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Gary, Dave and Jenny Part 2

Gary arrives home and joins Dave and Jenny.
Jenny woke me the next morning as she got out of bed and headed to the loo. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling wondering if my head would fall off if I got up. I heard the front door open and wondered where the hell she was going then heard Gary shout hello. He was greeted by Jenny’s excited squeals and I risked life and limb by getting up to go and say hello. I walked out of my room and found Gary and Jenny kissing in the hallway. My cock twitched at the sight. I quickly went into the toilet to pee then walked back out into the hall. Jenny and Gary had gone but a trail of Gary’s clothes led to my bedroom. I followed them and found them on my bed. Jenny was just pulling the last of Gary’s clothes from him, I caught his eye and he mouthed the words ‘Help!’

‘Hey, that’s my boyfriend you’re molesting bitch!’ I said in as camp a voice as I could manage without laughing.

I grabbed Jenny around the waist and pulled her off Gary. Gary jumped up and grabbed her from the front so we were the bread in a Jenny sandwich. Jenny grabbed Gary and kissed him, one of her hands pulling him to her, the other slipping behind her and grasping my cock. I leant forward and kissed her ear, then tried to join my mouth with theirs. They pulled away from each other a little and we all twirled our tongues on each other’s.

‘Oh my god, I’m dreaming!’ Jenny cried as she watched me kiss Gary.

Jenny took control of the situation, pushing us on our backs side by side and kneeling between us. She grabbed our cocks, one in each hand, and began to wank us off. Gary leaned over to me and pulled my mouth to his and we kissed.

‘Oh, that is so nice to watch,’ Jenny said ‘I want to do everything. I want to watch you fuck. I want you both to fuck me. I want you both in me at the same time!’

I broke away from Gary and pulled Jenny down between us, facing me. I kissed her lips gently and Gary kissed the back of her neck. Our hands moved over her body, pinching nipples and gently probing her pussy.

‘Suck my cock!’ Gary said, kneeling besides us and pulling us apart.

Jenny grabbed his cock first and sucked the end in so I contented myself with licking his balls. Gary knelt there with his hands on his hips looking like a porn star! I shared Gary’s cock with Jenny for a couple of minutes, taking it in turns to suck him then pulled her away and took Gary into my mouth. Jenny lay next to me watching me suck my best friend then pulled his cock out of my mouth and into her own.

‘Don’t fight over me girls!’ Gary laughed watching us.

I let Jenny have his cock and knelt beside him, pulling his face to mine and kissing him passionately. I played with his hard little nipples until I could sense he was about to shoot his load into Jenny’s mouth. I slowly ran my hand down his back to his bum, scraping his skin with my fingernails. My hand moved down past his anus and under his body to scratch at his balls. Gary couldn’t hold back anymore and came in Jenny’s mouth, grunting in pleasure as he squirted cum down her throat. Gary lay back on the bed and I grabbed Jenny and kissed her, tasting Gary’s semen on her lips and tongue. Jenny was panting hard and she was visibly wet between her legs.

‘Fuck me Dave. Right now!’ she said laying full length on top of Gary.

I knelt behind her and shoved my hard cock effortlessly into her wet cunt. Jenny kissed Gary as I fucked her hard and fast, slapping her buttocks in time to my thrusts. She came quickly and loudly, clinging on to Gary as I thrust my cock hard and deep inside her and ground my hips against her bum. I pulled out and lay on my back with my hard cock in the air.

‘Someone come and ride me.’ I said, not caring who it was.

Gary stood up and grabbed a bottle of lube from the floor and knelt above me. He undid the cap and squirted lube over my cock and belly. Jenny ran her hands over me, rubbing the lube in and getting me slippery. Gary turned his back to her and bent over. Jenny squirted more lube on to her fingers and started massaging Gary’s bum. I watched as she lubricated his arsehole, her finger gently sliding inside him. She finger fucked him for a minute then he pulled off her and straddled my cock. I watched as he grasped my prick and guided the head to his slippery arsehole. Gary close his eyes and slid down on to my cock, the head pushing hard against his sphincter then slowly sliding inside. Jenny sat besides us watching, rubbing her slippery hands over her big tits and playing with her nipples.

‘That is so sexy!’ she whispered as Gary started to ride me.

‘Feels good too!’ Gary said, his eyes half closed.

Gary fucked my cock with his arse for a couple of minutes then I got him to kneel and keep still. I began fucking him, using my hips to push my cock hard into his arse from below. Gary was getting hard again and Jenny began playing with his cock, gently licking the head and playing with his balls. I grabbed Jenny by the hips and pulled her to me, she got what I wanted to do straight away and straddled my face. Her cunt smelt heavily of sex and I lapped at her puffy lips eagerly. I couldn’t keep fucking Gary with Jenny on my face so I relaxed again and let him ride my cock. I was in heaven with Gary on my cock and Jenny on my face. I could hear the two of them grunting and moaning but was annoyed that I couldn’t see them because Jenny isn’t a small girl. I couldn’t move either, so I resigned myself to the situation and continued licking Jenny’s lovely clitoris.

Gary pulled off my cock and I felt his weight move around on the bed. Suddenly my legs were pushed up and back exposing my anus for Gary. Lube was poured all over my cock, balls and arsehole and eager fingers moved it around and inside me. I felt one finger go up my arse, then another and finally a third.

‘Go on Jenny, fuck his arse!’ I head Gary call.

My arse was stretching wide and I began to moan into Jenny’s cunt. Jenny lifted herself off me and knelt between my legs. I opened them as much as possible, pulling them back again to give her access to my anus. Jenny pushed her fingers back up my arse, adding a fourth finger once I was used to her again.

‘Christ what are you trying to do girl? Get your fist in there?’ I cried out.

‘How did you guess lover?’ Jenny laughed back pushing her fingers deeper into me.

Gary poured more lube over Jenny’s hand and my arse and I felt more pressure on my anus. I realised that I couldn’t feel any real pain and the discomfort I had initially felt had gone. What replaced it was fantastic. A hot, full feeling that permeated from my prostrate all over my body making my hair stand on end and my toes curl.

‘Oh yes’ Gary cried out as I felt myself stretch just a little further as Jenny closed her fingers into a fist.

‘Oh fuck’ I cried putting my hands behind me and grabbing the headboard.

Jenny slowly moved her fist around in my arsehole, twisting it gently from side to side and very gently fucking me with it. Gary looked down at what she was doing, a look of amazement on his face. Jenny looked up and into my eyes and gave me a lustful grin. Gary was wanking himself off and I reached underneath him and played with his balls as Jenny continued fist fucking me. No one was playing with my cock but it was rock hard and pulsing as Jenny fisted me.

‘Fuck me Gary. I need your cock!’ Jenny moaned, adjusting her position so her arse was in the air.

Gary moved to the end of the bed and pulled Jenny into position, pushing his cock smoothly into her cunt. I could see him fucking her hard and fast as he watched her fuck me with her fist. I couldn’t stand the feelings any longer and grabbed my cock. I don’t remember ever feeling it as hard and as hot as it was then. I jerked it a couple of times, lubricating my foreskin with the pre-cum that was leaking out of the end. When I was slippery I began to wank myself; using long hard strokes that stretched my foreskin hard back and made me gasp. I think I went up and down seven times before cum practically exploded out of my penis and shot everywhere. I got splatters on my chest, neck and face, managing to hit myself in the mouth several times before my orgasm subsided. I heard Gary shout out and saw him pull his cock out of Jenny and spray her back with cum. Jenny pulled her fist out of me, leant forward and collapsed on to the bed with Gary on top of her. I lay where I was waiting for the room to stop spinning and my voice to return.

‘Fuck!’ I finally managed.

I put my legs out straight on the bed, either side of Gary and Jenny. My arsehole was still aching but there was no pain. Just the feeling you get when you’ve had a really good shit after a night on the beer and curry.

After 10 minutes of stroking each other we all got up and cleaned up. We sat around in the living room naked, the temperature too high for clothes and talked. We continually touched and kissed each other, Jenny in particular eager for bodily contact.

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