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How It All Began - The Final Chapter

How It All Began - The Final Chapter

Fay and Jack have Tanya's villa to themselves - or do they?
On his knees, his arms braced against the tall dress mirror. His muscles burned with fatigue and his lungs were snatching for any air he could find. From behind, Fay stabbed the strap-on cock into him again and again in a series of shallow strokes. Holding his cock in her hand, she felt his immediate reaction as his cock lurched violently in her grasp.

Looking at the delicious sight reflected back in the mirror, the sexual ecstasy of it was etched on his face. The tense sinews of Jack's arms shook and the swollen zenith of his cock told her everything she needed to know.

"You need a real cock in your arse again soon," purred Fay. "You are so hot for it."

A stuttering groan was his only reply as his heart thumped powerfully. He felt the drip, drip of sweat splash onto his back as Fay leant over him pushing the cock into his arse once more. His body craved the release of climax and such was Fay's skill and knowledge of his body - she was taunted him.

Stroking his cock with more intent, she basked in the control she had over his body and how he had willfully submitted to her. Fully swollen in her hand, it would not be long before she gave him what he desired. Burying the cock into him, it grazed that sensitive spot inside him again - bringing him closer and closer.

"Cum, baby," purred Fay, "do it over the mirror."

He looked at her again; the gentle thrusts of the cock inside him, the quiet determination on her face and her flushed naked torso tipped him over the edge.

He groaned wearily and she felt the strong throbbing of his shaft as his climax brutally hit him. Stroking his cock to completion, he groaned with relief as ropes of pearly milk splashed onto the mirror absent of any violent force. She felt the last flex of his cock and smiled; happy in the knowledge she had fully drained him.

Easing her cock from him, she squeezed his cock firmly.

"Good boy, good boy."

Her smile widened looking the exhausted look of relief on his flushed face. She knew he had given all of his energy to her. That was her power over him; he could fuck anyone he wanted but only her body that could inspire him to sexual exhaustion. She knew it and he knew it; this was the physical and emotional bond that bound them together.

In the silence of two sated bodies, she laid against his prone body in the warm cosseting bed. Her mollified body matched her tranquil mind bathed in the bliss of sexual satisfaction. She thought back to when it gnawed at her and drove her into mistakes and unhappiness. She remembered how she had discovered Jack’s potential and how they had taken this journey together. Nestled against him like a snug piece of a jigsaw puzzle, she was happy and content. She softly kissed his cheek and he murmured his approval.

"You were magnificent.”

"You too," murmured Jack weakly.

"I love you."

Jack let out a breathless gruff moan of approval.

"I love you."

Leaning up a little, still safe in the comfort of his arm around her, she tenderly ran her fingers through his hair.

"Sleep my darling.”

Jack could only manage a faint smile.

Still stroking his hair lovingly she felt his essence inside her; she looked at him and saw a face so placid and peaceful. Butterflies of pride and adoration swelled through her in what she had done to him.

In that moment, a flood of emotions utterly consumed her. She was a slut, a whore, she was immoral in the eyes of many and yet, he loved her and she loved him.

She lay next to him and watched him drift off into a restful sleep, she realised that whenever they were together, he was witty and full of laughter and he seldom complained. He was honest and never disingenuous with his emotions. Looking upon him at peace, she knew she could spend a lifetime searching and never find a soul so perfectly matched. Despite being on this earth for only twenty-two years and him for twenty-eight, she hoped that her lifetime search was over and she hoped that Jack felt the same way.

She knew he would not hear her, yet in this beautiful moment, she wanted to hear what it sounded like coming from her own lips.

"I do," she whispered into his ear in the faintest of voices.

She watched him intently not hoping for an answer but enjoyed the exhilaration of that thought.

Resting against him and embracing him with her slight thin arm, the soporific sound of his breathing washed over her like the ebb and flow of the sea against a sun-kissed beach.

And she slept.


As sunlight leeched through the heavy curtains, the white painted walls cast a faint watery brightness against his eyelids.

Blearily, Jack opened one eye and then another, he looked at the indentation of the sheets next to him and realised they were vacant. He struggled to focus his sleepy eyes at the red numerals of the bedside clock.


With a resigned sigh, Jack smiled at his accidental rest. He clearly needed it and felt a restful happiness that Fay had gifted him such soothing sleep without any disturbance.

With only a towel wrapped around his showered body, the villa was noiseless. He thought that at lunchtime he would hear the radio and the sounds of Fay pottering around. Realising he had never fully seen every room of the substantial villa; he checked the six bedrooms and all the en-suite bathrooms for signs of life.

Downstairs, he checked the day room, the huge open-plan day room with its expansive mezzanine seating area and peered out of the French windows to the rain soaked patio. The wet room and sauna were unoccupied, even the large formal dining room and adjoining formal lounge were untouched. In the corridor that led off to a pantry and utility room, Jack detected the faintest echoes of speech.

Attuned to the silence, he followed the direction of a voice; it came from behind a pale cream-white door, he had never been into this part of the villa. Pushing on the door, the hinges gave out a faint metallic creak. There was silence, it was a staircase lit with a warm yellowy light. The polished concrete steps felt cold on Jack's feet and he gingerly took each steep step one at a time.

He followed the polished grey concrete floor to a small room with no furniture or adornments, the filament of the solitary incandescent light bulb cast faint grey shadow on the bare wall. On the opposing wall, an imposing black doorframe held a large, sturdy dark-stained oak door. It was closed and completely incongruent with the plain décor. A heady scent of perfume piqued his curiosity; the room was recently been occupied.


He ventured towards the door and looked to the iron doorknob; it was triangular with rounded edges. He gripped it strongly and it turned with an astonishing fluidity. The sterile light leaked into the gloomier room as he cautiously stepped in. His feet felt the luxuriously deep-pile carpet as his eyes adjusted to the low light.


His recoil was instinctive; more light flooded into the room. She was ball-gagged, collared, leashed and standing against a wall. Her sparkling eyes conveyed happiness and consoled his sense of alarm.

In her predicament, she was dressed in a black latex half corset cut to expose her breasts. The corset swooped tightly over her athletic hips and a scalloped arc pressed across her lower abdomen that left her bare pubic bone exposed. Over the tops of her thighs and around the sides, thick black straps held tight black latex stockings in place as she stood on black patent high-heels.

"Fay?" repeated Jack.

Her eyes smiled back and then diverted to the door.

"Hello, Jack."

Spinning around with alarm, a figure revealed itself to him from behind the door. Her crimson red hair was an immediate giveaway - it was Avril.

Jack's look of shock made her smile widely across her scarlet painted lips. Approaching him, the hypnotic confident gait of her body on high heels was beguiling. Encased in a black latex cat suit, it flattened her breasts and smoothed her riot of womanly curves right down to her ankles. In her hand was a short riding crop and her hair was scraped back into a ponytail caught at a jaunty angle at the crown of her head.

"I didn't have you down as a fan of cyberpunk."

His voice carried a hint of bravado that went way beyond his nerve. He felt a twinge in his loins at Avril's assertiveness as the soft towel wrapped around him pressed hard against his burgeoning erection.

"Oh Jack, you still have so much to learn. I would have thought that our encounter at your flat suggested that my needs are less than conventional."

Jack let the side of his mouth crease with an audacious smile, "And Fay?"

"Fay appreciates my needs well. I know you do too, Jack, you certainly lacked any reticence last time."

The evocative scent of her perfume mixed with the deeply arousing construct around him. His bewilderment had disappeared replaced with the excitement of another carnal adventure.

Avril pulled firmly at the bath towel and released his stiff cock to the cool air of the room.

"Typical man," purred Avril.

The weight and girth of his cock always fascinated her as she felt it in the flat of her hand. Cupping his heavy balls, she witnessed it flex and harden for her.

"Perfect. We are going to play a little game. You will do as I say, ok?"

Jack nodded.

"Good. It would be better for you if you did. I don't want to use this."

Avril rolled her wrist and with a snap hard against Jack's calf, he let out a startled yelp.

"What the fuck!"

She squeezed his balls confidently and it silenced him immediately.

"How are you going to do as you're told if you do not understand the consequences?"

She swatted the back of his leg again.

"Fuck! Avril!"

"Mistress Avril," she stated perfunctorily. "Wait here."

He watched her svelte confined body walk to a corner and pick items from a table set against the wall.

As she walked towards him, Jack admired the fluidity of her body. He felt a deep arousal rise up within him of churning butterflies in his stomach. She admired his hard cock; she did not need to validate Jack's interest in this endeavour.

"Good. I thought you would like this."

"Yes, Mistress."

Around his neck, Avril buckled up a black leather collar. With the metallic snap of a trigger hook, she let the cold steel chain rest down his body. He was one hundred and eighty pounds of compact, well-built male, yet willingly allowed himself to be controlled by a slip of a girl barely out of university.

"Against the wall, Jack, assume the position."

Avril's latex clad fingers slid slowly against his spine and arrived at the cleft of his arse. Pushing a cold finger into him, he bit his lower lip as she penetrated him. He knew what that familiar feeling was, it pushed into his arse and wedged inside him tightly. Knowing better not to fight it, he embraced the warmth as his sphincter adjusted to the plug wedged into his bottom.

"There, all done."

Pulling on his leash, she led him to stand next to Fay. Lusting at Avril's curves encased in patent black latex, he wondered if she was unavailable to him this time. Watching as she attended to Fay, Avril carefully removed the ball gag from her mouth.

"My fears of you raising the alarm were unfounded. Jack seems to have saved me the trouble of going to get him."

Fay looked to Jack and raised a warm reassuring smile towards him.

"Jack, Jack, it's ok, darling, it's ok."

"Did I say you could speak?" retorted Avril.

With a swat of the crop on Fay's breast, Jack's blood raised, he wanted to take Avril right now and show her who was boss.

"Mistress, sorry, Mistress." replied Fay.

As a consolation, Avril eased a finger into Fay's sex and he witnessed her immediately melt to her touch. He realised that Fay didn't yelp at being hit with the crop and the revelation that she enjoyed this aroused him hugely. Fay eased out a breathless gasp as Avril taunted her body with a careful fingering.

"Firstly, Tanya sends her apologies for her absence. She is in L.A. at present."

"L.A. that's not La Rochelle?" replied Jack.

Avril looked at Jack with a hint of peevishness and the resultant swot from the crop against his leg turned it into a smile.

"Mistress." added Jack hurriedly.

"Better, I think you both know why she is there."

Jack looked at Fay and they exchanged a knowledgeable smile.

"As your reward, Tanya has arranged a little gathering for you both. We all watched your performance at the hotel, both you with Tanya and both of you with that young woman."

"Fuck!" exclaimed Jack.

A swot from the crop soon reminded Jack of his obligation.


"Now, almost all the people that watched your performances would like to experience you for real. Beyond that door is the old private cinema; Tanya has put it to a different use."


"You are part of us now; you have both seen how we get our kicks. You are now to become some of Tanya's very select group of friends."

Avril took Jack's cock and squeezed it firmly; a metallic click fastened a tight band around root of his erect cock and bit into his perineum. Teasing his cock with slower more considered strokes, it filled fully with blood. He knew as his perineum bit into his metallic cock ring - he would not cum easily.

Surveying her handiwork, Avril inspected him; his cock was at its zenith. Each meandering vein down the purposeful shaft stood swollen and hard, he was ready.

Watching Avril's provocation of Jack's body, Fay yearned to be touched again. She yearned to be fucked and fingered - she ached to be used. The deviant thought of being the plaything for total strangers inspired her mind and body. She knew from the intensity of the heat from her loins that her sex would be soaking wet and swollen to its full sensitivity. She knew that her clit would be fully engorged. Jack's treatment of her body last night was already a distant memory as her mind commanded that her body must have more.

"Now you two, come with me."


Led into the room, it was indeed a small cinema; bright lights arranged in a long arc obscured the viewing audience from them. It illuminated the stage forcing them into looking anywhere except in the direction of the lighting. Firmly, Avril fixed his wrists to soft leather manacles attached to chains held by a pulley fixed to the ceiling. Showing mercy, she ratcheted up the chains lifting his arms above his head but leaving his feet fully planted on the floor.

Led to a padded bench, Fay was on back fastened to it by her wrists and ankles. The light caught the glimmer of her wet slit as she spread-eagled over it. Jack watched as smartly dressed masked men and women teased Fay's prone body. Stroking her face tenderly, Avril watched as their mouths and fingers explored her.

One woman knelt between Fay's spread thighs and splayed her wet cunt with her pointed tongue. Fay's response was an airy soft gasp, curving her back upwards as Avril kissed her mouth softly. Jack’s body seared with arousal, it was agony to watch. Avril beckoned towards a suited man with his hard swolled erection poking through his trousers. Pressing it to her lips, she took it deeply into her mouth, sucking it eagerly as she writhed with pleasure.

Avril pointed to a towering well-built masked man, his considerable cock was also hard and ready, its prominent engorged veins gave it a violent gravitas. Avril did not need to issue a command as she took his cock and started rubbing it up and down Fay's wet slit. As his cock slid into wet sex, the cock in her mouth quickly stifled her groan. Fay's expression conveyed how his muscular girth felt as she accepted it. Spearing her body slowly, her body tensed and relaxed once she had him fully inside. She groaned on the cock in her mouth and felt her gag reflex bite firmly against the stiff meat in her mouth.

Taking a mouth fucking, she felt Avril squeeze her breasts with her gloved hands, Avril teased Fay's nipples as she felt his cock stretching her insides. He slowly impaled her fully, Fay resorting to trying to grind her clit on the hilt, rolling her hips upon him. The deliriousness of her mind was fevered by the knowledge of shadowy figures seeing her impaled on two stranger's cocks. Her attire and the sight of her mouth and scarlet sex stretched full was her performance for their guests. She revelled in the pleasure of taking it all in front of an audience, her blatant exhibition of being a dirty slut.

Helplessly held in place, Jack could see that Fay's pussy was slicked with a white creamy emulsion. Each of them were fucking her, in her mouth and cunt - Avril avidly watching as Fay's stifled groans built in their urgency and volume. The man with his cock in her mouth eased it from her, slapping it against her cheek.

"May I cum, mistress?"

"Do not cum."

"Please, please, I need to cum."

A swat from the crop stopped her pleading. As her groans were stifled again, the two men were relentless in their application to her writhing body. Jack was helpless and could only watch, his immolating body desperate to be touched.

"Enough. Undo her restraints."

As they freed her body, they mauled her into position. On all fours, her knees on the edge of the bench, the woman pushed on the small of Fay’s back forcing her arse into the air. Jack felt his hard cock lurch as she bared her well-fucked sex to their audience. Kneeling before them, the woman flicked her tongue over Fay’s tight sphincter. She squirmed with pleasure as Avril beckoned the two men to stand alongside her. All of them casting their clothes aside, the woman rose and Avril used her hands to slick the men’s cocks. Happy in the knowledge they were hard enough, Avril pressed a greased finger into Fay's tight arse. Poleaxed by the sensation, Fay's head shot up in ecstasy as she groaned heavily.

"You are going to be double penetrated, you dirty slut."

As one man slid himself underneath her, Avril took his cock as Fay squat her slight body onto him. The thought of showing the assembled gathering that she was a cock-hungry whore made her wetten easily. She eased his cock into her gingerly until Avril forced her down. Pushed down onto him, the other man squatted over her - his hard cock hanging between his tensed thighs. Avril squeezed his tight balls and guided him against her tightest hole. Jack witnessed the startled look on her face as a second cock slid slowly inside her tight arse. Shuddering at the impossible tension building inside her, Fay yelped as the sturdy cocks started to fuck her body.

Filled by the utter depravity of her sexual need, Fay squeezed her muscles against the firm, rigid meat inside her. Her muscles burned and she fought against the intent of the anonymous men fucking her. They soon had the measure of her body and took it in turns to saw their hard cocks into her. Punctuating by a yelping sob at the apex of each thrust, her body throbbed at electrification of her senses.

“May I cum, Mistress?”

Fay’s voice was faltering, her helpless body stuck between two powerful figures and impaled on their hard cocks.

“Yes, you may.”

The sounds that followed filled the tall ceilinged room as Fay let out a wavering but unmistakably powerful climax. Jack watched as Fay’s body spasmed hard between them as they powered through her climax and kept fucking her.

Awestruck at the power of Avril's control over Fay's body and at the intent of the two masked men, Jack's body was aflame. He only noticed Avril’s promixity to him when he felt her breath on her skin.

He turned to see her accompanied by a tall statuesque woman and a leashed male. Sturdily built, his muscular body was confined by the thick straps of a leather-studded harness. His cock was hard and erect and sheathed with his balls in shiny black latex; a bright metal ring held his thick cock in place. They moved towards Jack impassively and his heart began to beat faster in trepidation. He knew he was unable to move anything except his legs; his arms fixed in place by the manacles.

"Part your legs," commanded Avril, "Or I will make you."

Tapping his bare ankle with her patent black shoe, Jack shimmied until the tapping stopped. The statuesque masked brunette was deeply alluring. Her upper body was clad in an open cupped chain and leather bustier. It cinched her waist tightly and accentuated the deep sensuous curves of her hips. Her breasts were full and round and her sex was bare and naked. She paused to look him firmly in the eyes and smiled to convey their sexual malice toward his captured body.

Jack could only gaze at her helplessly and tracked her eyes as she knelt before his proud rigid cock. Without delay or ceremony, she fed his hard cock into her mouth and sucked on it.

Distracted by the heady sensation, Jack felt the surprise of the wedged plug being freed from his arse. His sense of foreboding returned despite the exquisite relief of having his cock sucked. A firm hand took his hips and he felt the blunt push fight against the knotted muscle of his arse. With his eyes screwed shut, he violated the tight knot of muscle. Feeling the push of his cock firmly into him, he groaned until his arse was filled with the man’s hard cock. Jack's hissed yelps drew Fay's attention as she witnessed her lover being fucked by another man.

He struggled at first to accommodate the cock inside him, Jack's groans were his only permitted form of communication. Gasping with each thrust into him, Jack involuntarily bore down on his purposeful cock. His sense of foreboding had transformed into intense pleasure. It was agitating his lower abdomen into making his cock throb repeatedly. Her soft mouth salved Jack's need but her control left him in no doubt that he was being used for the man's pleasure.

Jack and Fay's eyes met, they knew that they were the protagonists in the deviant fantasies of the assembled throng. Both of them being fucked according to their designs and Fay groaned at the perfect sensations of the two cocks fucking her. The idea that their guests had discussed how she would be fucked and that they had agreed this for her drove her closer to the edge.

"Fuck me harder!" yelled Fay, "Fuck my slutty holes!"


Avril delivered a swat from her crop onto the tightened cheek of her arse. The stinging sensation felt sublime and she squealed as they fucked her harder in response.

With a stuttering gasp, she shuddered heavily as the almighty tension built inside her threaten to release itself. Braced against the two cocks alternating as they filled her, she felt her body begin to shake.

“Mistress, please may I cum?”

“Not yet.”

Fay yelped fighting to contain it, it was slowly defeating her.

“P-p-please… ”

“Not yet.”

Fay’s body had gone limp, her eyes had rolled back into their sockets. The mechanistic sawing of one fat cock and then another into her kept up their consistent tempo, her body was trembling uncontrollably.

“P-p-p… ”

“You may cum.”

With a wobbling, pathetic moan, the violent releases of her orgasm send it pulsating against the stranger's cocks. Her powerful vaginal muscles clenched violently as she felt simultaneously filled by the swollen hard cocks in her arse and cunt. She came hard onto them both, louder than before, watching Jack being fucked from behind. Savouring the visual of seeing Jack's passive body being used so assertively by the masked couple, her own body shuddered wretchedly between her assailants.

Watching Fay climax, Jack groaned as the man fucking him delivered a stuttered series of thrusts. The woman edged a little closer to Jack and rested his aching hard cock between the cleavage of her breasts as she sucked on the tip. Squeezing her breasts around him, the coating of saliva eased its travel between them as her lover fucked Jack's arse harder.

Gruff groans from the bench caught Jack's attention and they were amplified in their response to Fay's orgasmic body. Their stabbing thrusts lacked power – it could only mean one thing.

“Cum inside her!” barked Avril.

The revelation of her fate was too much and the sound of another savage orgasm ripped through the air. Her spasming body left its effect on them; one and then the other began to grunt hard.

Gasping in stuttered snatches, Fay felt warmth spread in her sex first and moments later, a deepening heat spread in her arse. Their groans told everyone each time they released their seed into her. There was no tenderness, just the relief of their aching balls into the helpless slut sandwiched between them. They had finished in their purpose and ease themselves from the bench to leave Fay face down, limp and breathless. Her latex clad legs hung over the sides as her body embraced the padded leather.

"Show him!" demanded Avril.

Obediently, Fay rolled onto her back and pulled her knees up to her chest with her hands. She unashamedly revealed the result of their attention on her.

"Her holes are a mess; she's full of cum, look at the slut now."

Jack watched as Fay pushed globules of white cum from her. It leaked from her pink chastened slit and reddened arse, it dripped onto the black tiled floor to form a small milky pool. The sight of her well fucked body made Jack respond noisily, he writhed against the cock buried deep inside him groaning heavily.

Facing Jack, Avril watched as the sturdy masked figure pumped his cock in and out of his arse. She savoured the sight of Jack's wretched body and the deep groans of frustration as his body shook with each thrust. She relished the visual confirmation of seeing Jack's animalistic instincts tamed. This would be his final lesson as per Tanya’s instructions - his full initiation into their world.

"Look at the guests, see how much they are enjoying the spectacle."

He fought though the bright stage lights to see into the shadowy darkness, perhaps two dozen masked men and women were enjoying each other. They were watching him as their own bodies writhed, cunts impaled on cocks and pussies being eaten. His tawdry exhibitionism was now their main entertainment and as that realisation hit him; his body yearned with profound desire. He knew his cock was being tortured deliberately to keep him hard and nothing more. The experience and wisdom of the masked woman understood precisely what she was doing.

"Leave him," commanded Avril. "You know what to do next."

The couple halted their attention on Jack's body and left him to Avril's intents.

Jack looked to the bench, close to it Fay was squatting down, with her legs spread wide she bared her naked sex. With a hard cock in each hand, she was voraciously sucking on each of them in turn.

As the harnessed man lay on his back with his legs overhanging the bench, the woman wrestled the latex sheath from his cock and balls. Jack admired her juicy teardrop shaped bottom and how her puffy bare vulva was squeezed between her legs. He watched as she straddled him in reverse and saw the look of pleasure on her face she took his fat cock into her pussy. Gasping as she took it, her pendulous breasts heaved as he drove it into her with a frequent regularity. Supporting her body with her arms gripping the bench, the man grasped at her heavy breasts as he pounded her. The pained expression of extreme sexual frustration writ large on Jack's face told Avril everything she needed to know.

"Beg," commanded Avril.

"Mistress, I have to cum, please let me cum."

"Beg harder."

"Mistress, please let me cum, I beg you, please."

Avril smiled widely, his taming was complete.

"Mistress, please," begged Jack, "I really have to cum."

"Now, stuff your cock into her cunt as well," demanded Avril.

He felt the ratcheting sound of the chain vibrate into his arms. Freed from his restraints, he felt the heat of his blood course this arms returning their strength to him.

With a tug of his leash, he was walked to the bench. He looked to see Fay still attending to the two rigid cocks in turn and he saw the glistening clear fluid shining on the insides of tanned thighs. Feeling the pull of his leash, it snapped Jack out of his curiosity.

He only needed to stand and hold the woman's spread thighs to obtain the right leverage. Avril held his cock to her already impaled sex and he pushed his rigid cock firmly at her gashed slit. The masked woman moaned heavily at the sensation of being filled by two eager cocks. Slicked by her wetness, he pressed himself into her and felt the tight wetness of her sex and the wet skin of the man's cock against him. Looking down to see his own hard cock squeezed against her and him, Jack groaned loudly. Feeling another man's cock against his own made him spasm hard, sliding like captured eels, they filled her deeply.

Her moans punctuated the silence and Jack looked into her eyes. Half-open, they conveyed her lust for them. Jack reached out to clutch her heavy breasts, groping them as he squeezed on her hard puckered nipples. The sodden heat of her sex allowed them both to fill her simultaneously now. As she clamped around them both, they squirmed their cocks into her, desperate to appease their desire within the enveloping tightness of her cunt.

A fevered groan distracted Jack and he looked so see Fay sucking hard on an ejaculating cock. Swallowing his seed, he had witnessed her take three stranger's cum in all of her holes. It spurred him on and he felt his deep frustration start its transformation into release. A different groan punctured the still air as Jack watched the second cock being stroked urgently in Fay’s hand. Seconds later, it threw splatters of milky cum over the black latex of her corset and squirted fat ropes of his seed all over her naked breasts.

Squirming against the other cock inside her, the tight friction of her sex ratcheted up the pressure in Jack's balls. Each lunge of his cock into her tightly confined cunt was bringing this deviant, dirty fuck closer to its conclusion. Jack wallowed in the sight of the woman reclined over her lover, her sex rising and falling to their thrusts. A small repetitive yelp from her kept time as Jack looked down to see their hard cocks sliding against each other. Their heavy balls pressed against each other at the apex of each stab into her. His cock flexed hard and the metal ring bit into him, the nagging pain persistently held him back.

Jack felt Avril presence; he looked at her face to see that amused look in her eyes again. As two firm hands gripped him by his hips, he felt that familiar push against his arse. Jack groaned heavily and the rapt look on Jack's face made Avril cackle. In time with each of his thrusts into her double filled sex, a determined cock was now violating him once again in his arse.

Fay stood next to Avril to watch Jack, her legs straddled against Avril's thigh and she rubbed her cunt against the smooth latex stocking. The runny white seed trickled down her breasts, Jack wanted to add his own to it so desperately. Fay watched Jack avidly, her face showing her delight at seeing him brazenly exploited for the gratification of two complete strangers.

The stranger's arms took Jack by the hips and his body pushed Jack closer towards the woman. Jack was firmly sandwiched between them and with each stab into his well-fucked arse, Jack's cock slid helplessly into her. Imprisoned between their bodies, his release was now predicated by the strength of the man's thrusts fucking him.

"Fuck him harder," commanded Avril.

Fay groaned as she watched Jack's stricken body and Avril pawed at her breasts taking delight at her urgent need to climax again. Jack's body shook with the force of his fucking, it was making his own cock flex hard in the tight hot confines of the woman's stretched sex. As her body began to undulate, her nascent climax was bearing her muscles down on both of their cocks.

The cock inside Jack kept grazing his prostate, taking him ever closer to the edge. His perineal muscles bit into the tight cock-ring and his relief was palpable that it no longer threatened to hold him back. His body ached as his mind resolutely pursued his own release. He looked upon the woman's prone body as she shook with each pounding thrust. It glowed with exertion and as he mashed each of her heavy breasts with his hands.

A guttural heavy groan thundered against the walls, the cock pressed against Jack’s pulsed violently. Flexing against Jack's shaft, he felt the added heat of the man's cum envelop around his own cock. The heat of sperm inside her made her howl vociferously as he began to fill her.

It was too much, the sum of being watched, of fucking complete strangers and having two different cock fucking him in the arse, he have never felt such a yearning need to cum. Gasping to announce his own climax, the searing heat in Jack’s balls had built to a crescendo.

"Mistress, I need to cum, please let me cum," pleaded Jack.

"Cum inside her," purred Avril, "fill her up."

With his breathing ragged, the assembled throng knew that Jack was about to release his own seed in orgasm. His body flushed and his muscles tensed hard, Jack pressed himself against her with renewed vigour. The booming of his voice echoed off the walls and wracked with hard throbbing series of spasms - his seed vented from him. With each thumping contraction of his cock, his taut muscles bit against the cock fucking him. Flexing and convulsing in rapid, hard spasms, his cock slid easily inside her and added his own cum to the load inside her. The hands gripped his hips holding him tightly in place as Jack bore down hard on the fat cock inside him.

Moaning heavily, she writhed with Jack as she felt both of them shoot their loads. Her contracting pussy walls snatched and squeezed on their cocks. Sucking and licking on her nipples, Jack teased her orgasm from her body. She shook from her shoulders, through her pendulous breasts into her stomach. As she writhed between them, Jack felt her pussy muscles undulating over his deeply buried cock. Her cunt clasped at them both, the contractions of her muscles rippling forcefully onto their cocks.

Wedged between two bodies, Jack bore down repeatedly on the cock inside him as he came. With a hiss of ragged breathing in his ear, the man pressed his full weight against Jack's body pushing his cock up to the hilt in her cum filled cunt. Swollen and rigid inside him, Jack pushed back in encouragement. With a panting growl, a heat spread deep inside Jack as he bore down on the cock in his arse. Pushing onto the cock inside him, it stabbed back as Jack groaned. Wave after wave of heat filled him as the stranger emptied his balls deep inside Jack’s arse. The flexing of the cock inside him made Jack reel with pleasure, the slickness of his cum filled arse made the thrusts squirm easily into him. As each stab teased his prostate they made Jack’s cock flex trapped inside her. The last vestiges of his orgasm throbbed against her tight pussy walls as the squirming of the man's cock alongside his own eased to a stop.

Finally spent, Jack’s body was still, he could feel the waning spasms of her body faintly grasping him. His ribcage rose and fell for air as he wiped his moist brow with the back of his hand. His eyes met hers; the woman looked at Jack's relieved expression and she smiled thankfully at him. The heat from her post-orgasmic glow and the warmth from her cum painted pussy walls made her smile widen at her younger charge.

Jack reciprocated as he felt the man behind him withdraw his spent cock. Using his newfound latitude to move, Jack looked down as they eased their cocks from her, their copious seed seeped out of her gaped sex. As the sounds of her moans reached their tumult, the sight of their seed leaking out of her cunt tipped Fay over the edge to a noisy orgasm against Avril's thigh.


Avril's body slumped against Jack's; their glowing bodies embraced as Fay eased his cock from Avril's sex and watched the small trickle of cum ease from her fucked slit.

"Mmm, I needed that," moaned Avril breathlessly.

"I surrender, I surrender!" gasped Jack fighting for air.

Laughing at Jack's pleading, Avril rolled off him and together they all sat up against the imposing headboard of the warm king-sized bed enjoying their post-coital glow.

"So did you enjoy your treat you two?" asked Avril.

Still breathless, Jack nodded and smiled warmly.

"That was seriously fucking kinky," purred Fay, "I have no idea who they were but they were seriously fucking horny too."

Avril laughed, "Well, you will never know who. You've already met most of them, just with clothes on, well most of the time."

"The villa party?" asked Fay.

Avril nodded, "Yes. I said that Tanya had taught me a lot, I have known Tanya ever since finishing school. She gave me an alternative education. You really are part of the gang now."

"No shit!" exclaimed Jack to peals of laughter.

"So what exactly is Tanya doing in L.A for us to deserve that?" asked Fay.

"Rafael contacted Tanya and said that someone called Jack Richardson had called him. They compared their understanding of events with what Nancy told you and Brigitte. It was very clear to them both that Nancy had engineered it all and between them they were able to piece it together."

Fay squeezed her arm around Jack in happiness, Avril smiled.

"They are reconciled; Tanya is delighted and very grateful," added Avril.

"I think we managed to work that bit out ourselves," laughed Jack.

"She's been in L.A. for the best part of a week already. She told me that they are flying back here after a stay in Maui."

"Good for them," added Jack as Fay hugged him happily.

"There is one final thing," asked Avril.

"Oh?" returned Jack.

"Rafael tipped off a journalist friend about Nancy's bank accounts in Monaco," added Avril. "He said once he had his scoop, that it would certainly be a matter for the Agenzia delle Entrate."

"The who?" asked Fay, "Jack?"

"The Italian Inland Revenue, that'll teach the bitch to leave that on her laptop screen," added Jack. "Like I say, I've been having French lessons. She probably thought I couldn't read the screen and I didn't understand financial records. What a stupid fucking cow, I'm a fucking accountant!"

They all laughed raucously.


The clear spring air stung at his nostrils as he looked out over Beziers illuminated below him. Looking down onto the road below, he took a sip of Cognac. He watched as Rafael tenderly helped Tanya into their car. Her prominent baby-bump formed part of her silhouette in the shadows thrown by the streetlights. The small dinner party on their rooftop patio had been another happy affair. In recollection, Jack smiled as Tanya's eyes lit up as they toasted the happy couple.

"Penny for them?" asked Fay.

She looked at the sparkling ring on her finger as she pressed her thumb against the band and wiggled it. It still felt very new as she was unaccustomed to wearing jewellery.

"It's been quite a year here in France," returned Jack.

Fay leant into him lovingly as she recollected the diffident man-child she met in the bar at the gym. She wrapped her arm around him and luxuriated in the feel of the confident, proud man that stood alongside her.

"I love you."

"I love you too Fay."

Their pensive reverie was broken by the sound of the double doors to the lounge being opened.

They both turned round to see the flame-haired Avril in an ensemble of black. Patent high heels, sheer stockings, suspenders and a laced basque that pushed her tits up to create acres of cleavage.

"So which one of you dirty bastards are going to fuck me first?"

"After you?" proffered Jack.

"No, darling, after you. I want to eat your cum out of her cunt," returned Fay with a wicked smile.

"It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it."

Hand in hand, they walked towards Avril; they took her hands and led her to the bedroom.

-- FIN --


On a personal note, thank you for all your comments and votes, they have really encouraged me to finish this story. I hope you derive as much pleasure reading it as I had writing it.

I will be focusing more on shorter stories and you never know, another Jack and Fay episode might figure in those. Look out for the next story, I've got quite a few ideas lined up.

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