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Catching my sister in law eyeing up my wife
Last summer my sister-in-law Helen and her kids came to stay with us after she left my brother. We had not seen them for over a year, after my brother and I had a big fall out. Soon after that, they had moved to the US for my brother’s career and partly because of the fallout.

The last year had been tough for us not seeing my little nieces and Helen. It was only my brother we did not miss. The colossal prick was so involved in his career that he made no effort to follow them or try to patch things up.

Lisa and I had always liked Helen a lot and the three of us always got on well. Even before their marriage troubles we had joked that if they ever split up it would be her we kept in the family. When she turned up on our doorstep last week in tears, we came to realise how prescient we had been.

For the first week, we got settled into a new routine with them living with us. Our house was large and we had a large two-bedroom guest annexe, which was perfect for them to live in until they could work out what to do next.

One particular hot summer evening, after the kids had all been put to bed Lisa, Helen and I had settled down to watch the TV. After a while, the programme was losing my attention, and it occurred to me that Helen, next to me on the sofa, had been unusually quiet for the last ten minutes.

I glanced at her and noticed that her face was quite red, she caught me looking and gave me an awkward embarrassed look like she had been caught doing something she shouldn’t. I gave a quizzical look, wondering what was going on, but she shook her head as if it was nothing.

I frowned in my confusion and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She relented and shrugged apologetically and directed my eyes to where she had been looking. Suddenly it made some sense. Lisa was on all fours picking up the kids scattered playthings with her back to us, seemingly oblivious to the fact that at that angle her tiny denim skirt was covering nothing at all.

Not only that, but she had skimpy translucent G-string knickers on that left nothing to the imagination. Everything was so clear that it was even apparent to Helen that Lisa was completely shaven. The band of fabric was so narrow that there was more bare skin either side than there was flimsy nylon over her crotch. As she moved about, picking bits of jigsaw up, the tightly stretched piece of fabric was being pulled slowly up into her pussy. The little fabric that should have covered some of her modesty was so transparent that we had a clear image of her neat pink labia squashed against the gauzy fabric.

I was so engrossed that I almost forgot the situation. I reflected on Helen’s reaction and it occurred to me that she should not be embarrassed; it was not her fault after all. Then it hit me, that wasn’t it at all. She was embarrassed because I had caught her silently watching Lisa and had seen the affect it was having on her.

I looked back at her; I’m not much of an actor and the look of dawning realisation on my face was obvious. The idea of my sister in law being turned on looking at my wife was strangely arousing. I did not know what to say to her, and couldn’t say anything out loud without embarrassing Lisa.

I just gave an awkward shrug and whispered, “Sorry.”

Helen seemed to relax slightly at my reaction, then gave me a naughty looking smile, and whispered, “It’s okay, I was enjoying the view, she is very attractive.”

Now that really threw me for a loop, and set my mind racing.

Ever since I first met Helen I had thought she wasn’t quite normal. When I was seventeen and she was sixteen she was already going out with my brother. One night we had all been home alone and had raided my parents’ wine cabinet together. We had spent the night getting drunk and watching a horror film. My brother had passed out leaving Helen and I talking. We had talked about all sorts of things as drunken people often do. We even lost our inhibitions enough to talk about those subjects we would normally be too embarrassed to cover.

Back then I was too shy to talk to girls very well, and had always been a little tongue tied around her; particularly as I secretly had a crush on her. Like my wife Lisa, she was my ideal type; a petite and very pretty brunette.

Anyway on that night Helen had been probing me about my love life, I think my brother had been telling her how little experience I had which had piqued her interest.

I was telling her that had just got my first girlfriend. She asked me a lot of personal questions about what we got up to, and how far we had gone. I assumed she was just being nosy, or maybe teasing me. I wasn’t fully prepared for sharing these types of matters, but eventually Helen’s frankness and pleading relaxed my guard.

She was got me to tell her how my girlfriend had her hand inside my pants stroking my cock while I, in turn, had got my hand inside her knickers and fingered her.

Secretly I was getting a bit turned on as I told Helen about it. In my innocence, it hadn’t occurred to me that Helen might be finding this conversation equally arousing. She asked me what my girlfriend’s knickers were like, and how her pussy felt. Then she had shocked me by telling me in detail what she liked to do to herself with her fingers.

At the time I thought she meant it as advice on how to improve my technique for my girlfriend. However I was left reeling with my new knowledge of Helen’s sexual thoughts along with a mental picture of what she did about them.

Shortly after that conversation I locked myself in the bathroom and feverishly masturbated for the first time to the mental image of Helen playing with herself. That had been the beginning of my very secret fixation over my brother’s girlfriend and then wife. One that I knew I could never tell another living soul.

Throughout those early years whenever we were alone she would secretly ask me questions about my sex life or volunteer information about hers. Weirdly, I started to feel torn; I enjoyed hearing Helen’s sexual fantasies and activities and talking about mine, but due to the shame of my secret fixation on her I found it increasingly difficult to have these conversations. I was afraid I would give my secret away and felt I was being disloyal to my brother. I started to tell her less and tried to discourage her from telling me about hers.

Eventually we had an argument; she started crying saying that we used to be so close but were now drifting apart. I got angry and shouted something about it wasn’t normal for a girl to tell her boyfriend’s brother about this sort of thing, and why did she even want to tell her me this stuff. She ran off crying and we never had those conversations again.

As the years passed I often noticed her eyeing up girls I brought home but told myself she was just being nosy. In recent years I had occasionally noticed her watching Lisa. The fact that Lisa often wore provocative clothing led me to tell myself that Helen was probably just taking an interest in a judgemental fashion as women often do, although she dressed in much the same way herself. Now all this took on a different perspective. Had Helen been interested in girls as well all along.

As we both looked back at my petite wife’s exposed bum, the thought did cross my mind as to how Lisa couldn’t be aware of the show she was giving us. Was she really so engrossed in clearing up the lounge?

If Helen hadn’t been there, I would have been on my knees behind her in an instant. Instead we both had to endure the increasing discomfort of our embarrassing knowledge and for me; my ever tightening trousers.

I glanced sideways at Helen, but she was avidly looking at Lisa again. I chanced a proper look at her and noticed her erect nipples clearly defined through her tight tee shirt. It was a hot summer’s day and she appeared to have no bra on. She looked sidelong at me and caught me eyeing her up. I blushed profusely at being caught eyeing up my sister in law. Her reaction surprisingly, was to look me up and down in return.

In the hot summer evening I had no shirt on at all which made it difficult to disguise the state of my tightening trousers. She seemed to take her time looking at my waist where my low slung combats revealed the branded waistband of my designer briefs. Due to the ever tightening situation I had to shift slightly as I tried to reposition them to allow for my now rigid cock. Helen seemed to take this in for a few moments before returning her stare to Lisa’s sexy rear view.

At this point Lisa stood up and faced us. Her skin-tight cut off vest was thin too, and we both could see her distinctly erect nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. At only 5 foot 1 my brunette wife was petite, but with naturally pert DD breasts she was enough to get anyone’s attention. If she wore anything other than a conservative bra, she looked unbelievably sexy.

Now wearing none at all, she looked so hot, I swear, I twitched with arousal. If the state of her nipples wasn’t enough to signal that she was also feeling aroused, then the look on her face certainly gave it away.

“Now you two, you both seem to be enjoying the show. If you want to see more, then you’re going to have to show me something too. You two both look like you need to get more comfortable in this heat. Why not loosen those clothes a little and I’ll give you a little more.”

For a moment both of us stared in shock at Lisa. Helen then looked at me to see my intentions, a questioning eyebrow raised high, but a glint in her eye and a cheeky smile that said something else altogether. She then very clearly directed her gaze down my bare chest and abdomen and rested on my crotch, before returning to look into my eyes.

I couldn’t believe Helen was openly eyeing me up in front of my own wife. The very notion was both shocking and yet extremely exciting. Not that I had never eyed up Helen, but I had always taken care not to be caught by either her or more importantly Lisa. It would be bad enough getting caught looking at other girls. it would have been very hard to explain if she had caught me looking at my own sister in law’s shapely body. At only a couple of inches taller than Lisa she was also on the petite side, and likewise was also a fit looking brunette with a firm sporty body.

Only that morning I got a voyeuristic opportunity while Helen was busy helping my niece with her breakfast. I was sitting in the TV area of our open plan living room and chanced to look toward our kitchen area. With the kitchen window behind her Helen’s thin cotton pyjamas let a lot of light though, so that I could see the silhouetted shape of her naked body. From my side view I could clearly make out the shape of her breasts and as she turned away from me her gorgeous arse. Luckily at that moment everyone else was busy and Lisa was in the shower so I had taken the time to savour the view.

Now it occurred to me that maybe Helen had been more self aware that morning than I realised at the time. For a start she had clearly not had anything on under her pyjamas, and she must have been aware that they were quite thin material when she chose to wear them at her brother in law’s house. That said to me that maybe she enjoyed a bit of exhibitionism in my presence.

That helped me come to a decision, I smiled back at Helen and slowly undid my button fly and then gradually opened my trousers to bare my straining white cotton briefs with the shape of my erect shaft clearly defined against the fabric.

Helen’s eyes were again staring at my crotch, a hungry look on her face. She was wearing some low slung hipster jeans. She ran her hands over her hips before they met at the top button. With the release of two small buttons her jeans were opened and some skimpy pale pink knickers were revealed.

“Stop there, that’s enough for now.” Lisa instructed.

She stood in front of us, her breasts straining the thin vest, her skinny midriff bare and her tiny skirt slung so low that the sides of her tiny thong showed above the waistband on her lithe hips. She eased the top button undone and slowly slid the skirt down her shapely legs onto the floor.

Then as we sat transfixed she slowly ran her fingers over her knickers and caressed herself through them. Slowly she rubbed her finger up and down her covered but visible pussy. She stepped closer as she did so, until she had one leg in between each of ours. She sat astride our now joined knees and simultaneously slid a hand up each of our thighs.

She then leaned over and started passionately kissing Helen who returned the kiss with equal passion. I watched transfixed as my nubile wife and Helen worked their tongues inside each other’s mouth.

Meanwhile Lisa slid a hand downwards over Helen’s tight top, over her clearly defined breasts and toward her open jeans. She reached Helen’s crotch and slid her fingers inside her jeans and over the surface of her gauzy knickers. Helen opened her legs wider and slightly raised her hips, making herself more accessible. Lisa grasped the flimsy waistband from the top and pulled it outward exposing a narrow strip of brown hair and the hint of pink flesh below it. Clearly Helen had a preference for a Brazilian.

I watched Lisa’s delicate fingers gently slide inside the tight confines of Helen’s skimpy knickers. Helen let out a little moan as she felt her own sister-in-law’s finger tips come into contact with her bare pussy flesh. Lisa stroked and caressed Helen’s most intimate place, while I looked on.

After a few moments of this sexy kiss, she broke off, removed her hand and then leant toward me and we kissed passionately while she moved a slender hand down my bare chest and rested it on the stretched white cotton encasing my straining rigid shaft.

Our tongues were deep inside each other’s mouth as she lightly ran her fingernails along my throbbing member through the thin cotton. Then she slowly moved her hand inside the waistband of my pants where she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing cock and gently brought it out into the open, pushing the fabric of my pants below my balls. If that wasn’t arousing enough, being watched by Helen was something else. She was watching us intensely, taking in the whole scene. I could see her staring at my erect shaft now that it was in the open and being lovingly stroked by Lisa. I think she was interested to see what my cock looked like. I know I had always been fascinated with how she would look entirely naked.

Now she was not only getting to see my naked cock, but it was rigid and being gently stroked by my sexy wife. She still was astride of both of us looking hot in her tiny see through thong and tight top. Helen and I were clearly having the same ideas as we both started to slide a hand up the leg that was between our own, towards her scanty knickers. She however had other ideas and slapped our hands away.

“Oh no you don’t, naughty in-laws, first I give you a show. But while I play with myself I want to see you two touching each other.”

I looked over at Helen concerned at what her reaction might be. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to happen and was worried at how she might receive these ideas. Lisa had always said she fantasised about seeing me with another woman’s hands on my cock. I had always thought she was saying it in jest, or to test my loyalty, but even if I had thought she meant it, I never imagined she would want it to be with Helen.

As I took in the sight of Helen with her erect nipples straining her thin tee shirt and her skimpy knickers and jeans pushed low at the front and below her hips, I couldn’t imagine anything I would rather be doing.

Almost as if to seal the deal Lisa said “If you don’t do it for me, you won’t get your show.”

Helen looked at me intensely like a young girl desperate to get asked to dance. What the hell I thought, we were already sat next to each other half naked with my erection exposed and her in some very skimpy knickers and a tiny tee shirt, with my half naked wife sitting astride our knees.

I started to push my trousers off completely and with that she wriggled her jeans down her legs and off too. Then I looked into her eyes and with a deep breath reached out and placed the palm of my hand on her bare midriff. With my first touch she quivered, her face flushed even more and she let out a sexy little sigh. I could feel the muscles quivering under my hand where I held it against her bare midriff.

I slid my hand slowly down her smooth belly and pushed my fingers inside her flimsy thong. She looked massively turned on as she felt me move over her neatly trimmed mound before touching her wet opening for the first time. The first touch of her naked pussy was electric for both of us. As I slid a finger lightly down and stroked it over her already firm clit she first gasped, then as I gently worked one finger down to and then along her damp labia she gave out a wonderfully sexy moan.

She reached over and grasped my shaft with her hand. Feeling Helen’s slim fingers enclosing my throbbing cock was incredibly sexy. We both took our time to gently feel the other. Very slowly we started to stimulate each other. For a moment I was lost in the feeling of being watched by Lisa as Helen stroked me and I fingered her moist pussy. The feeling of her small hand as she caressed my sensitive cock made me feel incredibly turned on.

By the look of her flushed face and the feeling of her moistening pussy she was equally aroused. We were then torn away from our mutual lust as Lisa stood back and slid her tiny thong down her legs and then resumed her position astride our now bare legs.

Slowly she worked both her hands down her own belly and just as mine had to Helen, her finger gently parted the lips of her shaven pussy and proceeded to rub her clit and labia as we looked on.

I resumed my own hand movements inside Helen’s knickers, gently mirroring what Lisa was doing to herself, as Helen slowly stroked the length of my pulsing cock. Lisa had an incredibly lustful look on her face as she raised her hands to grip the bottom edge of her tight vest top and then proceeded to pull it up and off exposing her firm upward tilted breasts. My now completely naked wife still astride our bare legs returned her hand to her smooth shaven pussy and as she continued stroking, she was rotating her hips in a very sexy way.

So there we were; my hand inside Helen’s knickers; working my fingers over the moist folds of her pussy, while she in turn stroked my throbbing cock and my stark naked wife sat astride our legs clearly aroused by the sight.

We spent a few more minutes becoming increasingly turned on as we all drank in the sight of what we were doing, Helen and Lisa giving each other and me lust filled looks. Helen then took her hand from me and pulled Lisa until she was completely astride her lap. I watched as they shared an incredibly sexy kiss. As they were locked with their tongues in each other’s mouth Helen ran her fingers over Lisa’s naked body, stroking her tight bum and then reaching around to rub her bare pussy from behind.

Meanwhile Lisa rubbed at Helen’s slightly smaller but beautifully perky breasts through her tee shirt, before pulling it up and off her. She too had beautifully pointy breasts with her nipples looking extremely hard and erect. Lisa leaned down so that their beautiful breasts mashed together. As both girls kissed and caressed each other I stood up and slid my pants completely off.

Not sure what to do while they were occupied with each other, I knelt sideways on the sofa so I was facing them with my erection bobbing near their faces. They both turned and Lisa opened her mouth and ran her tongue down the side of my pulsing shaft. Helen then ran her tongue down the other side. They alternated this a few times before Helen decided to up the ante and took me fully in her mouth. She stared deeply into my eyes as she slowly took me into her warm mouth.

She knelt up to get a more comfortable position. Lisa moved behind her and slowly slid her tiny thong down her legs and off. With her knickers removed Helen then parted her legs as much as she could on the sofa and looked over her shoulder to watch as Lisa lowered her face to eat Helen’s pussy from behind. As I looked along Helen’s naked back from where she was sucking me off I could see my beautiful wife’s head working on her from behind.

Before long Helen was taking me deep into her mouth and occasionally taking it out so she could run her tongue along the sensitive underside. As Lisa‘s tongue had an increasing effect on her pussy, Helen’s movements started to become increasingly erratic until she was finding it hard to keep me in her mouth as her hips gyrated uncontrollably around Lisa’s busy head.

Helen’s movements became frantic and she was groaning and whimpering as she started to orgasm wildly. Her body was shuddering and Lisa didn’t relent even as Helen tried to pull away from her mouth as her pussy became too sensitive. Gradually her loud groans subsided into whimpering.

She raised her flushed face to look at mine, my cock in her hand. She licked it and then said “I need this inside me, brother in law.” I climbed off the sofa and went to take Lisa’s position behind her. As I moved round my gorgeous naked wife took hold of my bobbing erection with one hand and parted Helen’s gaping wet pussy with the other.

Helen watched intently over her shoulder as I knelt on the sofa and placed my hands on her pert buttocks as Lisa placed the head of my cock against her glistening labia. Slowly I pushed and felt her tight pussy walls squeezing me hard as I slid my shaft into her. Our eyes met as she felt my rigid cock deep within her. The significance of this moment seemed to heighten the arousal for both of us.

I withdrew incredibly slowly, enjoying the tight feel, and the sight of Helen’s juices glistening on my cock as it gradually came back into full view. With only the head between her moist red lips I then pushed back into her entirely in one smooth motion.

Helen gasped and dropped back onto both her elbows. I started to piston in and out of her slowly and then with gradually increasing speed. Lisa who had been playing with herself then took the opportunity to slide into a 69 position under Helen, with her head just below where my raging cock was driving in and out of her pussy.

Lisa then started to alternate between licking Helen’s clit and the underside of my sliding cock as well as stroking my tight scrotum and the sensitive skin behind it. Helen, who had been momentarily lost in her own pleasure, as I filled her tight snatch, then noticed my wife’s wet pussy needed some attention right under her nose. Lisa had in fact been rotating her hips upwards, offering her gorgeous pouting snatch up to Helen’s mouth, desperate for some attention.

Helen lowered her face and passionately started to make love to Lisa with her beautiful mouth. The feel of Helen’s pneumatic buttocks in my hands and bouncing off my pelvis as I pounded into her combined with the sight of her lapping away at Lisa’s shaven pussy was pushing my arousal to its limits.

I could feel her body responding as she pushed back onto me with increasing force. I slowed my movements again, delaying the fast approach of Helen’s orgasm and my own, hoping we could time it so all three of us were at the same point.

The change of pace was equally delicious as I savoured the feel of slowly withdrawing and re-entering Helen and seeing Lisa’s face below licking us both. I looked at her face trying to judge how far gone she was, she stared deeply into my eyes; I could see her passion rising fast. I could tell hers was coming soon as well.

She moved a wet finger from my balls and placed it against my bum. With the sensation of Helen tight around my cock and Lisa licking me on each withdrawal, it almost overcame me when she started to press her finger against my anus. She increased the pressure as my bum moved backward on each withdrawal.

Gradually it worked into me, as I virtually impaled myself on her digit with every backstroke from Helen’s tight pussy. She soon had her whole finger squirming around inside me, stroking that sensitive gland. The feelings were building intensely now. I started to pump into Helen with increasing speed again. She responded immediately with muffled groans as she buried her face deep into Lisa’s snatch.

I took Lisa’s idea and licked my thumb before resting it against Helen’s puckered anus. Without lifting her face from Lisa’s grinding pussy she let me know that she approved by pushing back against my thumb. I worked it into her as she bucked and writhed and I repeatedly buried my shaft inside her at a fast rate. All the while I had the delightful sight of Lisa fingering her own erect nipples with one hand, grinding her hips upward as she pressed her pussy hard into Helen’s face.

All the while she kept her finger firmly inside me. The sight of both of these nubile females moving with increasingly frantic movements and the sound of them both moaning and grunting quickly had me approaching the same point as them.

As Lisa started to orgasm, her stomach convulsing and her hips urgently lifting off the sofa, I felt Helen forcing herself hard back onto me as I felt her pussy rhythmically clamping tight around my cock.

As they both pulsated with their own orgasms and made guttural noises lost in their own ecstasy I felt my own hit me like a wave, my cock twitched and throbbed like it had come alive, as pulse after pulse shot deep inside Helen’s beautiful snatch.

The sound of their sweet female voices making high pitched whimpers of total pleasure and their lithe bodies convulsing in orgasm fuelled my own. I hunched over, gripping her pneumatic cheeks had as I continued to shoot deep inside her.

Soon I had to stop her moving and keep her pert bum still, as my cock became so super sensitive that any movement was almost unbearable in its intensity. Gradually our movement subsided to just the occasional whimper or twitch from our fading orgasms. Gradually we came back to our senses and extricated ourselves from each other and sat back in each other’s arms on the sofa, sharing that quiet moment of post orgasmic bliss.

For a while no one said anything as the rest of the world started to come back to us. I sat in the middle with Helen and Lisa on either side, each with a leg draped across one of mine. The realisation of what had transpired starting to come to us.

I looked at Lisa’s red and sweaty face close by mine looking for any sign of regret, but saw none. She returned my look and almost like a silent affirmation of what had happened reached out and stroked my semi erect member while we shared a passionate open mouthed kiss.

I then turned to Helen and saw the same look of desire and satisfaction, no hint of regret in her look. She too kissed me passionately and took my hand and placed it on her wet pussy.

We then sat like that for a moment enjoying the intimacy and knowledge that we all felt the same.

Helen was the first to speak. “Does anyone mind if I move into your bedroom for the rest of my stay?”

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