Fun in the Jacuzzi


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A night in the jacuzzi that I will never forget
This is my first story guys so go easy on me...

My name is Adam. I'm 6 feet tall with black hair and piercing blue eyes. I have always been fit and as a result I have a toned, muscled physique. I have always been intrigued by the thought of being with two girls at the same time. Little did I know, my fantasy would soon come true.

It was our graduation party and almost everybody from my senior year of high school was there. I was popular so I knew most of the guys and girls there. But there were two girls in particular that had caught my attention. They were in my gym class so I know that they both had kill bodies. One was Amber, a cute blonde with blue eyes similar to mine and the other was Mandy, a gorgeous brunette with dark come to bed with me eyes.

Everybody was mingling and I mostly hung out with the jocks all night, a I was part of the in crowd at school. Everybody was drinking and most of the students were wasted and passed out by midnight. Maybe ten of us were still enjoying the party, but I soon went upstairs to sleep. I woke up and when I looked at the clock, it was only 1am. So I decided to go down and see who was still awake. I heard voices and followed them outside. To my surprise there were only two people still awake, Amber and Mandy. For a moment I stood in the door watching them in their skimpy bikinis, wondering if I should go and talk to them.

My imagination started running wild, and I wondered if they would be as hot for me as I was for them. I thought about them both sucking my cock at the same time. This turned me on and I started gently stroking my still soft cock. Before long I thought what the hell, I may never see them again anyway. So I decided to walk outside and talk to them. I had no shirt on and my shorts didn't leaf much to the imagination. I walked up to the girls and casually said hey. They had a look of both shock and surprise, as I saw them staring my body up and down.

I asked them if they would care to join me in the jacuzzi. Amber looked at Mandy and they seemed to think it was a good idea. I flashed them a smile and climbed in. The girls followed and sat down on either side of me. I lifted my muscular arms up and put one around each girls shoulder. I noticed that Amber's bikini strap had slipped off her shoulder and as I reached to put it back, she grabbed my hand and put it on her leg. I took this as a signal that she wanted the same thing I did and then rested my other hand on Mandy's leg. Neither one protested.

I couldn't believe it. I was going to live out my fantasy. Before I knew it the girls had stood up and were making out right in front of me. I laid a hand on each of their asses and started massaging their cheeks. I could my cock fighting to be released from my shorts. The girls were really going at it and I was getting really horny. I told them that I also wanted to join in the fun and then slipped off each of their bikini tops. The girls went on their knees in front of me and I started to suck and lick their perfectly formed tits.

Amber then got out and went on her knees behind me. She started to play with my already hard cock because by this time I was naked already. As Amber was playing with my cock, Mandy leaned forward and kissed me with fire and passion. I held onto her ass and pulled her onto my lap. Amber's hands brushed against Mandy's smooth pussy as she played with my cock. By now my tongue was deep inside Mandy's mouth and as I fondled her tits I heard her moaning softly. This turned me on even more and I could feel my cock become stone hard.

Amber then went on her knees above my head and Mandy leaned forward on my lap and started to eat her pussy. I could not believe how turned on I was. Mandy's were slapping my face and I started to nibble on them lightly. I could tell that Amber was really horny now too because her pussy juice was all over my face.

I wanted to take things further so I told them both to join me on the grass. Mandy sat down with her legs spread wide open and Amber went on her knees to eat her pussy. I then came up behind Amber and started licking her clean pink pussy. She moaned, louder this time and my cock stiffened with each moan. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and had my way with her, all the while wanting to fuck her so badly I could barely stand it. Then I went on my knees, wanting more.

I took my cock in my hand and started stroking her pussy lips with it. I couldn't help myself, as my cock head pushed into her pussy and she gave a loud moan. I drove my 8 inch cock deeper into her pussy, with slow and gentle thrusts. Amber then moaned that she wanted more. I picked up my speed and grabbed her hips. By now I really wanted to cum, so I started to fuck her really hard until my balls slapped her ass cheeks. Amber moaned louder and louder and fell down onto Mandy who grabbed her hair and played with her. I could feel I was close to cumming. I tucked Amber harder and she moaned louder, almost screaming.

Amber told me she wanted to feel my warm cum inside her so I fucked her as hard as I could, and before long my knees went weak and I felt my cock throbbing. My warm sticky cum shot into Amber's tight pussy. She moaned in delight and her tight pussy squeezed my cock.

I pulled out and lay down on the grass, my cock started to soften and I gave each of the girls a kiss.