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From a Triathlon to a Bi-athlon three-way (part 1)

Bisex threesome with my trainer and her boyfriend
From a Triathlon to a Biathlon three-way (part 1)

Danielle is my trainer. To say she is hot is an understatement. She’s about 5’ 7-8”, great ass, not a lot in the breast area but a really gorgeous face with a great ass, (I guess I already said she has a great ass didn’t I?) and she is about 20 yrs. younger than me also. Plus, she went to the Caribbean and came back with a banging tan. She does triathlons and has a personal training company. I’ve been using her services for about a year and a half now. I knew she had a boyfriend and they were in an off and on relationship, but I had never met the guy. Obviously, I found her to be extremely hot, but I just didn’t consider that things would go in any direction other than platonic trainer and client. Well, this Sunday I used her services and her boyfriend’s too in ways that I never thought would happen!

We had missed a few training sessions because of her vacation and my own schedule so she called to reschedule and asked if I wanted to check out the ironman triathlon that was being held near my house. I jumped on it.

We met at the race early and she introduced me to her on/ off again boyfriend Alex. D didn’t know that I enjoy Bi-play in threesome situations, or maybe she did based on how the day ended up. Her wet suit for the swim looked like it was sprayed on to each and every curve of her sexy, fit body and of course that ass of hers was begging for some attention. Since it was a one mile swim, 59 mile bike ride, and a 13 mile run, Alex and I settled in for about a five hour wait and watch.

As the swimmers completed the race, we innocently started making comments to each other about the fitness and bodies on some of the triathletes. I guess I opened the door when I mentioned how hot some of the women’s asses looked as they started peeling out of their wetsuits to transition to the bike portion or the race. He casually mentioned, before Danielle finished taking hers off, that she had a great ass also and with a sly grin asked if I agreed. I stuttered a little and said I did agree very much and I hope I hadn’t offended him by saying so.

He just nodded and said, “It’s all cool, no problem."

As we continued watching, I also heard him mention something about the physiques on the male athletes and could see he was watching a few of their asses as they peeled off their wetsuits. I guess I am a strange Bi guy in the sense that I really don't find myself looking at the male body unless I am in a hot threesome with a woman. Then it is almost like a light switch goes off and I am craving, wanting male cock and a tight male ass. As our time progressed, I got the impression that he was probably Bi however I did not think anything more than that.

As we watched, Danielle climb out of the water she started unzipping her wetsuit which caused my cock to rise. By the time she had gotten into her biking gear my cock was at full attention. I glanced over at Alex and noticed that he was eyeing my significant BBC bulge. At that point I pretty much decided that things could get very interesting if Danielle was game. We cheered as she finished the bike ride and moved into the run with hugs all around when she finished. When she hugged me she gave my butt a very casual caress and squeeze while saying she really appreciated me coming to watch. At that point I knew things were starting to get really, really interesting. Since I live near the course we had already decided to go back to my house so she could freshen up and relax. Apparently, relaxing after a triathlon takes on a whole different meaning for Danielle.

After meeting over at my house, eating a few sandwiches Danielle asked if she could use one of the bedrooms to change and freshen up.

“Of course,” I said and she proceeded upstairs to the guest bedroom and bath. Alex and I heard the shower go on and off. A few minutes later she called down to Alex to bring her backpack that she had left downstairs. He picked it up and took it up the steps. I mentioned that I was going to take a quick shower also and Danielle shouted that Alex might as well take one too. I was down the hall in my bathroom and they were in the guest bedroom.

After showering I threw on a shirt some tennis shorts and a jockstrap, (I figured the jockstrap would keep my cock from being too obvious if it got hard). I then heard Danielle call out to me to come down the hall for a second to help Alex with something. I said sure and proceeded down the hallway to find Danielle spread eagled on the bed with a black strap on between her legs pushing it into Alex's throat as he was on his knees with his ass in the air.

“Can you help him do me right” Danielle asked?

"Of course," I said as I peeled off my shorts and shirt.

“Leave the jockstrap on and straddle my chest so I can lick your ass and you can help Alex suck my cock” she said.

She did not have to tell me twice as I lowered my ass onto her tongue and began sharing that nice strap on with Alex. I continued to suck her dildo while Alex started working her inner thighs and pussy lips. As we adjusted positions I also noticed that Danielle had a metal butt plug in her ass, the kind with the jewel on the end. I almost exploded as she stroked my cock while putting her tongue as deep as she could stick it in my ass. At that point, she announced to Alex that he was going to have the pleasure of getting deep fucked by a big black strap on and a real big black cock, to which he just moaned with pleasure. By this time I had raised up from sucking the strap on cock and more or less was sitting on her face as she tongued my ass and reached around my waist and began stroking my cock.

Eventually it became too much for Alex and he rose up from licking her pussy and impaled his tight asshole thatIassume was already lubedon Danielle's strap on. Since we were both facing each other I could see the slight pain he experienced when the dildo first went in and the pleasure he was now getting once he started riding it. I stood up and leaned against the headboard so that his lips were even with my cock and told him to “suck it like he meant it”. His eyes said everything in terms of how much he wanted and needed to suck a real cock. It also gave Danielle an opportunity to see her boyfriend deep throat a BBC for the first time in their relationship. She said, 'this is the type of relaxation after a triathlon that I want to experience'.

This went on for a little bit and then she decided that she needed to feel some cock, in fact two cocks. She slowly removed the jeweled butt plug from ass after untying the straps for the strap on. She had me lay down on my back and slowly settled her beautiful ass onto my dick. Then with her filthy mouth she encouraged me to slide in and out of that tight ass and reminded me to make her feel it. As she wiggled her ass on my cock she teased Alex to bring her some stiff cock to suck and work her pussy.

He told her, 'in a minute' and proceeded to tongue her pussy and lick my cock and balls as it penetrated in and out of her ass. Once he had both of us excited beyond our wildest dreams he let her suck his cock and balls (incidentally Alex has about a 7" cock) and in one thrust I felt him inside her tight pussy rubbing my cock in her tight ass. Danielle screamed in pleasure and told us to work her to orgasm. She didn't have to tell us twice and we gave her body the pleasure she begged for. We switch positions with her riding my cock in her pussy and Alex deep in her ass. The ultimate was when she took both of our cocks in her pussy for the ultimate in double penetration.

Danielle noticed that neither of us had cum in her as she was being pleasured by our two cocks. She looked at as both.

“You boys want each other don't you?”

Alex and I didn't do anything but nod.

“Well go for it guys!"

As she pushed Alex's mouth onto my cock and I reached to start sucking his. She played with both our asses and talked about how much she enjoyed watching two guys with each other's cock buried to the hilt in each other’s mouths. It wasn't long before I felt the cum rising in my balls and I felt Alex starting to release his load. I felt his cum gush into my mouth, tasty and thick and I also felt another mouth on my cock as I released my load. Danielle and Alex were sharing my load as it gushed out of the tip of my cock.

We laid back and relaxed realizing how good and special this threesome was. That is until Danielle started sucking both of our cocks at the same time and announced that she wanted to see me fuck the shit out of Alex's tight little man pussy. She also wanted to shove her strap up my ass while I was doing him. Well, I guess that will be the second leg of this Biathlon and we're in the transitional stage right now!

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