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Girl Play

I've only been with men before, am I ready to be with a female?
We both lay there in the moon light as it cascades over the bed. We're nearly naked and have been kissing for hours; my fingers trace over her breasts, even with her bra on her nipples harden. A soft hue of a blush emerges onto her soft sweet cheeks.

“Are you sure about this? I know it’s nothing either of us has done before.”

She turns to glance at me. My own heart beats quickly as I feel the goose bumps creep along my skin. My pulse races waiting for her response. I’ve only ever been with men before tonight but the desire to be with another female has always lingered in the back of my mind. Now here I lay in bed nearly naked with one. Are we going to actually go all the way?

“Yes, I want to be with you, Lily. I’ve wanted to for so long now.”

Her voice is low, so soft and shy. I lean in to kiss her lightly as I run my fingers up into her hair, pulling her into me again as I feel her touch on my back. Her fingers move with ease as she removes my bra, my breasts falling freely out. Her lips move from mine down over my neck to my chest. I can sense she is growing more secure, her lust for me growing.

Her wet warm lips wrap around my hard nipple as she sucks deeply on me. I let out a soft whimper as I feel the sensation shooting down deep into my pussy. I can feel the touch of her soft skin press against me as her fingers roam down over my stomach and my back arches slightly.

“Mmmm Erica, your touch is like a deep hot burn.”

I purr out lightly as she begins to rub my pussy over my panties. My legs begin to open slightly as I want her to touch me. I can no longer control it as I feel the lust build. I can feel her mouth still on my nipple, biting, nipping, and sucking on it, as she removes my panties with ease. Erica’s lips move from my now sore nipple over my stomach, as she looks up at me. She has a glint in her eyes like she has no fear or worries. My legs are parted fully as she slips between them and she inhales deeply so close to me.

“Ooh baby you smell divine. How I could eat you up.”

Her words cause me to push my hips towards her almost begging silently for her to do just that. I let out a soft quiver as I feel how wet I am already for this girl. The mere thought of being with a girl for the first time excites me. But her! Of all the girls in the world, how could I get so lucky?

She begins to kiss my inner thigh trailing her tongue closer to my pussy as she moves to my other thigh doing the same thing. Her soft wet lips press against me as she kisses me. I can feel her slightly sink her teeth into my flesh as she bites, sucking on it…

“Please, Please Erica. The torture has been long enough. Please taste me. I want you.”

I lean my hands down, caressing her hair as I move my hips towards her again. Encouraging her to finally give into something we’ve both wanted for so long. Her head moves slightly towards me as I feel the tip of her tongue run along my moist wet slit. I lift my hips up towards her as I let out a groaning moan and I grip her hair in pleasure.

One taste is all it takes for her; she shoves her face deep into my pussy. She's sucking hard on my clit as I buck my hips up to her. I let go of her hair as I begin to squeeze and tease my nipples harshly. Her tongue is diving into my tight hole as she fucks me, her fingers move up towards my clit pinching and rubbing it fast. She's giving me no mercy, I can hardly breathe.

Her fingers stop but only long enough to feel her mouth replace her fingers, sucking my clit into her mouth as she grips my sore clit with her teeth and she bites and sucks on it. I can hear her moans against my pussy as she slips a single finger into me, curling it upwards, hitting my g-spot as I cry out a long powerful moan. My back arches so high my breasts are forced upwards as I shake. My entire body shakes as though I am feeling an earthquake beneath me.

“Erica I can’t, I’m going to come! Oh sweet fucking hell baby I’m going to come!”

Her moans only increase, hearing my calls which I know she wants me to come. She's begging for me to come for her. I lift my head back as I growl out hard, feeling the pressure begin to build so hard inside me. She lets go of my clit with the death grip she had and flicks her tongue quickly against it as I let out a long moan.

It’s all it takes to feel her finger move a bit deeper inside me as her tongue flicks so fast against my clit. I feel the waves of rippling orgasm begin as I twist and arch my back hard. I grip the sheets of the bed as I come hard for her. Her mouth quickly re-takes my clit, sucking it deeply into her mouth as she shakes her head side to side, prolonging my orgasm to the max. It feels like I'm being attacked by a wild animal with a death grip that will never let go. I don’t want it to. I want the pleasure of this amazing woman’s mouth on me forever as I come. She drinks me deeply, swallowing my sweet juices. My body begins to relax finally as I ease myself back down onto the bed and her mouth eases on me. I feel her soft tongue licking me clean as I grind my hips lightly to her rhythm.

“Oh Erica, that was amazing. You’ve got a mouth to kill for.”

Erica moves back up to lay up beside me as she leans into kiss me. I taste my sweet juices on her lips, sucking hard on her tongue…

“Mmm I taste so good on you, baby.”

“I thought so too, hunny. You taste perfect.”

I blush deeply to her words. I have of course heard the same line by any man I’ve been with and they too make me blush but coming from her it meant more. I roll myself on top of her as I remove her bra, slipping it off. I work down between her legs lifting her ass. I remove her panties tossing them at her with a grin. I shift her legs to rest against my shoulders as I lean a bit more down as I slip my tongue against her wet smooth silky pussy.

She tastes sweet against my mouth as I lap easily against her clit, down to her pussy hole. I begin to probe her tight little hole with my tongue as I feel her whine under me as she is resting on her back. I can feel her legs shake slightly as I tease her. When I know she is wet enough I let her legs fall easily against the bed as I lean over to get a vibrator. A smile widens on her face as she sees me. I slide the entire vibrator into her with a bit of force, she is so tight. Her pussy grips the toy hard as I work it into her slowly.

“Mmmm you’re so tight, baby.”

I lean down again as I start to flick my tongue on her nub again. Her hips twist slightly as I feel the toy push into her a bit more as I turn vibrator on full max. Her hips throw up towards me so fast I nearly giggle out as I suck her clit into my mouth, moaning lightly, mixed with the vibrations of the toy deep inside me. I start a quick, fast pace, deep inside her with the toy, as my mouth sucks hard on her clit. I can feel her bucking towards me as she writhes in pleasure.

I let go of her pussy, looking up towards her. She is lost in ecstasy. Her head lifts, eyes closed, gripping the head board as she moans out…

“I want you to come for me, baby…I want to taste you fill my mouth like a good girl. Come for me…” I urge on as I move my mouth back down on her clit, sucking it hard, then light, then back to hard again. I can feel her twisting in pure pleasure. The ache lingers deep in her. I know she is close. I work the toy deeper into her at a faster pace. I fuck her harder as I feel her clit swell, she is close… I can almost taste it as she begins to explode hard. I drink her down, every last drop as I slide the toy out of her. I tongue fuck her as quick as the vibrator, feeling her juices fill my throat as she comes for me.

“Oh Lily yes! Mmm please don’t stop, don’t stop!” She begs me as I keep going, wanting to make her orgasm last forever. I won’t give in as long as I feel the pressure of her orgasm last. It begins to slow down as I keep working her lightly. I ease myself off her and crawl back up laying next to her. She pulls me into her embrace as we nuzzle lightly.

“How was that, for our first time? Are you happy?” Lily asks softly, her voice tired but happy.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I hope there is more of where that came from!”

I smile as I nuzzle into her neck as I know there will be many, many more times like this to come for her and me.

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