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Girl in My Dreams (Part ONE)

I want you, I crave you, Woman in My Dreams

 I've been reading very hot stories here lately and I thought I should write mine. 

Summer has finally started. Instead of celebrating, our excuses to sneak around my parents back to do exactly what they fear we would do. Make love. My boyfriend and I have been together for the longest time. we have done steamy hot passionate sex a million times! but I crave him more and more. 

 I want his pussy-tearing, hot, strong masculine dick inside my steaming, desperate hole through days, and nights. it makes me wet just thinking about his dick. 
 Lately, I have been dreaming of my wonderful sexual fantasies. Some of which he is familiar with. 

 I dreamt that I was on a boat with a woman and a man. a very masculine man with a good build, but somehow, he wasn't catching my attention. this woman sitting next to me... she was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. her face. her lips. her fine curves caught my undivided attention. I was desperate for her attention only to find out she wasn't interested in a woman. Not that I have had relationships with a woman before. Instead, I caught her and the man on the same boat together. the boat was stable. we were in the middle of the ocean. I saw them both giggling and using flirtatious body language towards one another. I couldn't help look at them with jealousy. next thing I know, I was following them down the compartment of the boat. they entered a room with a double bed on the corner of the room. they kissed each other so passionately I couldn't help myself imagine those lips were mine, progressively moistened by her sweet saliva. my heart beat went as fast as I could feel in real life. their hands exploring every inch of their bodies. fingers entering one another. tongues exploring like thirsty dogs hopelessly licking a dry river. although the river seemed to have been splashed unstoppable. Their bodies both hitting the walls and the floor as their awareness toward the environment vanishes. their eyes couldn't get off each others and there I was, dying to be found so that I could be invited into this wonderful ritual. but no luck. I was helplessly wanting for their animal-like behavior as they pleasure each other. His magic wand working the spells in her narrow hat, working wonders that I could only imagine. Her groaning grew louder and it made me envy him. I wanted more and more to give her that pleasure. The same pleasure that's making her cum out her juices . I wanted his dick not because I wanted it in me. I wanted it so I could give it to her good. Only better. 

 I watched through it all. Until his semen flew mid-air and landed on her smooth skin. I watched her magical vagina flow what-seemed-to-be tasteful juices. 

 I wanted to wake up and touch myself. If only I could tell myself to do the practical way to end all the misery. To fucking wake up and pleasure myself!!! 
Somehow, my brain granted my wish. I didn't wake up, but their monstrous yet pleasurable scene was done. We got off the boat... After being told that we had a mission to save someone from the island. Not quite sure who, or who gave the command. But there she was. 

 I was frozen. Her perfect figure facing me. Her eyes giving me the most mysterious look. Her lips were naturally wet. They seemed soft and sweet. Her breasts were perfect. They were nice looking and tempting. 

 What I would do if I had my hands on those... 

 Her big, tender breasts were bare. Her long hair glistening under the sun, not even covering them. She was topless. I was in awe.. Still frozen at the sight of her. 
Finally. I blurted it out. 
 Not sure if I acted correctly on this foolish instinct, she replied without hesitation,
 She flirtatiously ran away from me, giggling while lookin back at me... A signal for me to run after her. I saw right there and then did she want me as much as I wanted her. Her big breasts bouncing up and down, seducing me by each bounce. My desire to pleasure her grew stronger each step I was closer to her. Finally... I was only two steps away from her. I was almost getting my hands on her treasures. 

We slowed down and my hands were about to touch her breasts like a sinful woman who's about to touch the holy grail. I felt like a man who's just about to take virginity out of a woman, as well as giving my virginity to her. She was hot as fuck and I would do whatever it takes to eat her up and make her wet.

Stay tuned what happens next !

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