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First College Experience

My first experience in a new college
I had just moved to Miami for two weeks before classes started. Nervous for my first day, I made sure to go to the writer's club a week before school to make a friend or two. When I walked in, a tall, muscular, tan man with light green eyes and a smile that could make a thousand orgasms occur spontaneously, came up to me and handed me a sheet of paper.

I didn't think I could utter a word and he smirked and introduced himself as Chad, then asked me to sit next to him. I filled out the form but the whole time I was just thinking about the tightness of his shirt on that strong, muscular chest of his.

I turned the sheet in to him at the end of the meeting; turned out he was the president of the club. I never thought he'd pull me over to talk one-on-one - me, a young 18 year old with my messy hair up in a bun, big glasses over my big brown eyes, no boobs and an average ass. He asked me if I was busy that night, of course I stuttered as I said, "Not yet."

He invited me to come over and play video games, which is when we walked out and went into his car. I couldn't believe it.

We had fun talking in the car. I was shocked such a handsome man could be this funny. As we neared his apartment, he laid his strong hand on my thigh. I was on the verge of just cumming right then and there, I'd never been touched by a man before. He parked the car and smiled when he saw my amazed face, and said, "Let's get our gaming on!"

We headed up and he sat on the couch, which was when I couldn't hold it in any longer. I straddled him right there on the couch and brought my face closer to his, gently but passionately kissing those nice full lips of his. He seemed startled, not expecting a nerdy girl like me to have such a naughty side, and he said to me, "I hope you know my roommate will be here any minute?"

My eyes narrowed and I whispered in his ear, "That makes it all the more exciting."

At that, he lifted me and pinned me against the wall, kissing me more passionately and roughly than I'd ever thought to be kissed. Slowly he took off my shirt, revealing my bright red bra cupping my excited breasts. I felt my pussy getting wet as his cock, hidden in his pants, was getting hard right against my body. At that moment, his roommate, a girl, walked in giggling. "Hey, Chad, did you finally get me a chick?"

Chad grabbed me closer, covered my chest and said, "Back off her, this one is mine!" Then he softly laughed into my neck with a kiss. "No lezzing out, she's into the D!"

I smiled and looked into his green eyes as I said, "who said I don't like both?"

Chad's roommate, Jenny, walked up to me with a gentle kiss and said, "I know I never want to see a dick, but if it means I get to fuck this beauty, I'm down."

Chad sat on the couch with a smile as Jenny and I made out intensely right in front of him. Jenny was wearing a tight black dress, so I unzipped it from the back to find that her breasts couldn't be smaller than a D, and her ass was better than any I'd ever seen.

As I unlatched her bra and headed down to kiss her tight nipples, I looked over at Chad and noticed he'd unzipped his pants and started playing. I smiled as I reached a hand down to cup his balls, and I looked up at Jenny while I kissed and bit her nipples. She looked down and moaned, then grabbed my head and pushed it down a little.

I was amazed, I was lucky enough to have my first time be a threesome with two incredibly sexy people.

I slid her panties down and laid her on the floor, my ass in the air as I bowed my head down to kiss her beautiful pussy. I noticed she'd waxed it all; it was nice, smooth, and oh so wet. I worked my tongue around her neck, looking up at her as she looked down on me, moaning, and I felt a kiss on the back of my neck.

Chad was at his horniest and he began taking off my panties. When I slid a finger into Jenny's pussy, I felt Chad teasing my incredibly wet, tight virgin pussy. I wanted him in me so bad, I lifted my head from Jenny and begged him to fuck me. He smiled and said, "All you had to do was ask."

As Chad slowly pushed the tip of his thick, long cock into my pussy, I moaned loud and slid my tongue between Jenny's pussy lips. The motion of Chad fucking me from behind had my tongue fucking Jenny faster, all of us letting out heavy breaths and moans.

I reached my left hand up to squeeze and play with Jenny's boob, and I noticed her other hand was grasping onto mine tight. I could tell she was close to cumming, so I used my right hand to play with her clit as I tongue-fucked her harder and quicker.

Chad reached down to grab my tit, his other hand grasping my hips tightly, and by the way he moaned I could tell he was close too. I myself knew I couldn't hold in this cum any longer, and at last, the three of us all moaned louder than before. We'd all just came, and were panting deep, heavy breaths.

I crawled up next to Jenny, Chad crawled up next to me, and we lay there spooning each other until we had the motivation and energy to get up.

Jenny kissed my neck and whispered, "We'll have to do this again...without Chad."

On the other side, Chad brought me closer to him and said, "She's mine, I called her."

From that night on, I knew college was going to be the amazing experience that it was.

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