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How my BFF became a FWB

How my BFF and I shared our coming out as FWBs with a stranger.
I had received a wonderful toy for a christmas gift. The N'Joy Pure Wand. You can read all about it in my first story "Soaking Wet Christmas". This is not just a toy for many reasons. It a sexual aid, a liberator and relationship enhancer.

I had to share just how wonderful this new found item is with a very good friend of mine. Linda is one of my dearest friends. We have so much in common, and have grown very close over the last few years. We trust each other implicitly with many parts of our lives, both secret, and intimate.

Linda came out to me a few years back that she was lesbian. She had one encounter with a man, and she knew from it that she was attracted to women, both physically and emotionally. I, of course, did not judge her, and as a matter of fact, congratulated her for finding her true self and having the courage to tell someone. I came out to my family about my bisexuality a while back, and know just how liberating the truth can be.

Even though Linda knew I was bisexual, and I now knew she was lesbian, our relationship stayed platonic for many reasons, the most being respect and genuine, friendship and love.

That all changed just the other day. Linda knows that my marriage is based upon the same mutual respect and trust that she and I share, so she never made a move toward me, although, deep inside, I would have loved her to.

Linda is what you would call a lipstick lesbian. She is 5' 3' with the most petite body. She is a runner, so she is amazingly fit with 32 c breasts and an ass that is as tight as a drum. Dirty blonde hair that she wears about shoulder length, simmering blue/green eyes and the most amazing smile.

She told me when she was a child, she had very bad teeth. Her parents spent over five thousand dollars on braces and oral surgeries to get the results that she has now, which is nothing less than the most straightest, brightest teeth and smile I have the pleasure of knowing.

We were out just the other night, just the two of us, shopping and just hanging out. We went into a local restaurant which is located in a big, two story mall in our city. We ordered some drinks and appetizers and some more drinks, and few more drinks, and then some more drinks. We talked about our jobs, our relationships, and the drunker we got, the conversation slipped into sex.

I told her about the new toy I received from my amazing husband for Christmas. When I got to the juicy details of how it made me squirt so much, she actually just sat there, with her mouth open, just looking at me. She then said the most erotic thing, she said, "I sure wish you would help me squirt with it." I just looked at her and in about three seconds we both just started cracking up. My mind raced though, because I did not want to show her just how much I would love for that to happen.

Needless to say we were quite drunk when we decided we had enough. We were not so drunk that we knew we could not drive home in the condition we were in. We left the restaurant and started walking the mall. Slowly walking, laughing at everything, and dipping in to stores to look at clothes, jewelery, and buy some perfume.

We were walking along and right in front of us was a Fredericks of Hollywood. We just burst out laughing and walked right on in.

We were looking at some very provocative items, and they were having quite a drenching effect on me. There were the most delicious crotchless panties and nipple less bras that I have ever seen. Linda turned and saw me looking at them, and burst out with "I would love to see that on you!" while she put her hands on my hips and pulled me in close to her.

The saleswoman heard her and walked right on over to us and told us that they have fitting rooms for couples, if we wanted to try them on, and then she winked at us. I couldn't believe it, she read us like a book!! So I scooped up the black set of crotchless panties and nippleless bra in my size and grabbed Linda's hand and said in my most sexiest voice possible, "come on baby, you heard the woman, the dressing room is big enough for both of us!"

Linda already had picked out a white teddy that was so amazingly shear, that I just melted when I saw it. She picked up her size 2 lingerie and we went straight to the fitting room, hand in hand, giggling the whole way.

We walked into the fitting room, put our bags down on the floor, and hung up our lingerie that we picked out. We were still quite buzzed at this point and just fell into each others arms, hugging and laughing so hard. You know, that kind of clumsy, drunken hug and laughter that is totally innocent. Until the greatest thing happened next.

Linda turned and started kissing my neck. Small pecks that sent shivers right down my spine, at first. Light, soft and oh so sexy. Our hold on each other started to change. Instead of the clumsy hugging that girlfriends do, our arms slowly started to caress each other. We touched each others back and sides while she continued the soft, tender kisses on my neck.

I was starting to melt in her arms when I felt her tongue touch my neck. It felt so amazing and electric that I jumped when I felt it. She must have thought I was jumping away from her, because she picked her head up and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

I then looked her right in the eyes, with my arms around her and stated, "Yes you should have," and proceeded to press my lips to hers.

She has the softest lips I have ever felt. The kiss lasted for a while, our lips pressed together, slightly parting, but just an all lip kiss. Slow, sensual, erotic kiss, it was time stopping. We both let out a slight moan at the same time, and our mouths opened, and our tongues found each others. We explored each other's mouth with reckless abandon, getting lost in each other's arms and feeling our mouths melt together.

Just as one of the most erotic experiences of my life was happening, along came a bang on the fitting room door. We quickly jumped away from each other like two school girls getting caught. It was the saleswoman. She asked if we were okay, and wanted to know if we needed anything else.

I opened the door to the fitting room and told her that we were just fine and wanted to take our time trying the items on. She smiled and politely told us that she wouldn't bother us again, and that she would be out front if we needed anything else. I closed the door to the fitting room, my head spinning from the drinks and lust.

Linda just stood there for a few seconds, looking at me, a blank stare on her face for a few seconds. I wasn't sure how to respond either, and just then she started to slowly unbutton her blouse. Each button she undid was more tantalizing than the last. She never took her eyes off my face the whole time she got undressed. A slight smile would come over her gorgeous lips every so often, I think due to the effects her undressing had on me. I was frozen, just watching, it was probably the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed.

The last button was undone and with a small swish of her shoulders, the blouse dropped to the floor. Her bra was so cute. Light blue with white flowers, cupping her perky breasts so lovingly. I could see a glimpse of her nipples being outlined in the fabric. I looked up and she was smirking ever so slightly, and I just smiled back at her.

She then started to slowly undo her belt on her jeans, then the button to her jeans, followed by the most teasingly slow unzipping of the fly. I could feel my heart beating so damn hard, I could hardly breath. I was so completely aware at how wet I was, but I was frozen in pure delight. She seductively removed her jeans and she had on the matching thong to the bra she was wearing.

Her body is so tight!!! Muscular due to running, but soft in all the right places. Her flat tummy had slight appearance of ab muscles, but she was all woman. Her makeup, pedicure, manicure and perfume certainly sealed that.

She slipped her hands behind her to unclasp her bra every so slowly. She was teasing me and she was loving every minute of it, as was I! She undid the clasp, and held the bra in place with her hands, the whole time just staring into my eyes with the most seductive look on her face. She bit her bottom lip and released the hold on her bra as it slipped out from under her hands and fell to the floor.

My eyes then caught a view of breasts that I have secretly lusted over for years. C cups breasts, with light brown, puffy nipples, that were so perky, that she definitely didnt't need a bra for support. Her nipples stuck out so invitingly, that I actually had to swallow the saliva in my mouth.

She then commenced to put on the teddy that she picked out earlier. As she raised it over her head, her breasts bounced slightly and I could see her nipples getting harder the longer they stayed unleashed from their confines.

The teddy slipped down nicely over her figure, but the material was so sheer, you could see her nipples perfectly. This was when she finally said something. "Well honey, what do you think?"

I stared for a few seconds and examined her whole body, and boldly replied, "I don't think it goes with your panties."

She just smiled, put her thumbs into each string on her hips and slowly removed them. I watched them as they dropped to the floor and she removed her perfectly pedicured feet and toes from around them. I scanned my eyes up her legs, so lean, tanned, and smooth. Her thighs were so beautiful and they came up to the most delicious, enticing, exquisite vision.

Her pussy was as clean and smooth as the rest of her. Slight hint of lips poking out, just below the bottom of the teddy. I couldn't take it any longer and moved forward and gave her the most tender kiss I could. Slow, wet, soft, caring, loving, and burning with desire.

I reached down and felt her thighs, her hips, her sides and her breasts. Perky, soft and smooth, and very responsive. The more I stroked her nipples, the more she squealed in delight. I brought a hand down to her womanhood, and when a finger caressed her lips and clit she moaned and fell into my arms.

This made my finger go just a little deeper into her, and she was soooo wet!! Now it was time for me to do some teasing. I looked her in the eyes, brought my finger up to my mouth and sucked on it like it was a little cock, running my tongue all over the top of, before swallowing the whole thing. "YUM" was all I said.

I then turned, got my bags and lingerie and said to her, "Get dressed, I will be out front buying my outfit that I will try on for you back at my place," and opened the door to the fitting room, and walked out without saying another word.

I proceeded to walk up to the register to pay for my lingerie when I saw Linda appearing from the fitting room area.

What a sight!

I could instantly tell that she wasn't wearing her bra under her blouse because her perky, puffy nipples were straining against the material, making a wonderful pattern of her aereola. mmmmmmm

She walked up next to me, and I grabbed her teddy and threw it up on the register for the saleswoman to ring up.

I noticed the saleswoman looking in awe at Linda's amazing breast outline, but not shocked, she was obviously being turned on as much as I was. Linda pressed in close to me, and placed her hand on my butt as I fumbled to get my purse open pull out my credit card.

The saleswoman's smile and sense of arousal was very apparent as she quietly rang up our purchases, and put them neatly in tissue and bags. I turned my head to Linda to ask if she was ready to go, and she put the most tender kiss on my lips, which lingered just a moment too long to be considered an innocent, friendly kiss and told me thank you for buying the teddy for her.

The saleswoman told us thank you for the purchases and we walked off hand in hand for our evening of unbridled delights. Just as we reached the front of the store the saleswoman said, with a raised voice so we could hear her, "You two have fun!"

We both stopped, passionately embraced and kissed right there, and then Linda turned to the saleswoman and shouted, "You know we will!"

As we walked out of the store and toward the mall exit, Linda opened her purse and showed me her bra and panties all balled up in her pocketbook. No wonder she got dressed so quickly and exited the fitting room so fast. I boldly grabbed the thong from her purse, pulled them up to my mouth and nose, gave them a little sniff and lick, and said to her, "They're mine now," and tucked them into my purse.

She just looked at me with an open mouth, and then kissed me. She excitedly exclaimed, "I'll get you for that."

I quickly replied by taking her by the hand, pushing the exit door to the mall open and saying, "I'm counting on that!"

To find out what exploits followed, please stay tuned for the follow up to this explosive, wet, and orgasmic evening.

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