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Humiliated - Part 2

Vita's humilation continues in the bar where her boyfriend works.
Author’s note: I highly suggest reading Part 1 first, however this story should more or less stand on its own. The story is based on a chat-based roleplay between v-card and myself. The basic outline of the scenario was mine, but the actions and words of “Nikki” are by v-card and are used by permission. I have tried, as much as possible to present a consistent story without deviation from the actions presented in the chat. In some cases, however, I have elaborated on the chat to provide a richer narrative without (I hope) sacrificing the intent of both players.

I don’t know how long I had been unconscious, but I don’t think it was long. We are still on the bus and I remain stretched over Nikki’s lap, my ass still stinging from the hard swats she had given it before I passed out. The last thing I remember was coming in a nearly continuous wave as the humiliation of being spanked and forced to play with myself in public had burned indelible paths through my body, straight from my brain to my cunt. Despite that, I awoke unprepared for what was about to come next…

“Hello, you insatiable little slut,” Nikki says as my eyes blink open. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“I… um… yes mistress.” I reply in a hesitant, trembling voice.

“Lovely, you’re going to need all the energy you can get tonight.”

As my awareness of my body slowly returns, I realized that Nikki’s fingers are slowly rubbing me between my ass cheeks. Her fingers feel slick as they glide over my rosebud. Then suddenly there is a touch of cold metal against my ass. “Wha… what are you doing?”

“You’ll see soon enough, my pretty little whore.” Nikki presses hard and something forces its way inside my ass. I make a short squeal of surprise. After a brief pain I find that whatever Nikki slid in there produces a strange, but not entirely unpleasant, full feeling in my ass. I’ve never had anything up my ass before and the thought of it happening here, in front of so many people makes me blush again.

“So would you like to know what I’ve put inside you, slut?”

“Y…y…yes, Mistress.” I bite my lip slightly as I cast a quick glance at our audience, a mix of late-evening passengers with once-weary eyes that are now riveted on us. Those eyes mirror a variety of emotions, from pity to disgust… but in nearly all of them is a powerful lust that sends shivers down my spine and fresh heat into my pussy. Regardless of how they seem to feel about me, no one seems able to look away. Finally, it’s me that turns away, unable to bear the thought of them watching my abject debasement.

“I think it’s best if I give you a demonstration.” Nikki pulls out a little remote control as she speaks. “Remember that I told you not to stain my skirt, and yet you came all over it like the dirty fucking slut you are? Disobeying me has consequences, and it’s time you faced them.” I tense, unsure what is coming, but knowing that it will not be pleasant. Nikki flicks the switch to the half-way position on the remote.

“Ow!” I jerk, crying out as a sharp electric shock causes my ass to contract around the invader. It hurts, but at the same time it adds fuel to the burning fire in my pussy.

“That will happen every time you disobey me, understand?”

“Y… yes, Mistress!” I barely manage to get out through gritted teeth.

Nikki flicks the remote to off again. “Good, now that little demonstration was only half-power. If you disobey me again, or resist me in any way, you get the full setting and I don’t think you’ll like that at all.” She pats me on the head like I’m a dog. It’s degrading and yet I find myself leaning into it, eager for her touch. The realization makes me blush even more.

“Now my lovely little whore,” Nikki coos as she hands me a very tight, very revealing latex thong and bra. “put these on, we are going clubbing.”

I begin to realize that Nikki must have had this planned for a long time, it’s not as if most people, or perhaps any people, just happen to have latex underwear or remote control electric sex toys in their pockets, ready for any eventuality. But how could Nikki have known about my secret desire to be embarrassed? How could she have guessed that I might confess that little detail and unwittingly give her power over me?

I nod, even as I realize that I’ll have to strip naked right here on the bus to put them on. I’ve been almost completely exposed to these people for some time, yet I feel very vulnerable and embarrassed as I strip off my wet and now see-though blouse and bra, and pull down the short skirt that has been bunch up at my waist. With them seems to go any shred of respect I still have.

“Hurry up, you fucking slut, we don’t have all day!” Nikki barks, slapping her hand against my still tender ass and making me jump.

Afraid that she might use the remote again I quickly pull on the bright red thong and bra. The tightness of them leaves nothing to the imagination and paradoxically I feel even more exposed than I was naked. My nipples are as hard as old fashion pencil erasers and it seems that nearly every bump and wrinkle of my tightened aureoles can be seen. I can only imagine what my pussy looks like, but I can feel the latex forcing its way between my lips and rubbing against my clit.

As if to confirm my suspicions, Nikki says, “Oh how cute,” in a sarcastic tone, “you can see the outline of your little cunt.”

Just then, the bus comes to a stop, and Nikki grabs my hand and pulls me to the exit. I get both adoring and sickened glares from the passengers and I wonder briefly how many of them have missed their stops. No one has gotten off since the show started.

During the ride I had not paid any attention to where we were or what bus we were on, but as Nikki leads me out on to an empty street, I realize that I recognize this area of the city. After the warmth of the bus the outside air seems frigid on my flushed and exposed skin, even though the temperature would really have been quite pleasant under normal circumstances.

“You know, I heard your boyfriend is a bartender at a club right down the block…”

I turn to Nikki, a look of unmistakable panic on my face. “Nikki, please no! Anything but that!” I know it will make no difference, than Nikki will do what she pleases and I will do as she commands… but the fear of Brian finding out what a dirty, slutty cunt I am makes me careless, forgetful of the toy still stuffed in my ass. I nearly double over with the pain as Nikki activates the remote. I struggle to articulate coherent words to apologize to her as one shock after another force my insides to convulse rhythmically.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you. Would you kindly repeat what you said for me?”

The shocks continue as I struggle to force words out through a sublime mixture of pain and pleasure. “I’m… sorry… Mistress. What… ever… you wish… Mistress!” I finish with a shriek than is almost more pleasure than pain.

“Oh, that’s what I thought you said, I just needed to be sure.” Nikki says in a casual tone before finally turning the device off again. I stand there, me knees weak until she grabs me by the hair and yanks me forward. “Well, come on then!”

I stumble a bit as Nikki drags me down the block, but by the time she pulls me up to the club, I have sort of recovered. The bouncers know who I am and I blush as they look at me with naked lust in their eyes. Nikki just flips them a fifty each and they let us through. As we step inside the club we are awash in pumping music and flashing, swirling lights. The club used to be a notorious strip club and despite new owners and a makeover, it still looks like one.

Nikki releases me to talk to the owner for a minute. When she comes back she just points to a stripper pole that seems to lie forgotten in one corner. “Go, now! You know what to do, whore.” I bite my lip nervously, but I have no will left to resist. I head over to the pole and up the several steps. It is sort of dark in this corner and I pause to look around to see if I can see Brian at the bar before I tentatively start to dance. Once I start, however, I don’t seem to be able to stop and soon I’m humping the poll like a bitch in heat.

Suddenly there are lights on me as a dozen multicolored spotlights hit me at the same time. There would have been more, but half the lights are burnt out. Still every head in the place swivels to look at me, the barely dressed, nasty, pole-fucking cunt. Men begin to gather around me, as I gyrate against the pole, thrusting my pussy against it. They start throwing dollar bills at me just like a whore deserves.

That’s when I see Nikki walk up to the bottom of the stage with Brian in tow. Seeing Brian makes all the humiliation fresh and raw again. I’d been exposed, made to come twice, forced to eat pussy, and had an electric toy slid up my ass, all in front of a bus full of people, and I had started to feel numb to it. Now though, as I watch the confusion on Brian’s face turn to unmistakable lust and derision it becomes ten times worse.

Nikki smiles. She can see how red my cheeks have become and Brian’s raging hard on is obvious to everyone nearby. She starts to slow rub his cock through his pants. Amazingly, his bulge gets even larger and then she motions for me to come down off the stage. I shudder in shame as I see Nikki rubbing my boyfriend’s cock, but I still come as commanded. She pushes me back into a chair. “Spread your legs, you fucking slut, you’re going to earn your way tonight, like a real whore.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I reply softly in my embarrassment, spreading my knees wide. The latex thong pulls tight, sliding into my twat, leaving my pussy lips almost completely exposed.

Nikki pulls out a small pair of scissors and cuts the thong off me with an audible snap and then orders every guy who has money to line up. Brian is first in line. He walks up to me and puts his cock to my mouth, pressing at my lips.

“Open up slut, you have customers.” Nikki says with a sneer. I groan in despair but open up, letting Brian stuff his large cock into my mouth. I’ve only tried to suck his cock a few times because it is so big. Brian seems frenzied with a lust of his own and forces himself into me, gagging me on his cock.

“Oh god, you are such a little whore!” Nikki exclaims. “All these men are watching you deep throat your boyfriend’s cock! Do you want to finger your pussy, slut? Do you want to cum with all these men watching?”

I am desperate to say yes, but only a gurgle comes out. I try nodding, but Brian’s pole impaling my head keeps it from moving. I’m aching with need but I can’t communicate it and it is driving me wild. Brian doesn’t last long and pulls out to blow a huge load of creamy jizz all over my face.

“What a dirty little cunt you are!” His words sting me as he steps aside for the next “customer”. Brian’s hot cum is still running down my face into my hair and dribbling down my chin even as the next man forces his cock into my mouth. Two more approach from either side, too horny to wait for my mouth to be free, they each pull one of my hands to their cocks.

The guy in my mouth is not as thick as Brian, but longer. He tips my head back and thrusts downward at an angle. I can feel his cock sliding past my tonsils and down my throat. Even as I struggle to breath, I begin to stroke the other two.

“If you take all three loads on your face whore, you may come, understand?” I manage to make a weak affirmative sound between thrusts that seems to be enough to satisfy Nikki for the moment. Once again I am so aroused that I’m desperate to come, and I increase my efforts on the cocks in my hands.

Nikki suddenly give my clit a hard pinch. “I don’t think you really want to come, you aren’t trying very hard. I expected much more from a cock sucking whore like you.” I would have screamed but for the cock now stuffed two inches down my throat. But the pain only makes my need to come even greater as I buck against Nikki’s hand. In response she gives it another pinch and a hard twist. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

I struggle to focus on the two other men as my passion builds. I am so close to coming and yet I realize that I am no longer able to come without Nikki’s permission. Finally, the two cocks in my hands spurt out their loads at almost the exact same time, leaving strings of pearly white cum running down both sides of my blushing red face. Moments later, the guy in my mouth pulls out; his hand quickly stroking himself until he adds to the growing streams of jizz running down my face. As the three men pull away, my eyes go to Nikki just as she flicks on the egg one more time and shoves two fingers hard in my pussy.

“Oh god you are so wet you little cock sucking slut, would you like me to help you finish?”

“YES MISTRESS!” I shriek out, as both agony and ecstasy rip through me simultaneously. “Make your slut come, please!” Nikki quickly thrusts her fingers in and out of my dripping wet twat. They curl up and grind roughly against my g-spot as her other hand pinches hard on my clit. Those two are soon joined by a third as they fly in and out relentlessly.

“OH GOD!” My back arches like a bow at the triple onslaught, pussy, clit and ass. I feel like I’m going to snap in half even as I build towards orgasm. The line between pain and pleasure is now indistinguishable as Nikki fucks me roughly with her fingers, jabbing against my g-spot.

Suddenly the shocks going through my ass get even stronger. “The longer it takes you to cum, the more painful it gets.” Nikki tells me.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” I cry out incoherently as my ass contracts hard around the toy, causing my pussy to respond in kind. “OH GOD! I want to come!” Caught up in my own world of pain and pleasure I don’t notice Brian, until he unloads another huge load across my body. “God, you’re a filthy, fucking whore! We’ll be having a lot more fun starting now, bitch!”

The shame his words bring me is the final straw that puts me over the edge. “OH GOD! OH FUCK!” are the last coherent words I utter as I devolve into primal, animal sounds of lust. I scream out in pain and ultimate pleasure.

Nikki bends down and mashes her lips against mine as I shake and shudder. As my mouth opens to scream again she thrusts her tongue inside. The chair beneath me creaks and groans ominously but I have no strength left to care. Without any conscious thought on my part, my tongue is now tangled with hers and my screams of pleasure only fuel the passion of our kisses.

At the end, it is only Nikki, her body pressed against mine that prevents me from sliding to the floor as my body goes limp. I am like a marionette with her strings cut and yet I know the strings are there yet, held in Nikki’s hands. She has mastered me utterly, bent me to her will. I will do anything for her now, no matter how humiliating it might be. I shudder at thoughts of what might still await me.

“You think we are done, my little whore? You aren’t done until you make me come, sweetie. And it looks like your little show has put new life in your boyfriend as well, but this time I think he should take you in the ass.” Nikki sneers at me.

The gleam in Brian’s eyes is pure maliciousness as he moves me into a kneeling position on the floor. I am both physically and mentally too weak to resist it. Nikki sits down in front of me. “Eat me while your boyfriend fucks your virgin ass.” she commands me. I bring my head up and begin to lick her pussy, tasting her sweet juices even as Brian slips his cock between my legs to lubricate his thick pole. Then I feel his cockhead against my anus and I gasp, but Brian gives me no time to prepare myself, thrusting hard into my ass.

I scream into Nikki’s pussy and she bucks against my face. “Yes! That’s it you ass-fucking, cunt-licking twat!”

I can hear Brian grunting in pleasure behind me as his cock pistons into my ass. The initial pain fades, replaced by an odd fullness as his huge dick fills me up. I realize that the toy Nikki slid into my ass is still there, pushed deeper in by his thrusts. I wonder if Brian even notices. I hear additional groans, but my position between Nikki’s thighs prevents me from determining the source. It become apparent soon enough as hot cum splashes across my back, then a minute later across my ass. The men in the bar seem to be taking turns jacking off onto me. My face burns with shame even as more cum lands across the back of my neck and in my hair.

“Come on you stupid, fucking whore, make me come!” Nikki almost snarls at me and I work harder, lapping at her clit and sliding a finger inside her. Brian continues his thrusting behind me and I realize that now I am pushing back against him, meeting his thrusts eagerly as I build towards yet another orgasm. I know that Nikki won’t let me come before her, so I work another finger into her pussy, massaging her g-spot. “That’s it, slut, just like that!” Nikki exclaims as I start sucking on her clit and flicking it with my tongue. “Oh, fuck yes!” she screams as her back arches and her cum squirts hot across my breasts.

Brian is still pumping away and I am nearly breathless with the need to come. I can feel spurts of cum shooting across my body, seemingly from every direction. Released from Nikki’s pussy, I look up to see a ring of men around me jerking off onto me. It seems as each one finishes, another takes his place. My face is burning hot with shame, even as my insides are heating up to a pending orgasm.

“You look so lovely, my dirty little cum-covered whore.” Nikki croons in my ear. “Do you want to come now?”

“Yes Mistress, please let me come!” I beg. “I need to come so badly! Please let your cum-slut come for you!” Tears glisten in my eyes with the effort to hold back my orgasm.

Nikki looks me directly in the eyes. “You may come for me now, my slut.”

I feel Brian gush into my ass, but only in a distant, abstract way as I explode into a mind-blowing orgasm, lost in Nikki’s eyes. My body shakes and I scream out, but my orgasm is for Nikki alone and I can tell she knows it. Just at the height of it, I feel a small sensation deep in my ass. Mixed with the intense pleasure of my orgasm it doesn’t seem that painful to me, but Brian pulls out of my ass and collapses to the floor, holding his crotch and moaning. I look at Nikki’s hand, and she is holding the remote.

She stands, pulling my cum-covered body up with her. “Say goodbye to your boyfriend, you won’t need him anymore.”

I look down at Brian feeling a strange mixture of guilt and satisfaction. “Goodbye, Brian.” I say, following Nikki’s instructions. If she is willing to show off her mastery of me in front of my boyfriend, there can be little hope that she will spare any other part of my life. Work on Monday is going to be hell…

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