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First Contact

First step into same gender sex.
I have been bi-curious for a while, and since being on here I have been able to explore it a little bit further, by chatting to guys in the chat rooms, and watching gay and shemale videos.

About eighteen months ago I got a late call to step in for one of the Tennis team that had to cancel. What made it worse, it was an away match which meant by the time I got there all of the team had played and it was just my game left. I lost. The game that is.

The club house is annexed to the main building and is able to be completely independent of it, so the last person locks up which was Alex on this occasion. He is twenty-five(ish) about 6 foot, with an athletic build. I am 5'10 double his age and in great shape.

By the time we hit the showers everyone had gone to the restaurant for a meal and a few pints as is the custom. It was just me and Alex left in the complex. I noticed him looking at me while we were getting undressed and I was doing the same to him, although he didn't see it. I got undressed quickly so that he could have more peeks at my body, and I saw his cock at half mast. It would explain his back being faced toward me most of the time.

I “accidentally” dropped some things on the floor and bent over mumbling a few words which gave him a good view of my ass while I picked the items up. One of the items was my shaving mirror from which I was able to see Alex having a good look and a quick rub of his cock.

I got into the shower and started to wash myself. Alex took a while to come in to the shower I suspect he was waiting for his semi to calm down. By the time he got in I was hard and fully erect which I hid from him until the right moment. He had his back to me and was soaping himself down. I turned and faced him and asked if he wanted his back done. When he turned around and saw me stroking myself he smiled and gave me the shower gel. I lathered his back, made my way to his tight ass and applied a liberal amount of gel onto it.

This was the first time I had touched a guys body in this way.

There was so much gel that I started to wash his chest, feeling his pecs' rather than boobs was highly erotic. I massaged them with the tips of my fingers like I do to myself and caressed his now hard nipples. As I got further down his torso the side of my hand brushed against the top of his cock, which made him shudder and groan. I played with the tip of his cock with my finger tips before gently drawing my fingers down his shaft and wrapping my hand around it.

I paused for a moment before tightening and loosening my grip, moving caressingly up and down his rigid penis and holding the base of it with my forefinger and thumb whilst stroking his balls.When I started to massage his cock with both hands he pushed his ass onto my cock which found it's way between his cheeks.

We were both moving gently Alex's cock being massaged by my hands and mine by his cheeks. The feeling was so intense unlike anything else I had experienced before. We were both getting close to cumming, I couldn't hold on any longer and a huge jet of cum shot over Alex's back and ass, it seemed to go on for ages the most I have ejaculated in a long time.

I could tell Alex was getting close through the groans he was making, so I got on my knees and started to lick my cum from the crack of his ass. Once I got to his sphincter and licked it he came immediately, shooting his cum onto his stomach and my hands.

He raised my hand to his mouth and tasted his own cum , turned around and kissed me. We tasted each others cum, and in the middle of a passionate tongue sucking kiss remembered that we had to be in the restaurant. We quickly showered and got to the restaurant without any undue questioning. Numbers were exchanged so we could arrange another game of tennis just between us.

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