Flat mate surprise

By Bethan

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Beth returns to her flat to find her flat mate having sex

Beth opened the front door of the Victorian house. Her flat lay on the second floor up 2 flights of stairs. She was slightly drunk having stayed too long at an after works drinks party and so, with a slow giddy gate, she worked her way up the first set of stairs. On the landing was another door, which led to her flat. It should have been locked but was ajar. She pushed it open, her new flatmate, a tall (six foot) and very elegant 27 year old West Indian girl called Maria, must have left it open when she went out to meet her boyfriend. Beth was annoyed by this lack of security and intended to speak to Maria in the morning about it.

The place was in near darkness, as she fumbled upstairs Beth tripped on first one shoe and then another. God she’s even left her shoes lying around, Beth fumed. Near the top of the stairs lay 2 pairs of jeans discarded in a heap. She picked them both up in an effort to tidy up. The first pair was clearly a woman’s jeans and contained a pair of small rolled up black knickers. The jeans and knickers had clearly been pulled off in a hurry. The second belonged to a man. His shorts hung from the door handle leading to the hall of her flat.

Beth eased open the door. She knew she should have made a bold noisy entrance to alert anyone inside. But curiosity had won and she kept as silent as a mouse. The flat was in near darkness lit only by the street lights illuminating the living room through partly drawn curtains. The hall ran passed 2 bedrooms on one side and a bathroom and large kitchen on the other. At its end was the large living room that ran the full width of the property. From it Beth could hear the muted sounds of two people grunting and moaning.

Beth quietly put her bag down and tip toed down the hall. At the end lay more clothes, socks, shirts and Maria’s bra. Beth leaned against the door frame and peeped around the corner.

On the sofa, no more than 10 feet way sat Maria on the lap of a young white man. She was astride his legs with her back to him facing the door. Thankfully, her eyes appeared closed and her head tilted back. A strong pair of hands massaged the undersides of her large firm breasts, his fingers occasionally pinching her dark pointed nipples. Her coffee brown skin contrasted with his muscular pale frame. Her parted legs revealed her smooth waxed pussy, her dark swollen lips were parted by the cock she was bobbing up and down on.

The sight of the two lovers made Beth lean heavily on the door frame she pushed her hips forwards and firmly but slowly rubbed her pubis mound against its hard edge. She’d seem plenty of cocks but not like this, buried deep inside another woman. His balls bobbed up and down as Maria rode his hard shaft. His cock looked rock hard and by their grunting one or other would surely come very soon. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen and she lost concentration for a moment as her own sexual heat rose between her legs.

When she returned her gaze at the couple on the sofa, Maria was staring straight at her. She still bobbed up and down on the unknown cock, lifting herself until its head nearly emerged from her body to then sink down on it until her full weight bore on the man beneath. Maria held out her arm and with a curl of her index finger invited Beth into the room.

Beth accepted by stepping into the room, her heart pounding in her chest. Maria lent back on to her boyfriend’s chest, his cock still embedded in her pussy. Leaning over on to his shoulder Maria coolly did the introductions.

‘This is George, my boyfriend’.

George followed up with a smile and a ‘ Hello, nice to meet up’ as if nothing out the ordinary was happening. After all, here Beth stood, gazing at his balls!

Maria followed up by adding ‘Why don’t you give George a nice hello kiss’ and slowly placed her finger on the exposed back of his cock adding, ‘somewhere here’ .

Beth knew she should have left them to it. Maybe make some tea for the lovers or something. But instead, she knelt down and did what Maria suggested.

She placed a hand on each of his knees pushing them wider apart and dipped her head between his thighs. She could feel the heat of their bodies and smell their sex. She gazed at his cock sticking up bold and strong partly buried in Maria’s soft pussy, his balls hanging down between his open legs.

Leaning far forward she first touched his cock with her lips and then ever so gently ran the tip of her tongue along it until she found the soft puffy lips of Maria’s pussy. Beth had never touched a woman like this before but knew exactly what to do. She wiggled her tongue between her lips and up to the soft folds that covered her clitoris. Beth sucked the folds into her mouth pressing her tongue hard against the magic bud. Maria moaned, rocking her hips back and forth pumping George’s cock.

‘ George first ‘ is all that Maia said but Beth knew what she meant.

She retreated down to his cock. Maria with athletic strength lifted her body up and down exposing nearly all of the cock before repeated sinking down on it. Beth drew her tongue along it as it was exposed just able to run the tip of her tongue against the underside of his swollen cock head before it disappeared once more into her body. This she repeated over and over occasionally venturing back to Maria but quickly returning to the hot hard cock that stretched her pussy.

It was clear George was on the edge of cuming so she moved down and took one and then both of his balls into her mouth. They filled her mouth completely, George groaned and tried to lift his hips in an attempt to rescue his balls but Beth held them gently locked in her mouth with her lips. He groaned again and Beth felt the spasm start with the pull of his balls and then his body tighten and finally his balls jerked as he fired his cum deep into Maria. Beth released his balls and returned to his shaft pressing her mouth hard against it feeling every pulse of cum. She licked up his shaft and tasted the first flow of cum that started to ooze out of Maria. She licked it off his cock and with her tongue smeared it on to Maria’s clit. Beth went back down to his cock as Maria lifted herself off. His still erect cock popped out of her as the last spurt of his cum left his cock splashing onto Beth’s face. Beth let it run down her cheek taking his cock into her mouth rolling her tongue over his still sensitive glands.

She felt Maria’s hands on her head,

‘That’s enough for him, now it’s time for me,’ Maria once again instructed. Beth obliged and switched her attention to the now vacant pussy. ‘Show her how to finger me, George,’ Maria instructed. George took Beth’s hand and straightening 2 fingers guided them into Mari’s pussy. Holding her wrist he pumped her fingers into Maria with surprising force. Beth continued unaided being much rougher than she would have liked herself. Maria, however was squirming with pleasure as Beth sucked on her clit as her fingered thrust into her.

Beth became aware of George kneeling behind her. His hand ran up her legs and under her tight fitting wool skirt. Without hesitation his hands went up her thighs, over her stocking tops pushing her skirt up to expose her bum. He pulled at her knickers. Still kissing and sucking Maria, Beth lifted each knee in turn to let George pull her knickers down to her ankles and off her feet. She expectantly spread her knees and was rewarded with the feel of his hand passing between her parted legs to rub the soft curls that covered her own pubis.

Beth continued to thrust two and then a third finger into Maria. At which point, she lifted her hips high off the sofa and with an tremendous gasp convulsed and shook as her orgasm swept through her body.

Beth lay in her lap, her fingers now just gently resting in Maris’s hot wet pussy. George had moved his hand off her pussy and Beth was wondering if it was now all over. However, Maria gently lifted Beth’s head and in response Beth crawled up on to the sofa until they were face to face. The two women kissed gently on the lips.

Then Maria spoke, ‘You want George to fuck you, don’t you?’ Beth nodded.
‘Well,’ Maria went on, 'let’s get him nice and hard for you.’

With that, Maria ran her hands down Beth’s back and slowly pulled Beth’s skirt up over her hips to her waist. Beth felt the cool evening air on her naked bum. Maria’s hands were down on each buttock squeezing and pulling on her bum. Beth arched her back and, continuing to kiss Maria, rocked her naked bum from side to side encouraging George to get nice and hard for her. Beth felt her pull her bum cheeks wide apart exposing her anus to George. Beth opened her eyes wide has she felt Maria’s finger try to push into her bum. They stopped kissing.

Maria spoke, ‘ You've done this before I think.’ She pushed her finger into Beth’s bum a bit harder as to confirm her point

Beth nodded, and added the single word, ‘lube.’

Marie, slipped her hand between their two bodies and pushed her finger into her own pussy getting it nice and wet on the last of George’s cum that still lingered inside her. She returned her finger to Beth’s bum and ran it around her bum hole. Beth kissed her as to say thank you.

Beth nibbled at Maria’s ear, whispering, ‘ Is he ready?’

Maria, didn’t answer but Beth could feel her nod in response. It was followed up by the unmistakeable feeling of a hard cock brushing against her inner thigh. She sighed as she felt it briefly push into her pussy before being retracted and placed heavily on bum line. Maria’s hand found its way down between their bodies and a finger curled into her pussy.

Beth was close to cumming. She was being fingered by another woman for the first time and a hard cock rested heavily on her bum. She knew where it was going and wriggled around trying to encourage the inevitable penetration. She closed her eyes, breathing very heavily she was on the brink of cumming as she felt the blunt head of George’s cock push hard against her anus. There wasn’t enough lube and it hurt. His hands now held her hips and she was pulled back onto his cock. She let out a cry as her anus gave way to his pressure and his cock slid deep into her backside. She was in pain and ecstasy at the same time.

On each of his thrush Beth felt his thighs against her skin and knew that big cock must be fully inside her. Maria fingered her pussy in perfect timing and her other hand was now exploring under her suite jacket. Fingers loosened her blouse and ran up her body to her bra. It was pushed up and she felt Maria’s warm fingers run over her small breasts. The first touch on her now ultra-sensitive nipples was enough to trigger her orgasm. Beth sobbed as her body shook with the intensity of her release and the raw sensation of her anal violation.

Beth collapsed onto Maria and felt George pop out of her backside. She lay there panting for a minute or so and then standing up, smoothed down her skirt and said, ‘Right. Shall I make us call a nice cup of tea?”