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His Girlfriend's New Mistress

A girl convinces her boyfriend to join in the night of fun she has planned with a friend from work
"That feel good baby?"
"Oh god yes"

Ellie was kneeling next to her boyfriend Mark, stroking his cock and leant over him whispering in his ear. She knew he'd do anything he was told if she got him in the right mood, and with her plans for that night she had to get him there quickly. 'Thank god there's an easy way to do this' she thought.

"Hmm... I know what you want, close your eyes"

He just managed to breathe out a reply as he closed his eyes. He wondered what the hell she was up to, he thought he could hear her opening a draw. Suddenly, he felt her hand wrapped around his cock again but now it felt different. 'Lace' the one word popped into his head and he knew what was coming.

"Now I know you like this more"
Ellie had a frilly pair of pink panties in her hand and she was using them to stroke her boyfriend. There was no way he could argue with her, anyone could see he was enjoying it.

"But we both know you'd rather be wearing them, wouldn't you baby?"
The second she got him in panties he'd be hers to control, after that it was just a matter of saying what she wanted when she wanted it.

"..Yes Ellie... please can I put them on?"
Mark's voice came out quiet, obviously embarrassed. Normally Ellie would have forced him to ask more enthusiastically but tonight she simply didn't care.

Mark slipped the panties on and Ellie resumed rubbing him, careful to get him worked up before telling him her plans.

"You know how I tell you about the girls at work? The ones I fantasise about sometimes?"
"God yes" Mark loved hearing about her lesbian thoughts
"Well what if I could get one to join us one night? Like a threesome?"

Marks hips were thrusting up to meet her hand, Ellie could see this going perfectly. As soon as he agreed to it she'd let him know that her friend was already on the way over and then he'd just have to go with it.

"That'd be awesome Ellie; do you think anyone would be up for it?"
"Well... Sarah is on her way over right now, you don't mind do you...  I thought it would be a nice surprise"
"Shh, it'll be fun"

Ellie couldn't have him arguing about this, in one deft movement she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking. Regardless of his earlier protests, Mark stopped arguing immediately and was moaning as her lips slid up and down his cock. Nobody could argue with Ellie whilst she sucked them.
Mark's hips started to thrust more and more rapidly as he reached orgasm so Ellie eased off. He wouldn't do as he was told if she let him cum already.

"Lie back baby"
Ellie got up and climbed onto mark. Straddling his head she lowered her pussy onto his face. She grabbed his head with one hand and pulled him up to her
"Lick it"
Mark started eating her eagerly, he absolutely loved it when Ellie was like this. He knew he was worried or annoyed about something, but he couldn't quite remember what.

"Now when Sarah gets here, I want you on your best behaviour. You'll do exactly what we say when we say it or you won't be joining in got it?"
"Mmmhmmm" Mark tried to speak but it was no use with Ellie pushing down on him.
"Don't worry, she expects you dressed as you are. Not that she won't be laughing at you baby, but at least she won't be shocked. And I've told her how good you are at eating pussy so you better not let me down"

The doorbell rang

"Well here she is now, don't move"

And with that Ellie got up and went to answer the door


Ellie was dressed in a see through black thong and babydoll set, threaded with pink ribbon and barely concealing anything. Obviously it wouldn't do to open the door like this to anyone but Sarah. She peeked out of her window to see Sarah there looking gorgeous. Long dark brown hair, a perfect face with the largest brown eyes and a body a swimsuit model would envy. Ellie only went for the best girls.

"Come in" She called and then went to get some wine from the kitchen.
Ellie heard Sarah come in and sit in the living room, waiting for her. When she came into the room, Sarah gasped audibly.

"You look amazing!"

"Thanks" Ellie was feeling kind of shy but she'd planned this for ages and wouldn't let that get in the way. She walked over and straddled Sarah on the sofa, handing her a glass of wine.
"I'm glad you like it"

Both girls took large drinks of the wine and then set the glasses aside, they had all night but it felt like there was no time to waste. Ellie wrapped her arms around Sarah’s neck and started kissing her, Sarah's hands were everywhere feeling this amazing girl's body.
As they kissed and explored each others' bodies, Ellie started to peel clothes from Sarah eager to see the body underneath. She wasn't disappointed when she removed Sarah's jacket, she only had a red corset underneath just about covering her heaving chest.
With the jacket gone, Sarah started kissing Ellie's ears moving down to her neck; feeling up her legs as she kissed down. Ellie leaned her head back so Sarah could kiss down her chest, pulling her babydoll up and over her tits so she could tease Ellie's nipples with her tongue.
Ellie moaned aloud, she had no idea how good this would feel, she pulled Sarah's head into her chest and felt her take her whole nipple into her mouth.

"Man that's hot" Mark had come downstairs to see what was taking them so long and had been met with the pleasant site of the two goddesses making out on the sofa.

"What the hell Mark! Did I tell you to come downstairs yet?" Ellie sounded annoyed, putting Mark off balance.

"No... but I thought you'd want me to Ellie"

"Like fuck she does! Go sit on the floor until we're ready for you" Sarah's commanding voice was not one Mark was willing to argue with.

Ellie felt Sarah's hand moving under her ass and gently rubbing her pussy through her panties, she didn't give another thought to Mark and resumed kissing Sarah. She felt the thong being moved to the side and suddenly, Sarah had two fingers inside her.
She was moaning like crazy.

"Like that do you slut?"
"Mmmm yes Sarah"
"Haha you're little boyfriend does too, he's all hard in his panties. He'd probably give anything to lick our pussies right now.... but then I guess you'd feel the same about mine"

Ellie blushed bright red at this, it was true she'd always wanted to try another girl’s cunt but she was so embarrassed to hear it like that.

"Well do you want it bitch?"
"...yes..." Ellie said in her quietest voice
"Please can I trying eating you Sarah?"

Sarah almost laughed out loud, she knew Ellie would be easy to control and her boyfriend too but she'd had no idea it would be this easy. She pushed Ellie, fairly gently, onto the floor and put her legs together.

"Take off my pants"

Ellie slid the black leather trousers Sarah was wearing off and was treated to her beautiful legs leading up to her, now soaking wet, red and black panties.

"Lean forward bitch"

Ellie leaned forward and started to kiss her way up her new mistress’s thighs, from her knee right up to the edge of her panties

"Do you want me to move them Ellie?"
"Please Sarah, move them so I can lick your pussy"

Sarah pulled them to one side with one hand and with the other grabbed the back of Ellie's head pulling her towards her hot wet cunt. Ellie didn't hesitate, she stuck her tongue out and starting licking Sarah's pussy for all she was worth, flicking her tongue across her clit and sucking it into her mouth. Trying her very best to please Sarah, she knew she looked like a slut; half dressed on her hand and knees with her ass stuck in the air, but she didn't care she knew she was slut anyway.

"Get your hand off your cock idiot!" Sarah had looked up to see Mark rubbing his cock through his panties. He was obviously enjoying the show but Sarah just wouldn't have it.
"Get over her and start licking your girlfriend's ass, look at it stuck up in the air, she's just begging to be fucked"

Mark scrambled over and knelt behind Ellie, he leaned over and pulled her thong aside so he could lick her ass. Sarah absolutely loved it, she had this couple completely under her control already and she had so much more she could do with the two of them.
She felt herself get nearer and nearer to cumming as she got lost in her thoughts and Ellie worked her magic. As she neared the edge she grabbed Ellie's hair and pulled her towards her pussy, pushing it onto her face. She moaned crazily as she came, pushing her cunt into Ellie’s face, covering her in her juices. It felt amazing, after what seemed like forever Sarah felt herself relax and fall back into the chair

"Ellie, get me some wine"

Ellie got Sarah's glass and passed it to her before sitting down next to her, Mark just kneeled on the floor he knew better than to move without permission now.
As she relaxed with the wine, Sarah looked deep in thought; obviously planning what was to come.

"Kneel up on the sofa Ellie and bend over facing away from me"

Ellie got up and did what she was told. She felt completely exposed, her baby doll had been lost on the floor somewhere and she was bent over the arm of the sofa now, her ass sticking out towards Sarah with only her thong to cover her. Well at least she thought she did, Sarah quickly pulled it down so it was half way down her thighs. It felt even sluttier than just having it off.

Sarah kneeled up behind her and starting stroking her thighs. Moving her hand slowly up and down Ellie's thigh, always threatening to get close to her dripping pussy but never quite getting there. Ellie was going wild, she'd never felt so hot in her life and Sarah's teasing was just driving her mad.
Eventually Sarah's hand lightly flicked across her pussy, Ellie gasped immediately. Smiling, Sarah started to slowly rub it.

"Hmm somebody is enjoying herself"
"Oh I am Sarah"
"Hehe looks like you did a good job of getting her ready Mark"
"Thank you Sarah"

Ellie was moaning, Sarah's thumb was working at her clit whilst she fucked her slowly with two fingers.

"Ellie tells me she fucks you sometimes"
"Why don't you go get that strapon hmm?"

Mark disappeared upstairs and Sarah turned back to Ellie

"That feel good Ellie?"
"Oh god yes" Ellie felt she was on the wrong side of this conversation
"Well you're in for a treat now"

With that Sarah slid underneath Ellie on her back and pulled her down gently onto her face. Slowly, she started to move her tongue across Ellie's pussy. 'My god she tastes soo good' Sarah was amazed she managed to find a girl so perfect. Lost in her thoughts she was oblivious to what her gentle teasing was doing to Ellie. The poor girl was desperately thrusting her hips trying to get more pressure, anything to make her cum. Snapping out of her reverie, Sarah giggled to herself as she saw Ellie's pained expression. She sucked her clit into her mouth and started rubbing her with her tongue. It didn't take long for her to cum and Mark came back into the room to see Ellie screaming wildly, thrusting her hips. As she calmed down, Sarah lifted Ellie off her a little and told her to wait with her ass exposed once more.

"Well mark put it on me" Sarah was as commanding as ever.

Mark knelt next to the sofa and put the strapon on Sarah, he was anticipating what was coming next.

"Ok Mark you can sit on the sofa and watch. Ellie you kneel on the floor in front of him, put your head in his lap and look up, I want him to be able to see your face"

Everyone shifted as they were told and Sarah got behind her new slut.
"Ass up bitch" She was annoyed she even had to ask.

Ellie pushed her ass up in the air and felt Sarah grab her hip with one hand. Sarah used the other to guide the dildo into Ellie, she loved doing this to girls. 'There's no better way to show who's in control' she thought, she'd always envied guys that.
Ellie moaned as Sarah pushed into her and grabbed her hips with both hands. Mark simply couldn't believe how hot the site in front of him was.

They quickly got into a rhythm; Sarah fucking Ellie's pussy hard, both girls moaning like crazy and mark stroking his cock aware nobody really noticed what he was up to. Ellie came harder than she'd ever done in her life, she felt so hot letting Sarah take over her like this.

"That right slut, you love me fucking you don't you?"
"Oh yes Sarah"
"Looks like your boyfriend enjoys watching it too, why don't you help him out?"

Ellie lifted her head a little and started sucking Mark's cock. He couldn't believe he was so lucky, watching these two hot girls fucking each other. He wasn't going to last long, he was moaning now feeling the cum build up inside him.

Sarah was feeling exactly the same way, she couldn't believe she'd managed to get to this point all in one night. She was going to have a great time with this couple. And the sight in front of her... God she loved it, she was fucking Ellie harder and harder as she felt herself about to cum.

Feeling the speed pick up in Sarah's fucking, Ellie was thrusting her hips back harder ready to cum yet again as she sucked Mark's cock. Her head was bobbing up and down on him whilst Sarah fucked her from behind, she'd never felt so slutty.

And then as if on cue, she came and the sight of it set mark off: he starting cumming in her mouth his hips bucking as he watched the other two. And as Ellie swallowed, Sarah felt her own orgasm start and she was moaning, fucking Ellie more and more slowly as she lost energy. All three of them collapsed, smiling at each other and wondering what was next.

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