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Long lost lovers experience paradise and another woman.
After my divorce, I was back into the single scene. I felt free and wanted enjoy my new life; or should I say I find the pieces of me pre-marriage. I went out every weekend, took trips, and most importantly, did as I wanted. I started to get back into the “Swinger” scene that I experienced before marriage. I enjoyed it then and figured I would enjoy it again. I started getting close with several couples and other single women. We hung out on football Sundays, holidays, and “played” with each other at the club often.

It was Friday night at my favorite swingers club, which meant single girls got in free. I placed my finger on the buzzer to the private club and smacked my lips together just to taste my lip gloss. The door opened and one of my favorite bouncers opened the door.

“Hey beautiful!” Jerome smiled as he opened the door wider for me to walk in. He was huge black guy, very intimidating if you didn’t know him. I kissed him on the cheek as I walked by. One of the first rules I learned at a swinger club was to be nice to the bouncer; they may be the one literally saving your ass one night.

“Thanks Jerome! How was your son’s graduation?” I made small talk, making a purpose effort.

“We couldn’t be prouder! I have pictures.” I stopped and turned back. He took the pictures out of his pocket and handed them to me. Making the effort to have “my ass” saved later, was definitely worth it. I flipped through them, making oh’s and ah’s. When the doorbell rang again, I handed the pictures back.

“Thank you for sharing.” I playfully tapped his large arms. “That is really awesome!”

I walked in and was waved in by the cashier at the door. She winked at me. “Make time for me later?”

“I’ll be upstairs, come find me.” I ran my hand down her breast. Lori was woman that made me glad to be bi-sexual. She ate a great pussy and always shared her toys with me. Walking on, I made my way up the steps to meet my crew. As often as the crew saw each other, we always greeted each other with hugs and kissing. It was like a type of foreplay. Being single made it more fun, you could make out with everyone. I was one of the last to arrive, so I made my hellos around the bar. I laughed because it was like an 8 th grade dance. All the men or husbands were on one side and the women were on the other side of the bar.

“Did you see the signs downstairs?” Liz asked, seemingly excited about something.

“I didn’t really notice anything, but a lot of new faces. I came right up here,” I told her.

“The Club is planning a group trip to Hedo,” She exclaimed loudly handing me a sheet of paper with the details. “Please say you’re going too!” She reminded me of a little girl at Christmas. I got a drink and started reading the details to the trip. The details included the dates, cost, transportation details, and a little about the Hedonism resorts. I was the only one in the group that had been there before. I had 3 weeks of vacation left at work, I had the money. I couldn’t see any reason not to go. After give me a few minutes, Liz started back. “SO? You’re the only one who’s been there! And I want to go enjoy this with you!” She didn’t realize she was still yelling. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You’re the only one I trust playing with me and my husband. Please go?”

Hedonism is an erotic Carribean resort, in Negril, Jamaica. It caters to couples, singles, swingers, and any other type of sexual fantasy you could imagine. Hedonism is nicknamed “Hedo” and has 2 resorts called Hedo I and Hedo II. The trip was being planned for Hedo II.

I wanted to use my answer as leverage. “What do I get if I go?” Liz hopped off the bar stool and came up to me. She started kissing me, squeezing my tits, then running her hand up my skirt. She stopped and looked at me. “Still not sure,” I answered playfully. She placed her fingers on my clit.

“I promise to eat you everyday?” Liz asked, wondering if that would be enough to do it.

“Hmmm, I’m listening.” She definitely had my attention.

“I’ll use your favorite glass dildo to fuck you,” she paused. “While I eat you.” She continued to rub my clit.

“If I say yes now, does that mean you’re gonna stop doing that?” I was really enjoying her fingers.

“Well…” Liz stopped abruptly. I caressed her arms. She leaned in and exposed one of my nipples. This was a normal scene, so no one even thought twice about Liz’s actions. She began to suck my nipple and slipped her already playing finger inside of me. I got off the bar stool to reach her face better and we started to kiss. “Get back up there.” She pointed to the bar stool. I got back up and she parted my legs. Her tongue felt smooth against my clit. She began to suck, just perfectly. As she slid her fingers inside me, I started playing with my nipples.

“You two are starting already?” Gina asked, watching us. I put my hand on Gina’s shoulder, holding on and inviting her.

Liz perked up, my wetness glistening from her lips. “I’m trying to talk her into going to Hedo with us.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” Gina asked, accepting the invite. Gina and I started kissing as I felt her tits. They were already pretty exposed from her top. I brought them all the way out and pinched her nipples. I started moaning; Liz was doing a great job and I was pretty close to finishing. Gina broke my hold of her tits to sucking mine. With that combination, I came hard with my legs around Liz’s shoulders.

Liz stood straight up. “So?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” I smiled at her as we kissed again. “That was awesome.”

“Bartender,” Liz was waving the bartender over. “Sign her up.” I went off with the bartender to finalize my seat and room for the trip. As I walked away, Liz slapped my ass. “It’s a month away! This is going to be great!”

The plane was landing in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was beyond excited for what the week held. Being the only one of the crew that’s been to the Hedo Resort before, I was just as excited for them. We had a couple small planes booked to get to the other side of the island, instead of taking the 2 hour ride to Negril on the bus. We got our luggage and went to the TimAir terminal. The small plane didn’t go that high up, but the scene was definitely worth the $85 per person. The pilot was kind enough to do an ariel view of Hedo before landing. The landing strip was literally right across the street from Hedo.

The cab driver waiting, took our bags to the office of the Hedo resort. As we arrived, there were about 20 of us, all standing around, taking everything in. You couldn’t see much of the resort from the check in location, but there was a wonderful waiter serving beverages and explaining the check in process.

It has been about 10 years since I’ve been there, but drinking the rum punch brought me back like it was yesterday. My soon to be roommate, Carrie and I, toasted. “Here’s to getting off as much as possible this week!” We toasted, kissed, and took a long drink. The waiter was around with a pitcher, making sure no one was empty. Lucky enough, Carrie and I were called to check in first. As we walked deeper into the check in location, I took in the open room, which was mostly outside with a roof. It was the typical Caribbean colors with a tile floor. Pictures and beautiful plants were all around. The check in desk wasn’t like a usual hotel. There two chairs where you sat as you checked in. Carrie and I sat down as the waiter refilled our drinks. Carrie was busy looking to see what was beyond the check in point. The bellhop stood with our bags as the woman behind the desk gave him our room number. The lady behind the desk was quite happy and entergetic.

“Say goodbye to your bags. They’ll be in your room next time you see them.” She teasingly waved to the bags. Carrie and I looked at each other again, excited to be there. We each got a key that had a bracelet attached to it. “Most people put it around their ankle. When you are on the nude side, well, there’s no where else to put it.” We all laughed as we got up from the plush pink chairs. Like two little kids, we raced into the next section. Carrie used me as her guide.

“What’s this?” She was looking around, her eyes wide open.

“This is the main dining room. Buffet style eating, lots to choose from.” I pointed to where the food was already set out. “There is ALWAYS food around.” I pointed out the stage and explained some evening entertainment. There was another bar upon the exit of the dining room. We stopped to get more drinks. The bar was covered in small blue tiles, some metallic, but beautiful. Before making our way towards our room, Carrie noticed the first pool. It was large. “That is a fun pool at night! There are window to the dance floor at that end.” I pointed.

“You mean they can watch you swim, naked?” Well, ordinarily yes. But we’re still on the “prude” side (clothing a must). That is the night time must do!” I pointed to the naked water slide.

That quick, Carrie’s eyes took her to the hot tub. It was up on a deck, about 20 steps. “That thing is HUGE!”

“Oh yea, fits lots of people. During the day, not much action. But at night…hmmm. Lots of naked bodies running around here.”

We made our way, following the signs to our room. It was on what is referred to as the “nude” side. This means you can be naked all the time. We walked in our room and saw the contents. Our bags were on the king sized bed. I started grabbing my bags to unpack. I barely got it open when Carried stopped me.

“No way! Not now!” She was already naked. “Let’s go!” She screamed at me and started untying the back of my halter top with two towels in her hand. I removed the rest of my clothes. She grabbed my hand and headed towards the door.

“Wait, room key!” I grabbed her and mine. We both stuck our foot in the bracelet and put it around our ankles. As if I never left, I remembered the way to the nude side pool. It was covered by neatly placed shrubs. As we walked in, Carrie gasped.

“Wow!” She took in the sea of naked people, the swim up bar, and the grill. We picked out some beach chairs and got in; Went right to the bar for refills.

Carrie had planned on making one of her fantasies a reality and having at least two men at once. She spotted some prospects and left me at the bar to get to know them. I ensured that I would be ok and pushed her to go. I stood in the pool, by the bar and smoked a cigarette. I just people watched, waiting for some other members of the crew to arrive. I couldn’t have been standing there more than 5 minutes when I heard a voice.

“Oh my God,” the person sounded seriously shocked. “Katie?” The voice was almost whispering, but I heard it and turned at hearing my name. Standing there naked in a wealth of other naked people, I expected the person to not even be talking to me or hoped that it wasn’t someone I knew. I never, in million years, expected to see the person that stood before me. I stood there, naked and shocked. There was Alex, an old love from many years ago. I couldn’t believe I was looking him in the eyes.

I shouldn’t call Alex a “love,” but I did love him. He was married and we had an affair for many years. I never expected a relationship with him, but did rate him as the best lover I’d ever had. The mere sight of him made me nervous. I forgot I was naked. I just stared at him with scenes of our torrid sexual past running through my mind. Then I remembered how we lost touch. I had an affair with him when I was married. I had trouble dealing with the guilt and stopped responding to his emails or any form of contact. I basically ignored him, not because I didn’t want to have sex with him. It was because I wanted to have sex with him way too much, too often. Our intimacy with each other was steamy enough to put a porn flick to shame. I never trusted myself alone with him; he knew how to push my buttons and then I had no self control. I wanted him inside me. Even at this moment, feeling nervous, I wanted to jump on him. I fought my inner self for self control.

As I just stood there staring, he started to talk again. “It’s me! Alex? You don’t recognize me?” He sounded hurt.

“I am sorry, I do, of course. I am just shocked.” He was wading through the water to get closer to me. Does one still hug in a situation like this? I guess that question wasn’t in Alex’s head, he came right up and hugged me. My wet body pressed against his chest, I could feel his soft cock against me. He broke the hug short.

“Shit, I can’t do that too long.” He looked around and then looked down at his own member. “You do crazy things to me.” He leaned against the bar and ordered a drink. He looked at my cigarettes and took one. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re here! This is just…” he paused. “Wow, its been so long since I’ve seen you. Are you here with your husband?”

I was still shocked and kind of starting at him. “No, I got divorced a couple years ago. I got back into the swingers clubs again. I’m here on a group trip with them.”

“Fantastic. I mean about the divorce, if you don’t mind me saying.” Alex smiled that evil grin that always swallows me. I laughed anxiously.

“It’s fine. Really. What about you? You actually get your wife to do something like this?” I pointed around me.

“No,” he held out the O, laughing as if I was crazy for even thinking that. “I am here with a few guy friends to celebrate the finalization on my divorce. It was official 3 days ago.”

“Congrats.” My pitch was high as I wondered what it all meant when it came to sex between us. We used to fantasize about being able to freely be together. I wanted no type of relationship with him or anyone, but I did want to feel him fill me again. He must have been thinking the same thing.

“Hmm. Interesting.” He put his hand on my hand. “So we’re both free to do what we want?”

“Yes… how ironic meeting here?” I said to him, immediately taking his advances. Now he was staring at me, straight into my eyes. Reading me. He was always a little too good at that. For that silent moment, the world was still, but broken when he leaned in to kiss me. For a second I stood there, just letting him. Then I put my hand through his wet hair. I got closer, purposely pressing my body to his.

“Wait… Oh God. I can’t do that here. I can’t even hide my reaction.” He looked around to see if anyone noticed his hardness. I noticed and felt it. I reached down to grab it. Quickly, he grabbed my hand. “If you do that, I’ll never be able to get out of this pool. Do you want to go somewhere? Somewhere a little more private?” I think my answer had everything to do with if he’d be willing to get out of that pool with a hard cock. He was offering exactly what I wanted.

“Yes.” My answer was swift and breathless. He took my hand and lead me toward the steps. I looked over at Carrie who was the center of 3 men’s attention. She looked back at me. Behind Alex’s back, I gave her a thumps up. She returned the signal. “My room is close,” I offered. He nodded, concentrating hard to keep his cock soft til we left the area.

At the threshold of my door, I took the key from my ankle and let us in. The door barely opened when he took me into his arms. Already being naked, was quite helpful. He kissed me deeply as I wrapped my arms around him.

“Wait.” I let him go and broke free of the kiss. “Don’t you want to know why I stopped talking to you?”

“Well,” his voice was quite sexy about it. “If I had to guess, knowing you, you wanted to fuck me too much.” He took my hand and pulled my back to him. My eyes told him he was right on the button. “I understand. I been there, many times over the years with you. I wanted to stop, but couldn’t. You are more addictive than most drugs.” I thought of all the times we tried to stop, back before I was married. It never last more than week and then he was calling me. I leaned back into him.

“So are you.” This time, I started kissing him. Wrapped in a tight embrace, our tongues were interlocked. This was the first time, neither of us had to hide. He leaned his ass on the high bed. Immediately, I dropped to my knees and started sucking his hard cock. I didn’t hold back or even start off slow. I dove into sucking him. I sucked and tongued the tip before moving on to lick his balls. When I went back to sucking, he breath quickened. I looked up at his face and seen his head falling back as his hands held my hair.

“If you keep that up…” he stopped. I had no intention of stopping until I tasted his cum.

I took his cock out of my mouth and played with his balls as I stroked him. “I want your cum. Besides, I WILL make you hard again.” I sucked his cock back into my mouth.

“And that would be why I get so addicted to you,” Alex had trouble getting the words out of his mouth. I feverishly kept sucking. I could feel his hands on my tits. I tickled his balls lightly with my nails. He was letting his moans freely fill the air. His warm cum shot into my mouth. I took it all and kept sucking. Alex was going nuts. I reached my hands up to feel his chest and stomach. I slowly took him all the way in my mouth. I remembered how perfectly his cock fit in my mouth. I felt it get hard again and was even more turned on than before. He lifted me and immediately felt my wet pussy. He started to maneuver me on the bed when he noticed all the luggage. We both started to put it on the floor.

“My roommate.” Alex shook his head.

“Lay down.” He pointed, demanding. I did what he said as just watched my naked body. “Spread your legs.” I did. He made himself at home on the bed with his mouth attached to my clit. His fingers touched on my wetness. “You are wet. You really like sucking me, don’t you?”


“Does it make you wet?” I missed this little game he played. He’d ask questions he already knew the answers to and If my answer was good, it would be reflected by his mouth or cock if he was in me.


“Do you like when I finger your cunt?” I liked it even more when he talked to me like this. I was starting get breathless from his fingers inside me and other hand rubbing my clit.


“Tell me you like it.” I don’t know, but I was so turned on when he forced my shyness away and made me talk dirty back. “Tell me now or I’ll stop!”

“I like it when you finger my cunt.”

“Good girl.” He went back to licking me. “I want your cum all over my fingers. I want to taste your cum.” His sucked my clit.

“Yes, oh wow… Yes.” I moaned back. I looked up and noticed the mirrors above the bed. I watched him pleasure me. My hips were thrusting under his mouth. My moans got louder. “Please,” I breathlessly whispered. “Fuck me.”

“Tell me again.” Alex demanded quietly, but firmly.

“Fuck me.”

“No.” I’d love to say he was teasing, but he wasn’t. He made a craft out of eating my pussy. I finally came on his fingers and my body went wild. He kept his fingers inside me. “Maybe I’ll fuck you now.”

“Please.” I begged and meant it. I wanted him in me. He leaned up and spread my legs wider with his hands. He continued to toy with my cunt.

“You want me to taste it?” He said as he watched my pussy.

“Yes.” His eyes were glued to mine as I watched him lick my cum off his fingers. He moved to get on top of me. Before his cock reached my pussy, he licked and sucked my tits. He moved again and this time he lead his cock to my opening. Slowly he placed his head at entrance.

“You want that?”

“Yes.” I could feel his throbbing cock waiting to enter me. I tried to grab his thighs to slam into me. He overpowered me.

“No. Don’t be greedy. Slow.” He went inside me a little further. I closed my eyes as I felt him. He pushed a little more in, then started to slowly thrust me. “Rub your clit.” I really enjoyed when he told me what to do rather than asking. I started rubbing as he watched me.


“Is that how you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes.” I hoped that he would. He slid himself deep inside me. I gasped at the feeling.

“You like that?” He started pinching my nipples. “Tell me how it feels?”

“I love it.”

“That’s not enough, tell me more.” I knew what he meant, what he wanted to hear. The naughtyness of me actually saying it turned me on more.

“Your cock feels good when you…” I stopped, moaning from his thrusting me.

“Finish it.”

“When you fuck me!” I exploded. With every piece of strength in me, and using his unexpecting body, I flipped him off me. I got on top and lead him back inside me. He laughed, full well knowing THAT IS what he was trying to do.

“You think you are so good don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes.” I started riding him harder and faster. He grabbed my tits as they bounced. He pinched my nipples so perfectly. “Don’t stop.” I put my hands on his wrists and held him there as I rode.

“I’m gonna cum on all over your cock.” I whined it through my moans.

“Yes, baby. Let it…” My screams cut him off. I didn’t stop, but slowed down. His hands guided my thighs.

The sound of the key in the door stopped me.

“Oh,” I said as a matter of fact. “That’s Carrie.” He looked puzzled. “My roomie.” Alex shook his head. As the door opened, I whispered, “She’s bi too.” Alex and I have had a threesome before. Alex just laid there, his cock still hard inside me.

As the door swung open, Carrie was alone. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s your room too! Don’t worry. Unless I burned your eyes?” I laughed. “Did you get anywhere with your little project?” Code for her wanting 2 or 3 men.

“Nah. Not them. One got me off though.”

“Cool.” Without asking Alex, I continued. “You want to get off again?”

She perked up from her suitcase, feverishly looking for something. “Yea?” She questioned. “You share?”

“Best thing to do.” I watched her and motioned for her to come on the bed.

She was still naked from the pool. She got on the bed and came right to me sitting on Alex’s cock. I was rocking slightly. “Oh yea… I love helping and getting off.” She turned to Alex, but asked me, “Can I fuck him?” She situated herself behind me. Grabbing my tits, she started rubbing my clit.

“Yes.” I turned back and started kissing her. Alex reached up to touch my sides. “Give me your pussy.” I couldn’t reach from where she was sitting. She stood up completely on the bed and hovered over my face. I leaned back with Alex’s cock still inside me, thrusted my hips on him and started licking Carrie. Alex leaned up and started fingering her. I sucked her clit hard, the way she liked it. She started moaning at Alex and I pleasuring her. It didn’t take her long to cum. When she moved and plopped on the bed, I got off Alex.

“You cum on his cock yet?” Carrie asked.

“Yes,” I giggled. She kissed me. I want to taste it. She started going down on Alex. I joined her and started licking his balls. Alex had access to both of our pussies. He fingered us both. I leaned up and offered him up. She sat on him and started fucking him. Alex pulled me towards his face. We kissed as I whispered in his ear. “You like that?”

He didn’t get a chance to answer. Carrie got up and ordered him to fuck her from behind. When she came again, she ordered Alex to fuck me. I got in the same position and allowed Alex to fuck me. Carrie laid in front of me with her legs spread for me to eat her. I started eating her. I felt Alex’s chest against my back. He was fingering her as I ate. I could hear Alex’s moans getting louder.

“Rub my ass,” Carrie ordered. Alex obliged and got her off again. She perked up while Alex was still fucking me from behind. She leaned down and kissed me. “Thanks. I hate to say this but, people are expecting me.” We kissed again as Alex watched intensely. “Bye.” She started walking out. “Oh yea, nice to meet you!” We both laughed. Alex pulled out.

“Suck me again. I love it when you do that.” I started sucking and he pulled out of my mouth as soon as he started cumming. He sprayed it all over my tits. I rubbed it in.

We both sat up on the bed. Kissing gently, “This is going to be a good week.” I stated, hoping there would be more of what just happened. He caressed my tits and shook his head.

“I agree. This could be an amazing week.” Alex continued with my nipples.

“Keep that up and you’ll have to give it to me again.”

“If that’s an offer, I will.” Alex showed me his cock was hard again. He took me into his arms and laid back on the bed. We went another round.

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