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How It All Began Ch.08

How It All Began Ch.08

Fay talks Jack through what might happen during his first bisexual encounter.
This wasn't the morning after the night before and theirfatigue and hangovers were no more. The morning after the party they had nursed their sore, aching bodies with a lazy day of day-old English newspapers and magazines. They lazed on the short veranda back at the apartment with the French doors fully open to enjoy the day; sunbathing naked.

The excitement of their decadent evening had carried throughout the day, questions, observations and laughter. In this time with Fay, Jack was far more at ease and his nerves had gone. Delighted with Jack's casualness with the situations of the previous night; Fay knew that her plans were bearing fruit. Tanya and Fay had concocted more for Jack but today was not the day to reveal her hand. Instead, Fay would allow Jack time to recover, to take stock and also to enjoy his company – as two young lovers.

Their evening was a simple affair, they drank lime cordial and ate a meal of fresh prawns and salad. Each of them freshly showered to wash off the suncream, they felt refreshed against the balmy breeze of the early evening. Talking into the night, they held hands as the sun went down. Watching it sink below the horizon, Jack leaned over to give Fay a heartfelt, soulful kiss. As he lingered, Fay felt overwhelmed by his tenderness and squeezed his hand.

"I love you." Jack whispered.

"I love you too." she replied.

She did too, it was not just heartfelt, she would never tire of spending time with him and she adored his capacity to give her room to grow too. Jack's calmness inspired the same from Fay; there was no petty jealousy and no possessive tantrums. Whilst Fay was unaware that Jack admired her maturity; Fay adored his as much too.


The tacky heat of their bodies cooled on the whispering draught created by the air conditioning. Jack blearily opened one eye, and then the other to see Fay's naked posterior and her body lying on its side. She was still asleep and Jack sidled up to her; his morning hard cock pressed against the cleft of her bottom. It wasn't difficult to use its rigidity to push between her legs and find her sex. A day of restraint had created an urge in his body and he needed to release it. He would wake her drowsy body as he had promised on many occasions with his hard cock inside her.

Jack smiled as a speculative prod of his cock against her could rouse her with a playful indignity or arouse her to a thunderous orgasm. Jack thought his should press on and smiled at the literal interpretation.

Fay stirred as she rolled to lean against Jack's body; her position provided Jack with the perfect advantage. Tenderly and slowly, he rubbed head of his hard cock against her slit. Using saliva, it provided enough lubricate to enter her; he peered down to see her sex cleaved by his meat. She stirred again and Jack squeezed one hand underneath her, it was there to hold her when the moment called for it.

In a languid series of slow drives into her, Fay stirred again as Jack had worked himself in to fully impale her cunt. With one half-asleep eye open, Jack softly kissed her neck and wrapped his arm around her torso, cupping her breast. His other hand with a loving and gentle touch found the nub at the top of her slit and grazed it softly.

Fay groaned into his ear as the slow realisation of how she was being woken washed over her.

"Yes." she gasped airily.

"Good morning." whispered Jack into her ear. "Cock for breakfast?"

Fay smiled and gasped, feeling her wetten a little, he pressed his cock into her.

Slowly sliding himself in and out of her, she began to accommodate him. Jack maintained his attention on her sex with his fingers. Throwing a hand around Jack shoulder, Fay responded by writhing against Jack's hard body. Fully wet, she started to drive her body down to meet his upward thrust. The lack of friction increased the power of his attention into her. As her cognitive functions swam in the mire of a sleepy haze; her body drove her conscious desire. The juxtaposition of feeling her ardent lover between her legs and the weightless relaxation of her docile body felt magnificent. Jack was very hard inside her, she felt his heat impaled inside her and the desire building in her own body began to match his.

"Gently." pleaded Fay mindful of her plans for Jack today.

Jack kissed her tenderly on the neck in reassurance.

"We need our energy for later." whispered Fay punctuating it with an exhalation of air in a long whimper.

"Yes?" replied Jack.

"We are going to Tanya's for lunch." stated Fay as her body stretched out feeling Jack's strong arms holding her against him.

"I know."

"And you know what else we are going to do?" inquired Fay rhetorically.

"More of this?"

"Mmmm, of course." replied Fay warmly.

"The question is who? Isn't it?" asked Jack huskily, pushing himself fully into his lover.

Fay gasped at that delicious feeling of being stuffed with his cock, "Well, you know that Rainer is bisexual don't you?"

She felt a throb of his hard cock deep inside her and Jack let out a gasping moan. He felt larger than only moments ago and Fay groaned feeling his larger girth inside her - Jack was excited.

"He's going to be your first." purred Fay as another moan rumbled through her. "And Brigitte too, I know how much you liked watching them together."

Jack increased the fluidity of his gentle movement; it lacked power but had momentum and filled her again.

Gasping lightly, Fay's body writhed to a familiar repeatable pattern and Jack's relentless attention of his fingers on clit began to overwhelm her. Jack felt the bite of her cunt gripping on his hard cock, her body reaching the plateau of her sexual arousal.

"No surprises this time." gasped Fay, her body beginning to edge closer and closer to climax. "Tell me you want it."

"I do." croaked Jack gruffly. "I want you to help me."

"Of course I will." murmured Fay breathlessly.

His cock delivered a knowing slow series of deep penetrations into her sex. Fay felt its imposing tensile strength fill her fully as his fingers tipped her over the edge with one gasping, soft moan.

She climaxed slowly; it consumed her as a protracted mellow cycle of spasms onto him. Using his fingers, Jack used his potential for force through them and not his hard cock. Fay spasmed without the sinewy strength of her body; its lazy violence sent flashes of light to explode against her closed eyelids.

It was perfect; it was what he had promised her many times. It was an entrée to a day that now promised much and Jack was clearly craving at this prospect. As her body edged down from its tender response; Jack withdrew his cock.

He lay beside her on his back, releasing her slightly breathless body as she turned to lean against him. His arm held her close as they softly kissed each other. Fay picked up his hard, greasy cock and stroked it slowly.

"You enjoyed watching them fucking didn't you?" inquired Fay softly.

"Uh huh." Jack groaned.

"Shush," Fay chided holding a solitary finger to his lips, "No need for words."

Their eyes met as Fay smiled gently to him; it was a smile for permission to entertain her game. Jack returned her smile; he trusted her and this day promised much. He was not so naïve to ignore that Tanya and Fay had designs for him. His reaction just now had suggested his amenability to her insinuation. He knew this game would explain her plan; she was going to use this morning to explain what would excite her most. Jack smiled wider; all he had to do was lie there and do precisely what he was told. They had played this out many times, now in a matter of hours, it would really happen.

He knew that this was his final lesson.

Stroking his thick cock, she could gauge by its robustness that he would need this release - he had not been sated for over a day.

"We are going to share his hard cock." she whispered. "I'm going to suck it first and then pass it to you."

Jack groaned. Fay maintained her eye contact and savoured his deep arousal and his helplessness. With her slight hand wrapped tightly around his cock, she knew that his half-lazy body would need to be coaxed determinedly into yielding. Fucking him first thing in the morning was always a highly energetic encounter and they had to conserve their strength.

Yet, he had to be milked or her concern was such that he would suffer such maddening frustration and not enjoy it. In Fay's mind, Brigitte would exploit any weakness and she would revel in giving Jack blue balls. She feared for the consequences to Brigitte, Jack would probably leave her unable to walk for a week.

To make him yield, she wanted to talk him through it and she wanted to know he wanted it. Fay knew if he did, he would yield for her. She wanted to belie his nerves, to prepare him and make him hungry for more than his lunch.

"He's going to fuck your mouth." she added perfunctorily, the casualness of her statement making his cock tense in her hand. "He's going to suck your cock too I'm sure."

Fay sensed Jack's sexual malleability and he was now deeply aroused by her attention. She loved how it left him utterly vulnerable to her suggestion. Fay knew he could now only truthfully respond, she loved how she could arouse him like this and his body would betray his thoughts. This would be his confession to her, she knew enough already but now fantasy would become reality. It was her fantasy to see two men together; it was his gnawing need that drove him wild whenever she mentioned it.

So she would talk him through everything she wanted him to do for her, she was sure he would climax for her just when she wanted him too.

"Roll over Jack," requested Fay as Jack eased on his front, "on your knees."

Jack felt her soft breathing on his back as her delicate hands prised the cheeks of his bottom apart.

"Hold them apart." instructed Fay coolly and Jack responded with his shoulder flat to the bed with his muscular arse in the air.

The warm tip of her tongue flicked at his puckered entrance and Jack responded immediately by whimpering helplessly. The thrill of her deviance made his cock flex, and the wet sensation of her attention on him only amplified his need. He felt his perineum tense hard and the heat seared into his balls. Fay flicked her tongue over him again and again, making him yield another series of feeble moans. The attention brought a tense collection of spasms to his perineum and Fay gripped his cock hard as it flexed for her.

As she teased him with more attention from her tongue, her imagination took over. The thought of a man's cock pushing into him left her wanting to reach between her legs and finger herself. She had to touch herself and knelt in front of his upended body to imagine a cock filling him. Listening to Jack, he was adrift in lust as he took one deep breath after another.

Smiling as she watched Jack's body tremble in arousal, she stroked his hard cock softly. Drunk on the acknowledgement that he was a mess of gasps and whimpers; she placed her pussy soaked finger to his hole and pushed it in. Without any coaxing or warning, Jack groaned deeply, she added a gob of saliva to her finger and began to fuck him with it.

Jack gasped again feebly as Fay let out a small giggle of delight. She watched as her finger took him and how he grasped it. Slowly finger fucking him, Jack moaned again, her bravado consuming her completely.

"Would you want his cock inside you too?" she asked in the same flat tone as before making Jack gasp again, his cock swelled further at the vigour of her strokes.

"Fucked like this perhaps?" asserted Fay nonchalantly as Jack began to writhe, her words rendering him defenceless. "Or flat on your back?"

Jack groaned deeply this time as she continued to finger him and she gripped his cock to wank it slowly.

"I know you couldn't take your eyes off him at the party." stated Fay, her intonation controlled and constant, an air of monotone calm.

He recalled Rainer's lean and toned body. His maturity combined with a sexual charisma that Jack found magnetically drawn to. They had watched together as his well-built, muscular body took Brigitte, his wife, to a frenzy of sexual delirium. Attractive with a masculine square jaw, green eyes and short tousled brown hair; they had admired them both as they watched them fucking. Jack visualised Rainer's erect cock, his foreskin drawn back and felt a throb of his own cock in Fay's hand.

"I had a chat with them at the party as Tanya and Avril took care of you." declared Fay mechanically. "They would love to be your first."

Jack groaned harder, Fay could feel the tensile strength of his cock building again; he was nearly ready.

Withdrawing her finger, the timbre and cadence of her voice did not falter, "Roll over onto your back."

Smiling as their eyes met, Fay's conveyed her self-assurance and Jack's conveyed his hunger for release. Haughtily, she straddled him and held his swollen cock in her hand; he hoped she would ride him until he came. He stared into her eyes; she was a picture of poise and self-control as she sat upon him. She witnessed his body tighten as he felt her heat again and, for once, she enjoyed her power over him. As she buried his cock deep inside her, her hands pressed against his taut chest and she rode her mount slowly and dominantly.

"I think you are ready for it Jack." declared Fay careful not to over exert herself on his unyielding cock.

Fay squeezed her cunt around him to tease out his response and she felt his answer. She knew he was close and felt the swell of excitement that she had solicited his frank admission. The power of her body over his was enthralling, and she revelled in her dominion over him. She lifted herself to display how she had buried his cock into her pink wet sex. Jack had to look, he was being kept here, and she was edging his body to the point of climax and then easing him back down.

Pushing a hand between Jack's legs, she found his perineum as he gasped pleadingly – her finger entered him again.

"I think you should be fucked flat on your back." insisted Fay wallowing at feeling so full of Jack's hard meat. "Brigitte can ride you like this and Rainer can fuck your arse."

The prospect of Brigitte with them only heightened Jack's senses, her light tanned body flushed red with arousal rattled through his imagination. Her jutting firm breasts shaking and the look of pleasure written on her elegant fine features followed closely after. Recalling her sweat sheened taut body trembling in orgasm raised Jack's ardour and made his cock flex hard within its confines.

Jack pushed back against Fay's ministrations and she did not respond. Her only retort was to tense her cunt muscles onto his cock and finger fuck him harder. Maintaining her domineering composure aroused him more; he yielded to her and halted his movements. As she rode him slowly again, she looked deep into his eyes.

"Oh, I know you want to fuck Brigitte too." discerned Fay as she felt Jack's body betray him again.

Jack groaned helplessly, feeling the riposte of Fay's merciless fingers, as she kept his body on the edge of release.

"I'd like her to fuck me as well." added Fay lasciviously. "I want us to grind our cunts together until we both cum."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" muttered Fay softly as she fully bore down on his cock, delicately fingering him as his cock flexed inside her.

Jack helplessly nodded, as Fay smiled enjoying his tortuous predicament. Fay looked knowingly at his prone body and increased the violence of her finger inside him; she added another as he writhed helplessly underneath her.

"And when he's finished, maybe I'll have him cum hard all over you." added Fay confidently slowly using her sex to torment his cock again.

"Shit!" Jack exclaimed.

"Shush!" Fay retorted playfully, pushing her two slight fingers into him to admonish him.

Poleaxed by her fingers inside him massaging his prostate, she leisurely kept riding him. She knew her deliberate lack of vigour was prolonging his sexual anguish and his need for release. Savouring the power and control of his body underneath, she squeezed his cock again. Jack tensed in response with a deep groan, throwing his hands up in reaction to his helplessness.

Looking at her body straddled over his, her studious look of concentration conveyed her mischievous intent. Her tanned body and unkempt hair were deeply alluring, the chilled air made her nipples hard as her undulated hips rode him. Her mouth pouted as she bit her upper lip in concentration, and Jack's flushed body conveyed his deep lust for her. He relented to her, gave her a bye this time as she always demurred to him. This change, this trial by fucking was to throw his confessions to the mercy of the judge – his lover.

"Imagine my fingers are his cock." instructed Fay watching as Jack's body began to shake, his eyes squeezed shut.

Jack's body began to tense and tremble, Fay smirked as she watched her lover at the brink of his orgasm. She slowly rode him, prolonging that anguished look of sexual tension on his face, savouring it as she controlled him.

She wanted her words to send him over the precipice; he languished beneath her as she chose her words carefully.

"Now, I'm going to milk you," purred Fay with beautiful detached annunciation, "and then you are going to eat it from me."

Jack groaned profoundly, his body was flushed pink in blotches around his torso and neck. Fay smiled empathetically as if winning a much sought after prize.

His release came right on cue and Fay opened her mouth in silent astonishment; she felt the heat of seed being injected into her.

Silently she rode him trying not to reveal her intense pleasure of feeling Jack's orgasmic cock inside her. Placing all her full body weight down onto him, Fay felt him twitch and in a moment later, fill her with more warmth. He throbbed again and again and she knew she had drained a copious amount of sperm from him. Fay congratulated herself at extracting his telling confession and at her burgeoning knowledge of her lover's predilections.

"Mmm, good boy, fill me with it." purred Fay, her calm tone designed to mollify Jack's writhing body.

With a final sinuous thrust, Jack's cock flexed inside her and satisfied he was spent, she leant forward to kiss him.

A deep soulful kiss, a tender knowing kiss at Jack's silent confession; it was a kiss of reassurance. For Jack, his confidence in Fay was complete; they would go to Tanya's villa together and share in a delicious experience.

She held her hand to her sex, lifting herself from his cock, Fay beckoned him underneath her. His mouth replaced her hand and with it, their congress seeped into him. The frothy, bitterness drove him on and through pursed lips he sucked at her hard clit. Fay clasped his head tightly between her thighs as he wrapped his strong arms around them to hold her firmly in place.

Sucking and flicking at her hard clit, Fay gyrated as she rubbed her cunt over Jack's mouth. The ferocity of his attention was all male; it lacked the finesse and tenderness of a woman's touch. She knew that he had tasted it, now it was devouring it and her too. Submitting herself to him, she felt another orgasm welling inside her. Her body tightened as Jack pushed his tongue into her freshly fucked folds.

His relentlessness and his intensity in addressing her sex brought her to climax. Shuddering, it took her hard and it hit her with a jagged malevolence. It was amplified by her total realisation that Jack was the man she wanted to share every one of her sordid fantasies.

Her sex would be still be moist at lunch, it would be ready to take another man's cock and more attention from Tanya and Brigitte. Spasms continued to hit her hard as she struggled to free herself from Jack's strong, overwhelming grasp.

Listing to the side, he released her and breathless, she lay alongside him – head to toe.

She crawled up to the bed, watching Jack's chest rise and fall and littered kiss after kiss on his shoulder, neck and lips.

"Fuck Jack, why can't you just take it for once?" purred Fay contentedly.

"Because." replied Jack, his breathing still laboured.

"Next time, I'll restrain you." countered Fay playfully. "I imagine you would respond well to a little S and M."

Jack looked at her with an air of bewilderment at Fay's seriousness or flippancy.

"Joke. Joke." laughed Fay as Jack returned a relieved smile, "Well maybe not."

Jack pulled her to his side and she placed a solitary hand on his chest as he held her. As the moments passed, Fay could hear his heart return to a resting beat. Looking to him, he stared up at the ceiling, smiling serenely.

"You're ready for this, aren't you?" murmured the soft lull of Fay's voice into Jack's ear.

"Uh huh." responded Jack still enveloped in a post-coital glow and the restfulness of a night's sleep.

"There is one more thing though Jack." added Fay, her voice soporific as Jack's breathing slowed.

"Sure." returned Jack, choosing an economy of words as he fought the heaviness he felt in his eyelids.

"Well, this is meant to be a surprise but I don't think that's fair." countered Fay, as she watched Jack's heavy eyelids open, watching his interest piqued.

"Oh? Why?" reacted Jack, clearly more alert.

"Well, " said Fay, an air of innocent hesitation added to Jack's growing interest, "Do you like it here?"

"I love it here." soothed Jack by the return, wiping his eyes with his free hand.

Jack felt awake again now; clearly Fay had some kind of momentous announcement. Clearly another concoction fermented by Tanya and Fay's collusion.

"As just a place to have a holiday?" asked Fay emptily.

"What gives Fay?" retorted Jack, the souciant tone of his voice hinting at a growing sense of irritation.

"Well, you know how you said you could work anywhere, numbers being numbers and all that?" supposed Fay, trying to soften the impact.

"Fay, darling, whatever it is, please put us both out of our misery." demanded Jack choosing determination over indignation.

"Ok, Ok." Fay knelt up, waving her hands at her wrists to try to summon the right words, "The surprise is that Tanya wants you to work for her – here."

Jack paused as Fay on tenterhooks and a look of concern watched this surprise sink in. Jack wasn't wrong, it was momentous indeed. Fucking for fun was one thing, upping sticks to another country was of a different order of magnitude.

"No shit?" questioned Jack by return.

Fay nodded silently and then added, "She'll match what you earn now and the benefits."

"Wow……. No shit?" returned Jack in astonishment.

"No shit. She'd even rent this place out to us - cheap." added Fay expectantly.

"No shit!" exclaimed Jack, clearly now mulling it over.

"Shit." stated Fay nodding her head with an expectant smile.

"Fucking hell Fay, what do you think?" asked Jack, energised by excitement; he sat up against the headboard of the bed.

"I think we should and you?" asked Fay with a reverent tone to her lover.

"Shit!" exclaimed Jack with incredulity.

"Jack! Tell me? I can't bear it." pleaded Fay, her eyes wider now in hope of an affirmative answer.

"You really want this don't you?" asked Jack reading the familiar signs he saw in front of him.

"Yes, nearly as much as I want you." stated Fay soulfully.

"Just me and you?" asked Jack, his mind still awash with amazement, now unable to articulate anything or even think.

"Yes. New chapter, fresh start, new friends." returned Fay.

With that, Jack knew she was right. He had seen her bravado crumble back at home when faced with the occasional look of ridicule or disapproval. He knew that their provincial mentality wore her down at times and she tried hard not to let it show.

"Shit!" exclaimed Jack struggling to come to terms with the opportunity that faced him.

"Jack, tell me now. I'm dying here." begged Fay.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" shouted Jack, his face breaking out into a wide smile.

Fay squealed and threw her arms open as they embraced.

"Please, please act like it's a surprise though?" pleaded Fay.

Jack softly kissed her neck.

"Shit, I love you Fay Andrews." avowed Jack.

Fay closed her eyes shut and subsumed herself into his arms, she had her man and she had a new life. She had a fresh start absolved of her mistakes and amongst a world of people like themselves. As she placed her head against Jack's shoulder, it was all slotting into place for her and as Jack would soon discover, Tanya's designs for him would be realised too. There were plenty of surprises left to come. Jack's worthiness had taken them both into unknown territory; he was the one that had bested them all.

Now lunchtime, Rainer, Brigitte and Tanya beckoned.

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