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How I became BiSexual part 2

This is part two of a hopefully long series

This is the 2nd part of a series on how I became bi sexual. I urge you to read the first story. “How I became Bisexual” This story is 100% true.

A short synopsis of part one; My wifes and I sex life had become routine and rather boring, while trolling the internet one day looking for something to jerk off too, I came across a bi sexual video. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of 2 men and 1 girl going at each other. When the men started sucking and fucking each other, my cock grew so hard you could cut diamonds with it. I came all to soon. The thoughts of another mans cock in my mouth and ass wouldn’t leave me. I soon started using dildo’s and vibrators to fill my desires (and mouth and ass) When we left part one, my wife walked in on one of my “sessions” This is her side of the story. Although I’m writing it, she is beside me dictating.

As my husband of 20 plus years has said, our sex lives have become routine and boring. Sometimes it would be nice and intimate but always the same, a little sucking then fucking then roll over and sleep. One day while he was eating me out, I felt something rather large enter my pussy. The unexpected sensation made me gasp but it felt so dam good. Like I was being fucked and eaten at the same time. Now we have tried the vibrator in the past and I didn’t enjoy the over stimulation during sex, but this time he didn’t turn it on and just started fucking me with it while licking and sucking my clit. I always had my own fantasies of being with more than one person at the same time in bed and I took this opportunity to turn my mind onto this alternate reality. He was already in the 69 position so I took his cock in my warm wet mouth and started sucking.

A few things were different this time. His cock was absolutely the hardest and biggest I have felt in years. He was constantly oozing with precum, and with the feeling of a cock in my now sopping pussy, his rock hard cock in my mouth and his tongue on my clit I couldn’t get enough of the jizz. I was in heaven and soon started bucking with my first of 3 (yes I counted) orgasms. Now this was another thing different about this time. Every few strokes of the vibrator I would feel it being withdrawn and he would stop licking my pussy. This would only last a few seconds and I thought his tongue must be getting tired but it was strange. I placed it in the back of my mind to process later when another wave came over me stronger then the first. I couldn’t get enough cock, jizz, licking, fucking. My mind was producing images of 2 no.. 3 men fucking and sucking me at the same time. No sooner had the 2nd wave pass by my 3rd and strongest orgasm slammed into me, just as he started shooting the biggest load I have ever had in my mouth. I was screaming as loud as I could, which wasn’t much because I had a rock hard 8” cock in my mouth shooting goobs and goobs of cream. The feeling of his orgasm in my mouth, my muffled screams and his grunting on my dripping pussy was unbelievable. But, as in all good things, it passes and we laid in 69 embrace for a few more moments.

He then did another thing that took me by surprise. He turn around, got on top of me, and started french kissing me. He would never kiss me after a BJ and it always kind of turned me off to giving one, but this time it seamed he couldn’t get enough of either my lips or his taste on them. Again, I didn’t want to ruin the mood by calling him out on it so I enjoyed the affection and his now growing cock between my legs.

My mind was thinking as he too easily entered my very wet pussy (women can do this, think and fuck at the same time. How do you think we get our shopping list done sometimes) “My god he is getting hard again. I don’t remember this happening in a long long time. What has gotten into him? I’m going to have to start paying more attention to what he’s doing to keep this going as long as I can” Another orgasm came over me as he came for the 2nd time that night.

As innocently as I could I asked “What was that all about?”

He said “Nothing, just trying to please you” rolled over and quickly started snoring.

My mind was going wild with all sorts of possibilities. Was he having a affair? Who was he talking too, what was he reading, what was he watching. Somethings up and I’m going to find out.

The next day it was business as usual. This continued for several weeks with no further discussion of that night and no further wild sex. But that night wouldn’t leave my mind. The thought of him doing something different was ever present in the air, so I started my investigation. I trusted him with all my heart and I didn't want to do anything to break that trust so I made a conscious decision to be nosey and not invade his privacy. I didn’t check his personal email account for instance but since we shared a computer I did check the internet history almost every day. And since we had one credit card to our name I did notice a unusual charge of 153.24 on it from a mail order catalog. Again I didn’t call him on it. After all, I charge my fare share of shopping and he never quibbles. He always lets me buy what I “need” to make me look and feel good.

One day I came home from a long day at work and he wasn’t home yet. I went to change and noticed a bottle of lube on the bathroom sink. That is odd, it is usually in the night stand. Now my mind is racing again. I immediately turned on the computer and on the screen is porn movies. OK, I thought, all guys watch porn and jerk off, no big deal girl, calm down. I took a deep breath and started to walk away thinking I will mention it tonight. But instead I turned and hit play on the movie. I should have noticed the heading of the movie first “4some outdoor bisex”

I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen. The movie continued playing from were it was stopped with only a few minutes left. But those few minutes told me everything I needed to know about my husbands dirty little secrets. There were 3 men and 1 girl sucking and fucking each other. One man was fucking another man while he was sucking off yet another guy and the guy getting fucked in the ass ( rather rough I would say) was eating out the girl while the girl was being fucked by the third man. Every once in a few strokes the man would take the cock from the pussy, suck on it and put it back in the pussy and continue his eating frenzy. The girls face said it all, she was loving it. I didn't even notice my hand reach into my wet panties and start rubbing my self. On the screen the cunt licker took out the cock and started sucking on it for all it was worth. My fingers were alternately probing my hole, taking the juices with them, and rubbing my clit. The now cock sucker was stroking the shaft and sucking off the man. Soon cum was flying all over the mans mouth and her pussy. The man fucking removed his dick from the ass and started jerking cum all over the mans back WHILE sucking off the dick in his mouth. Cum was dripping from his lips just as I felt the wave come over me.

I absently sucked my fingers and sat down. I enjoyed the movie. It stirred something in me I haven't thought of. Evidently it stirred something in my husband too. New thoughts entered my mind. Was my loving husband of over 20 years gay? I knew I had to approach this delicately but how do you approach someone who you thought you knew about THIS? I loved my husband with all my heart and I think he loves me the same. I need to investigate this more and hopefully he will make the first move.

I called him and asked when he will be home for dinner. “In a hour” he said “ I love you” he said and hung up.

1 Hour. I have 1 hour to do a preliminary search of the house. My suspicion was there was more to the mysterious credit card charge. It took me of all 5 minutes to find his secrete stash. Im the garage, behind his beloved tool box, I found an out of place card board box. At first I didn't want to open it, afraid of what I would find but my curiosity and love got ahold of me and I did. I just held the box open and stared. Inside were 3 large dildos, a weird looking black thing in a black box with the word Anerous on it. A very large flashlight and a vibrator with a very slim base and bulbous head. Also inside were several DVD’s. I looked at them one by one and they all were about BiSex. I didn’t have time to do anything else. I wanted to watch the DVD’s but since I called and asked him about dinner, I should get it started.

That night we ate, watched TV and went to bed, everything status quo.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about what I found. My husband has a thing about other men. He obviously enjoys watching other men getting fucked and blown. Has it done it with other men? Does he want to get fucked and blown by other men? Does he want a dick in his mouth and ass? Over the years when I have tried to play with his asshole he has always clammed it up tight and refuses the advance. What have I done wrong?

The next day went off as usual, AGAIN. I came home, called him and he said he would be home at 7. I have a few hours tonight! I immediately went to his stash, pulled out a DVD and one of the dildo’s went to to the bedroom and started watching. Jumped through the menu and picked a random scene. 3 men and a rather large breasted girl were on screen. One men was fucking the girl and 2 of the men were separate lying on the bed with one behind the other, fucking him in the ass while reaching around and jerking him off. This was arousing. Seeing both gay and straight sex on the TV at the same time got my juices flowing. My fingers soon went to wet pussy and I started fingering my self. The man fucking the girl stopped and placed his dick in the mouth of the man being fucked. The girl soon started sucking off the man being fucked. This lucky devil was being fucked, sucked and giving head all at the same time! I had to try this! I hit pause on the DVD, went to his stash and got the other 2 dildo’s went back to the bedroom and hit play. I lied down on the bed and soon had one of the dildo’s in my sopping wet pussy. On the TV the man in the middle was getting and taking it from all ends. I removed the cock from my muff, replaced it with the other dildo and stuck the pussy soaked dick in my mouth. The taste of my own juice was very erotic and I was soon taking it fully to the balls. I couldn’t get enough. Watching the man on the screen getting fucked in the ass brought new thoughts to my head. I removed the juice soaked cock from my pussy and placed it to the entrance of my asshole. I slowly pushed it in, taking time for my ass to adjust.

During the time it took to get the cock all the way in my ass the 4 some had switched. The girl was riding one guy backwards while sucking off another. I placed the dildo in my mouth and started sucking, mimicking the DVD. The third man got on top of her and placed his cock in her pussy. Just then I noticed she wasn’t riding the guy on the bottom with her pussy, she was being fucked in the ass. The girl now had one cock in each hole and was writhing around uncontrollably.

I took the dildo out of my mouth and jammed it in my dripping pussy. I had 2 dildo’s in me at the same time. I could feel them rubbing each other. One more hole to go. I took the dripping cock out of my snatch and started sucking it it. Hmmm I love that taste right now. I replaced it with my husbands last dildo. So, here I am, 1 cock in each hole watching my husbands bi sex porn and ready to have a mid blowing orgasm. And then it hit me, how can I be mad at him when I’m essentially doing the same thing? I can’t! I have to figure out how I can turn this into reality for both of us. I then came in wave after wave, and so did the actors on my TV.

I must have dozed off for a second because when I looked at the clock I had 30 minutes before he came home. I quickly cleaned up and placed everything back were they were found.

Hubby came home, we ate, watched TV and went to bed Same old same old.

The next morning came, I rolled over and hugged him with his back to me. I thought of the video and thought I would test something. I snuggled up to him as close as I could and reached around between his legs. I gently fondled his balls and felt him stir. I then grabbed his now hard cock and started to slowly jerk him. I have never done this so I could tell he wasn’t expecting this new behavior. Alternately I would rub his shaft and his balls then finally his head. I must have been doing something right because soon pre cum was oozing from his head and I used it as lubricant for his shaft. His breathing was getting heavy and then something happened which confirmed everything up to now. His hips started moving, grinding his ass into me. He was thinking of another man was behind him I thought. I started jerking off faster and harder while I pushed back into his ass with my hips. He started bucking against me like he was being fucked. He lifted his leg and took this as an opportunity. With my free hand I reached thru his ass checks and fondled his balls while jerking him off. He was loving it and started rubbing his ass against the arm playing his his balls. I could feel his asshole pulsing against my forearm and I thought now would be the time to started fingering his now begging ass. But he started cuming and soon it was over. He turned to me and started kissing my breasts and going lower to reciprocate but it was getting late for work so I said next time and started getting ready.

For the next few weeks it was the routine. Then it hit me, He was having his play time in the morning while I was off to work. Maybe I could catch him and hopefully only him. My biggest fear was that he was now no longer role playing but inviting others to join him. So I waited until we haven't had any sex for a few days and knowing he is a man he would have some fun while I was at work.

That morning I was a tease. We woke up and he was hard as a rock as usual. I started stroking him with a reach around, the made a big deal of looking at the clock and proclaiming it was late and shot out of bed. This should frustrate hime. I then purposely strutted around in my lacy underwear and bent over on more than one occasion so he could get a good look at my firm ass. As predicted he came from behind me and made a big show of letting me feel his hard cock against my ass. He begged me for a quickie and I said I couldn’t, I was going to be late for work and besides I felt my period coming on (not true). Off to “work” I went. In reality I went to the local coffee shop and had a good long cup of coffee thinking and a-little afraid of what I would find when I returned home.

30 minutes later I drove back into the driveway to pick up my work papers I “forgot”. No other cars in the driveway, thats good news.

I walked into the house, nothing unusual. I walked into our bedroom, there was his cardboard box. I looked in and the dildo’s are not there. I hear the shower running and the steam bath. I walked into the master bathroom and it is filled with steam from the shower. I quietly walk up to the shower door and hesitantly look inside.

I was in shock was I was watching but I was also expecting it. There he was, sitting on the shower seat, bouncing up and down with one dildo suctioned on the wall in his mouth and the other dildo on the opposite wall in his hand jerking it. I stood there and watched and he would switch cocks, sucking each one for a few strokes then jerk himself for a few strokes.

I slowly started to form a plan I didn't think of before and slowly got undressed, careful not to make a noise. I went back to the shower door and continued to watch. If I surprised him too early it could be too embarrassing for him. I wanted to wait until passion took complete hold him.

I watched as he was slowly bouncing up and down on the shower seat and alternating sucking on each of his cocks. He then got up and did something I hadn’t expected. He jerked off a small amount jizz on one of his cocks. I also noticed were the third cock was, he was riding it.

He then sat back down of the cock and immediately stuck the jizz coated cock in his mouth and started sucking. It was amazing, he could take all the 8 inches down to the balls and he was loving it. He then started jerking off with intensity. I knew now was my chance. I opened the shower door and walked in.

The look on his face almost comical but I knew now wasn’t the time to be laughing. He took the cock out of his mouth and started to get up. I pushed him back down knowing it would be on his cock in his ass. I placed my fingers to my lips telling him to not speak while I said it was OK. To show him I took the jizz coated cock he just had in his mouth and started sucking on it. Making a big deal about enjoying it and moaning like it was a real cock. I took it out of my mouth and kissed him fully while jamming my tongue in his mouth sharing his juices. His eyes were still wide, He was still sitting with a cock in his ass. While we were tasting his cum I crabbed his rock hard dick and jerked. I then reached all the way and felt the cock in his ass to let him know I know everything he is doing. We unlocked our lips and I felt empowered. I took complete control. I grabbed his head with both hands and moved it back to the cock on the wall. I said in a slightly aggressive tone “Go ahead and suck it, I want to watch you suck it”

He did, eyes still wide, watching me as I stood over him holding his head making him suck on the cock we now both shared. I could tell he was close to coming. His eyes began to close and I heard him start moaning. He was getting into this. Letting the moment take over. I knew I didn't want to take advantage of this so I got on my knees and took his hard hot cock in my mouth and started sucking. It was too much for him and he came with a few strokes. The cum was flowing out of the corners of my mouth there was so much of it. He gently lifted my face and started kissing me. I never swallowed his load so when he stuck his tongue in my mouth his mouth was flooded with his own cum. I still had my hand on his still rock hard cock, his placed his hand over mine and started jerking off again, he just came in my mouth and he’s jerking off like he’s going to cum again.

He started moaning loudly in my mouth. Our tongues intertwined and he came again. After a few moments we unlocked. We looked at me like a little puppy. Eyes full of sorrow and regret.

I said “I love you with all my heart and this is a new chapter in our lives. Lets have fun with this together. Everything is on the table and everything is OK. I can’t wait to further explore with you” He said “I Love you too”, placed his head between my breast and cried.

He stood up after a few moments and I took extra care to soap him and clean him. When we were done with the shower I told him I would take care of the toys and asked him to make some coffee.

This was just the start of our sexual evolution. But that is for the next story.......

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