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Gary, Dave and Jenny Part 1

Dave fucks Jenny after a week of fucking Gary
Jenny stood in the doorway grinning at me. She looked fantastic in a tight pair of jeans, low cut top showing her wonderfully ample cleavage and a new short haircut that showed off her big brown eyes. Jenny is 5’ 3" and of mixed ethnic origins. Her mother is Indian, her father white. She’s what I call fleshy; not exactly fat but she has wide hips and big tits. Her skin is light brown and soft; her nipples are dark brown, large and spring erect at the slightest provocation. She has short, shapely legs and has studied yoga for years, which has made her really flexible.

‘Well, are you going to stand there with your mouth open and your cock hard, or are you going to take me to bed and fuck my brains out?’ Jenny laughed.

I grabbed her by the hand, dropped her bag in the living room and practically ran into my bedroom with her. Jenny had her top off and her bra unfastened before I'd shut the door. She jumped on to my bed and opened her arms. I pulled my shirt over my head, dropped the jogging bottoms I was wearing and jumped on to the bed beside her naked. Jenny grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled me close to her, pushing my mouth open with her tongue and kissing me hard. My hands found her 38DD tits and squeezed her hard nipples making her squeal in my mouth.

‘I’m going to fuck your brains out bitch!’ I said kneeling up and unfastening her jeans.

Jenny wiggled loose of the tight denim as I pulled them down, pausing to pull her shoes and socks off so I could pull her legs free. Jenny was left on her back in her black thong running her fingers up and down her mound through the tight fabric. I grabbed the string sides and yanked hard ripping them away from her body. Jenny smiled at me and opened her legs wide, pulling her lips apart so I could see and smell her sex. Her cunt has dark skin and is usually covered in black hair but she was shaven this time. I sat back on my heels and watched her push two fingers inside herself, her other hand massaging her big soft tits.

‘Don’t just sit there like an arsehole, stick your cock in me and fuck me hard and fast. I’ve been wet for the last 50 miles and aching for a fuck,’ Jenny said.

My hard cock slid easily into her wet cunt and I held my weight on my hands and knees. Jenny wrapped her long legs around my back and bucked her hips against me, encouraging me to fuck her. I held myself still, my cock buried in her cunt and looked into her eyes. Jenny moved her hips and legs trying to get me to fuck her.

‘Fuck me!’ she whispered.

‘Beg,’ I said holding still.

‘Please fuck me!’ she whispered.


‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Please. I’m begging you. Please fuck me!’ she screamed in my ear.

I pulled my cock right out of her and slammed it back in. Jenny screamed again as I began fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, clenching my buttocks to hold back my orgasm. My balls were on fire within 30 seconds and I was having difficulty holding on. Jenny screamed again and began shuddering under me as she came. I slammed my cock in and out of her another couple of times then pulled it out and squirted a long stream of cum over her tits and neck.

‘Mmmm,’ she purred rubbing my cum into her fleshy tits.

I rubbed the end of my cock over her lips and she sucked it in to clean it, her tongue exploring my softening head as she continued to massage her tits. Finally I collapsed at her side trying to get my breath back.

‘We really must say hello before we fuck,’ I said finally.

‘Fuck first, polite later my granny always used to say,’ Jenny said.

‘I like your family,’ I laughed pulling her to me and kissing her.

Jenny pushed my head into her tits and I licked my own cum off her, something I know always turns her on. Actually, it turns me on too but until my encounters with Gary I’d never really admitted it to myself. Jenny let me clean her then pushed me on my back and straddled me. My cock was still soft so she scooted down the bed until she could get it in her mouth. I played with her short, spiky hair as she slowly and gently sucked and licked me to a full erection.

‘So you’ve had this up Gary’s arse?’ she asked, examining my cock.

‘Every night for a week,’ I said, ‘well, nearly every night. He prefers to suck me off and cum in his mouth.’

‘Christ!’ Jenny said, slipping my cock into her cunt and sitting back on her heels.

‘You OK?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes!’ she said moving up and down on me slowly and smoothly.

We fucked gently for 10 minutes or more, Jenny leaning over me so I could suck her big nipples as she rode my cock. Jenny began to increase the pace as she felt her orgasm near and I began to squeeze her nipples harder and bite them, something that always gets her off. Jenny arched her back and wiggled her hips on me as she came, gasping for breath as I twisted a nipple as hard as I could. Jenny collapsed on my chest again and kissed me, my cock still hard inside her.

‘Show me how you fuck Gary.’ she whispered ‘Fuck my arse.’

‘I can do better than that!’ I said, getting off the bed and leading her into the living room.

I had the video all set up and hit play on my way past. The film was one I had made with Gary on his camcorder the night before. The first part was a close up of Gary’s face saying hello to Jenny, then the camera panned away to reveal his naked body and his hand working away on his stiff cock!

‘Hi Gary,’ Jenny said to the video.

‘Come here,’ I said, leading her to one of our massive bean bags, ‘bend over that but make sure you can see the TV.’

Jenny bent over and watched the show. The tape started with close ups of Gary’s hand on his cock then cut to a static shot of Gary on the bed with his cock in his hand. Jenny watched the film as I joined Gary on the bed and began to suck his cock. I watched her reaction for a minute then bent over and began to kiss her large bum, running my tongue over her light brown skin and probing her anus.

The tape was a mix of tripod and hand held shots of Gary and I sucking each other off then climaxed with Gary bending me over the kitchen table and fucking my arse with his thick cock. By the time we were fucking on the tape I had lubricated Jenny’s bum and was rubbing the head of my cock over her arsehole.

When Gary penetrated me on the tape I pushed my cock hard against her sphincter. Jenny came as my cock slid up her arsehole crying out and gripping the beanbag. Her eyes never left the action on the TV. I fucked her tight arse, keeping pace with Gary on the video, dragging my nails down her back. Jenny pushed one hand under her and pushed three fingers into her cunt. I lent over her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

‘Do you like my cock in your arse babe?’ I said fucking her with short, hard strokes.

Jenny answered by orgasming again, her arsehole clenching on my cock and making me cry out in pain and pleasure. I felt my orgasm building as I watched Gary pull his cock out of my arse on the video, pull me down in front of him and spray my face with cum. I pulled my cock out of Jenny and sprayed her back with semen, slapping my cock on her fleshy buttocks as I squirted.

Finally my legs went wobbly and I had to sit down on the floor next to her, breathless and covered in sweat. Jenny rolled off the beanbag and sat next to me smiling at me. Finally we managed to get up and took a long bath together, talking about what we’d been doing since we last saw each other.

‘So, is Gary going to be away all weekend?’ Jenny asked finally.

‘No, he’ll be back early tomorrow. If you’re up for it we’ll make your fantasy of a threesome a reality as soon as he gets back!’ I laughed.

‘You’d better. I’ve been dreaming of fucking the two of you together since we first met’ she replied, kissing me.

‘Well, you’ll just have to make do with me for the minute,’ I said, kissing her back and playing with her soapy tits.

Jenny pulled the plug out of the bath and stood up. She put her back against the wall and opened her legs, gently running her fingers over her clit. I knew what she wanted this time and knelt in front of her and put my face into her crutch. I slowly ran my tongue over her clit, running it in circles around it and probing the tip. Jenny held my head and stroked my hair as I used my tongue to get her off. Jenny kept my head in place for five minutes then pushed me away from her.

‘Lie on the floor big boy,’ she said getting out of the bath.

I lay back on the floor of the bathroom and Jenny sat on my face, lowering her body on to mine and pulling my dick into her mouth. I licked her clit again and used my fingers on her pussy and anus, probing her gently with the tips of my fingers. I felt her hands on my balls then the tip of one finger pushing against my own arsehole. We sucked and fingered each other for ages, enjoying the pleasure we were getting from each other.

I came first, my orgasm building up slowly then exploding into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny swallowed everything I gave her, not wasting a drop. When I was clean she got off me and sat on my face looking down at me. I could suck her clit into my mouth and lick her better this way and I quickly brought her to orgasm.

We cleaned up, dressed and went out for the evening, coming home drunk and happy. We fell into bed and attempted sex but I had had too much to drink and had trouble getting hard. Jenny made me go down on her to compensate but soon fell asleep as I gently licked her pussy. I crawled up the bed next to her and fell asleep against her back, my hands holding her tits.

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