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Heaven In The Hot Tub

A need to relax results in my first sexual encounter with another woman!
It had been a long and stressful Monday, filled with meetings and high-maintenance clients. For these meetings, I made sure to dress a certain way to both impress and distract them. Today I was wearing a fitted white blouse, tucked into a form-fitting, charcoal pencil skirt and my shoulder-length silver hair was in a neat chignon. With my glasses on and 4-inch dark purple heels added to my 5’4” frame, I was certainly doing my best to work the sexy manager image whilst making the most of my hourglass figure. But inside my head, it was all business.

The clothes had become a way to change my clients’ demeanours. They may have been unhappy, upset or just pissed off when they came in. But leaving the top three buttons undone on my blouse to show a hint of breast whilst leaning down or showing off my ass when bending over, had the desired effect, whether they were male or female. Light touches on an arm or shoulder increased the connection and made them more open to negotiation and it was good for me too.

But now it was really late, I was feeling the strain and tension of the day and I wanted it gone. After leaving the office, I headed to the gym to do just that. There wasn’t much time, as it was closing but with a big smile to the receptionist and a promise that I would be quick, I headed to the ladies' change room.

At this time of night, I didn’t expect anyone else to be around but one of the staff was still there. I’d seen her a few times – she was very attractive with long, dark hair, ample breasts and a nicely-shaped ass. Given her pretty smile and bubbly personality, the gym management was clearly using her as a sales' tactic, since she was always giving people tours of the place.

She looked like she’d been working out and was in the process of getting ready for a shower. As much as I wanted to look, I made my way over to the other side of the locker room. My plan was to spend a little time in the hot tub, to let the massaging jets remove all the stress from my tired muscles. I started to undress, purposely keeping my back to her. I took off my blouse, hanging it in the locker door and slowly unzipped my skirt. I inched it down over my hips and then to the floor, stepping out of it one foot at a time and hanging it next to my blouse.

I turned around, now only in my lacy, white push-up bra, matching thong panties and my stiletto heels to find her looking at me. I smiled at her but she turned away, giving me a delightful view of her ass, still covered by her short spandex workout shorts. I took off my bra, my breasts enjoying the freedom from their lacy cage and my nipples became slightly erect from the change in temperature. I eased my panties off, exposing my bare pussy and revelling in the air on my naked skin. I put them into my gym bag and placed it in the locker, removing the combination lock from the outside pocket. Finally, I slipped off my shoes and after putting them inside and grabbing my towel, I closed the locker and attached my lock.

I turned to find my change room companion completely naked and the view was breathtaking. She’d removed the band from her hair and it cascaded onto her shoulders and almost halfway down her back. Her full breasts swayed as she moved, stowing her gear in her locker and her ass cheeks spread slightly as she bent over. I felt a warm pulse in my crotch when she stood up, closed the locker and turned around, showing me her partially-shaved pussy. We both blushed when we caught each other looking and smiled.

I grabbed my towel and headed to the hot tub room, as she collected her things and made her way to the showers. I had to go through the shower area to get to the hot tub and I couldn’t help but to stifle a grin at the likelihood of her walking behind me, getting a nice view of my ass. Steam was rising from the water as I walked into the tub room but the jets weren’t on. I threw my towel onto the built-in bench seat which extended around the entire room and I flicked the switch to turn on the jets. The water began to churn and I ambled over to the stairs that led down into the water. I grasped the metal rail and hissed when I stepped in, the hot water sizzling my skin. I paused on each step, allowing my body to adjust to the temperature. When I finally came to stand on the floor of the tiled tub, the water level came up almost to my breasts.

The tub had been built with multiple levels of seating to accommodate people of different heights. I made my way over to a section I used frequently – it was high enough that I could sit with the water up to my neck. I sat down and positioned myself, so that I had jets aimed at my shoulders and lower back. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the tub wall, letting the water flow around me. I had never had the tub to myself before so it was that much more relaxing.

I opened my eyes when I heard voices in the shower room; I could barely make it out but I knew it was the receptionist and the friendly tour guide. I caught the words “closing soon” and “locking up” but I was too tired to care. If they came in to kick me out, so be it. The voices soon stopped and I closed my eyes again.

But now the image of her came into my head; her delightful smile, those full, pendulous breasts with their dark nipples. And of course, that pussy, with its shaved lips and shaped tuft of curly hair. My hands moved to my breasts and my fingers gently played with my nipples, caressing softly at firstly. As they stiffened, I began to pinch them, sighing at the sensation. My fingers grew more insistent, now tugging and pulling in between the increasingly harder pinches.

My right hand made its way down my stomach, across the slight swell of my abdomen and down between my legs. My fingers slid over the bare skin and slipped between my lips. I was wet and not just from the water. I slid first one and then another inside me and a gasp escaped from my mouth. Still playing with my left breast, I began fucking myself with my fingers. This, in combination with the pounding jets and flowing water, was a whole new level of pleasure.

“There’s an even better way,” a soft voice spoke, barely heard above the sound of the rumbling water in the tub.

I stopped what I was doing and looked in the direction of the sound, to find the tour guide standing at the top of the stairs, eyeing me intensely. She was dripping wet from head to toe, having come from the showers. And now she came down the stairs and made her way across the tub to stand in front of me. Her breasts were just skimming the water, her nipples hard – it was hard to look away.

“What about…?” I said, looking towards the door, my voice somewhat husky.

“I told her I’d deal with you and lock up again afterwards,” she answered in that sweet voice.

She reached out and took hold of my arms, pulling me up to my feet. She was standing so close that our breasts touched, our hardened nipples grazing each other. She turned me around and pushed me towards another section.

“Kneel down on the ledge,” she whispered in my ear.

I did as she asked and was surprised to feel a strong stream of water flowing towards my pussy.

“Grab the edge of the tub and slide in closer,” she said as her hands moved from my arms to my hips.

As I moved my body closer to the wall, the force of the jet got stronger against my pussy. Her hands reached down and pushed my legs wider apart. She reached in front to see where the jet was hitting me and then pressed my ass in, causing my hips to tip up slightly and even closer to the jet. Oh my God! The concentrated stream was now directly aimed at my lips, hitting my clit and it felt amazing.

She was pressed up close behind me, standing between my kneeling legs. I could feel her breasts pressing into my back and her hard nipples were poking me. When I tried to move my hips, she grabbed them and held them firmly, not letting the pounding stream stop its assault on my pussy. My clit was throbbing at this point and now I pressed as close to the jet as I could, lost in the feelings. Her hands made their way from my hips to my breasts, groping them and playing with my nipples.

That pushed me over the edge. My body began to shake as my orgasm began. The water hitting my clit caused me to spasm repeatedly, jolt after electrifying jolt. The pleasure became too painful and I had to pull away. I was gasping for breath as the waves of the orgasm rolled over me, eventually beginning to subside. I let my head fall back onto her shoulder and I closed my eyes, my skin still tingling from head to toe.

She leaned back slightly and turned my face to hers. She bent down, putting her mouth on mine and kissed me softly. At her touch, my lips parted and her tongue slipped in, finding mine. They caressed each other tenderly for what seemed like hours. I turned my body so that I was facing her, breaking our mouths contact but only for a moment. We wrapped our bodies around each other and pressed them tightly together as we kissed passionately. Finally she broke our kiss and looked at me.

“That was good, wasn’t it?” she said in a soft, breathy voice.

“Good? That was fucking incredible,” I gasped, my eyes wide as we both began to laugh. “How did you know which spot to pick?” I asked.

“We’re about the same height and it’s the one I always use.” She smiled at me when she saw the surprised look on my face. “I’ve never shown anyone before – I’m usually by myself. But when I saw you pleasuring yourself, I really wanted to join you.” She leaned in and kissed me again, to which I responded but then pulled away.

“I haven’t been with a woman before.”

She cocked her head slightly, her lips pursing slightly. “Would you like to be? With me?” She asked and I nodded very slowly, feeling my cheeks redden.

She pulled me to her and started kissing me again. Her tongue explored every part of my mouth and it seemed to have a direct connection to my pussy, which was pulsing slowly. Our hands travelled over each other and I finally got to feel her breasts, so heavy yet supple in my hands. I massaged them eagerly, feeling the warm skin and then began to caress her nipples. They were smaller than mine but no less hard and now I moved her towards the wall.

I knew what I liked having done to me so that seemed to be the best approach. I leaned down and kissed her right nipple gently and then pulled it between my lips. Her soft sigh encouraged me and as I mouthed it and I flicked it with my tongue. She arched her back, pressing her breasts harder against my mouth. I suckled her, loving how her nipple and her body responded to my touch. My other hand had been busy with her other nipple, tugging and pulling it hard between my thumb and forefinger but now I switched sides and she moaned with approval.

I let go of her left breast and caressed her torso as I eagerly made my way to her crotch. Her hand was already there but I pushed it aside. I ran my fingers through the small patch of curly pubic hair and pulled it, eliciting a soft grunt. I slid my fingers farther down, slowly running them over her shaved lips, relishing the soft, smooth skin. I pulled one finger between her lips, feeling her and ran it from the top of her pussy to the bottom and grinned as well as I could with my mouth firmly latched onto her nipple. Her legs spread apart to give me better access and I heartily complied.

I gently massaged her pussy with my fingers, rubbing her lips and tickling her clit with my finger. I found her hole and gently pushed a finger inside her and she responded by pushing her pussy forward. I stroked in and out, adding another finger after several strokes while moving my mouth back to her other nipple, biting it hungrily. Her hips were now rising up to meet me, clenching my fingers as they fucked her.

She pulled my face to hers and shoved her tongue into my mouth, mimicking my fingers. I increased the pace and now used the thumb on my other hand to rub her clit. She gasped in my mouth and began to suck my tongue. I went faster, my fingers now ramming into her. Suddenly she stopped and let out a gurgling cry and her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers as she came. It was almost painful as she squeezed my fingers but it excited me.

Slowly her body stilled and I gently withdrew my fingers. I pulled her to me and held her, nuzzling her neck. I could not get over how soft her skin was. We stayed this way for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of skin-on-skin contact. Then she reluctantly pulled away and I thought she was going to leave but instead she turned to the side of the tub and then she motioned me to get up on the edge.

I sat down with my legs still in the water and looked at her. She didn’t smile back but moved directly in front of me. She reached around and grabbing my ass, pulled me forward so that I was sitting right on the edge. She spread my legs wide and I had to brace myself with my arms to stay where she’d positioned me. The look on her face was one of pure lust as she stared at my pussy – I knew what was coming and could barely contain my excitement.

First she leaned in and nuzzled my lips with her nose, causing my pussy to twitch. She kissed down one side, then up the other and then down the middle. Then she did the same thing again only this time, licked instead of kissing. I sighed at the exquisite touch of her tongue, spreading my legs even wider, letting my pussy lips open slightly. She leered at me and opening my lips with her fingers, lapped from the bottom of my hole to my clit in long, smooth strokes. My breathing quickened.

Then her tongue found its way into my hole, wriggling as it entered me and my body twitched. She began to fuck me with that beautiful tongue and savoured my juices which were now leaking from me. Her fingers pinched my lips hard as she pulled them open and I groaned loudly. I had dropped from my hands to my elbows as the tingling tension coursed through my body.

She moved her mouth higher, to my eager clit, her fingers replacing her tongue. She flicked my clit, tentatively at first and then began to pick up speed as her fingers noisily fucked me. Her mouth now pressed firmly against me, sucking on my clit while still flicking it with her tongue.

I mouthed the words, “Oh fuck” and her eyes locked on mine as she licked and pumped me furiously now. I was gasping for breath as my orgasm began to build, my body beginning to shake.

I watched her through half-closed eyes, as her tongue pressed down hard on my clit, grinding it. I came with an intensity I could not believe, my body shuddering violently and my pussy drenched her fingers. I finally had to beg her to stop as the pleasure became too much to take. She relented, using her tongue to clean me and then sucked her fingers to get every last drop.

I then lay on my back on the cool tile, trying to catch my breath. She pulled on my arms and I struggled into a sitting position, only to slide off the side of the tub, back into the hot, bubbling water. She took me in her arms and kissed me, letting me taste myself on her. I sighed contentedly as she held me for a while, letting the water swirl around us.

“My next night shift is Thursday. Would you like to meet here again?” There was a lingering taste of my juices in my mouth and I smiled at the thought of tasting hers.

“Oh yes, “I answered quickly, kissing her and we left the tub to head back to the locker room, after grabbing my towel.

I just hoped that I’d be able to wait that long.

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