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First Male BJ

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Alcohol and hormones got the best of me
I got back to my apartment around 7:00 am after a long night of drinking. I'd actually stayed at a girl's apartment who was a friend and I had spent the last couple of hours trying to get into her pants to no avail. After I realized I was getting nowhere fast, I took a cab home.

I was tired, but my hormones were acting like a 5-hour energy drink and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without watching some porn first. I searched my usual sites and even started a video or two. As I started to stroke, the urge for someone else to touch me was off the charts. I remembered looking at Craigslist back in the day and got real curious.

I sifted through the W4M and could tell immediately, that none of them were real. Do I dare look at the M4M section? Curiousity got the better of me and I clicked.

I'm 29 and never done anything with a guy. While I've never had a real urge to be with a man I have had friends that were gay that would chat it up. I guess I had just the right amount of alcohol in me where I started checking out a few posts.

One in particular caught my attention. He was about my age and body size (average) and said 'first timers welcome - just want to make you feel good.' I was sold. We exchanged pictures and once I hit send on the e-mail with my address, I was extremely excited and nervous. I started a video and slowly touched myself so I wouldn't lose my nerve when he got there. After about a 15 minute wait, I heard a knock.

He was a handsome guy, but I was almost too nervous to even look at him. I gave him a short greeting and led him to my couch where I had a porn video paused. I sat down and he sat down close to me with our legs touching. The video started and a few nervous minutes went by, but my cock was aching to be touched. Finally, he reached over without saying a word and felt my cock over my boxers. He touched gently, just the way I like it. Rubbing a little and squeezing lightly at times. It felt so good to have someone touching my cock. It grew to full attention and my breathing increased with slight moans to boot. I put my head back and enjoyed the sensations as he continued to feel me over my clothes. His hand took a break from my cock and reached under my shirt to feel my stomach and up to my chest.

I was in ecstacy. I never expected to enjoy it this much. And when he leaned over and started kissing my neck, I was shocked that I liked that too. Having his hands all over me was sending shock waves through me. He would feel my nipples and nibble on my ear. Whisper moans to me as he told me how hard my cock felt.

I wanted to feel more. I pushed my boxers down and he looked with excitement. I think he was gay because the lust in his eyes was noticeable. His hand touched my cock full on for the first time and I loved it. He got down on his knees in front of me and looked at it at eye level as he watched my eyes watching him. He kissed the head while staring at me. He wanted to watch my body react to my first time.

I couldn't take anymore and I surprised myself by whispering, "Please." That was all he needed and he took my cock all the way down. I let out a loud moan and pushed my ass off the couch it felt so good. His tongue started to dance around the base and the shaft and up to the head. I rubbed his head as he started to bob up and down on my cock. He could tell I wasn't going to last long and told me he wanted to feel me in the back of his throat. I felt the sensation building and knew it was going to be a good one. My whole body writhed in delight as the first orgasmic sensations hit. My concentration was on the feel of his tongue moving up and down my shaft and his fingers caressing my balls. It all felt so good as my first spurt of cum hit the back of his throat. He moaned in delight, which made the remainder of my orgasm all the better.

As I finished, he rubbed my legs and ass and brought me back down perfectly. Even better, he got up and left while barely saying a word. I never saw or heard from him again, but I will never forget the mind blowing blow job he gave me.
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