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Hanging with my friend and watching a porno tape

Hanging with my friend and watching a porno tape

This is a good porno dude
I've always felt like I liked both sexes. I love women, but I’m curious about men. I've never really acted on it. Recently, my friend Jack and I were hanging out at my apartment. We were drinking beers and getting high. We were acting very silly and then I threw a porno tape into the DVD player. I wanted to show my friend Jack this girl on the tape who could deep throat really far down her throat.

I can’t say I ever watched a porno with a guy, but we're best friends and we were drunk and smoking joints that afternoon. I popped the tape in and we sat back on the couch and started to watch it. The name of the movie was “Angela’s Lovers.” The girl in the movie was this beautiful girl. She loved to give blow jobs. She had an enormous mouth. The girl could deep-throat like nine inch cocks down her throat.

“Jack, imagine having her deep-throat your cock like that? I would love to have that bimbo sucking on my hard rod.”

“Yea, dude. I can’t even imagine something like that.”

We kept watching and then there were several scenes of Angela with women and then men. She was being fucked by three men in each hole. She was having the time of her life in the movie. I noticed that Jack had unzipped his fly and was wanking his cock. He seemed to have a pretty big cock. I was very distracted, while he was jerking his cock off.

I never really thought about doing a guy, but all of a sudden I was having all these feelings for him. I noticed he pulled down his pants a bit, so he could get a better grip on his big cock. Jack stroked his cock from his base to his head.

On the tape Angela was riding some guys face. It really seemed to excite Jack, because then he really started to jerk his cock faster and faster. I was getting really turned on watching Jack stroke his cock. My own cock was starting to stir in my jeans.

I got so excited and I had to then pull my own cock out. I’m smaller then Jack, only about six inches long. I noticed that Jack was looking over at me stroking my cock and then kind of gave me a little smile.

“You know Ryan, you could jerk mine and I could do yours. I mean we’re friends and we’re kind of high and drunk. I mean I really want you to feel my cock.”

I didn’t need another invitation. I wrapped my hand around Jack’s cock and stroked my buddy fast. His pre-cum was dripping off his head. I really wanted to put his cock into my mouth, but I wasn’t going to do that until he asked me too. He really started to moan.

“Ryan, why don’t you just go on and suck my cock. I really want you to. I won’t tell anybody.”

I got on my knees and I put Jack’s cock into my throat. I sucked and slurped his big, hard rod. I think he must have been at least eight inches.

“Dude, that feels so good. Try to go deeper. Feel my balls Ryan. Fuck, yea! Oh God that feels so good.”

I started to rub and massage his balls. Jack had a very smooth cock and balls. I squeezed his balls, while I worked my mouth up and down his big, hard shaft.

“Keep sucking dude! Holy fuck, you suck good cock. I want to fuck your ass. Bend over dude.”

I guess since we were high and drunk we probably wouldn’t remember this later. I bent over and Jack spat on his hand and his dick. He slowly entered my ass. Of course, I’ve never had anal sex in my life.

“Oh God, that really kind of hurts. Maybe I should get some lube. Hold on.”

Jack pulled away and I ran to my bathroom to get some lube. I hurried back and threw the tube to him. He smothered the jelly all over my buttocks and his huge cock. Jack then slid his cock into my virginal ass. It felt really tight and then he started to fuck me a bit harder. He grabbed onto my hips and pumped and pushed into my anus.

“Ryan, back up into my dick. Oh fuck! Oh yea! Oh Dude.”

Jack fucked my ass good and hard. He even started to slap my buttocks. It really did feel great having his big pole up my tight hole. I’ve always thought about having sex with a guy, but they were just that, thoughts. Now my best friend was fucking my asshole.

“Oh Jack, that feels so good dude. Oh fuck yea!”

“Ryan, I am going to come into your ass. Oh fuck here it comes.”

Jack shot his hot cream up my ass. What really shocked me was, he got on his knees and licked my ass. He was eating his own come. I couldn’t believe he was doing that. It really turned me on.

“Ryan I want you to fuck my ass now. I fucked you. Now you fuck me.”

Again, I didn’t need an invitation. Jack got down on his hands and knees and I lubed his buttocks and my cock.

I slid my cock into Jack’s anus. I’m much smaller, but I entered him slowly. Once I was in I started to fuck him good.

“Oh Dude, that feels so good. Fuck me harder Ryan. That’s it dude. Fuck, yes.”

I pumped my hard cock into his ass. He was moaning and groaning and loving it. I moved my hips and fucked him deeper and deeper.

“Fuck Jack, your ass feels like velvet. It doesn’t feel like a chick’s ass. Oh fuck! I’m coming.”

I spurt my cream into his ass. He was dripping with all my come.

“Dude, get down there and lick it up. I did it for you dude.”

I felt really weird doing that, but he did lick his come up, so I did it too. I licked his ass and ate my come.

Once we were done, we both got cleaned up. We drank more beers and smoked more joints. We hung out for a while and then we both passed out. Then next day Jack got up early and left.

I still think I like girls, but I'll never forget the night I fucked my best friend and he fucked me.

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