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How I Became Bisexual

This is the true story of how I became a fully fledged bisexual
It all started several years back, sex with my wife of ten years started to get slow and repetitious. We were constantly looking for ways to spice things up. One day she suggested we get some sex toys. I ordered some through the internet. The usual stuff; a vibrator and some lube. We used it and she didn't like it so it went into the drawer.

Well, she starts work at 7am and, unlike some of my previous girlfriends, she doesn’t like sex in the morning. I, on the other hand, always have “morning wood”. I don’t need to be out of the house for work until 9am so this leaves me a lot of time alone in the morning.

One morning, after again being turned down, she went off to work and I started trolling the internet. I came across a bisexual movie. I had never seen this type of action! Here’s a guy taking a nice eight inch cock in his mouth while a girl is take his big cock in her mouth. I instantly froze and watched with intense fascination. I grew instantly hard and was compelled to continue watching. They soon changed positions; one man lay down on the bed and the girl took up in a '69'. They were getting into licking and sucking. I was starting to stroke my very hard cock. Then the other man entered her pussy WHILE the guy was eating her out! He was pounding away at her snatch and the guy on the bottom would lick her clit then lick his shaft. Then the guy would take his cock out of her dripping pussy and put it in the guys mouth. The girl was going nuts, the guy on the bottom was enjoying giving a fantastic alternating BJ and head. I couldn’t stop jerking off to the action and just as the guy from behind started coming in the guys mouth, I shot a huge load.

For the next few days, I couldn’t get the video out of my mind. I started fantasizing about giving a guy a blow job.

A few days later, my wife and I were having sex. It started as usual and looked to be a routine fucking. I then had an idea and thought I would try something out from the video. I went to the nightstand and brought out the old vibrator. I started to lick at my wife's bald pussy. She really started to get into it and soon asked me to turn around so she could suck me. I readily obliged. Just as her juices were flowing and her hips started bucking, I inserted the vibrator into her sopping pussy while I licked and teased her clit. While I was doing this, I was fantasizing the vibrator was a dick and would occasionally take it out and suck on it. In my mind her mouth was another man's pleasing me. She was going nuts and soon was having a great orgasm. I started coming soon after with thoughts of a cock in my wife’s pussy and and a man sucking on my dick. After the glow was gone she asked what got in my mind, I said nothing and that I was just trying to please her.

Every day after that, my wife would go to work, I would get on the computer and look at different bi sex movies. My thoughts would not get away from sucking and fucking with another man but I was too afraid to act out on my fantasies. So I tried the next best thing.

I went to a sex toy web site and ordered some toys. I had them delivered next day in the AM so only I would be home. I got three eight inch, realistic dildos with suction cups, a Fleshlight, lots of lub and a special dildo that you can put fake cum in it and watch it shoot.

I couldn’t contain my self the next day. Off the wife went to work, although I could sense she knew something was up the way I was acting. She looked at me before she left and said “You're acting like it’s Christmas morning!” I said it was nothing, kissed her on the cheek and sent her off with a pat on her firm ass.

I watched as her car left the driveway and immediately hit the shower. I shaved my balls extra close and washed my ass. I was going to have a great time alone with my new toys. 10:15 didn’t come fast enough and the FedEx guy, with a little suspicion in his eye, dropped off the package. I tore at it like it was Christmas!

The dildos looked and felt amazing. The Fleshlight was incredibly realistic. Now what? Well, I was prepared. I was thinking about this all night. I dropped the dildos and Fleshlight in very hot water for a few minutes to warm them up. I took them all in my shower, placed one dildo on one wall, the other on the opposite wall, one on the seat and the pocket pussy beside me. I turned on the steam shower and walked in, pretending it was a turkish bath. With all the steam you could not see anything and with my hands I found my desires. As soon as I found one dildo I started sucking on it like it was real, using my hands on the hard shaft and balls. I amazed myself when it didn’t take me anytime at all to learn how to deep throat. One or two gags and I was taking the 8 inches to the base like a pro.

I was deep in fantasy, sucking on this dildo when I reached to balance my self and felt the cock on the seat sticking straight up. Who could resist this, I thought. Having lubed myself before I entered my “Turkish Bath”, I stood up and slowly started to lower my self on my new dick. I couldn’t believe the sensation of a warm cock filling me. I have to admit, it hurt at first but, like my new ability to suck a cock all the way, I soon took this hot eight inches all the way to the base. I started stroking my cock while I was bouncing up and down on my new toy. Feeling it massage my prostate soon brought me close. I stopped fucking my self and grabbed my dick as hard as I could. I didn’t want this to end but the feeling in my ass was too much and I started coming anyway. I managed to stop but not before I came a little.

I looked down at my very hard and red helmet with white ooze coming out. I stood up slowly, feeling the cock coming out of a nice and sore ass. I placed my cock against one of the dildos stuck on the wall and wiped my cum on it. I then slowly sat back down on my friendly cock and started fucking. I closed my eyes, reached for the wet cock on the wall and started sucking. I greedily sucked down my own jizz while fucking my self and jerking my self off with my free hand. I was screaming in ecstasy when I came with a cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth and pretending to be jerked off all at the same time. I shot ropes and ropes of cum.

From that day on I was hooked on my new routine at least 3 times a week. The wife would leave for work and I would spend the next hour warming my cocks, shaving my balls and ass and proceed to pretend to be used like a bitch.

This all changed one very freighting and fateful day. The day the wife came back home after only half an hour at work...

I will continue this story in Part 2 from her perspective.

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