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Guess who's coming at dinner

A young couple are coerced into performing for a dominant female.
She Caught Me Looking, Part II

It had been about a year since Dave had been caught masturbating, to pictures of his beautiful former female boss, Natasha. Although she had threatened to prolong his punishment, she had been bluffing, probably just to make him sweat for a further day or so. When he returned to the stockroom, where she had originally caught him, he found a yellow post-it sticking on the inside of the door, saying simply, "Don't do that again."

Dave left the job shortly after and found another quite quickly. Some months later, he became involved with a girl, Donna, who worked there too. She was 22, two years his junior but she looked younger. They had a very normal sex life, perhaps dull by some people's standards but they made a safe nice couple.

One Saturday afternoon, they were at their local coffee shop in the town high street, sharing a slice of cake. Their conversation revolved around the shops they had visited and the ones they still had to check out. They had recently moved into an apartment together and were trying to buy some new cutlery and crockery for the kitchen.

Dave lifted his cup to sip his coffee whilst Donna leafed through a brochure. A woman in sunglasses walked in through the door. Dave found himself doing a double-take. It was Natasha, the woman who had once occupied his fantasies for months and forced him to drink his own cum from a cup.

She wore black three-quarter length leggings and a pair of ballet pumps; on her top she had on a loose fitting, figure-hugging blue skater dress with a belt around her waist. Even in this dressed-down mode, she was a striking lady.

As she walked towards the counter to order a drink, she noticed Dave staring at her and lifted her sunglasses to get a better look. Dave saw that she had now recognized him, as she stared deeply into his eyes, pouting slightly.

She began to walk over. Dave looked quickly to his girlfriend, then back to Natasha, who was almost at their table. He opened his mouth to speak but Natasha got there first.

"Hello, Dave" she said in a sexy but firm manner. Then nothing.

Dave felt himself squirm as his mind tried to find an escape route, his primary concern being terrified of Natasha bringing up the past right in front of Donna.

The silence was awful. Dave simply replied, "Hi Natasha", and waited for the inevitable humiliation that was to follow.

"Who's this?" She asked, looking at Donna. "Are you seeing someone else, Dave?" She said teasingly, then smiled and ended with, "Sorry - I'm just kidding."

Donna looked to Dave, her eyes asking the question, "Who is this beautiful woman and why did she just say that?".

Dave spoke up, "Er yes Donna, this is Natasha, my ex-boss", then followed with, "Natasha, this is my girlfriend Donna."

Natasha offered her hand to Donna and said, "Delighted to meet you."

Dave could see that Donna was slightly in awe of Natasha. Who wouldn't be, he thought.

Natasha turned back to Dave and said, "So, fancy seeing you here. Do you COME here often?" She teased him.

"We were just out shopping, Natasha." He told her. "We recently rented a place together and were looking for some stuff for the flat" he said, turning to look at Donna who was giving him a jealous look.

"Aah, young love!" Natasha said, gently poking fun at them. "Well look, I don't want to keep you from your shopping. Let me give you my number and we'll get together sometime to catch up. What do you think?"

Dave was gob smacked. At one point in his life, achieving Natasha's phone number would have been his sole goal but now, with the 'incident' firmly in his mind, the prospect of being in-touch with Natasha was terrifying.

"Yes. Great." He found himself replying. "Thanks."

Natasha looked on, waiting for Dave to take the hint and get his cell phone out, so the number could be entered directly. "Lovely boy - but never too quick" Natasha said, looking at Donna, who replied with only a wry smile.

Dave had prepared his phone. "Ok - shoot" He said. Natasha looked him back in the eye, emphasizing the innuendo that had just escaped his lips. Donna once again noticed there was something unspoken going on between them, as Natasha read out her number.

Dave keyed the number in and immediately called it so Natasha could save his number from the received calls log. 

"Splendid" Natasha said. "Lovely to have seen you again, Dave. I'll be in touch!" She turned and walked back to the counter to order her coffee.

Dave looked back to his girlfriend, who now had quite a face on. "Donna - I can explain." He said.

"Yes Dave. I'm all ears." Donna said.

Dave proceeded to placate her with a load of bullshit. There was no way in hell he'd be explaining what really happened between them. Donna appeared to buy it and their afternoon continued as normal but Dave now had a niggling feeling in his mind that Natasha was up to something that he wasn't going to like.


A few weeks passed and the surprise meeting with Natasha had drifted from Dave's mind. He had just returned home from the office one evening and had sat down to eat dinner with Donna when she brought her up in conversation.

"Dave", Donna started, "You remember that lady we bumped into the other day, you know, the one you used to work with."

"Err, you mean Natasha?" Dave asked.

"Yes, her" Donna confirmed. "Well she's coming to Dinner on Saturday night.

Dave nearly choked on his potato. "What?" He said in disbelief.

"Yes. I invited her over." Donna said.

"But why? How?" Dave said. "You only met her once, and she gave ME her number. Why did you call her?"

"Hey calm down Dave, it's not like that." Donna said gently. "I saw her again at the same coffee shop, without you. We got chatting ... went shopping and have since met a few times."

Now Dave was concerned. She had seen Natasha a few times yet this was the first time she had mentioned it. It seemed unusual and out of character for Donna.

"Oh. I see." He said, feeling the walls closing in around him, as if the subject of a plot. He sighed then asked, "What has Natasha been saying?"

Donna shrugged, but appeared to be blushing slightly, "Oh not much really. She just told me about your old job and what she's been up to since and that she was really pleased to see you again."

Dave was now sure something was going on. Her description was not the Natasha he remembered - but what could she possibly want with him now after all this time?

He would find out in two days time.


Saturday night came. The smell of home cooking permeated their two bedroom apartment, which was in tip-top shape for a cozy soirée. Dave was just opening the front door, to head out for a bottle of red wine, when Natasha appeared in front of him.

"Oh." He said, slightly startled. "You're early ..."

"Yes hello Dave, nice to see you too!" She replied sarcastically, then frowning, her tone changed to the stern one Dave knew only too well. "Where are you off to then?"

"Well I was just off to get some wine. We hadn't noticed that all our bottles had been drunk." He said.

"Hmm alright - but make sure you're not long. There's plenty we need to talk about." As she said this, her lasciviously made-up eyes wandered to his crotch and back up to his face again. It was at this moment Dave noticed how hot she looked. She wore an elegant black dinner-dress with thin straps adorning her bare shoulders and a plunging neckline, which made her womanly cleavage the center piece of attention. On her legs, feint black stockings finishing with black 4" patent heels.

Her hair, which was dark and beautifully done, surrounded her face which had more make-up than Dave was used to seeing on her. She was every boy's wet dream he thought, the usual fear now melting away as he found himself looking at her once more as he did at the beginning.

Natasha noticed this and smiled, which was for the first time as far as Dave was concerned, a nice smile. She entered the apartment and Dave walked on out.


Twenty minutes had passed and Dave returned to his front door. He turned the key in the lock and walked in. There was no-one there and the food was still in the oven.

Finding this strange, Dave wandered around slowly, trying to find the two women. "Donna?" He said. "Natasha? Hello?"

Finding no-one, his heart pounded in his chest at the prospect of some terror awaiting him. He walked towards their bedroom, the door being the only one shut.

His turned the knob and gulped as he entered. What was waiting for him inside he never suspected.

Donna lay on the bed, naked. She writhed in ecstasy as her right hand, between her legs, pleasured herself and her left hand ran trough her blond hair. Natasha sat on the end of the bed, fully dressed and with her legs crossed.

"Hello Dave." She said. "Donna's been waiting for you."

Dave looked on in sheer amazement. He felt scared but his cock immediately stiffened in his trousers. He went to speak but as always, Natasha got there first.

"Uh Uh Uh. Dave. I'll do the talking thank you." She said firmly. "I'll explain everything but in the meantime, do us both a favor and get your clothes off. You look like such an idiot standing there with your dick bursting to get out."

How could she do this? How could she control him so utterly? Here she was, in HIS place, telling him what to do and as he thought about it, he found himself complying.

His tossed his clothes to the floor one by one until he stood there naked in front of her, dumbfounded and in awe of the power she appeared to have over them both.

"Well done" She said patronizingly. "Now get your head between Donna's legs and lick her pussy. She's made it nice and wet for you David and I want to see you do something useful for a change."

Dave climbed onto the bed and lowered his head to meet Donna's oozing honey pot. As he did so, Natasha instructed her to hold Dave's head there firmly and use his face for as long as she needed.

As Dave's tongue probed his girl's soaked pussy lips, Natasha leaned over behind him and whispered.

"Good boy. I think we might be able to get along, if you keep this obedience up, David. I might even treat you later ..." She said, sending images of her naked body into Dave's thoughts as he licked his girlfriend.

"I bet you're wondering how this all happened, aren't you?" She continued. "Well let's just say it's not only limp-dicks like you that worship me. Donna has been very accommodating over the last few weeks."

It all made sense now. In an instant he could see that Donna had fallen for Natasha just as much as he had. He wasn't aware of Donna being bisexual but where Natasha was concerned, it didn't seem surprising that she might have that effect on anyone.

Natasha gently pressed Dave's head forward as Donna's hips gyrated beneath him; he felt more like an implement than a person but even with a face full of hot, wet pussy, all he could think about was that Natasha's hand was touching him for the first time in his life. All of sudden he realized this was the most erotic moment of his entire life and as the thought crossed his mind, his girlfriend began to gush fluids in his mouth. Donna's breathless voice managed a few pulsating high-pitched emissions as she came in Dave's face.

"Good ... good" Natasha said quietly, encouraging Donna's self-delight. "Now I want you to turn over Donna, and assume the position" she said, releasing her hold on Dave's head, who lifted himself up.

Donna turned over and planted the side of her head in a pillow, whilst presenting her backside to Dave, propped up by her knees. Dave began to kneel behind her only to hear Natasha scold him.

"Get down! You don't stick that prick in anything without my say-so!" Natasha said. "Now get your tongue in her asshole."

Dave looked at Natasha in shock. He'd never rimmed Donna before; she had never asked him to and as far as he knew, that kind of sex was off limits.

Donna made no attempt to refuse. She simply closed her eyes and maintained the pose as instructed.

Natasha looked back at Dave in true mistress fashion, raising one eyebrow as if to dare him to refuse. But Dave knew better - it would only escalate to something further out of his comfort zone.

Dave leaned forward and tentatively began to lick at the edges of Donna's anus. Natasha exhaled in disappointment, then pressed his head firmly in between Donna's ass cheeks.

"Come on Dave, stop being so selfish" she told him.

Unexpectedly his tongue plunged fully into Donna's tight hole, making her gasp with surprised pleasure. Although this was his first time venturing into Donna's forbidden zone, he found his cock straining with excitement at the intensity of the moment. He darted his tongue around the edges in between pushing it back into her hot passage. Donna's hand had, in the meantime, moved to her vagina, rubbing frantically at her aroused clit. She moaned loudly as the mixture of sensations brought her to orgasm once again.

"Excellent!" Natasha said proudly. "Now let's get this party started, shall we? Donna is clearly enjoying your tongue in her ass, so let's try a cock now."

Dave lifted his head, knelt up and grabbed Donna's hips, ready to insert his dribbling cock into her backside when Natasha once again stopped him mid-tracks.

"Not so fast young man, not so fast. Did I say YOUR cock, Dave? Hmm? You don't get to fuck her there. That's for REAL men."

At that point Dave was left confused. As far as he could tell he owned the only cock in the room so he failed to see how she could not be referring to him. That was until the en-suite bathroom door opened and a sturdy looking naked male walked out. He was much taller than Dave and clearly worked out, judging by the definition in his abs. In fact his entire body was a well-sculptured mass of muscle, including the 8" of shaved salami between his legs.

Dave now felt things were out of control - how and when did he get into their apartment?

"Look Natasha", he started, "you can't expect ... "

She cut-in. "Yes Dave. I CAN expect and I DO expect. It's your choice - her ass or yours."

Hearing these words and seeing the size of the alpha-male before him, he now felt a chill run down his back as he knew there was little he could do. Natasha was about to have her cake and eat it. He submissively moved aside and stood next to the bed, allowing the dark-haired man to approach and take his place behind Donna, who simply waited obediently.

Donna's puckered hole was shiny from Dave's tongue; Dave looked on as the man took hold of Donna's ass and pressed his huge cock against the pink entrance. He felt time slow down as he stood there helpless, eyes fixed on the rigid shaft now slowly entering his girl's anus.

Donna's eyes widened as the pressure took her by surprise. She bit her lip and her moan sounded edgy as she was unsure of where the sensation was heading. The cock went deeper, then withdrew, leaving the crimson helmet inside. Then back in once again. With each thrust, it moved further in, until eventually the man's balls were touching her pussy.

Donna grabbed the pillow beneath her, making fists with both hands as the man fucked her ass. Dave watched aghast by the bedside with his cock pointing towards the couple on the bed. Natasha walked over to Dave slowly, carrying the belt from his discarded trousers. She slid its end through the buckle, forming a loop and placed the belt over Dave's head. As it closed around his neck, his eyes turned to Natasha, truly fearful of what she was about to do but Natasha calmed him with a "shhh" from her pursed red lips.

The belt constricted around his neck until it was tight but not choking. Natasha, using gently persuasive force, moved Dave closer to the bed until he was made to sit beside Donna's exposed thighs and backside, his head a mere foot from the stud's cock as it slid in and out of her asshole.

The fucking continued for some time. Donna came more than once as Dave looked on, mesmerized by the man's intensity and persistence. Eventually he slowed and amidst the panting and moaning sounds right beside them, Natasha spoke quietly in Dave's ear.

"Now Dave, I'm going to make you suck Steve's cock." she said assertively but calmly.

"He's going to stop fucking Donna, take it out and slide it into your mouth, and you will let him. Do you understand?"

Dave paused for thought then found himself nodding. It seemed the taboo of sucking another man's cock excited him, at the request of his mistress.

Natasha gestured to Steve, who pulled his throbbing member from Donna's gaping asshole and took hold of the sides of Dave's head. Dave stared on at the glistening rod of meat before his face and gulped in anticipation.

He opened his mouth slightly. One second later, Steve pushed the head of his cock between Dave's lips and began to slowly fuck his mouth. Dave struggled to breath through his nose and fight the gag reflex each time Steve's cock reached the back of his tongue. As the saliva began to drool forth from Dave's lips, Natasha spoke.

"Good Dave, good. Relax your throat and let Steve gather a rhythm" she instructed. "Donna, I want you place your tongue at the end of Dave's penis and hold your mouth open." Donna turned around and positioned herself in front of Dave's straining cock, opening her mouth as she'd been told to. She extended her tongue such that it barely made contact with the underside of Dave's cock.

"Okay you two, we're ready for the finale." Natasha said, as Steve voraciously fucked Dave's mouth. "I expect it won't be long now. Steve's looking like he's nearly there."

Steve closed his eyes as his orgasm approached. Dave did the same, now feeling anxious as he became all too aware his mouth would soon be tasting another man's come for the first time.

"Give him your come Steve, in the front of his mouth so he can taste it before swallowing", Natasha said.

Steve pulled his cock back until just the helmet sat lodged between Dave's lips. He grunted and exhaled loudly as his sperm made its way up his shaft and into Dave's mouth. Dave let loose a muffled cry as the first rope of hot liquid spat against the back of his throat and dribbled inward. The subsequent ones filled the front of his mouth, and covered his tongue.

As its heat and metallic flavor hit his taste buds, Dave felt himself gag momentarily, but fought it back as best he could. In that moment, the realization of his body being invaded by another man's fluids, in full view of Natasha and his girlfriend, triggered his own pent-up orgasm. He exploded into Donna's waiting mouth, some of it lashing her cheek and some finding its way directly to the back of her mouth, with the tail end finishing on her lower lip and chin.

With Steve's full load in his mouth, Natasha directed Dave to swallow. Steve pulled his cock out; it shone from the mixed fluids that coated it and its vein-ridden shaft was an angry red as the blood pulsed away inside it. Donna's eyes widened as she remembered the sensation of the monstrous appendage filling her body only moments before, then all eyes were on Dave who had yet to drink as he had been told.

Natasha tightened the belt around his neck slightly but said nothing. Dave grimaced and proceeded to swallow Steve's hot come before the small audience.

"Lovely" Natasha said. "I'm flattered. Most guys spit the come out and even refuse to take the cock in their mouth in the first place but you David, you went the whole way. You're special."
Steve dismounted the bed and left for the bathroom; Natasha lifted the belt from Dave's neck and stood back.

As Donna sat, knees to her chest, next to Dave, he turned to Natasha and spoke plainly.

"Natasha, why did you make us do these things? Why did you make me lick her ass, make me suck his cock and swallow his come? Why? What did you get from it? I don't understand."

"David" she began. "You're thinking I forced you to do these things, right? But when did I physically make you? At what point did you truly have no choice?"

She continued. "You could have refused at any point but you chose to continue. Why? Because you wanted to please me. It's as simple as that."

"But Steve ... " Dave started, "he's so big and could have beaten me up or ... or ... "

"Or what?" Natasha responded. "Steve is an artist. He paints pictures of fruit and flowers. Just because he's built like a real man, you assumed he posed a threat. You chose to suck his cock David. You chose to because I wanted you to. Admit it."

Dave thought and realized she spoke the truth. He knew he would literally do anything she asked if she demanded it of him. Anything.

Natasha stood up and walked towards the door.

"You have my number David. When you feel like sucking more cock or eating ass, give me a call. And don't forget, there's always other things we can try out for size."

She turned and left the bedroom. Steve re-appeared from the bathroom, now dressed and followed her out of the apartment.

Dave just watched the door as it closed behind them and then turned to his Donna.

"Did you enjoy that?" She asked.

There and then, Dave didn't know. But he knew he would eventually call Natasha and perhaps she'd help him find out.

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