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His first time

Lee smokes pole in the cinema
Lee sat down in the dark theater and rubbed his eyes. The change in light between the outside in the sun and the dark room made him blink. Gradually his vision came back. He noticed there was only two people in the theater, him and a younger hispanic guy. The guy was dressed nice, medium build, clean and immaculately groomed. He was standing behind a half wall watching the movie. Out of the corner of Lee's eye he noticed the guy step back a bit from the wall and reveal that he had his pants down around his knees and was jacking a nice cock. It was cut, about 7", thick, with a huge mushroom head. His pubes had been trimmed. Lee looked away and the guy stepped closer to the wall blocking Lee's view again. Lee's heart began racing.

Did he just see that? What did it mean? Suddenly he got it. The guy was flashing him because he wanted Lee to suck his cock. Lee was not bi or gay and had only briefly considered being curious. He couldn't. He wouldn't or would he. Lee's mind was racing and surprisingly he got an instant hard on. As he glanced in the direction of the guy again, the guy stepped back from the wall again. Lee couldn't take it. This time he stared at the guy and then at the guys cock. He was mesmerized with what he saw. The guy motioned Lee over. It was decision time. Impulsively Lee got up walked toward the man. As he got in front of him Lee kneeled. He ws now face to face with this guy's cock. He took it in his hand and for the first time opened his mouth and slid it over the guys cock. It smelled nice- clean. The sensation of the cock's skin and the head felt really good in Lee's mouth. He began to slide his mouth up and down on the guys cock.

The guy moaned and took a deep breath. The sound of it made Lee's heart pound. He kept sliding his mouth up and down on the guys cock. The guys breathing was getting ragged and his cock had become very hard. Lee began to slide up and down with his mouth faster. Suddenly the guy began to thrust forward. Lee's balls were aching and he was hard beyond belief. His mind raced but, now he had started he was afraid to stop. Given what he was doing and where he was he kept going. In and out, over and over again he kept sucking. He tasted small amounts or precum now. It was salty but not bad tasting. Lee kept sucking. Now the guy was thrusting his hips in and out to Lee's sucking motion. Lee kept going, working this cock in his mouth. He felt the guys balls tense up and get tight. This guy was close to cumming. Lee started to suck faster, harder he wanted it- all of it. He ws becoming a real life cocksucker in the space of 5 minutes.

The guy tensed as Lee sucked harder, took in a breath and let it go. Gobs of hot thick cum spurted from the guys cock into Lee's mouth and down his throat. Lee could not hold it all almost but swallowed for the first time, willingly. The guy kept cumming more and more cum Lee swallowed over and over again, He kept sucking and swallowing the whole time. Gradually the cum slows down and the guys cock begins to get smaller. Lee keeps sucking, licking the head of it until it begins to relax.The guy steps back. Lee stands up and takes a deep breath. He cannot believe he just did that. The guy pulls his pants up and glances toward Lee.

He tells Lee - "thanks" and smiles, then he walks away and out the door. Lee sits down as his mind races. He is troubled by what he just did and does not understand why he did it. What bothers him most is- he liked it. Forever in his mind he will know that that guy owned him in a way. Because Lee had so openly serviced a guy he would forever be a cocksucker and bi and could not deny it.
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