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Fantasy Override

Wife walks in on my fantasy and takes it over....
We had been married for nearly 5 years when we started talking and exploring our bisexual sides. It was a major turn on for me to always imagine meeting men for quick hookups or her being there to guide us along and tell us what to do. She had always said that she wanted to watch two guys be totally uninhibited with each other. I told her our day would come sooner or later and sooner seemed to be the better answer.

One Saturday afternoon she had been out to the mall with her friends shopping so I figured I had some time to myself to get in some good quality masturbation time. I logged in to a favorite site that I often used that also had people broadcasting their webcams for some sexy chats. I went into one of the chats and immediately got a message from someone asking if I wanted to view their cam, after viewing their profile I had realized this was a bisexual man that was quite well endowed according to his picture, so being curious I said yes and up popped his cam with him sitting in some really tight briefs rubbing his balls . He greeted me and asked if I happened to be bi, I said I had never really done anything but my wife and I had many conversations about it and that I fantasized about it often. At this point he pulled his cock out of his briefs and asked me if he was in front of me right now would I suck this? His cock was quite large, definitely larger than I was from what I could tell on the cam and I am a thick 7 inches. My dick quickly started to swell and throb as I thought about his question. I rubbed my cock and typed that I would love to see how much of that dick I could actually take down. He pumped his dick hard and said he had a few encounters but nobody that ever really seem to get into it. Not knowing anything else about him I said it was too bad we weren't neighbors because I would let him come and use me right now. After a couple minute pause he said that he went back and looked at my profile and it said that we lived within 2 miles of each other and immediately I got goose bumps all over me, would he call me out on my talk? The next line on my screen said he was free the rest of he day, was I for real or just another online fake? I told him to give me 3-4 minutes because I needed to make a phone call. He then typed. OK.....fake. Little did he know I quickly picked up my cell phone and sent a text message to my wife asking what she would think if she ever walked in on me sucking someones dick? She just replied with a big, what the fuck are you talking about? I explained the chat that had been going on and she said as long as she could join in any way she wanted when she got home, to go for it. My cock got as hard as a rock and I told her this was not a joke so be ready when you walk in to see things she would never had imagined.

I got back online with the mystery man and told him my wife was at the mall, would he want to come over and use me like I have fantasized about? he said as long as I was real and not some fake picture collector he was game. I sent him my phone# and told him to call me to verify and get directions. Five minutes later my phone rang and the guy on the other side asked if I was the guy ready to be his fuck toy, he hadn't cum in 4-5 days and he needs to get some frustrations out on someone. I hesitated for a moment, almost chickening out and hanging up the phone but instead I gulped, took a deep breath and said yes I was ready to be his sex toy. I gave him directions and before he hung up he had told me I needed to be ready immediately and to answer the door naked when he got there.

I quickly got showered and ready for this to happen. I was shaking from being so nervous and excited at the same time. Would he even show up or was the joke on me?

I heard a car pull into the driveway so I quickly pulled off my shorts so I could answer the door naked as he requested. I opened the door and stood in front of him with everything out there to see. He shut the door behind him, reached out and grabbed my cock that I think got hard in less than 3 seconds. He chuckled and said he liked how I followed directions so don't waste time and get on my knees, undress him and start sucking his cock and balls. My whole body shook as I knelt down and pulled off his pants, letting out a dick that guys usually dream about having. The head on this cock was much fatter than the already girthy shaft. His balls were really large and has some serious hang to them from the weight. He grabbed my head, bent over, kissed me, which I had never done to a man before and said, " I think you know what to do, suck me." . I grabbed a hold of his cock which was obviously larger in person than on the cam and put as much of it into my mouth as I could. I got about halfway down it a few times and he said you can do better than that. He grabbed the back of my head and forced the fat cock head he had past a point in my throat and held me there and moaned as my stomach flexed from my gagging. He let me off and did it again as my eyes watered and my stomach jerked again but I was seeming to like the domination of it all. It seemed the more he did it he easier it got. I relaxed and drool began flowing from my mouth that he started rubbing his cock in and smacking me in the face with it. I grabbed my own dick and started jacking off. As soon as he saw this he pulled his cock from my mouth, bent over in my face and said he didn’t tell me I could feel good yet. He forcefully rammed my head under his cock and said he wanted his saggy balls sucked. As I started sucking his balls I heard another car pull up. He held my head back and as soon as my wife walked in he quickly buried his impressive dick down my throat again making me lerch from gagging. He looked at my wife and in a joking voice said hello, your husband sucks some mean cock. She just stood there for a minute and said I can't believe you were serious, you really did it. She walked to the bedroom and closed the door. I got up and went in to see her, thinking to myself that I really messed up this time. She looked at me and said to take my dick sucking ass back out there and do whatever I am told and she would be out shortly. This totally took me by surprise.

I walked back out into the room and he was sitting on the couch stroking his dick keeping it between soft and rock hard. I walked over to him and got on my knees facing him. He asked where the wife went and as I said I wasn't sure, she came out of he bedroom with nothing but high heels and some thigh high leg stockings on carrying a black duffle bag that I knew we kept our sex toys in. She walked over, got on her knees also, grabbed his dick commenting on how thick the head was and guided it into my mouth. As I sucked his semi hard cock she was telling him how badly I have been wanting to experience another mans dick and how she has wanted to see it just as much , as proof she turned around putting her ass toward his face, spread one side of her ass and guided his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I could here her wetness as he rolled his finger around inside her. We had never spoke before about being with anyone of the opposite sex so this took me by surprise but it was exciting me in some way. As she was pushing my head onto his cock I was listening to her talk to him saying that if he had it in him, he could be fucking us both before it was all over. I pulled his cock from my mouth and mentioned to her that we had never discussed anything like that. She said shut the fuck up, you will enjoy everything you do and see including watching a man with a cock that is longer and fatter than yours pounding into my pussy and possibly my ass. I told her that I have never even had the opportunity to do her ass since we have been together. She looked me in the eye and said that I started all of this, so I needed to be quiet and go in the bag to get out a buttplug we had purchased. We had not used this toy yet because after we got it we saw that it was quite large for a first time. It had a 2 1/4 diameter at its widest point. She told the guy she thought it would be best if they plugged me to get me ready for his size and while I was stretching he could have his way with her while I suffered and watched. He thought this was a great idea so she promptly lubed my asshole while I was bent over and worked the big black plug into me. It burned for a second getting past that large point but the pain went away and just left me this full feeling, instantly making me hard. My head was in a fog so it was a surprise to me when she grabbed hold of my whole ball sac and whispered in my ear........ "his fat cock feels so good". She was bent over taking the full length of his cock already . I tried to jerk my cock but she pulled my hand away and said that wasn’t allowed yet. She rubbed the precum that had leaked from my dick on her finger and put it in my mouth saying she hoped I liked it because based on the size of his balls, she thinks this guy has some huge cum loads. I was scared just thinking about it...... All of a sudden I heard him say he was gonna cum! and she popped his cock out of her now sloppy pussy and rammed my mouth down on him. His hips bucked forward choking me and he let loose. He had to have shot 4-5 good shots straight into my mouth. Cum popped out around he edges of my mouth and the large plug popped out as he choked me.

She laughed and spun me around and started rubbing 3 fingers in my now loose ass and over my prostate making my cock drip cum. I wanted to cum so bad but she had taken full control at this point. He watched her draining me while he rubbed his saliva and cum covered monster back to life. She got in my face again and asked if I was ready for a real fucking. I nodded my head and put my face towards the floor. I heard him get behind me and grunt that he was gonna make me scream like a bitch. She told him she wants to see hardcore action so fuck him hard. I felt the head of his slippery cock just touch my asshole and all at once give me a balls deep thrust just holding me there with no mercy. A loud grunt came from me uncontrollably, as unlike he plug, the thickness stayed there holding me open. He grabbed both my shoulders and just rotated his hips over and over giving me the fullest feeling I have ever had in my ass. There was so much pressure that when I looked down there were two or three little puddles of cum that had been forced out of my cock. She got on her hands and knees next to me, reached under me and started rubbing my balls and cock asking me if I enjoyed being made someone’s bitch? I nodded my head and moaned as no words could come out of my cum filled mouth. His dick was thrusting so hard at this point I almost couldn’t catch my breath. I felt him stop and pull out of my ass. She gripped my dick hard and screamed, as I looked back he was driving his massive cock into her asshole, after he got all the way in he pulled out really fast and quick rammed himself back up my ass. He went back and forth for what seemed a lifetime. Finally I heard him gasp as he went deep inside her and told me to hold still. He rammed into me all in one pushed and yelled as he flooded my asshole with his huge load of come. She jerked my cock as fast as she could while he pulled back on my shoulders burying himself balls deep up my asshole. He was so deep that I could feel his balls touching the back side of mine. I could feel every pulse of his cock as it emptied into me. As he was softening in my ass she put her mouth over the sensitive head of my cock and made me explode a huge load screaming as I came with him still in me. I felt his big dick fall from my used ass and she proceeded to rub my own cum in my mouth telling me things were going to be different now.

She stood up and grabbed his hand and took him back to our room where she closed the door and said she would come get me if she needed anything else..........
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