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Glenda's Awakening

My 1st time with another female and with a couple
Chrissy and I were at Ian's place. Ian was about 28, 3 years older than Chrissy. About 5 years older than me and is a lot more experienced and active sexually then me. Ian was well built and just under 6ft tall. Even though he is considerably older than me I still found him extremely sexy. Chrissy is also quite sexy to look at. Chrissy was aware of her looks and did not mind highlighting her assets. On this occasion Chrissy had on a light dress with a low neck line. Whenever Chrissy bent over I could see down the front of her dress showing a low cut red bra. Her nipples uncovered. The view from behind was just as revealing, showing that she was wearing a red thong.

Ian and I were sitting on the couch while Chrissy was going through Ian's collection of CDs. The pile was on the floor in front of us. Chrissy was bent over facing us picking out one to play. Both Ian and I got a good look down the front of Chrissy's dress as she selected the next CD. The hardness of Chrissy's erect pink nipples left no doubt to the fact that she new that she was displaying her wonderful round tits to us. As she stood and turned to change the CD on the player Chrissy did not bend her legs and only bent at the waist. This meant her dress rode up above her waist. We could see the top of her red thong disappear into the crack of her beautiful white arse and then reappear below and cover her mound between her spread legs. Chrissy took her time changing CD's so that we were able to enjoy the show. I have never been with another woman before but, seeing the show that Chrissy was putting on in front of Ian was having a strange effect on me. I glanced at Ian and by the happy look on his face he was also enjoying the view.

While the CD played Chrissy returned to the pile to select another CD to play. Once again we got a lovely view of Chrissy's white round tits in contrast to the rest of her which had a light tan. Her lovely pink nipples appeared to have got even harder. Chrissy chose and played several more CDs, each time giving us alternating views of her thong covered mound and untanned tight little arse and round tits.

Leaving a CD playing Chrissy stood between Ian and I, facing us. She looked down at Ian's lap and saw that he had obviously been enjoying her little performance. My eyes followed Chrissy's to Ian's lap which, had a large lump in it. Chrissy said, "Ian that is disgusting. Look at you. You have got a hard on. What must poor Glenda think of you."

I did not know which way to look and turned red. I did however to continue to look at the lump in Ian's pants. Chrissy bent over in front of us giving us a close up view of of her tanned chest, round, only partly covered tits and hard pink nipples. She then placed her hand squarely on the lump in Ian's pants. The lump appeared to grow even larger in response to Chrissy squeezing it.

I had never seen another woman play with a mans cock before and got a strange tingling sensation between my own legs.

With her free hand Chrissy took Ian's right hand and placed it under his right thigh. She then replaced her left hand on Ian's cock and with her right hand put Ian's left hand under his left thigh saying, "Now keep both hands under your arse until I tell you that you can move them". All the time Ian's cock seemed to be getting even bigger in his pants as Chrissy was still rubbing her hand along the outline of it.

I was sitting to the left of Ian. I was shocked when Chrissy took my right hand in hers and placed it on top of Ian's cock. I could feel the hardness of his cock and its heat even through his pants. I had not touched very many cocks before and really did not know what to do. I was helped out by Chrissy who had her hand on top of my causing me to squeeze down on Ian's all ready hard cock. She then released her grip and then squeezed my hand again and again. I swear each time I squeezed Ian's cock it grew even larger. Chrissy then showed me how to rub along the shaft of Ian's cock and squeeze his balls as well. All the time his hands remained under his arse. As for me the tingling sensation between my legs was growing causing me to start squirming in my seat. I had never experienced this before in front of an audience.

More was to come though.

Chrissy reached over and took my free left hand in hers and put it between my legs on my left thigh. Chrissy and I continued rubbing Ian's cock as she moved my left hand up under my skirt. Higher and higher until my hand was touching the side of my panties. Chrissy then lifted the side of my panties and pushed my fingers under them, onto the wet lips of my pulsating cunt. Shocked as I was to be touching myself for the first time in front of another woman I new what to do and started to run a finger along the lips of my waiting cunt. Satisfied with what I was doing Chrissy took her hand off mine.

Chrissy did not take her hand out from under my dress though. Instead she moved it to my other thigh and moved her right hand under the other side of my panties and also run a finger along the lips of my cunt. By this time I already had a finger inside my wet, soft, warm, pulsating cunt. My cunt fucking finger was soon joined by one of Chrissy's fingers. My cunt had previously enjoyed the lovely feeling of two fingers fucking it but never the fingers of a second person at the same time. Let alone that of another woman's. My cunt was getting wetter and I had my first orgasm almost as soon as Chrissy had put her finger in. I squeezed my thighs together on the two hands in my pants and cunt savouring the biggest cum of my life.

Ian's cock was getting a nice work out from my right hand and Chrissy right hand. I do not know how, but that cock seemed to just be getting bigger and bigger the more we played with it.

Another first for me. Chrissy leaned forward and kissed me lightly, squarely on the lips. I had never kissed another woman sexually before but, did enjoy the sensation. So much softer and sweeter than a mans. Next, Chrissy kissed me again. This time I returned the kiss. She tasted lovely. We kissed deeper and our tongues played with each others. I showed her how much I was enjoying her kiss by squeezing my thighs tighter on her hand still in my cunt. Ian was obviously enjoying watching us kiss as his cock seemed to grow even more.

Chrissy removed her hand from inside my pants and pulled my hand out of my pants also. Now another first. Once again tacking my hand in hers, this time directing it between her legs. Up under her dress and to her thong covered cunt. Chrissy pulled her thong to the side and directed my finger into her wet pulsating cunt. With her assistance my first finger was soon joined by a another of my fingers as I proceeded to finger fuck Chrissy's wet, sloppy, hot cunt.

Satisfied that I was going to continue finger fuck her cunt Chrissy returned to my cunt and this time proceeded to finger fuck my cunt with three of her fingers. Loving the sensation of three of Chrissy's fingers fucking me I inserted a third finger into her cunt also. All this time Ian's cock was enjoying the attention we were giving it. Ian was also enjoying his girlfriend and I, finger fucking each others cunts as we continue the tongue dance while we kissed.

Chrissy came on my fingers as she drove her tongue deeper into my mouth and her fingers deeper into my cunt. She then took her fingers out of my cunt and put hem in my mouth as she continued to kiss me. We both enjoyed the sweet nectar of my cunt juices. They tasted so good I removed my fingers from Chrissy's cunt and also put them in our mouths. We both enjoyed the mixture our our cunt juices.

Soon our fingers returned to each others cunts and I came for the second time, even larger than the first time. Now Chrissy's other hand had undone Ian's belt and fly. With his hands still under his arse, as instructed, Ian managed to get his pants down below his knees. Ian kicked his legs until his pants were off, all together. Left with just his boxers covering his cock it seemed to be even larger still. It didn't take long for Chrissy to remove Ian's boxers giving me my first look at Ian's lovely cock. I had only seen a few cocks before and never in a full light like this. It was much much larger than any of the boy cocks I had seen.

I was circumcised and had a large purple head on it. I could also see a large vein running up along the under side of it. What a beautiful thing that cock was. As I continued to wank Ian's cock, Chrissy was squeezing his hairy balls. Even though it was as hard as a rock it was still soft and warm, all at the same time. Precum was leaking out of the little hole at the top. Chrissy bent over and showed me how to lick off the precum.

Our fingers continued to finger fuck each others cunts. As Chrissy licked Ian's precum she came on my fingers again. This time I let Ian lick her cum of my fingers. His warm mouth on my fingers sent me over the edge and I came again. This time he got to lick my cum off of Chrissy's fingers as my fingers returned to her cunt, but not before I removed her thong. Chrissy then removed my panties before returning her fingers to my cunt.

My hand wanking Ian's cock was again joined by Chrissy's. The attention of two girls wanking his cock was too much and Ian's cock spurted white cum straight up in the air and all over our hands, his balls, thighs and stomach. Chrissy leaned over and started licking his cum off. I soon joined in and tasted a mans cum for the first time. It did not seem to have any real taste although it was sticky and a bit salty.

That was too much for me and I came again on Chrissy's fingers. In no time at all Chrissy came again on my fingers. We both placed our fingers in Ian's mouth together and allowed him the pleasure of our mixture of cunt juices.

Ian's cock began to shrink and lay limp on his thigh.

Chrissy said, "I think it is time we moved this into the bedroom."

To Be Continued.......

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