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Having Nicole Pt. 1

Nicole and Leigh.....BFFE
This story is for "YOU"......."YOU" know who you are........

Nicole and I have been friends for about the last 16 years, growing up across the street from one another. We practically did everything together since then. I'm not a lesbian but, I really started to notice my crush for Nicole when I was about 17, seeing how curvy her body was and how her breasts were shaped like perfect globes. She's blonde, slightly taller than me at about 5'6 or so with long legs that lead you to a firm ass. I have to tell you we're 28 now and she hasn't changed a bit. I feel her and I are equal in beauty, along with long dark hair I have perky c cup tits and an ass to die for. We often share clothes as our body types are a lot alike.

Today started out as any other day. Nicole and I had spent the day hanging out and shopping topping the afternoon off with a late lunch. As we sit and talk about our latest love affairs and what a let down they've been, I cant help but let my mind wander back to the day Nicole and I shared our first kiss. We were 21 at the time and a little wild I must add, as our parents were the strictest on our block. I remember this being one of the first times after graduation that we really let loose so to speak. We headed downtown to a party with a few of our friends to celebrate New Years. Nicole and I were dead set on finally loosing our virginity that year, no matter how slutty we were. Walking into the building I remember the loud music and disco type lighting, as we walk to the bar to get our first serving of alcohol. Nicole and I had drank before but only a few times when our parents were gone on vacation. I ordered a double shot of Tequilla and Nicole was right behind me with the same order. Grabbing our drinks we head over to the table where our friends are sitting , talking & laughing with them we swig our drinks and start to feel the first bit of our buzz.

After and hour or so and four more double shots we were almost drunk dancing with random guys and girls, until we found each other on the dance floor and began to do a dirty dance. Grinding on each other sliding our pussy's over the others legs, letting our tits rub together. Nicole makes her way to my face and presses her lips to mine almost forcing her tongue in my mouth, I responded by opening my mouth allowing our tongues to swirl together. I could feel the tingly wave of pleasure jolt through my body, my pussy flooding my underwear while my nipples began to poke through my shirt. She pulled her head back from mine and said " I Luves ya Leigh!" her speech slightly slurred. I looked at her and said smiling " I know you do." We continued or dirty dance for a little longer until our buzz was too much to handle, using each other for leverage to make it to the table. A good friend brought us home, we never got laid that night.

Seven years have passed now as I sit in front of my friend daydreaming about her and the naughty things I would love to do. "Leigh" "LEIGH!" I looked up to see her waving her hand in front of my face, "Where'd ya go?" she says. I told her I had some shit on my mind and we continued to discuss the situation of the latest "control freak" boyfriend of hers. I told her she could do much better than a jerk like that, keeping her head up and reassuring here she would. I asked her if she was ready to go, while giving the waitress the cash for both our meals. Nicole said "Yeah, I'm Ready" as we stood up and walked to the door of the bistro. Stepping out onto the side walk of midtown can sometimes be dangerous, people constantly rushing and pushing past you to get to their destinations. Nicole and I walked the 4 blocks to our apartment, holding on to one another for support.

As we walk into the apartment I throw my keys down on the table and walk my bags to my room, I hear Nicole's cell ring, then yelling and lastly a big "Fuck You" to the unlucky caller on the other end. Nicole walks into my room steamed about her new ex-boyfriend, telling me what a jerk he was and how he never really got her off anyhow. I walked over and gave her a hug and told her "See you can do better!" as she gave me a smile and sat on my bed. The thoughts that I have been having about her all day were really coming to a head, I had to say something. I opened with, "I bet I could get you off." looking at the expression on her face as her cheeks turned red. She looked at me with her eyes a little wide and told me "Well let's see about that!" I knelt between her legs on the floor rubbing her thighs through her pants, knowing that the feel of a hand over her clothes has always been a turn on. I looked at her asking if she was sure and she looked at me and nodded her head yes.

I slowly begin to climb on top of her, rubbing her hard nipple through the thin cotton shirt. I leaned in and frenched kissed her slowly at first becoming more aggressive over time, feeling her hand caressing the back of my neck. She and I were trembling the excitement of what was happening as I felt the first bit of wetness between my thighs. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head revealing my erect nipples as Nicole sat up and took each breast slowly into her mouth nibbling on each nipple. I could feel her hand run up my thigh applying slight pressure to my pussy with the back of her hand, I moaned a bit as these new feeling swirled inside my body. We took the time to undress each other slowly savoring the beautiful forms of our female bodies, and not missing a minute of exploring one another with our hands.

Nicole laid back on the bed and spread her legs and began to rub herself, sliding a finger or two into her wet snatch, this made me crazy as my own juices flowed from my pussy and down my leg. I knelt down and replaced her hand with mine as I began to lick cunt for the first time. The taste was so sweet and completely indescribable,as I finger fucked her while I ran my tongue from her clit to her hole. I could feel her legs tremble next to my head and her heartbeat over my fingers while her pussy throbbed to my touch. Nicole was twitching with pleasure as I assaulted her with my tongue, bringing her ass up to meet my mouth. "OH FUCK!" "YES!" she screamed to me as I increased the speed of my fingers in her cunt. I stopped licking only to ask "Do you want to cum?" As she replied very loudly "FUCK" "YES LEIGH" "MAKE ME CUM!" I started licking faster, pausing to suck on her swollen clit as I rammed my fingers knuckle deep in to her slippery cunt. I could feel her pussy clench down hard on my fingers as she screamed "I'M COMING YES!" I could see her ass drop to the bed as the milky cum ran down my hand, I couldn't help but bring my hand to my mouth and taste her sweet juices.

Nicole sat up on the bed, looked at me and said "Your turn!"

To Be Continued.....................

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