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How It All Began Ch. 09

How It All Began Ch. 09

An older couple introduce Jack to the pleasure of bi-sex as Fay and Tanya watch.
With one eye open and then another, Jack realized he must have dozed off momentarily. Peering over the top of his sunglasses, the sun loungers were unoccupied. Jack felt disoriented and confused; he wondered where the others had gone. Questioning if the fun and games had started without him, he looked to his left. Looming into his personal space, there was Brigitte staring through her sunglasses directly at him. Caught unawares, only his own glasses maintained his façade of calm.

Jack knew that Brigitte and Rainer wanted him, and his nerves had led him to drink maybe more than he would. The pleasure of their laid-back company had eased his nerves to the point of dozing in the warmth of the early afternoon sun.

Brigitte was the first to speak, "Ah, he awakes," she commented dryly.

"How long have I been out?" replied Jack with quiet bewilderment.

"Not long, twenty minutes maybe," came back another dry reply, "get me another glass of wine?"

Jack returned a weak smile and rose from his sun lounger; the clink of two glasses in his hand announced his intention to join her.

Busying himself in the spacious open plan kitchen, the sight of the empty mezzanine in his solitude flashed images into his mind of what he had seen. In his tight trunks, there was little room for indulgence, but that didn't deter him.

The already opened white wine was lying flat on the lowest shelf of the chiller. Jack knelt to peer in and cursed the fact he had forgotten to remove his sunglasses. His shadow cast over the chiller, and his grogginess, conspired to lose the precise location of the wine bottle.

"Damn it!" He cursed, removing his sunglasses.

He grabbed the bottle with one hand, his sunglasses in the other, and threw himself from his haunches, onto his shins and propelled himself upwards using the power of his thighs to stand.

Jack failed to notice the invasion of his private space, and on righting himself, wobbled precariously as he saw Brigitte standing only a foot or two from him.

"Woah!" exclaimed Jack as Brigitte grabbed his arm firmly to hold him upright. She took the bottle from his other arm and placed it onto the counter.

She was looking directly into his eyes, their mesmerising blue clarity seem to steady Jack's body completely on their own.

"Do I make you nervous?" She asked as she relaxed her grip on his arm.

"Sorry?" returned Jack.

Brigitte moved closer, and Jack found himself automatically reciprocating as she tenderly kissed him. It felt wet, soft, and her tongue slipped into his mouth, the tip of his own slid against hers. Jack could feel his trunks tighten as his cock grew immediately.

She broke from him, "Now do I make you nervous?"

Jack was dumbfounded and no reply left his mouth, he knew his cock was hardening. He was not yet erect, but hard enough to make an outline in his trunks.

Brigitte's forearms disappeared behind her back and the sparse fabric of her bikini top slipped all too easily from her body. He was helpless and his eyes left her soulless stare and looked down at her naked breasts. Their teardrop shape was generous in size and they needed no support, not that her bikini top offered any. They did not fall from their position on her torso and her nipples were pursed tight in the cooler air.

"Do I make you nervous now?" she asked nonchalantly.

Jack croaked, he knew he really needed a glass of something, and he knew he wasn't going to get it. Brigitte moved closer, close enough to press her breasts against him. The flat of her hand found his semi-hard cock. The tight resistance of his trunks and she felt him harden some more.

Jack felt the flimsy fabric of her bikini briefs slide down his thigh and he knew that Brigitte had loosened the bows holding them in place. She pushed her naked public bone against his thigh and kissed him again. Jack could feel her heat in contrast to the cool conditioned air. Sliding her hand into his tight trunks, she managed to wrap her hand against his hard cock.

Feeling her hand squeezing his rigid meat, Jack gasped, making Brigitte reply with a sigh of amusement.

"And now? Do I make you nervous?" teased Brigitte

Jack looked into her eyes. There were no words, just a single nod in acknowledgement.

"Good, you should be," whispered Brigitte solemnly. "We are both going to fuck you very soon."

Brigitte eased her hand from his trunks, she took two steps back.

"Look at me," she instructed.

Her naked body was evenly coloured with a biscuit brown hue, but Jack looked first into her emotionless eyes. They were deeply alluring, and Jack watched as her mouth creased delicately at the edges. She enjoyed the visible signs of her power over him.

"Enjoy. I am going to have you." She stated coldly.

She stood motionless to savour the attention; she had ten years on him, and his heightened arousal was obvious to her. Playing out with her husband, her desires for his younger body, she had guided him through his designs for Jack's body, too. Over and over during the last few days, she had driven herself over the edge with lust with her husband's cock ensconced inside her. She had felt Rainer's response to her designs as his seed readily erupted into her.

She watched Jack's eyes travel over her as she felt that delicious churning in her abdomen. She knew she was wet for his cock. The thought of Jack's hard cock inside her and her husband's hard cock in him nagged at her body.

Jack stood there, hypnotized. He stared at every curve and imagined what it would feel like to have her and Rainer on him, and in him. Admiring her breasts again, his eyes no longer furtively lingered at her naked sex. She felt herself grow wetter as he paused his gaze between her legs. Brigitte adapted her pose to reveal the cleft of her sex, punctuated by a shining stud through her clitoral hood.
Jack felt his cock strain to reach full hardness, and it hurt in the confines of his trunks. He cursed the constriction and the pain of his erection held tightly by them.

"Take off those trunks," she coldly instructed.

Jack's foot kicked the trunks aside and he stood before her, watching her, her own eyes now smiled as they drank in the sight of his thick erect cock. She noticed the prominent veins, the fully drawn back foreskin and his smooth, tight balls. The sinews of his abdomen cast two carved lines to the root of his smooth shaved cock.

"Stroke it for me." Brigitte calmly demanded.

Jack complied readily and, as she watched, her fingers splayed her sex to show its wet pinkness to him. Brigitte's air of detachment had worked, she congratulated herself had she had unlocked his sexual malleability so easily. Jack indeed was easily led as Tanya and Fay had told her. She had been admiring his lean, athletic body all afternoon by the pool and she had wanted to see it all for too long now.

"Stop." commanded Brigitte.

With two steps forward, Brigitte grabbed his cock firmly, she felt its heat and girth and knew that Rainer would enjoy it as much as her.

"Come." directed Brigitte.

Brigitte led him by his hard cock towards a side corridor. It was a low-lit room, clad in stone tiles and adorned in chrome. Looking at the pan-sized shower head hung from the ceiling, it was a wet room, and Jack admired the logic of its location so close to the pool and patio.

"Now, let's wash that sun lotion from you."

Letting fat, sparkling water droplets cascade over his body, Brigitte rubbed a generous organic sponge over his skin. The suds slid readily from the sponge as she traced it over his taut body. Pressing herself closely against him, she pushed the sponge into his hand. Stepping out of the water, the soap lathered easily over her.

Displaying herself for him aroused her further, and she eased a finger into her wet sex. Unlike other young men, more eager than considerate, she enjoyed his careful attention to her body. He ran the sponge over her breasts despite the lack of oleaginous tackiness from any sun lotion. Looking down, his cock was still hard and she used the slick suds to stroke him slowly.

Turning her back to him, the lather from the sponge hung over her tight bottom and ran in globules down her thighs. Only her sex was devoid of attention, and Brigitte amused herself at wondering about Jack's reticence. Her intuition led her to a confident conclusion that he was waiting for her permission.

Brigitte congratulated herself again on her easily won dominance of him. Jack's ready surrender to her was an opportunity too good to waste.

"Turn around," ordered Brigitte.

Although he could not see it, Brigitte smiled widely at trusting her intuition. He readily complied again, and Jack felt the sponge lather his calves. Feeling the sponge cover the back of his thighs with suds, it lingered over the cheeks of his arse and back. Feeling the foamy suds run down the cleft of his bottom, he heard the heavy smack of the sponge hitting the floor. Next, her hand reached around him and clasped his manhood again. Jack felt his deep groan boom off the tiled walls; he wanted her to touch him now, to touch him there. Feeling her hand scooping up suds from his back, Jack let another airy gasp leave him as she pushed her hand between the cleft of his bottom.

She cupped his balls first, gauging their weight as she squeezed her fore finger and thumbs firmly around the root of his cock, making him wince.

"Hmm, I think that is tight enough," echoed from the walls; Brigitte wanted to stall any ejaculation for as long as possible.

Jack gasped again.

"Get used to it, I have things that will hold those balls in place perfectly," added Brigitte.

Jack's cock was raging hard as she slowly stroked him, and with his sexual ire ignited, he greeted her words with wanton desire. He wanted their attention on him to last for as long as possible. Rainer was somewhere in the mansion, and his mind turned to what they were doing to him, too.

Jack's desire to feel them both upon him was tearing through his mind. He wanted Brigitte to tease his arse, and more, he wanted Rainer 's cock to do the same. Fay and Tanya had taunted him for weeks. They had made him so highly aroused, he had confessed to them everything that he wanted. Jack knew that they had relayed it all to Brigitte and Rainer; their first meeting was not the embarrassing situation he expected, and their demeanour, to him, had come as a blessed relief.

Right now, Brigitte's assured attitude was intensely arousing, and he yearned for the same from Rainer. Jack wanted to be absolved of thinking, wanted to demur to their experience. He wanted to be instructed and to be taught by them – he wanted to submit.

Brigitte continued stroking his cock slowly, occasionally squeezing his balls to withhold pleasure and relief.

"Shit! I want you both," gasped Jack.

"Ah," returned Brigitte. "He speaks!"

His relief at her release of his balls was short lived, her hand caressed his bottom and a solitary finger pressed against the tight entrance to him. The slippery lather provided a painless invasion of his arse as Brigitte pressed her slender forefinger in. Unknown to Brigitte, Jack bit his lip as she pushed on.

"And Rainer?" asked Brigitte slowly fingering his arse. "You want his juicy cock in here also?"

"Fuck, yes," hissed Jack.

Brigitte made no audible reply. Instead, knowing her invasion of his arse would hold him back, she continued wanking his cock.

"I want to see you suck him first."

Jack gasped as Brigitte mixed her attention on his cock with her determined fingering of his arse. Content in the knowledge that Jack had adapted to one finger inside him, Brigitte added her middle finger to her violation of him.

Wincing and combined with a sharp intake of air, Jack felt the burning sensation of his sphincter as she remorselessly continued. This sexual ire was smouldering and was now ignited.

"And his cock in here too?" Brigitte inquired firmly as she pushed her fingers deeper into him.

"Yes, yes…." Jack replied, his voice trailing off as Brigitte's finger fucking weakened his erection.

"Good, good. Then you are ready."

Brigitte released his cock and used her hand to pushed Jack under the shower. Cool air and warm water salved his fingered arse as Brigitte embraced him under the water. Rinsing their bodies, she kissed him passionately once more. Her kisses were no longer those of detachment and they revealed her own yearning for him. She wanted him too; she did not need words to tell him that now. He had stiffened readily again, his hard cock pressed against her flesh, and Brigitte knew he would recover easily from their attention. Feeling a pang inside her again, it swelled into an unswerving compulsion. She had to know how her sex would feel after two cocks had utterly served her cunt.

"Just one more thing." added Brigitte.

She lifted her leg to wrap it firmly around his hip, and in taking his cock, she did not need to guide him all the way as she felt his engorged shaft invade her opening. The slick warmth of her splayed sex savaged its way through Jack's body as her tightness presented no opposition to his strength. He pushed instinctively into her, impaling her easily as Brigitte gasped at his girth tensing the muscles inside her.

"Yes, good boy, good boy." purred from Brigitte's mouth into his ear.

It eased his need for urgency; her soothing belittlement of him put Jack firmly in his place once more. Replacing his determination with the need to please her, he fought with his ardour to slowly fill her over and over again.

She would not show it yet, his cock felt so filling and rewarding. She knew that he would have to work hard to cum inside her, her husband's cock fucking him would do that. She knew that the steel cock ring that Jack would wear would also hold him back. Jack felt her pussy grow more wet, and with mistaken belief, he smiled it was his cock making her yield. He felt relieved that this would be easy, and Brigitte was no more a sexual animal than Tanya or Fay. Jack was ignorantly unaware that the truth would not reveal itself until it was too late for him.

Gripping his cock with her hand, she removed him from her. Jack chided himself for giving into her again and not taking what he wanted. It was too fleeting, too temporary, and Jack wanted more of her. Brigitte's girly chuckle was the final mocking insult as the water rinsed her juices from his cock. Standing before him, she gripped his cock once more and led him to two towelling robes.

Jack knew he would do anything for more of her cunt and her words. Rainer's handsome body appealed greatly to Jack, he had seen Rainer's cock hard and fucking his wife. Fay had led him to one hard orgasm after another talking Jack through how he would make Rainer cum.

"Now, dry yourself." commanded Brigitte. "My husband awaits."

The thick towelling absorbed the droplets of water from his body.

"This way," instructed Brigitte gripping his hard cock again. "Next, you will suck my husband's cock."

She smiled as she felt his cock throb in her hand and led him with it up the swirled staircase to his fate.


The sight that greeted him was an expansive master bedroom, a large square bed was covered only by stout cylindrical cushions scattered randomly at its edges. It was clad in white cotton, it looked expensive and luxurious. The sheets were already creased up by the exertions upon it. The naked bodies on the bed were of no surprise. Rainer's tanned body knelt against the prone body on all fours, and he was plunging his cock firmly into Fay. The reason why he had not heard her approval of his cock inside her was Tanya holding her head to her sex. Tanya's splayed cunt was receiving Fay's eager attention.

Fay looked up to see Brigitte first, and then Jack. Tanya curled her head to see their naked forms first kneel on the bed and then lie alongside her. Rainer pulled his cock from Fay; her juices glistened upon the handsome shaft.

Looking upon his hardness, Jack savoured its cut length so much that he did not notice Fay lying against Tanya's reclined body. Leaning with her back against Tanya's propped up body, Tanya wrapped her legs over Fay's shins. Tanya planted a soft kiss onto Fay's neck as her fingers found Fay's splayed cunt.

"He's ready," stated Brigitte coolly.

Bewitched by the sight in front of him, Jack looked down as he felt the cold steel of the cock-ring click closed around him. It felt tight around the hilt of his cock and bit gently into his perineum. It made the engorged veins of his cock more prominent. Brigitte pushed him toward the bed.

"Lie down there." instructed Brigitte.

Jack said nothing, instead as Jack laid prone flat on his back, Rainer moved closer.

"Watch this." whispered Tanya into Fay's ear as she eased her fingers deeper into Fay's sex.

"Suck your slut's juices off my cock," instructed Rainer.

Rainer's tanned body was lightly sheened with his efforts and Jack looked serene and absent of any nerves. Jack knew he should be nervous and cotton-mouthed, but Brigitte's attention had dissolved his inhibitions. It was her sexual detachment and Rainer's own assertiveness that had left Jack desperately horny and compliant. Rainer's cock loomed into view, it was substantial in its thickness and a good length. He was smoothly shaved and his balls looked heavy. His was a handsome cock and Jack knew he wanted it. Placating his last remaining nerves, Jack admired Rainer's cock and he felt a surge in his own body – it was desire.

Feeling a wet heat engulfing his own cock, it was tempered with a cold numbness pressing into his arse. Jack looked down to see Brigitte's delicate mouth enveloping his cock slowly and deliberately. Fingers pressed into him and a familiar slickness filled him also. It lacked the tension and discomfort of his fingering in the wet room, it served only to intensely stir his loins. Jack felt the weight of Rainer's cock push against his lips and the musky scent of Fay's sex. Instinctively, Jack opened his mouth and let Rainer's erect meat fall into his mouth.

A gasp left Fay's mouth and as Jack engulfed Rainer's cock, only moments before fucking her, Fay felt Tanya's fingers replace it inside her.

Rainer shuffled his hips slowly, feeding more of his cock into Jack's mouth. As Jack closed his mouth around him tighter now, he could taste Fay's juices and heard a gasp leaving her mouth again. He struggled to recall the bi porn he had watched with Fay to know what to do with it. Using his hand, Jack took it and the final piece of the puzzle was in place - it came naturally to him. Jack used his other arm to hold himself up as he swirled his tongue around the bulbous head of Rainer's cock.

"Yes, that's it," assured Rainer.

Another groan filled the room, Fay avidly watched her lover take a man's cock. Transfixed by Jack's enthusiastic response, her mind wandered to all the times she had fingered herself at the thought of watching this. Only now, it was not her fingers in her cunt, but Tanya's, and they were teasing an orgasm from her body. Watching Jack's tongue tease his cock, Jack slowly wanked him into his mouth; Fay's own hips began to undulate with pleasure.

Brigitte was pushing again at his arse and Jack let out a deep, vibrant moan onto Rainer's cock. He could feel Brigitte's wet mouth on his own cock again, working slowly to keep him hard. He knew that the sensation he felt violating him was designed to accommodate Rainer's cock. Whatever she had placed inside him, he was grateful that taking a man's cock would not hurt too badly.

In the moments that had passed, Jack had gone from being nervous, to aroused, to a nervous cocksucker and now he did not want to stop. Rainer's cock felt so warm and as it flexed in his mouth; Jack reciprocated in his attention to it.

The cool air on his own cock jolted Jack a little. Feeling the mattress move, he looked to see Brigitte squat over him. She was guiding his thick cock to her sex and sinking down a little, Jack's hips rose to fill Brigitte's cunt.

"Shit, Rainer, he feels good." purred Brigitte.

Rainer laughed, "He feels pretty good here too, he's a natural cock-sucker."

Only moments later, Fay's body lurched up as Tanya felt her fingers gripped by Fay's sinewy cunt. Using her own legs to hold Fay in place, Tanya felt Fay's body shudder gently. Embracing her body, Tanya felt Fay's body tense, shuddering again silently and then slowly ease back into her. Jack was being used precisely how she wanted him to be – and he was enjoying it.

Brigitte looked to Fay and smiled as she saw Fay's pink flushed body. Tanya returned the smile as Fay was engrossed in the spectacle in front of her. Brigitte let her mouth open to smile wider. The lifelong friends had new younger meat to play with.

Leaning back onto her outstretched arms, Brigitte treated Fay and Tanya to a view of Jack's girthy manhood sliding in and out of her smooth sex. Brigitte savoured each slight movement, enough to tease Jack and enough to keep him hard. Brigitte's plans for Jack's cock were proceeding precisely to her own plan. Jack groaned again, it was a carefully exacted sexual torture. He was reminded that she had never fucked him before and it was clear she had plenty of experience of younger, more eager men. Keeping him on a sexual plateau like this required control, a slightly more intense tempo, and it would shortly force him to ejaculate into her.

Rainer let out a moan, he felt his own body begin to respond as he watched the young man sucking and licking on his hard cock. Brigitte increased her tempo on Jack's cock as she watched her husband being serviced so well by this novice cocksucker. Jack felt his cock flex inside her too and his perineal muscles bit into the cock-ring. It jarred his ardour back into its place, it would be a constant annoyance to his need for release and it was doing its job too well. His orgasm would not come so easily no matter what his body wanted.

Moving her legs, Brigitte straddled Jack on her knees this time and guided his cock back into her. As she lowered herself down onto her elbows, she leant down to kiss Jack's neck softly. Looking up, Brigitte joined in to assist Jack and starting kissing Rainer's hard shaft.

Jack paused in his ministrations to her cunt.

"Don't stop, Liebchen," she admonished him with an unfamiliar tone of tenderness.

Rainer pulled his cock from Jack's mouth, and Brigitte opened hers to accept it.

"Lick my balls," instructed Rainer as he felt the thrust of Jack's cock pushing Brigitte's mouth onto his own cock.

Jack complied readily as Fay let out another helpless whimper.

"Doesn't he look so hot?" whispered Tanya into Fay's ear, "Now you have your own hot little cocksucker."

Fay whimpered again in acknowledgement.

"It can't be long before Rainer fucks him," added Tanya.

Fay's body soon tensed again, cumming on Tanya's fingers for a second time as she watched Jack's mouth working on Rainer's tight heavy balls.

Brigitte felt the viscous heat of Jack's cock as he filled her. Rainer guided his own cock into her mouth up to the hilt. The sound of Brigitte gagging on his cock made Jack's cock flex hard inside her, yet the bite from the cock ring held him back again. Brigitte gagged once more, and Rainer pulled the cock from her and pushed it back into Jack's willing mouth.

"Yes, yes, fuck his mouth," spat Brigitte as she ground herself hard onto Jack.

Rainer pushed more and more of his cock into his mouth. At first Jack felt his eyes water, and then the unmistakable reflex of his throat as it spasmed involuntarily.

"Fuck!" Rainer hissed as Jack's mouth naturally constricted around the head of his cock.

Rainer pulled from his mouth, it flexed in front of Jack's face and looked very hard. Jack retched a little and coughed loudly with a look of unexpected fear on his face. Relentlessly, Rainer dipped his cock again into Jack's mouth, his eyes streamed with tears. Feeling the sinewy tension in his cock, Rainer pulled it once more from Jack's mouth. Brigitte's assault on Jack continued, and she felt it flex hard inside her. As Jack hacked and coughed again, Rainer looked to see it coated in his saliva, he was hard and ready.

Brigitte availed herself of Jack's cock, letting it slide from her. It swung there, rigid and hard. Jack's foreskin was fully pulled back, and its veins fully prominent, deep violet and large. She and Rainer pulled at Jack's body to give Fay and Tanya full view of this spectacle. Still prone on his back and without finesse, Rainer pulled Jack's legs up. Rainer pulled the short, stubby toy from Jack's arse and Brigitte pushed more lube into the gaped tight hole. Incredulous, Fay's eyes widened like saucers and Tanya felt her wetten readily.

"Mmm, he wants it, look." purred Tanya into Fay's ear.

Brigitte took hold of Jack's ankles with his knees only slightly bent. Rainer positioned himself and looked into Brigitte eyes smiling knowingly as he held his fully engorged meat at Jack's arse.

"Look at your slut as he fills you, show her the look on your face as you take it." Commanded Brigitte to Jack.

Staring at Jack's gaping arse and then to the needy look of arousal on Jack's face, Fay watched as Rainer introduced the fat engorged head of his cock to his opening. Jack's mouth opened silently as his eyes closed at the moment of penetration. The large head of Rainer's cock pushed beyond his sphincter and once it had violated him, Jack took in a sharp breath of air. Rainer held his ankles firmly making Jack freeze still. The relentless invasion of his arse was tempered by Brigitte slowly wanking his hard cock.

Brigitte looked down to see Jack being fucked carefully by Rainer.

"Oh yes, he's so tight darling." commented Rainer, as his fully erect speared him.

"Push it all in, make him feel you," replied Brigitte, easing her own fingers into her cunt.

A deep groan came from Fay; she came easily as her senses conspired to completely overwhelm her. Her sex wettened so readily that Tanya added another finger into her sex, making three slender digits filling her cunt.

Jack lolled his head limply as he felt the burning sensation of Rainer's ample cock slide into him again. If he did not bear down on it, the sensation felt deeply pleasurable and Jack quickly adapted to how he should take the fat meat impaling into him. Instinctively, Jack took to holding his own thighs and used the purchase to adjust the angle of his own opening to take Rainer's cock. With one slow thrust and then another, Jack let out a low groan. Unlike the strap-on cock they had tutored him with, the heat and life in Rainer's cock was in a different league. Jack found himself wanting it filling him as Rainer slid his cock in and out of him.

Brigitte leant in to take Jack's semi-hard cock and slid her own mouth over it. Sucking on his cock, she wanted to keep him hard and finish the work she had started. Jack groaned again as Rainer was using his tight arse for his gratification, groaning instinctively as it filled him deeply. With Brigitte's mouth lavishing his own cock with her eager attention, it made Jack's perineum bite hard into the cock ring again. With the stiffness in his cock restored by her attention to it, Brigitte knew she had to feel it inside her again.

"Spread his legs wider," instructed Brigitte to her husband. "Push them down."

Jack led the muscles in his legs go as limp as possible and felt Rainer manipulate his body to provide plenty of access for himself, but also exposed his cock completely. Jack's legs were bent and his thighs spread wide apart, Rainer was using Jack's shins for purchase and also to keep his legs apart. Jack felt his calves squeeze against the back of his thighs with each thrust from Rainer's body. His arse no longer struggled to accept Rainer's cock, and the sensation of hard cock inside him was met with a groan of approval.

Each groan was coupled with Brigitte sucking harder and harder on his cock, it flexed again and again to the zenith of its hardness. Jack's head lifted upwards and as his own hand found the cleft of Brigitte arse, his own fingers nestled into her wet sex.

"Tell me what you want," commanded Rainer as Jack looked to him.

Beads of perspiration were forming on his forehead as Rainer powered his cock harder into Jack's bum. The feeling of being filled in the arse was tightening his own balls now and the cock-ring jarred Jack with a nagging shot of pain keeping him from his natural climax.

"Tell me!"

Jack yelped helpless as Rainer pushed the full hilt of his cock deep into him. Feeling that full of him made his prostate throb and it tensed his own cock, it felt so good. Fay yelped, too, as another orgasm consumed her, and she wriggled to expel Tanya's assertive fingers.

"Fuck me. Fuck me in the arse!" Pleaded Jack as Brigitte took all of his cock into her mouth.

"I'm going to cum in you, what do you think of that?" leered Rainer powerfully.

Rainer punctuated his question with a languid series of thrusts into Jack. The sensations now were sublime; he wanted Rainer inside him again and again. His apprehension was a distant drama from a bygone time. Jack's own arousal had taken over his rational sense, and what he desired lacked the opacity of social convention.

"Well?" boomed Rainer.

"Yes! Yes!" gasped Jack as his cock responded to Brigitte's attention.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut, he needed no more visual stimulation. Without sensitivity, he felt a firm grip take his cock and wank it firmly. Opening his eyes, it was Rainer's hand and Brigitte was kneeling next to them. Feeling her hand drip between their two bodies mashing together – she squeezed Jack's balls.

Looking into Rainer's eyes, Brigitte smiled and purred, "He's ready."

As Jack watched climb over him, he fixed his eyes on her sheen coated pussy. He wanted it badly and Brigitte straddled him in reverse. With Rainer's own body leaning forward, it was a mirror reflection of her own posture. Confidently, he fed Jack's cock into her aroused sex as Jack groaned feeling her wet heat engulf him once more.

"Reverse cowgirl?" asked Rainer rhetorically.

Brigitte contentedly closed her eyes momentarily as she adapted to Jack's full hardness invading her again. She straddled Jack's own body diagonally; one leg kneeling, the other extended to dig her heel into the bed. To lean back, Brigitte looped her own thin arm around Rainer's neck for purchase.

Before she did, Rainer tenderly placed a hurried kiss on her pouting lips.

"My dirty bitch."

Brigitte lowered herself onto Jack's cock to time her exertions with her husband's. Jack was trapped underneath her body weight and tried in vain to influence their efforts upon him. There was nowhere to go, and Jack's body soon surrendered any thought of movement. His cock tensed inside her cunt as she pushed herself onto him fully with more force.

Looking into her husband's eyes, she felt Jack's muscular and sturdy body tense as he pushed his cock deep into him again. Writhing up and down onto the meat impaling her, Jack's length easily gratified her need.

"Yes!" exclaimed Brigitte in self-congratulation.

Jack groaned with each thrust from them both, his cock responded easily to the attention. Rainer's shallow strokes were teasing his prostate and Jack knew for the first time that they wanted him to cum.

"Fuck, fuck!" Jack exhaled amidst a delirious gasp.

Fay's own body tensed as Tanya pawed at her breast with one hand and rubbed her swollen clit with the other.

"She's going to milk his cock now," whispered Tanya into Fay's ear.

Tanya smiled in satisfaction as Fay's helpless body responded immediately with another quickly taken climax. Fighting her recovery to watch her lover being fucked, her blurred vision slowly restored itself. Fay was transfixed on the bodies in front of her, Brigitte's motions were designed only for one thing, and she waited as Jack discovered for himself her intent.

It was now Brigitte's body that looked flushed; the precariousness of her position atop of Jack's cock pushed the prominence of her muscles through her skin. Each push of her sex onto Jack's cock was met with a gasp from her mouth. Rainer's body was sheened with sweat as rivulets dropped from his brow onto Jack's body. Watching Brigitte's sex splayed by Jack's thick cock, Fay knew that his cock would be rubbing the upper walls of her cunt. Fay knew what would happen, only too well, and admiring Brigitte's fucked slit, its scarlet wetness looked delicious.

Jack felt the vicious tightness of Brigitte's sex clamp around him. The increased friction delivered his wanton need to release. The bite of the cock-ring no longer held him back.

"Yes!" gasped Jack as he felt the undulation of Brigitte's cunt around his shaft.

Staring into her husband's eyes, she took her orgasm with a mix of pleasure and concentration as her body squirmed on Jack's cock. Rainer's response was to push his cock harder into Jack. Jack's only response was to groan helplessly at their assault on his body. Brigitte's spasming pussy and Rainer's hard cock were bringing Jack to an inevitable climax. Rainer felt Jack's grip on his cock biting tighter and tighter around him, and Brigitte felt the swell of his meat ready to deliver his sperm.

They smiled into each other's eyes, this was it.

"He is nearly there," spat Rainer.

Brigitte let out a smile as her body writhed on top of Jack's cock buried inside her. This was the culmination of her plan; her sex would soon be swimming with virile young sperm.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," pleaded Jack weakly through airy whimpers and gasps.

Brigitte used her remaining strength to drive her body harder onto Jack's cock; she was now fucking him, not Rainer. She wanted it, and her body contradicted Jack's expectations. Jack was trying to respond, the lack latitude of his body left him totally at their mercy.

"You want to cum?" asked Brigitte assertively.

Slightly panicky Jack yelped, "Yes, yes. I can't hold back!"

Looking into her husband's eyes, Brigitte was taking what she wanted as they exchanged a warm smile into each other eyes.

Maintaining their eye contact, Brigitte responded, "Cum inside me. Let Rainer feel your orgasm."

Rainer smiled, "I am close."

Jack let out a deep groan, without drama or announcement as Brigitte and Rainer shared a silent exchange. Her only gesture was to open her mouth in surprise at the invading heat warming her insides. It felt intense for Jack as he sobbed big gulps of air; Rainer's cock was obstructing the tension of his muscles to deliver his seed. Wave after wave of warmth shot into Brigitte as she fully sat on his spasming swollen cock. Feeling Jack's orgasm, Brigitte writhed slowly on Jack's cock, squeezing her cunt onto him to full drain his balls.

Still moaning, Jack felt each squeeze on him in response to each throbbing release of his own.

Pushing into him, Jack's own orgasm was squeezing Rainer's cock in a staccato series of biting contractions. Brigitte's delicious flushing of her body and the new tightness of Jack's arse tipped Rainer to the edge.

Jack groaned weakly as his cock throbbed again and again with a gratifying release into her. His eyes widened as Jack felt an unfamiliar heat inside him. An angry sounding roar filled the air, the warmth spread deeper into him as another loud grunt was followed by more warmth inside him. Jack groaned as his cock was still weakly throbbing inside Brigitte's hot cum-filled pussy. Each biting contraction of his muscles squeezed on Rainer's spewing cock.

"Yes, yes! Fill him." gasped Fay in astonishment.

Now it was his own body that was being injected with seed, and the heat and cloying stickiness made Rainer's cock frictionless. The ethereal other-worldliness of it was alien to Jack and in that moment, he savoured the electrifying sensation of an orgasmic cock inside him. The throbbing and warmth tingled on his insides and made his cock spasm. Each groan from Rainer was less announced as each increment of new warmth eased.

The ringing in his own ears as his orgasm subsided coincided with the silence of gasps and voluminous breathing for air.

Jack's bodily exhaustion began to weight on him; the quiet air of the room was punctuated by soft kisses. Brigitte and Rainer's were in soulful appreciation of how they had gratified themselves. They had introduced a young man to their world and they had schooled a pupil to fulfill their own fantasy.

Tanya softly kissed Fay's neck as she eased her fingers from her cunt. Sliding them into her mouth, she tasted Fay's cum juices. She needed Fay and Jack to attend to her next, and resolved to arouse Jack's body to meet her needs now. She knew he would recover quickly enough, and she was sure he would also want more of Rainer's attention, too. Her own sex greased further at the thought of riding Jack's cock with Rainer's inside him.

It felt as if cold air was rushing into his arse as Rainer eased his spent cock from him. Fay placed her own fingers into her cunt as she watched a trickle of pearly white cum leak from Jack. Jack's own cock still plugged Brigitte's red flushed pussy. Brigitte eased herself from Jack's body and paused as his cock slid from her. A small torrent of white sperm leaked from her gaping vagina and seeped onto his pearl-slicked cock.

Fay fingered herself to another deperate orgasm, the sight of Brigitte's cum splashed pussy and Jack's arse oozing Rainer's seed drove her rapidly over the edge. They all watched as she consumed her own climax, her young lithe body trashing elegantly on the bed.

Rainer laughed boyishly, "Shit Jack, you are a great fuck."

Jack smiled weakly in reply, uncertain of what to say. Quiet moments passed as Brigitte lay on the bed, she could feel Jack's cum inside her. Her plan was fulfilled and now he had sampled her spasming cunt milking his balls into her; she was confident Jack would do it again and again inside her.

Fay crawled over to the bed and softly kissed Jack's lips. Brigitte and Rainer looked down and then to each other.

"We are always a little intense, Jack." added Brigitte. "You did well."

As Jack and Fay kissed, he cheekily raised his hand to deliver a thumbs-up. Rainer and Brigitte both giggled as Fay salved Jack's mouth with her own; the two lovers clearly enjoyed their experience.

Breaking from his mouth, Fay brushed her fingers through Jack's hair.

"You ok, sexy?" asked Fay.

"Of course, " replied Jack soulfully. "Fuck, that was so good."

Fay smiled, "I came so many times watching you."

Brigitte looked to Jack and smiled, "I hope we didn't scare you?"

Jack shook his head and smirked, "No not at all, you've clearly been speaking to Fay?"

Brigitte nodded her head reciprocating his smile, "Of course, darling."

Brigitte's tone was more welcoming, more inclusive, it showed sincerity. It was clearly all an act, an act that had worked.

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