. And soon I would get the chance to prove it.

When she told me something didn't feel right, I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. That's the first time she told me of her fantasy. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I said I'd try for her. Just to make her happy. This story is about how I did something I never dreamed I could before.

"What's wrong, chocolate?" I asked her. That was my nickname for her since she tasted so sweet and delicious.

"It's nothing," she answered.

But when I persisted she finally told me the dilemma she had been facing and we worked it out together.

"I want to bring another person into our bed," Trinity confessed. " Add a little spice to our sex."

It took me aback when she stated her desire, but as I said earlier. Whatever it took to make her happy, I was willing to try. We never talked about another woman. I thought that was only a male fantasy. The more she spoke, the more excited I became. Two women at once might be a little daunting, but I was up to the challenge. Once I agreed, Trinity told me it was someone from her office.

"There's this guy, Damon, from my office. He is so sexy and I think the three of us would have a great time together,"

I sat there, speechless. Staring at her with unbelieving eyes. The two of us and another GUY. Never in a million years did I imagine this was her fantasy. I opened my mouth, but no words would come out.

"Honey, what are you thinking?" she asked. "I know it's a bit kinky, but I would love to see you with a hot guy. Being able to join in would be the icing on the cake."

"I don't know if I....."

Before I could finish, she moved into me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. She was trying to seduce me and doing a damn good job of it at the moment.

"Picturing you with a man has got my pussy so wet right now. Watching the two of you devour each other's cocks would be more than amazing, I can't stop fantasizing about it. Please, say you'll consider it."

She began undoing my pants. She slipped them off, along with my underwear. Wrapping her hand around my cock, Trinity, slowly, stroked me to maximum hardness. She loved to talk dirty and tonight would be no exception.

"Just lay back and enjoy it, baby," she cooed. " I'm picturing Damon's hand grasping your firmness. Pumping your cock in his fist. Then going down on you. Sucking you like he loves to be sucked. His fat lips engulfing you as pre-cum drips off his chin. Doesn't that sound hot?"

Once again, I couldn't respond. This time because of Trinity's exceptional oral skills. Her mouth worked magic on my cock and I enjoyed every blissful second of it. Her teasing tongue and soft lips were driving me wild.

"Would you try, for me? Please."

As her hot mouth went further down my shaft, my breathing became heavy. The inevitable orgasm was about to come. Wanting to prolong my agony, she took me out of her mouth and gave me a chance to calm down. She went back to my cock, circling the head with her tongue, her teeth playfully biting on the shaft. This was too much for me.

"OK. Whatever you want, Trinity. Just let me cum," I begged her.

A devious, victorious smile upon her lips, she took me into her mouth once more. This time sucking me deeper and faster until I had to explode.

"Fuck, yes," I screamed as my cock shot all of it's seed onto her pretty face. As I laid there twitching from sheer pleasure, Trinity moved next to me and kissed me. My own cum was being given back to me and the salty, sticky globs weren't as bad as I once thought they would be. Actually, I felt a certain thrill at swallowing my own cum.

"Was that good, baby?" she asked me. I nodded my response. Too blown away to for an oral reply.

"So, how about tomorrow night? I think the three of us will have a fucking unforgettable night," she said as her mouth curled up into a devilish grin.

"Anything you want, Trinity."

She smiled broadly. Her mind racing, 'Anything I want. ANYTHING I WANT.'

Trinity was so excited when the night finally came for our first threesome. She looked stunning in a low-cut black dress, which showed plenty of leg. I had to admit I was feeling a bit anxious. My curiosity and Trinity's ample charms had gotten me to this point, but now I could sense reluctance in my heart and head.

The doorbell rang and Trinity raced to answer. There was no turning back. She opened the door and gave Damon a big hug. His eyes were wide when he got a full view of her voluptuous form. I had to admit, he was a very good-looking guy with an athletic body. His dark skin and big brown eyes must have been what drew her to him. She had a wicked smile on her face that told me she was ready to go. Introductions were made and we shook hands. He had a firm handshake and by the looks of his crotch, a firm, large cock as well. Entering the living room, we all got comfortable on the couch. Damon sat between us.

Trinity smiled at me , then reached out to take my hand. She placed it on the bulge in Damon's pants. It was just a slight touch, but damn he felt big. She unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard cock and offered it to me. Sensing my reluctance, Trinity grabbed my right hand and wrapped my fingers around the solid shaft.

"Stroke that big cock, honey," she demanded, spitting on his penis to get it nice and wet.

I moved my hand up and down as if I was working my own cock. It throbbed in my grasp as I continued to pump it with my fist. Damon started to gasp as I pleasured his large member. He closed his eyes, enjoying the attention I was paying him.

"Not so fast," Trinity said. "Before you push him too far, you'll need to suck that beautiful cock."

I was hesitant. She calmed me by saying that she would share his manhood with me. Trinity slid down the cushion and was mere inches from his waiting dick. Motioning me closer, I obeyed and moved next to her. She ran her tongue up the backside, flicking the head then licking her way back down. It gave me a thrill to watch her tease another man.

Trinity stopped and looked at me, "We are supposed to be sharing."

"I know. It is such a turn-on watching you, though."

"Well, you've waited long enough. Now come here and make his cock explode for me."

Hesitantly, I leaned closer and licked the head. It twitched in response. My tongue circled around the head as pre-cum began to drip.

"Take him in your mouth," Trinity ordered.

Slowly I engulfed his cock. Bobbing up and down on his hot dick. It pulsated as I continued to suck. Surprise caught me when I noticed how hard my own cock was getting just from sucking his. The more he moaned the harder I sucked. With Trinity cheering me on, I wanted nothing else but to see him climax. Increasing the pace, I stroked his cock until he screamed with pleasure. His jizz shot all over, on my hand, my chest and even a little on my face. The satisfied smile on his face made me feel like I had done a terrific job. The added bonus came when Trinity scooped up some of his hot cum with her tongue and shared it with me. Our tongues played as we enjoyed his hot and salty seed.

"Your turn, baby," Trinity said excitedly. She kissed me hard on the mouth as her hands went for my belt. Getting me out of my pants she pulled down my boxers and released my aching cock. It was so hard and I couldn't wait to be played with. She motioned for Damon to join her. He happily took my dick in his hand, taking my length down to the back of his throat. Fuck, that felt good.

"Do you like that, baby? Having another man suck your nice, fat cock?"

Obviously, the question was rhetorical. Trinity could tell how much I was enjoying his oral expertise. He lavished attention on my cock and balls. His tongue and lips brought me to the edge of orgasm within minutes. Damon stopped for a few seconds to let my climax subside. Then he started all over again. I was going crazy, wanting to cum so badly. Trinity had begun to play with herself as she watched me experiencing a man for the first time. Her gaze was transfixed on the erotic sight before her. He halted his blowjob, once again. Teasing me mercilessly. I looked at Trinity for some help. She could see my growing angst.

"Just tell Damon what you want, honey," she said.

I couldn't take it any longer. "Suck me off, till I cum in your mouth," I screamed.

They both grinned at my heightened state of arousal. Trinity nodded at Damon. After getting the okay, he sucked and stroked me until I shot my juice all over his face. There was so much cum that some of it ran out of his mouth and down his chin. Trinity, greedily, slurped it up and kissed him on the lips. My cum passing between their two hungry mouths. I laid there, totally exhausted and elated.

"We're not done with you yet," Trinity exclaimed. "See how hard Damon is again?"

His erection had returned. Big and powerful. Had a feeling I was about to find out how powerful. She kissed me again. She told me how much she had enjoyed the show, so far.

"Are you ready for this, baby?" she asked. Trinity went into her purse and produced a small bottle of lube. First she massaged some onto Damon's tremendous cock. Then turning towards me, she told me to flip over. I obeyed and next thing I knew she was rubbing lube into the crack of my ass. Her finger circled around the hole until I was so wet that a finger slipped inside. She slowly pulled it out as I let out a disappointing sigh.

"Don't worry, baby. Something on the way that will fill you up completely," she teased as she stroked his long hard cock.

Trinity, with Damon's dick in hand, led him over to her boyfriend. She wanted to be the one to penetrate him. So, Trinity teased his ass with Damon's cock before slipping it in just an inch. He wanted more, but she didn't let him have it. Not quite yet.

"What's wrong baby? What do you want ?"

She already knows. Just wants to hear the dirty words escape his lips.

"I want him to fuck my ass, " I begged.

She whispered in Damon's ear. He slid himself, balls deep into my ass, and started pumping in earnest. His cock filling me completely. Trinity was in heaven as she watched me getting my ass pounded by another man.

" Do you love it? Tell me you love it, baby."

I couldn't respond. Damon's cock had me on the verge of an explosive orgasm. My hand worked overtime on my cock. His thrusting finally brought both of us over the edge. I started shooting cum onto my chest and stomach as Damon pulled out and sprayed his spunk onto my face.

Trinity gobbled the cum off my stomach and let it slide from her mouth onto my already sloppy face. She licked more up and spit it into my open mouth. We were both tasting the cum and swallowing every last drop. After thanking Damon and seeing him out the door, Trinity and I went up to our bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

"Thanks, baby," she stated. "That was incredible. My fantasy cum true."

"Your welcome, Trinity," I replied. "It was even better than you said it would be."

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