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Gary and Dave - First time bisexual

Gary and Dave get turned on from watching porn and decide to experiment.
Gary burst through the door brandishing his briefcase.

‘Jim got back’ he said with a big smile on his face.

‘Jim?’ I answered.

‘Guy I work with… huge collection of porn. Remember he turned up at the pub the other day.’ Gary clarified.

‘Ah, porn. Loan of. I remember! Its not any of that German pissing shit you borrowed last time is it?’ I said sitting up.

‘He says not but he’s not sure what is on these tapes. No pissing or animals though. I’m going to get changed, grab us a beer would you?’ Gary said heading for his room.

I pulled myself out of the comfort of the chair and walked though to the kitchen to grab some beers. By the time I returned Gary was sat in the other armchair hunting through our remote control collection for the video remote. I handed him a beer and sat back down in the chair next to the window. The evening was warm and I had opened the doors that lead out on to our balcony to let a breeze blow in. Gary finally sorted himself out and hit play on the video. The tape was an American movie and fairly dull. There were lots of silicon implants and no imagination in the sex. The basic scene went: boy meets girl, tongues twirl, grope, strip, suck, lick, fuck, her on top, him on top, doggy and finish with the money shot. We watched most of the tape on fast forward stopping on the good bits and making our own soundtrack. As with most US porn it didn’t really turn me on.

‘She looks like Jenny.’ Gary said, hitting pause on the video.

‘Oh yes. Jenny was much dirtier than that in bed though!’ I laughed.

‘Oh yes!’ he agreed.

Jenny was a mutual friend that we had both slept with at different times. Mostly drunken one night stands at college but we had both been to her home in London to see her since then. We made a point of never going to see her together so no jealousy occurred, although Jenny had made it quite clear that she would happily fuck us both at the same time. I was up for it but I didn’t think Gary would be. He was fairly insecure in his sexuality and often said that he didn’t think he could perform with another man in the same bed. Jenny was disappointed but very understanding. Having said that he’s quite happy to sit and watch porn with me although if he does play with himself while we do it he does it very discreetly! A girlfriend asked why we watched porn together if neither of us masturbated and I couldn’t explain it other than to say ‘it’s a man thing!’

Gary changed the tape and sat back down as it started. This film was much better and was made in Holland. All the models are young and very horny. The guys actually looked like real men, although they are teenagers for the most part too. I began to get an erection and moved my hand casually to press on it. I saw Gary do the same thing out of the corner of my eye.

The first scene involved a girl and two boys in a threesome. Fairly normal stuff but much better than the US stuff we had just watched. The scene went along as normal with the men fucking the girl from both ends, then it cut away to the girl making a fairly long speech in Dutch (which neither of us speak) and then a shot of the two guys looking at each other nervously. The next scene cut to the two guys wanking each other off as the girl watched them and fucked herself with a big, black vibrator.

‘Fucking hell’ said Gary.

I expected him to stop the film in disgust but he left it running. We watched in fascination as the girl encouraged the guys to suck each other off, pushing them into a 69, then lubricated their arseholes and got them to fuck each other. Finally she put a strap-on dildo on and fucked both of them herself! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was surprised at just how turned on I was by this! I looked across at Gary to see him staring at the TV, his hand in his lap moving gently on his cock.

‘Are you OK’ I said, my mouth dry.

‘Sorry? Oh, yes. Why?’ he said, looking at me.

‘I didn’t think you approved of gay sex’ I said.

‘No, I don’t mind watching it. I wouldn’t want to do it though. Well, not with a man!’ he said.

‘How else would you do gay sex without a man?’ I laughed.

‘I mean anal. I wouldn’t do anal with a man’ he tried to explain.

‘Well, you’ve definitely done it with a woman so why not a man? It’s the same shape hole!’ I laughed, teasing him.

‘All that hair. Yuck’ he shuddered.

‘But Jenny has quite a hairy bum...’ I started and got a cushion in my face.

‘Watch the film you puff’ he laughed.

The next scene was more of the same. Girl and boyfriend caught by teacher who then fucks both of them in every hole. At one point the boy was sat on the teachers cock, riding him, while the girl rode the teachers face and wanked the boy off. My cock at this point was rock hard. I had experimented with anal penetration with a few of my ex-girlfriends, some of them fingering me there, another fucking me with a small dildo. Jenny, pervert that she is, had even rimmed me a couple of times. I really wanted to be in the film with ‘actors’. I pushed my hand in my shorts and played with my cock a little more blatantly. The sun had set and the only light in the room came from a small 40w lamp and the TV. I figured Gary wouldn’t be able to see me and, to be honest, didn’t care.

The next scene was a foursome. It started off as a dinner party and quickly degenerated into a partner swapping orgy with the women 69-ing each other for the men to watch then the men putting on a show for the women. Half way through this part of the video I pulled my cock free of my shorts and began masturbating properly. I looked across at Gary and saw that he was watching me, his hand in his shorts. He shrugged and pulled his own cock out and started wanking himself off. His cock was about the same size as mine about 7" long and quite thick. We’re both big built although I’m about 4" taller than Gary is. One thing we both have a lot of is body hair.

We continued watching the film and stroking our cocks gently to make ourselves last. Unfortunately it was only a short tape and the foursome was the last scene. I got up to change the tape, leaving my cock sticking out of my underpants. I pushed the last tape in the machine and turned around to see Gary pulling his underpants off his ankles. I watched as he pulled his shirt over his head and sat at one end of the sofa instead of in the armchair.

‘I’m hot.’ he said simply.

‘Me too’ I said, pulling my clothes off.

I returned to my chair, which meant I was sitting right next to Gary. I hit play and took a sip of beer. The video started and turned out to be another bisexual film. The action was very similar to the first film but a much better quality recording. Gary began to masturbate again, laying back on the sofa and stretching his legs out. I relaxed again and played with my cock as I watched both the video and Gary. I didn’t try to hide my glances at his cock and kept catching him looking at me. Finally our eyes met.

‘I wish Jenny was here’ he laughed.

‘Or Alice’ I said referring to my last girlfriend ‘she always said she fancied a threesome with two men’

We laughed and then jumped as the phone rang. I hit mute on the TV but left the video running as Gary answered the phone. It was his cousin ringing to arrange some family thing he was invited to. Gary continued watching the film and played with his cock as he tried to hold a conversation with his cousin. I imagined what his cousin would say if she knew what Gary was doing. Gary finally had to stop playing with himself as she stated dictating directions to him and he had to use a pen in his free hand. I stopped the video and left the room to use the loo. It felt weird walking around the flat naked when I could hear Gary speaking on the phone next door. I used the toilet and stopped to look at myself in the mirror. I sucked my gut in and stuck my chest out posing a little. My cock was stiffening again…I walked out of the bathroom and bumped into Gary coming the other way.

‘My turn’ he said.

I walked back to the living room and sat in the same armchair. Gary returned from the bathroom, his cock stiffening as he walked into the room. He was getting off on this too! We started the video again and settled down.

‘Have any of your girlfriends ever touched your arse?’ Gary asked suddenly.

‘Yes, some of them. I quite like it.’ I confessed looking at him.

‘Jenny kept trying to stick her finger up me when she was sucking me off. I let her eventually and really cam hard.’ Gary said hesitantly.

‘You should try it with a vibrator’ I said without thinking.

‘Puff’ Gary said seeing my embarrassment.

I jumped off the chair and hit him with a cushion. This sort of turned into a wrestling match that dumped us both on the floor. Gary was on top and our cocks were pressed against each other. I pushed Gary off and we rolled around some more. We had done this kind of thing before but always fully dressed and usually with a lot more beer inside us! Eventually Gary got me in some kind of Judo hold and turned me on my face. His cock was pushing against my bum as he pinned me down with his arms and legs. I stopped struggling and looked back at him.

‘OK, you’ve got me. Now what are you gonna do with me’ I laughed.

Gary went bright red and got up. His cock was hard, the head glistening with pre-cum. I surprised him by grabbing his legs and pulling him back down on to the floor. He landed on his back and without thinking I grabbed his cock and gently squeezed.

‘What are you doing’ he said, making no move to stop me.

‘I have no idea but I’m really in the mood for a brand new experience’ I laughed.

‘OK, but be gentle with me’ Gary replied after a moments thought.

I began wanking him off, moving his foreskin over the end of his cock and rubbing the clear fluid around. Gary sat up and reached for my cock and we scooted around so we could watch the video and play with each other at the same time.

‘Did you really take a vibrator up the arse?’ Gary asked after a couple of minutes.

‘Jenny.’ I said in explanation.

‘Oh. Was it good?’ he asked, a little hoarsely.

‘Once I got used to it, yes. In fact it was fucking fantastic. I loved it. Have you still got that massage oil?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Why?’ Gary said hesitantly.

I let go of his cock and got on all fours in front of him.

‘I thought you might want a fuck’ I whispered, hardly believing what I was saying.

‘Jesus, are you sure?’ he asked getting up.

‘No but that hasn’t stopped me trying weird shit before. Go get the oil’ I said.

Gary virtually ran into his bedroom and returned with some Bodyshop massage oil. We both knelt in front of each other on the floor and squirted oil on to our hands. We started lubricating our own dicks first then looked at each other and reached over to wank each other off. I got Gary’s cock really slippery then bent over the coffee table presenting Gary with my bum. I looked at the film and laughed when I saw a guy in exactly the same position as me about to get fucked by a black guy with an enormous cock.

‘Thank fuck you’re not that big’ I said as Gary shuffled around behind me on his knees.

‘Jesus’ laughed Gary, ‘where does he keep that?’

As he laughed at the video he poured a little oil on to his hand and gently rubbed it over my arse hole. I reached behind and spread my bum cheeks so he could get to my anus. I let out a moan as his first finger touched my anus, gently pushing against the tight muscle.

‘Are you OK’ he said.

‘I’ll let you know if you hurt me. Any moans and shouts are of pleasure, honest!’ I said.

Gary pushed his fingers against me again, the oily tip pushing past my sphincter and into my anus. I pushed back against his finger as I had done with my girlfriends, encouraging him to finger fuck me. Gary quickly fingered me, stretching the muscle and pushing a second finger in. I groaned again and pushed back harder against his hand, fucking myself with his slippery fingers.

‘Hold on’ Gary warned and added a third finger.

‘Oh fuck’ I said enjoying the sensation.

Gary fucked me for a couple of minutes adding a little more oil until I could comfortable take his three fingers up to the second knuckle. My cock was hard and I reached underneath my body to play with it. Gary withdrew his fingers and I knew what was coming next. He got on his feet and squatted over me, resting his cock against my anus, and pushed. I felt his bulbous head stretching me wider than his fingers and a sharp pain that quickly disappeared as his cock slid into my arsehole.

‘Oh fuck that feels big.’ I shouted.

‘Are you OK?’ Gary said, holding his cock still inside me.

‘Shit yes, fuck me you ugly git!’ I laughed.

Gary pushed more of his thick cock up my arse until his balls were touching mine. His hands were on my shoulders massaging the big muscle there. He slowly withdrew his prick then smoothly thrust back into me. I gasped as his length slipped hard into me and gripped the table. My cock was pulsing but I didn’t want to touch it. I fully intended to fuck Gary when he had finished… if he would let me. Gary slammed his cock harder into me and I gasped again. I could sense that Gary was trying to control himself but he quickly gave in and just fucked me as hard and as fast as he could. It felt fantastic! My arse and cock felt like they were on fire and my guts were churning away. Gary began to breathe harder, whispering fuck under his breath. Finally he pulled his cock all the way out so only the tip of his cock was touching me then slammed his entire length deep inside me, holding it there and filling my guts with cum.

‘Arrrgh. Fuck’ cried Gary as he pulled his cock halfway out of my arsehole then thrust back in again to deposit more cum into me.

Finally he finished and pulled his cock out of my arse with a wet plop. Gary sat back on his heels panting for breath. I turned around, his cum leaking out of my arse and started to lubricate my cock with the massage oil. Gary watched me, his eyes following the movement of my hand on my cock then turned around and bent over the sofa.

I knelt behind him and slowly massaged oil into his anus as he had done to me. Working quickly I pushed one, then two and finally three oily fingers into his tight arsehole.

‘Oh Christ Dave, fuck me’ Gary demanded.

I grabbed his hip with one hand and my cock with the other and guided the tip to his anus.

‘Just relax and push back like you’re taking a dump when I push against you’ I advised.

Gary did as I asked and the head of my cock slipped into his anus. I gave him time to get used to the sensation then pushed a little more in. Again I stopped and looked down at my best friends hairy arse with half of my cock sticking into it. I was so horny I almost came on the spot. Gary started moving his hips, encouraging me to slip more of my hot, hard cock into his backside. Soon my balls were touching his. I began fucking him slowly with short strokes, letting him get used to the new sensations. Gary held his hands out, griping a cushion and pushing his arse back on to my cock. I looked to my side and saw myself reflected in the mirror.

‘Jesus, look at that. I’m fucking you!’ I said, pointing to our reflection.

Gary turned to look and watched me slowly fuck his arse for the first time. I ran my hands over his back and bum, scratching him with my nails. I raked them down his sides and he lifted his body off the sofa. I reached under for his nipples, rolling them in my fingers and pinching them.

‘Feels good but my knees hurt’ he moaned from under me.

I pulled out of him and he lay on the sofa facing the back cushion. I climbed on behind him and pushed my cock back into his arsehole and began fucking him again, reaching around to play with his stiffening cock. I used long, slow strokes and timed them so my hand was moving on his cock at the same pace. Gary was breathing hard as I shafted his arsehole and, without thinking, I began to kiss his exposed neck. Gary turned his head towards me and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss him. I had often thought that stubble on stubble would be a real turn off but found it wasn’t an issue. Gary pushed his tongue into my mouth as I stroked his cock in time to my thrusts.

‘Fuck me harder’ Gary begged pulling away from my mouth.

I pushed him on to his stomach and straddled his legs, pushing my cock back up his arse. I began fucking him as hard as I could, my belly slapping on his big hairy bum as my big cock slid up his rectum. I felt my orgasm building deep inside me and put my entire weight into fucking Gary up the arse. Finally I began to cum, not one lunge but a series of short squirts deep inside my best friend. I let out a loud cry then collapsed on top of him, my cock softening in his arse. Gary pushed me off him finally and I lay on a heap on the floor.

Gary was still hard and started jerking himself off kneeling beside me. I used one hand to play with his balls as his hand moved up and down on his fat cock. Suddenly Gary stopped and knelt between my legs, pushing my legs up and spreading my arse cheeks. His cock slid easily up my arse and he held my legs against his chest as he fucked my arse for the second time. He came within a minute and we collapsed on the floor together, touching each other, cum leaking out of our arses.

‘Good movie!’ Gary finally said.
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