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How my BFF squirted for her first time

My BFF enjoyed her first time squirting with me and hubby.
The shopping trip was totally unexpected, at least what happened while we were shopping was. To read all about the shopping trip, please read "How my BFF became a FWB".

We were so ecstatically and erotically high, and the drinks earlier during dinner didn't help. We knew we were in no condition to drive, so we decided to call a cab. As we waited outside the mall for the taxi, I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I kept stealing kisses from Linda and subtle, sexy touches and gropes that made the expectation of our night that much more exciting.

The cab pulled up just as we pulled away from each other from a nice, warm kiss. We jumped in the cab, told the driver the address and away we went. The cabbie was a fairly decent looking 40ish yo man. Clean cut, nice clothes, a pleasant surprise from some of the cabbies that you sometimes get.

He asked us how our evening was going, and we just burst out laughing. We couldn't help it, afterall, we just seduced each other in a fitting room and were on our way home with lingerie, and crotchless ones at that! He just chuckled and commented that it must have been quite a time, or some funny comment like that.

Linda then barks up and says, "You have no idea!" and then does the most unbelievable thing. She commences to put on me the tightest lip lock I have ever felt. Her tongue seemed to wrap around mine twice, while she was moaning in pure delight.

In plain view, she reaches under my shirt and pops out one of my boobs from my bra. I was so taken back, but did absolutely nothing but sit back and enjoy what she was doing. She started to suck on the nipple and it sent electric jolts up and down my spine!

My head was spinning, I was in pure ecstasy, loving every sexy, sensual and absolutely dirty moment. I opened my eyes and looked at the rear view mirror of the cab, and could see that the cabbie had a full view of what was going on. I just smiled, leaned my head back, and reclosed my eyes.

My house is only a few minutes from the mall, so the cab ride was short. In no time at all the cabbie says, "Here we are ladies". We composed ourselves the best we could, paid the man, and as we left the cab, he said, "have fun!"

I know he was watching us walk up the walkway to my house, I guess that's why I gave Linda a nice firm grope on her ass. I'm sure he enjoyed that, I know I did.

Before we went into my house, Linda asked if my husband was home. I told her that he was, and not to worry about a thing. She said that she was very nervous and didn't know if she could look at him, knowing what we did and what we are about to do.

I reminded her of the toy that he bought me, and told her how much it made me squirt, and that's what started this whole evening off. She then looked at me with doe eyes and hugged me.

She was trembling, which made her absolutely so much more cuter than what she already was. With her braless, puffy nipples straining on her blouse, we opened the door and walked right in.

We were in the foyer, and I yelled, "Hey Honey!" and he yelled back, "have fun?" "We sure did" I squealed and then told him that Linda was with me. We kicked our shoes off at the door and walked into the livingroom where he was, watching TV.

He got up and kissed me, and gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and said hello. My hubby, what a gentleman, all my friends adore him because he pays attention to all the little details that make life great being with him. He isn't one to pry or make rude or lewd comments, but knows how to give sexy, flirtatious ones just in perfect timing.

He looked down and saw our bags, and said, "OOOHHH, Frederic's!" then sat back down in his seat and quietly said, "you ladies have fun trying on your new outfits" and turned up the TV to finish watching his show. Linda turned to me and had the biggest smile on her face, with a look of amazement.

We walked down the hall, hand in hand, to the bedroom without another word being said. Linda had been in my bedroom plenty of times in the past, so she was no stranger to where everything was. This time was different though, because we were now there as lovers instead of friends.

I closed the door to the bedroom behind us and put the bags on the bed. Linda sat on the end of the bed, as I went into the bathroom to freshen up. She poked her head in as I was washing my hands and said that she would love to take a shower.

I must have jumped up quickly, because my reaction almost startled her. I reached out with both my hands, grabbed her hands and pulled her into the bathroom with an exciting, "What a great idea!"

I started to get undressed and she did the same. Each piece of clothing that hit the floor made the mood that much more intense. It was turning from a very playful mood to a downright steamy and hot, erotic tension.

I turned the shower on and when I stood up from turning the water on, Linda held me from behind. I could feel her breasts pushed up against my back, and her breath on my neck as she starting to kiss it. Her hands were reaching around me, holding me tight, just below my breasts. I just melted in her arms.

She kept this up for just a few seconds, loosened her hold on me, turned me around, kissed me so softly and said, "come on" very sexily.

We both got in the shower and closed the curtain. The next few minutes were an absolute blur. Kissing, touching, groping, nothing too serious, but a complete surreal moment of foreplay that seemed to last forever.

Linda then took some bodysoap and squeezed it across my breasts. The cold sensation made me jump a little and she chuckled. I then did the same to her, and she laughed and tensed up as the cold soap hit her warm, wet breasts.

We began to soap each other up and clean each other very effectively, wink, wink. Her hands found every inch of my body. My toes, legs, butt, pussy, thighs, waist, breasts stomach, underarms, I mean this girl was being thorough and OMG was I enjoying every moment of it.

The shower has 2 shower heads. One that is stationary, the other that can be taken down and used as a wand, hand held. You can have one or the other on, or even both at the same time. She took the hand held one down and turned it on.

She was so slowly rinsing all the suds off of me, using her free hand to rub it all off, to make sure it all came off. She paid close attentions to my butthole, lips and clit, rinsing them off and used her fingers to touch and probe so erotically.

She finished rinsing me off and I tried to return the favor. She looked at me with wild abandon, and said that she's got this, and commenced to quickly lather up and then rinse off so quickly. I looked puzzled, because I thought we were having a wonderful moment.

Just as I was about to start being disappointed, she looked at me, kissed me, and said, "I can't take anymore, we need to take this to the bed!" I just laughed, kissed her again, and totally agreed!!

We dried ourselves off, not helping each other, but drying off very quickly, as if we were in a race or very late for something. It was total fun!!!

We almost ran to the bed and both jumped on it. I kissed her mouth with such hunger, I thought I could almost drink her in. Our warm, naked bodies pressed against each other, and our arms were wrapped around each other.

We were lost in kissing,and it was wonderful. The kisses eventually starting to slow down, after quite a few minutes though. I then broke our embrace and got the bags and said that we needed to put on our outfits for each other. She agreed and took her bag and went into the bathroom, while I took my bag and went out the bedroom door to the other bathroom in the hallway.

I changed into my outfit which fit me like a wetsuit, it was so tight, but ruffles made it look looser, it was perfect!!! I chose a crotchless, black panties with matching bra.

The nice thing about the bra is that it had nipple holes cut out in it, and my nipples lined up perfect with the holes. I could see my lips in the mirror poking out from the ruffles in the middle of the panties, yep, I was looking pretty hot if I don't say so myself.

I walked out of the bathroom, and into the livingroom. Hubby looked up and actually choked a little on the soda he was drinking.

"OMG!" was all he could mutter between coughs of choking. I winked at him and said, "glad you approve!" and skipped down the hall back to the bedroom. I could feel his stare burning a hole right through me. I was loving it!!

When I opened the door, I saw the most amazing sight. There was my new bi lover standing there with the most sheerest teddy on that I have ever seen. It came down past her waist but just above her pussy, so I could see her lips just below the ruffles.

It was all I could do to just drink in such a fucking sexy sight. She let out quite an "OMG!" when she saw me. She was lost for words for me as she walked toward me, her eyes scanning my body.

She reached out brushed my nipples and lightly grazed my lips, then looked at me and said, "You Slut!" Yes I am, was all I could think as we both just poured ourselves into each other's arms.

I love kissing her so damn much, she is such a great kisser.

As we fall onto the bed, she lands on top of me. She is so petite it was nice to feel all her weight hit me, and it being quite light. I opened my legs slightly and so did she and her thigh hit my pussy as mine landed on hers. That just made both of us jump, but never losing liplock.

I could write a novel about this evening, and all the feelings and sensations that we shared. The kissing down each other's bodies. The way her tongue felt on my clit and how she fingered my pussy and ass, and I came over and over. Or how I ate her from behind and tongue fucked her pussy and ass until she came so hard.

But this story has a climax that is worth taking time reading about.

How I introduced my lover to my new toy, the N'Joy Pure Wand.

We were spooning, and just feeling each other after about 90 minutes of unbridled, passionate love making. She then asked if she could see my new toy. I jumped up with an "OMG, I totally forgot!" and commenced to reach into my nightstand.

I pulled out the beautiful, black wooden box with the word, N'JOY, etched in the top. I handed it to her, and she commented on how heavy it was. She looked so amazing adorable, sitting naked on my bed, looking at the box like a kid at Christmas time.

She opened the box and inside was the toy. It comes in a beautiful box, and the inside is lined with pink satin, and the toy is set in a form within the satin. So elegant and sexy.

Her eyes got big, her mouth opened and she just stared for a moment in pure amazement. I got behind her and pressed my breasts into her back, reached around and firmly cupped her breasts as she ran her fingers over the satin, and then took the toy out from it's package.

She commented on how heavy it was, and ran her fingers over it's steely, smoothness.

I was kissing her neck and fondling her nipples as she just continued to look at it and feel it in amazement. She blurted, "Oh please show me how it makes you squirt!" I smiled and jumped down off the bed to make all the arrangements.

I first got my Liberator throe, a blanket that is made specifically for soaking up love juices. It is extremely soft and even more absorbent. She helped me lay it out on the bed, nice and neatly.

I then got out my Hitachi Magic Wand. This is by far my most favorite toy for my clit, and hubby loves when I use it on his cockhead, or the prostate attachment for it. We actually have 2 so we can both play with ourselves in front of each other, but that's for another story.

I layed down and put my wand on my clit as she watched. It took all of 30 seconds for my pussy to react to the Hitachi. It was already so sensitive from her tongue and fingers and the orgasms she brought me to.

I told her to wet the big end of the toy with her mouth. She asked if we had any lube, and I just chuckled, "trust me, a little wetness from your mouth is all I need, I am so wet!"

She seductively sucked on the end and ran her tongue over it before she started to run it over my lips. I jumped from it's coolness.

The toy is stainless steel, so it holds a temperature very well, and it was very cool to the touch, the sensation against my hot pussy was startling and amazing all at the same time. She stopped and asked if I was ok, and I told her that it was cold, but sensational at the same time.

She continued.

Running the head of the toy up and down my slit, getting it even more wet with my juices before she slowly started to push it in. She pushed slowly and firmly and I was directing her every step of the way.

Looking at her face, she was so intense, and inquisitive. She was taking my directions very well and all I can describe it as was she was like a student, very intent on doing it absolutely correct.

She was wonderful!

I then asked her if she knew where her Gspot was. She then started to inform me that she knew where it was, but only one partner in her life really knew where and how to stimulate it, and she moved away after college.

Linda is by no means as sexually advanced like me. She knows she is a lesbian, and has only had sex with one man before, almost 8 years ago, and all the rest of her lovers have been women, all 4 of them. She has never really had a lover that learned her body completely, shared in exploring all the spots that make you go wild, etc.

I told her where mine was and helped her manuever the toy in me so that it hit it just right.

As my Hitachi wand was dancing on my clit, she was getting it in position with my instructing. What a completely sensual, trusting moment for us. I was trusting her with my body, and she was so concerned to get it right without hurting me, it was a moment that sealed us in a way that only true trusting lovers can feel.

She found my spot just right and she knew it when my eyes rolled back in my head, I lost my breath and told her that she found it. I tried to instruct her on what to do next, but I couldn't get the words right.

My husband has spent years learning my body. He has learned my body so well, that he knows just where my most erogenous zones are without me having to tell him. He even knows where my gspot is in relation to my pelvic bone, distance inside me, etc. He actually knows it better than I know myself, and that is why I can never seem to stimulate it with a toy quite like he can.

I turned off the Hitachi, asked her to take the toy out and she did, with a look of puzzlement in her eyes. I sat up, took her by the hands and asked her if she minded if I did something.

I asked her if she minded if my husband came in and showed her just how and where to use it to make me squirt.

Linda then opened up to me that she has never had a threesome, or even been in a room with other people having sex, or even naked. Porn was the only thing that she has ever seen others having sex.

I told her that we don't have to, but that he knows exactly where to go with it, and that he is so sweet and gentle, he will make the moment awesome if she trusted me and him.

She started to actually blush and put on her teddy that she bought, and told me that she was willing to try, but is very nervous. I kissed her, held her, and whispered in her ear that we don't have to, and I told her that I don't want to ruin this amazing bonding moment we had tonite.

She kissed me back and said that she wanted to, but she didn't want to have sex with him, just to watch, and maybe touch me. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted, even just sit there and watch. She smiled and said, "Go get that stud!", I laughed and jumped for the door.

As I walked into the livingroom, nude, hubby looked at me with a big smile and asked if we were having fun. I could see the strain in his pants from his gorgeous cock pushing against the fabric. I reached down, grabbed his package, and said that I probably knew he could hear us, and this proves it.

I kissed him, and asked him if was willing to show Linda how to make me squirt with the new toy. "I just can't seem to tell her how to get it just right in me, like you can" I told him.

He inquired about Linda being a lesbian and if she had ever been with a couple. I told him that she hasn't had near the experiences that we had and that she was very nervous. "She wants to see me squirt so badly, please help" I pleaded.

In a very sarcastic, humorous tone, that I know to be his way of saying that he would of course do anything to make me happy, he said, "Yeah, Yeah, Ok, if I have to."

With a hug, kiss and grope, we were off to the bedroom and Linda, hand in hand.

We walked in and Linda was sitting on the bed with the teddy that she was wearing earlier. It may as well been nothing it was so sheer, but if it made her feel more comfortable, then fine with me.

I'm sure my hubby would be amazed by her elegantly, perfect little body, but like I said, he is a gentleman and didn't ogle over her, or make any comments. What a guy!

I layed down and put the Hitachi back on my clit. As I played with my wand, hubby turned to Linda and was holding the toy, telling her about both ends, the different sizes, the weight and the advantages of the heaviness.

She was nervous, I could tell, but also quite intent in learning, and I could see her nervousness melting away the more they talked.

He then told her to put it in me.

The cold made me jump and giggle and that made both of them laugh. She slowly pulled it in and out to get it all wet with my juices, and and I was in heaven.

When she was in far enough, hubby started to instruct on where how to put the toy, and how far to push it down to make the bulb end go up, all the little details to get it just right.

I could see him holding her hands on the toy and asking her things like, "you feel that?" and "just a little tap" and instructing her like a good teacher. She was totally into it, and he was doing it perfectly.

Now I don't know if it was the toy, or the fact that I was the subject of a sexual anatomy lesson, but when she started to get the rhythm just right, I felt as if my spine was going to shoot out of me, and I mean that in only a great way!

My eyes were locked on hers, as she pushed down on the toy just right, and at the same time thrusting in and out so ever slightly, and hubby told her "I think you got it!"

She was so beautiful, looking back at me, our eyes locked, my mouth open while my breath was stuck in my lungs.

All I could muster to say was, "OMG, here it cums" and I collapsed onto my pillow. The wand grinding into my pussy, as I felt the most amazing, complete, whole body orgasm rip thru me.

I felt the flow of liquid shoot out of me and drench my ass and thighs. "OMG!" was all I heard from Linda as she continued to fuck me with my new toy.

She continued to fuck me as another spray of liquid pulsed out of me, and I couldn't take anymore, I was so sensitive and begged her to stop.

She laughed a sexy chuckle and stopped. She took the toy out, which was exquisitely painful because my entire pussy was so sensitive. She just sat there for a few seconds just looking at me in awe, as I struggled to catch my breath.

She then told me that her thighs were soaked from juices and that she has never seen anything like that in her life.

I reached down, grabbed her hand and pulled her to me and gave her a huge kiss. I could tell she was nervous kissing me with hubby right there.

He was sensing it too,and sparked up saying, "my work is done here" and turned to walk out of the room.

To my amazement, Linda chimed in and said that she remembered me telling her how I squirted even bigger when he was fucking me with the toy in me too.

He stopped in the doorway and just stood there, waiting for his invitation.

I turned to him and asked him if he wouldn't mind showing her. In the same cocky, sarcastic tone, that he said it before, "Yeah, Yeah, Ok, if I have to" and he came back to the bed. That hubby of mine, what a guy!!

As he started to get undressed, I saw Linda looking on with complete amazement. She has only seen one penis in her life outside of porn, and that was many years ago.

She watched as he stripped and when his rock hard penis bounce forward from the confines of his underwear, she did the cutest thing. She looked at his cock, looked at me, looked at his cock, then back at me.

Her silent looks were almost asking me permission if it was ok for her to look. I then whispered in her ear, "You can do whatever you want, as little or as much. He is an amazing lover, you can trust him". All she could say was, "OK" and and kissed me so gently.

He climbed on to the bed and got between my legs. He grabbed my legs and put them up on his shoulders. He was running his hands over my legs, almost massaging them, and kissing my calfs, ankles, feet and toes.

He loves kissing my sexy, manicured toes, and he knows I love it too.

This went on for several minutes, and Linda just stared at us, while she layed next to me, on her side, with one of her hands on my tummy. She was in a trance watching him make love to me. I didn't want to spoil the mood, and didn't say a thing, and neither did he.

This was probably one of the best sexual moments of my life. I was sharing a completely intimate moment with one of my best friends, now lover and my husband. Words could not describe it, and probably shouldn't.

Only the sights and sounds of love making hung in the air, and it was sensual, erotic, and just so slightly slutty!

After several minutes of kissing me toes, feet, legs, and running his hands over my thighs, hips, tummy, breasts, he leaned forward, kissed me with a slight tongue, and a bite on my lower lip and he sat back up on his knees.

I could feel the hardness and hotness of his cock touching my lips. What a difference from the coolness of the toy that was in me just moments before.

He started to play with me by grabbing his cock and running his head up and down my lips, not only to get it wet for me, but to tease me like he knows I love.

Linda sat up some so she could see better and was frozen by the sight of him working his cock into me.

Slowly he started to fuck me. Little by little putting it in and out, going deeper and deeper each time. My pussy was already so engorged by this time, because of what Linda did, that I could feel an orgasm building within just minutes of the slow, deep thrusting.

I reached out for Linda's breast and started to massage her nipple as he fucked me. She took off her teddy, kissed my mouth, my neck, my breasts, paying close attention to sucking them just right.

Every few seconds though, she would lean up and look at his cock, while it was going in and out of me, and then go back to kissing my body, each time, she would kiss with more intensity the more she looked at my pussy being filled.

I asked her if she was ok, and she smiled a huge smile, and just nodded, and went back to kissing my tummy.

I then reached for my Hitachi Magic Wand and told her to go in the other nightstand and get the other one. She got it, plugged it in, and layed down next to me.

She put the toy on her clit, and jumped from the intensity. I had mine on my clit, my husband in me, and my BFF next to me masturbating.

WOW! I could feel the orgasm building and handed my hubby the Pure Wand.

Linda saw me hand it to him, and turned off her toy, sat up and just stared in amazement. Hubby then pulled his cock out of me so slowly, and I could see Linda's eyes in amazement watching every moment.

He then proceeded to put the wand into me. It was freezing in comparison to his hot cock, but the difference was so exhilirating.

He found my gspot quite quickly and the buld landed right on it. The shaft to the Pure Wand is quite small, but the head is big. I tell you this because he then grabbed his cock, and started to push it into me, while the toy was in me.

The toy was sliding over the top of his cock, and with each push, his cock pushes the buld of the toy into my gspot even more firmly.

Like I said before, my hubby knows my body better than I even know it, because as if he read my mind, he stopped entering me at just the perfect length and angle and just started to thrust. Slow and steady at first, then picking up more speed.

I reached out, took Linda's hand and held it. She was frozen in complete amazement watching. She had one hand in mine, the other was hugging my thigh, holding my legs open so hubby could fuck me properly.

I was almost hyperventilating, the feeling was so intense. The bulb of the toy bouncing so firmly against my gspot, his hot cock, thrusting in and out, and Linda's arms holding me so firmly, it took just a few minutes and I started to scream.

Hubby knew just what that meant and quickly removed himself and the toy from me just as I erupted and squirted about a 3-4 foot stream of liquid all over him, the bed, (thank god for our extra absorbent throe), and even some got on Linda.

He then started to rub the head of his cock over my lips, smacking down on my clit, and this made wave after wave of juices squirt out of me. I felt like I was having a seizure.

My body was uncontrollably convulsing, I thought I was going to pass out from the sensations and my erratic breathing.

Once again, he knows me so well, he knows just when to stop, because my sensitiveness can turn to pain if pushed to far. I layed there convulsing and orgasming for, I don't know how long, I was so lost in the throws of sexual release.

When my body began to calm down, I finally was able to open my eyes. Hubby just sat there holding my one leg, while Linda held the other.

She then released my leg, leaned down and told me that was the most incredible thing she had ever witnessed. I kissed her, and looked up at hubby and thanked him so much. He of course just smiled that sweet grin of his, and that was all he had to say. Once again, what a guy!!!

Linda started in with a flood of questions of how it felt, why this, what that, so inquisitive. She then told me that I convulsed for about 2-3 minutes as she and my husband just sat there watching me.

As she kissed me, I asked her if she was ready to try it out. She blushed so much that her whole body got red, but nodded with a little grin of complete approval.

I whispered in her ear, "do you want my husband to help or just me?" I wanted to be sensitive to the fact that she is a lesbian, but to my surprise, she agreed to having him help me get it just right.

I asked hubby if he wouldn't mind helping me help her squirt, and he said that line again, "Yeah, yeah, if I have to." with his sheepish little grin. That little shit, I love him so.

He told us that he wanted to clean himself up and the toy first though. Linda later told me that she thought that was the most generous, considerate thing, that she could think of. He was concerned about her cleanliness and well being. I'm sure he did it not only for that, but because he knew it would make her more comfortable.

He was in the bathroom for quite a few minutes and Linda and I began to talk little sexy notions, kissing, hugging, and before long I had kissed my way down her tight little body and found her clit.

I was sucking on it, and making circles on it with my tongue when she brought up the Hitachi Wand.

She turned it on and put it on her clit.

The Hitachi is quite strong, and it took a few moments for her to get used to the strong vibrations. I played with her lips with my fingers, and licked her ass as she danced the vib across her clit.

Hubby then walked in and sat down next to us. He handed me the N'Joy Pure Wand, and I began to lick the bulb with my lips and tongue.

Linda was watching me lube it up with my mouth, and then I sat the bulb against against her lips. She commented on how warm it was, and hubby said that he washed it with hot water, and the steel took the temperature of the water.

She smiled and just layed back and enjoyed what I was doing.

Hubby sat on his knees at Linda's side while I progressed to slowly enter her with the toy. She would look up every so often at me and grin, and tell me what was feeling good, so I could get it just right.

I also saw her steal a few glances toward my hubby's hard cock, that was dancing right next to her. I must admit, that turned me on more than fucking her with the toy.

I found her gspot and she told me that she thinks im there. I tried to angle it upward, just right, but hubby could tell by her response that I wasn't quite there. He then asked her if she minded if he helped, she nodded with an approval, and he took control of the toy.

He pushed it in and out of her slowly, not so much for stimulation but getting the feel for her anatomy.

When he found her spot, he pushed in with just amount the of correct pressure downward on the toy, so the curve of it pushed the other end right into her gspot.

I guess he got it right, because her head shot up off the bed, her eyes were bulging out of her head, and her mouth was wide open. All she could do was nod yes in approval as he began to push up and down, and just so slightly in and out with the toy.

She had the vib firmly planted on her clit at the same time with both hands, so I took over with my hands, to free hers up. She released the vib and let me and hubby have complete contol of her body, surrending herself to both of us.

What a sensual, trusting, erotic and dirty moment it was.

She was bouncing her head up and down off the pillow, shallow breathing, slight moans and screams escaping from lips and every so often looking up at me and then over to my hubby and then his cock.

She then did something that almost made cum instantly. She reached out and grabbed my husband's cock. She just put her hand around it, and the funny thing, her hands are so petite, so it made my husband's 9 inch cock look like it was 12 inches. It was awesome!

She looked at me, when she did it, and I smiled and nodded a huge YES to her and she melted back into pre orgasmic bliss.

All it took was a few minutes of her holding my husband's cock in one hand, gripping the blanket in the other, and she started to convulse.

Hubby saw it coming and quickly removed the toy. The feeling of the toy coming out of her so quickly she later

told me, was the reason why she released like she did.

A flood of liquid poured out of her. It only squirted about 1-2 inches out of her, but more like a waterfall came out of her.

She was doing that convulsive dance that I knew so well. I took the vib off her clit and just let her ride it out. She convulsed for quite a while and then started to calm down.

She looked at my husband and boldly said, "Fuck me like you fucked her please".

Without breaking the moment, he climbed between her legs and kneeled down.

His cock was inches from her pussy.

I layed down next to her and watched him as he grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders. He massaged them and held them while she calmed down from her orgasm.

I kissed her lips, neck, ears, shoulders and breasts while he kissed and massaged her legs. He kissed her knees, calf, ankles and feet, and when he took a toe into her mouth, she told us that she had never had anyone suck her toes, and he progressed to suck each one very slowly.

She was obviously enjoying it, because all she could do was stare at him, and moan uncontrollably. He kissed down her legs, her thighs, then gave her pussy a nice little peck, so sexy.

He kissed her stomach, breasts and then kissed her lips and she responded by moaning and dancing her tongue on his. She turned her head and kissed me, then went back to him. So hot!

He then sat up and started to play with his cock outside of her pussy. She looked down and saw that he had put on a condom without even saying a word. I could tell she was so relieved that he was so considerate. My guy, what a stud!!

This being only the second cock she had ever had inside her, she later told me, that it was like being a virgin all over again. It didn't hurt her physically, but mentally it was like it was all new.

He began to push his cock slowly in and out, getting more and more wet with each thrust. He is quite large, so he knows he has to take it easy, or he could hurt someone.

She was taking it so well, and loving every second of it. I was kissing her body all over as he fucked her. When I kissed her neck, she whispered, "you are so lucky". "I know" was all I had to say, because I am.

She put the vib on her clit while he was fucking her and she immediately started squeal. Thrust after thrust brought her closer to her orgasm and hubby felt it.

Ever so slowly he pulled his cock out and replaced it with the toy. She knew just what was coming, and completely surrendered herself to him.

I didn't realize it at first, but I had stopped kissing her and just leaned up in amazement as I watched him make love to my BFF.

The toy found it's home quite quickly and he pushed up and down, in and out just right and she started to scream.

He then took that cue to slow down and push the head of his cock slowly into her.

With unabandoned passion, she looked up at him and starting yelling, "OMG, yes, fuck my please!"

WOW, what a site. I was lost just watching them.

His cock kept going in deeper and deeper with each push and she was pushing back onto him, fucking him so hard, words can't describe the sights and sounds that were coming out of both of them.

After just a few minutes of hard thrusting she stopped pushing against him and started to almost shake, like she was freezing, and hubbby then pulled his cock out, and then the toy. Not quickly, but just fast enough to make her release a torrent of liquid like none other.

It must be from her strong muscles from being a runner, but she squirted a stream of liquid up over hubby's head and it continued to pour out of her for several seconds. The whole time it was coming out of her, her body was tense and tight, her hips raised off the bed, and it was coming out of her like a powerful water cannon.

As her hips lowered and the squirting started to subside, hubby roughly rubbed his cock head over her lips, clit, back to her lips and even her ass. This made her scream a scream that a horror movie actress would be envious of.

To my absolute amazement, he hips came off the bed, her body tensed up and a geyser of about 6 feet erupted out of her.

She couldn't breathe or say a thing as it came rushing out of her. This lasted a good while and she started to calm down and he continued to splash his cock head against her lips, alternating with a deep thrust fully into her.

I could see the flow soaking his balls and cock, splashing against his stomach. I couldn't move and just sat there watching, in complete, utter amazement and sexual shock.

When he pulled out of her, she squirted a little squirt and I put my mouth down there and started to lick that delicious juice. She grabbed my head, pulled it in tight to her pussy, and I licked with all the gusto I could muster up.

She exploded into my mouth, and I swallowed down some, but it was way to much for me to take and I just let it splash on my chin and cheeks.

She then began to beg me to stop. It was becoming too sensitive, just like mine does. I stopped, sat up, kissed hubby deeply and he tasted her juices on my mouth. He almost drank me in it was so wet.

He then leaned down and gave her pussy a lick, and sucked in as much of her liquid as he could. She responded by pushing her pussy into his mouth, and just a little more liquid came out, as he swallowed it down.

You could tell her she was so sensitive so he stopped in perfect timing and just sat up and kissed me.

He then did the most amazing thing. He crawled up to Linda's side, gave her a peck on the cheek, and whispered in her ear, "You are amazing". She turned, kissed him on the lips, a nice, soft lovely kiss and said, "Thank you". It was all that needed to be said.

She was amazing, and so was he.

After witnessing that, I threw my arms around him, kissed him and told him that I love him so much. The cocky bastard said, "yeah, yeah, I know". Linda and I both laughed.

I grabbed hubbies hand as I layed down next to Linda. I ripped the condom off his cock, and told him, not asked, to fuck me.

He proceeded to just punch his cock home deep into my pussy. OMG, I love when he does that after i've came so many times and im so damn wet.

Linda just layed there in her after glow of orgasmic bliss, watching us. She started to slowly touch my breasts and tummy as he pile drived my pussy.

She then leaned up and started to touch his nipples and back as he pumped into me. She then got behind him and reached down and grabbed his balls and ass as he fucked me.

I guess her nervousness was gone, because she was groping him like a sex starved slut. He leaned all the way down and his head was next to mine. His thrusting slowed down as he was enjoying her kisses on her ass. She then started to tongue fuck his ass.

He held still for a little bit as she licked and fucked his ass with her tongue and fingers.

She must have remembered how I told her how much he loves getting fucked by me with toys, and how he has had a few bi experiences. She had 2 fingers in his ass when he told her that he was about to cum. She pumped her hand harder and fingers deeper into him as he erupted inside me.

Wave after of hot cum shot deep into me as she fucked his ass. After a few seconds, she pulled her fingers out, and crawled up next to us.

He was still inside me while the 3 of us kissed, tangling our tongues around each others and holding and hugging each other. I could feel his cock soften and start to slip out of me.

I turned to Linda and said, "watch this".

She leaned back on one elbow as my hubby got off from on top me and I moved out from under him. He layed down next to her and I manuevered up and put both my thighs over his shoulders.

She stared in amazement as I sat right down on his mouth, and pushed his cum right down into his mouth. He reached up, pulled me into him and commenced to clean my pussy with his tongue and lips, swallowing down every drop.

Linda was staring at his mouth and my pussy, just inches from us. I came one more time while he ate me out. I collapsed next to him and we all just layed there, exhausted, and blissfully content.

We held each other for quite a while, enjoying the warmth of our bodies.

Linda was the first one to mention a shower, so we all got in the shower and tenderly cleaned each other thoroughly. Kissing, hugging, washing, it was very sensual.

We got out to the shower, dried off, Linda and I blowed dry our hair a little as hubby cleaned up the bed, folded up the Liberator throe which was so heavy with liquid, heehee. He turned down the bed, and crawled in.

We finished drying our hair, and jumped right into bed, one on either side of him. Our naked bodies warm against each other.

Thank goodness we decided to get a king size bed last year.

We talked a little bit, kissed some, touched some, but eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke up the next morning, and Linda and hubby weren't in bed. I threw on a nightgown and walked out to the kitchen. I could smell coffee and I saw Linda and hubby standing next to each other, sipping coffee, just chatting. I walked over, gave them both a kiss good morning, poured a cup of coffee and was totally thrilled that my BFF was happy with both of us.

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