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Girls night out.

The ladies go to a male strip club.
It was Thursday evening when my phone started to buzz indicating that I had a text massage. It was a text from Anna, one of my closest, single friends. Anna and I had known each other since grammar school. We had even lived on the same street until we both got married right after high school. She had divorced two years later and hadn't been able to keep her legs closed since then. Throughout high school she always had a boyfriend or two and was considered to be easy or “a slut” around town by males and females alike. No matter what others thought, she was my friend and I enjoyed her company. She always managed to keep me entertained with stories of her sex life and was always willing to lend a hand (or a tongue) whenever needed . 

Ten years later and we are still good friends. And yes, she still comes over to spend the night when the hubby is gone. The only difference now is that I’m still married, and have been married to the same man for over ten years. Listening to her sex life is like my own free internet sex site. I love my husband, but its fun to live vicariously through my friend. Getting back to the text Anna sent me: Anna said that she and two of her coworkers were going to a male strip club Saturday night and wanted me to go with them.

I ran the idea past my husband that evening when I was giving him a blow job on the couch before bed. I have found out that’s the best way to ask for something - when his cock is in my mouth. At first he didn’t want me going. He said that he didn’t care if I went to a strip club to watch men take off their clothes, but he had a problem with who I was going with. My husband thinks Anna is great person and hot as hell to look at, but not the type of woman you want your wife going to a strip club with. After sticking my finger up his ass and swallowing his load, I finally got him to agree to let me go. It’s amazing what a great blow job can get you. I text Anna back later that night and told her I was going. Her return text said that she would pick me up at seven.

Saturday came and my husband was due home at five that evening. I showered, did my hair and makeup, and had dinner ready before he got home from work. After we ate and cleaned up, I went to the bedroom to get dressed. I could feel my pussy was wet with anticipation of seeing all the naked men and spending time with Anna. I slid my finger into my panties and down my slit. I pushed my fingers into my vagina to see how wet I was, then brought them to my lips to taste myself. I wanted to make sure I tasted okay - just in case Anna was going to go down on me later that night.

I decided to wear a pair of designer jeans, silk top and high heels to show off my ass and legs. After slipping on my clothes, I walked into the living room where my husband was watching television to ask him if I looked okay. He told me I looked "hot". Then he added,“But It looks like you’re going to a school function. You should wear something sexier.” My husband’s not the jealous type. I reminded him that we’ve been married for over ten years and I didn’t have any sexy clothes.

While in my room searching for something sexier to wear, the girls showed up. They all came in to meet my husband. Really, they wanted to use the bathroom, check their makeup, and down two bottles of wine. Anna introduced her two coworkers as Lisa and Jill to my husband as I had already met both of them from one of Anna’s passion parties.

Anna was dressed in a short black mini skirt. She had on a cute little tank top that showed off her pink nipples, with a jacket to cover her bra less boobs. Lisa was wearing leopard print spandex pants with a see through top and a black lace bra. Jill had on a short pleated skirt with a silk top and no bra. Needless to say, I felt matronly next to the three of them. Anna told me that they needed to do something about my outfit. She took me by the arm and all of us girls went to my room to search my closet for something sexier. Jill pulled out a short sundress and told me to try it on. I removed my jeans and top and went to slip the dress over my head, when Jill stopped me and told me to take off my panties and bra. Anna and Lisa were standing there smiling, and listening to Jill telling me what to do. I turned my back and removed my bra, tossing it on the bed. After putting on the dress, I turn around to show them.

Jill came up to me and ran her hands over my breast saying, “Very nice.” I felt her hands brush over my hardening nipples, and it made me shudder with excitement. I slipped my shoes back on and said, “Let’s go.”

Jill looked at me and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something? You still have your panties on. Give then to me.”

I asked if she was wearing underwear. Both Jill and Anna lifted their skirts to show me their naked, shaved pussies. I removed my underwear and went to toss them on the bed alongside my bra. Anna grabbed them from me, felt the crotch, and told Jill and Lisa that my panties were wet. Anna handed my panties to Jill, who touched the wetness of the cotton lining with her thumb, then put them to her nose and smelled them, making an "umm" sound.

Although I was embarrassed, I was turned on at the same time. I was hoping that she liked the fragrance on them. When Anna and Jill had finished playing with my underwear, we went to say good-bye to my husband. I leaned over his chair to kiss him, when I felt Jill’s hand go up my dress and touch my bare ass. My husband winked at me and told me to have a good time. Twenty minutes after the girls had arrived, we were finally ready to leave. Anna was driving her Civic and Lisa was riding up front. Jill and I were sharing the very small back seat.

On the drive to the club, Jill had leaned over resting her head on my shoulder and was touching my leg. The sensation of her touching my leg, and not wearing any panties was making my pussy even wetter. Jill’s hand kept moving further up my leg as she caressed my inner thigh. When her fingers were resting on my pubic mound, Jill motioned for me to spread my legs by pulling on my leg. I turned my body and scooted down in the seat, slightly opening my legs for her to have easier access. I could see that Anna had adjusted her rear view mirror to watch what we were doing. Jill put her finger in my soaking wet vagina. Using her middle finger, she played with my clit until I had an orgasm. When we got to the club, Jill took her soaked finger out of my pussy and licked it. She leaned over and gave me a kiss before getting out of the car.

The place was already crowded, but because Anna new the bouncer, he escorted us to a table up front by the stage. We all sat on one side of the table to see the show better. Anna and I were sitting in the middle, with Jill on my right. Our waitress came by and took our drink orders as the strippers came on the stage for their introduction. There was a huge variety of different men on stage. Jill and I both really liked the looks of one stripper in particular. He had short dark hair, a tan hard body and quite a bulge in his briefs. Jill came up with a nick name for him. She called him "Mr. Hotty" and was making comments about how she would like to suck his cock and let him fuck her.

With the show under way, the men came out one at a time and started dancing and taking off their clothes. The alcohol was flowing and the women were all screaming “show me more, take it off.” Some of the women were grabbing and mauling the strippers as they shoved money into their skimpy briefs. I guess they were trying to get a quick feel or maybe hoping to get their cocks hard so they could see more. That’s the bad thing about male strip shows, the men don’t get completely naked. All of the men looked awesome and put on a great show.

After the show ended, the bouncer came up to Anna and asked if we wanted to stay for the after hour’s party and meet the men in the dressing room. Anna didn’t bother asking us she just grabbed our hands and said,"Let's go." We followed the bouncer and Anna to the back room. There were four other girls already in there that had been invited from a bachelorette party. Most of the men were still in their bikini briefs or getting out of the shower when we came in.

Because of the amount of girls that were invited, there were eight girls for seven guys, not counting the bouncer. The four other girls had already paired up with some of the men and were fooling around in various places throughout the room. Some of the girls were on their knees sucking the strippers' cocks, while others were partially undressed and making out with the men and each other. Jill and I looked around unable to find our Mr. Hotty, when we both heard a shower running. Jill went to where the showers were and peeked in to see if it was him. She came back and told me that there was still one guy in the shower stall and that it must be our guy. She took my hand and told me to follow her. We sneaked into the stall next to the shower that was being used.

There was a hole drilled in the adjoining wall about three inches in diameter. Jill looked in first, backed away and told me it was him, meaning Mr. Hotty. I told her to move so I could look. We switched places. I peeked through the hole but he had his back to me and was drying off. When he bent down to dry his feet, he saw me looking through the hole. I jumped back, bumped into Jill, and knocked her down. Jill squealed and we both started laughing like a couple of school girls.

Jill suddenly stopped laughing and was staring at the wall just over my shoulder. I turned to see what she was looking at. Mr. Hotty had stuck his semi- erect penis through the hole and was making it move up and down. Jill and I looked at one another smiling. She reached over first and started touching it. It responded nicely by twitching up and down and getting fully erect for her. Jill moaned and said, " I think he likes that."

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started jacking him off. I told her to move over because I wanted to play with it, too. We both took turns stroking his cock. As Jill saw a stream of pre-cum start to drip, she squeezed the base of his cock making more cum gather on the tip. Then she smeared the cum from his cock on her lips. Jill took Mr. Hotty's dick in her mouth and sucked on it for several minutes while I watched him start to thrust it back and forth. I finally told Jill that she was being selfish and it was my turn. We switched places so I could have a taste of his penis. I took his saliva and cum covered dick and kissed and rubbed it all over my face. I love the feel and smell of freshly sucked cock. I ran my tongue up the underside, until I reached the top where I took as much in my mouth as I could.

I’ve sucked plenty of cock in my time, but this was the first time sharing one with a friend through a hole in the wall. It must have been that I knew what the mystery man looked like but couldn’t see him that made me feel so horny and nasty. I was actually hoping that Mr. Hotty would cum in my mouth so Jill and I could swap his cum while we kiss. Jill and I continued to take turns sucking and stroking him when Jill said she wanted him inside of her. She stood, lifted her skirt, and backed up to the partition, easing his dick into her sopping pussy. I was so turned on seeing Jill fucking the dick sticking through the divider, I started playing with my own dripping cunt.

I had my back against the wall watching Jill thrust her ass so hard against the wall it was making slapping sounds. I reached up and touched Jill’s clit as she kept fucking the stripper. She moaned for me to keep rubbing her. It was only about two minutes later when Jill started panting, saying that she was cumming, and then I heard our Mr. Hotty grunting. Cum was starting to drip out of Jill’s pussy. I replaced my hand with my mouth, trying to get as much of his cum in my mouth as I could. When all of the cum had finished dripping out of her vagina into my mouth, Jill leaned down and kissed me. We were still kissing when the shower door opened. It was him, Mr. Hotty, standing there naked with a big grin on his face.

Mr. Hotty’s gorgeous cock was wet, shiny and still standing at half mast. He stepped into the shower stall with Jill and I still on our knees, with his cum on our faces. I reached up and took his dick, pulling him closer. I had my hand cupping his balls while I bent my head forward, placing his penis in my mouth. Once I had him cleaned off and fully erect, I stood up and kissed him. He took me over to bench and laid me down on my back, got between my legs, and started licking me from ass hole to clit. Jill was straddling the bench above my head pinching my nipples.

Mr. Hotty licked me for several minutes to make sure I was good and wet ( like I needed to be any wetter), and without warning, he put the head of his dick at the opening to my anus and pushed all the way in. I yelped feeling his penis stretching my butt hole. At first it hurt a little, but the more he fucked me, the better it felt. He had fucked my ass for several minutes, when Jill said she wanted to be fucked up the butt, too. Jill and I switched places. While Jill was getting it up the ass, I sat on her face for her to lick my clit. It took our Mr. Hotty longer to cum this time, but we were in no hurry. With Jill eating my pussy and watching her getting fucked, my orgasm came pretty quick. My body started to shake and my legs got weak. It was all I could do not to fall over. I sat down on the bench above Jill’s head to watch. Looking down at Jill, her face was covered in my girl juices. She pulled me down to kiss her, letting me taste my own cum.

I guess with us kissing and licking the wetness from each others faces, Mr. Hotty couldn’t hold out any longer. He began saying, "Oh fuck", over and over as he emptied another load into my friend's rectum. He pulled his softening cock out of Jill and sat down on the bench. I went over to give him a kiss and thank him for the fun we had. I could easily see Jill’s well fucked ass spilling his sperm out onto the bench.

We heard clapping and applause coming from the entrance of the showers. Anna and Lisa were standing there with smiles on their faces. Anna came over and asked if us sluts were ready to go. Mr. Hotty gave Jill and I both a kiss and thanked us for a great time. On the way home, the four of us couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had. When I got home I told my husband what I had done. That story led to a two hour sex session, leaving me very sore the next day. I still like to think about that night when I masturbate.

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