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Hunger for My Italian Neighbor's Uncut Cock

I accidentally see my uncut neighbor masturbating, and become obsessed with his thick, juicy cock.

My wife Lindsay and I met in college and spent most of our married life together in Minneapolis.  We were still in our mid-forties when our kids had grown up and were away at college.  With the kids out of the house, I accepted a long-overdue job promotion and transfer with my company to the Philadelphia area.  My name is Dan, and I had previously resisted moving so as not to disrupt our children’s lives.

We moved at a time when the real estate market was soft in the Minneapolis area.  So, with a smaller down payment, and a more robust real estate market in the Philadelphia market, we purchased a smaller, empty-nester home in a modest suburb, without much space between the homes.  

Our neighborhood is in a hilly area, and the neighbors next to and down the hill from us are Tony and Angie.  They are an attractive couple who look to be in their mid-forties, like Lindsay and me.  Tony looks to be of Southern Italian descent, with light-olive skin tone, six feet tall, and I’m guessing one hundred and eighty pounds.  Angie is fit, with dark hair and about five feet and six inches tall.  We found out later that Tony works for an insurance company, and Angie is a registered nurse, who works the evening shift in a local hospital.

I work in the computer industry, and sometimes catch up on work and emails at home in the evenings.  So, when we were told that it would take two weeks for us to get cable internet service connected, I looked for any Wi-Fi connections that might be available in the neighborhood.  

The strongest, non-password-protected signal available was from a network named ‘Italian Stallion’, and I assumed that was the signal from Tony’s router next door.  The signal was strong enough and the internet speed was more than sufficient.  I didn’t tell Tony that I was sponging off his service.  

The first time I was working in my den, which was a Monday night starting at around 7:00 pm after dinner, I noticed that Tony was also in his home office.  It was almost dark outside, and since their home is about five feet lower than ours, because of the hill, and with literally only fifteen feet between our homes, I was able to look down and see him sitting at his desk.

Tony, like me, has his desk positioned sideways near the window, and he was sitting in his cushy chair right in front of the window.  His shade was pulled about halfway down, and with his lights on.  I saw him from his chest and all the way down to his knees.  He couldn’t see me since the shade prevented him from looking up the hill to my window.

I never considered myself to be a voyeur or a pervert, but it was interesting looking down at him when he couldn’t see me watching him.  I didn’t know what Tony was looking at on his computer, but I guessed that it must have been porn since he was rubbing what looked to be a big lump in his athletic shorts.  With Angie working the evening shift, she wouldn’t be home until about 11:30 pm, and he was free to do whatever he wanted.

As I continued watching him, while ignoring my own work, I was surprised when he began pushing his shorts and underwear down below his knees.  Then he stripped off his t-shirt and was sitting there totally naked.  I had never had any interest in looking at other men’s junk, but it was hard to look away.  His soft, thick, uncircumcised cock looked to be a little over five inches long, and his plum-sized, low hanging balls looked huge to me.  The skin tone of his genitals is a darker olive, which makes them even more attractive.

You’ll understand my interest in his genitals when I tell you that my dick is only four inches long and thin on hard, and my balls are small and tight in the sack.  Tony’s cock is so thick and meaty, and the thick, lush foreskin covers most of his big cock head.  I had only ever seen a couple of uncut cocks when I was in the showers in high school and college, and I remember that we used to tease those boys, just because they were different.  But the package Tony has is no teasing matter.

He slouched back comfortably in his chair and began stroking his cock.  His chair was at the perfect angle, turned slightly towards the window, so I saw everything.  I was mesmerized as he fondled his massive balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other.  I loved watching his thick foreskin completely envelope the head on the upstroke, and then totally exposed his thick shaft going down, all in a fluid motion.  

I faintly heard the squishing of his precum-moistened foreskin as it slid smoothly up and down his swelling cock shaft, and the foreskin and the skin of his long scrotum added a texture, movement, and an erotic vibe to his masturbation.  He slowly and deliberately stroked his shaft, intermittently bringing his other hand up to spread the copiously flowing precum over the cock head and shaft.  

His cock slowly hardened, to what looked like eight inches long, and it is so thick, that his fingers barely touched when gripping it.  He had only been masturbating for a few minutes, when I sensed that he was close to ejaculating, because of the change in his tempo, and the way he squirmed in the chair, flexing his legs, and slightly thrusting into his hand.

I heard him grunt and sigh loudly, “uh, uh, uh, uh,’ as his big cock began to throb, pulse, and flex as one large squirt after the other flooded his chest.  I counted five big squirts and saw his massive load of opalescent cum spray onto his hairy chest.  I’ve never had a total load of as much as even one of his squirts and I watched in awe as it oozed down his chest to his stomach.

I was so engrossed watching him masturbate his big cock, that I was only vaguely aware that I had been rubbing my own dick, over my shorts, almost to the point of ejaculation.  I was so turned on by watching him beat off, that I unfastened my shorts and jacked off into a tissue.  I then continued watching Tony as he wiped himself off with a hand towel, and squeezed out the last remaining drops of his cum.

The temporary emotional letdown I experience after I have an orgasm caused me to be embarrassed and upset with myself.  I could hardly believe that I had gotten so turned on watching another man jerk off his big cock.  My wife and I have a reasonably good sex life, even after over twenty years of marriage, and despite my small dick.  I didn’t understand my attraction to his meat.

I was still disgusted with myself when I went to bed that night.  But in the morning, I woke up thinking about the sight of Tony’s thick cock and that plush foreskin, and especially the big load of cum he sprayed onto his chest and stomach.  I thought about it all day at work, as well, and could hardly wait to get home that night to see if he would be at his desk again.

Lindsay never interrupts me when I’m in my den working, so I felt confident that I could watch Tony, even with my light out if need be, without being caught looking.  I was at my desk working when I saw his light go on, just before he sat at his desk.  He had been working on his computer for about an hour, and although he was rubbing his cock in his shorts, he hadn’t pushed them down to masturbate.  I was disappointed at first, but then saw something even more exciting.

I heard a car pull up in front of Tony’s home, and after a couple of minutes, his doorbell rang. He got up to answer the door, but quickly returned to his chair in the room.  I didn’t know what was going on until he pushed his chair back from his desk a little, and another man got on his knees in front of him. 

I wasn’t sure what was going on until I heard Tony say, “Okay, cocksucker.  You said that you wanted to suck some thick, dark, Italian, uncut cock and a set of big balls, so get to it.”

It was hard to believe what was happening only fifteen feet away from me, and I got up to turn off my light.  I didn’t want there to be any chance of either of them seeing me watching them.

The other man looked to be in his forties, and Tony lifted in his seat, as the man pulled Tony’s shorts and underwear down and off his legs.  The man hesitated only momentarily before gripping Tony’s soft cock with on hand, as he leaned in to nuzzle those big balls.  Then he sucked first one and then the other of those testicles, and I liked the way he continued to press his nose into the plentiful, silky skin of Tony’s scrotum.  It was like he was immersed in the musky aroma.  

Tony’s cock was hardening as the man stroked it, and after having his balls sucked for what seemed like ten minutes, Tony reached down and pulled the man’s head up to his cock, saying, “You can suck my balls some more in a few minutes, but for now, I need your mouth on my cock, so I can feed you my seed.”

The man moved up, and at first sucked that thick foreskin into his mouth, before pushing his tongue inside and all around the big cock head.  I pushed down my shorts and underwear and began masturbating as the man then opened wide and took Tony’s thick cock into his mouth.  I heard the slurping as he sucked and moved up and down on that massive cock.

Tony moved his hands to the man’s head and held him on his cock.  I remember thinking how erotic it was seeing that man on his knees, worshipping Tony’s big cock, and wondering what the man must be thinking of himself, for being so submissive and doing something so degrading with another man.

The man had been aggressively sucking and slurping Tony’s cock for what seemed like ten minutes, when they got into a rhythm with Tony flexing his hips upwards, in time with pulling the man’s head down on his swollen cock, and I assumed that he was getting close to ejaculating.  

I slowed up on stroking my own dick since I wanted to delay ejaculating for as long as that man was with Tony.  But I almost lost it when I heard the man gagging and choking, as Tony held his head on his cock. 

Tony moaned out loud, “Oh shit, oh fuck yeah, swallow my thick cum load, you fucking cock sucker!”

It was hard to imagine what it would be like for that man to take those massive squirts of cum in his mouth, but he had to have been swallowing it all, as Tony held the guy’s head on his cock.  Tony finally released the man’s head, but he continued sucking and slurping that softening cock, no doubt to get the remaining ooze of his semen.

The man finally pulled off that soft, but still thick cock, and as he looked up, Tony said, “Damn, man, that was great, and I’ll feed you again in a little while if you want it.  For now, though, let’s do that other thing I want.  Just turn around, sit on the floor in front of my chair, and when I stand up, you can lay your head back on the seat.”

I had no idea what was going on until the man got into position, and Tony sat back down on the guy’s face.  They were still in the perfect position for me to watch, as the man began sucking Tony’s balls again.  In that position, the man’s nose and forehead had to be pressed into Tony’s perineum and ass, and I saw and heard him struggling to breathe.  But that didn’t stop him from sucking and slurping noisily on those big balls and that plentiful scrotum.

The man must have been so turned on being under Tony like that because he reached around Tony’s thighs to hold him in place over him.  After being in that position for five minutes or so, the man reached up to Tony’s back, and it looked like he was trying to pull him forward on his face. 

Tony slid forward as the man wanted, as he said, “I told you before that I loved having my ass worshipped, and you said you wanted to try it.  I’m happy that you’re anxious for a taste.”

I wasn’t totally naïve and knew that bisexual and gay men had sex, but I could never have anticipated the education I was getting that night.  Not only had I watched the man sucking Tony’s balls and cock, and swallowing his cum, but then the guy was sucking Tony’s ass.  I watched in amazement, as Tony rose momentarily and spread his ass cheeks with his hands, before sitting down hard again, squirming and shifting on the man’s face.

Just like when the man swallowed Tony’s cum, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have my face enveloped in a man’s ass that way. 

And it got even harder to imagine when Tony moaned out loud, even though the man wouldn’t have been able to hear him, saying, “That’s it, motherfucker, suck my ass crack and tongue-fuck my asshole.  You’re one nasty cocksucker, but that feels so fucking good.  That’s it, boy, suck my fucking ass.”

I know that I should have been disgusted by the things that man was doing with Tony, but somehow, it was turning me on.  I had never had anything against gay men, but always wondered what it must be like for them to have sex with other men.  But watching and hearing what was going on next door, I realized that it was just pure, raw sex, with each man fulfilling their perversions and fantasies in different ways.  

It was at that point I understood at least a little of what bisexual encounters were all about, and it didn’t need to entail hugging, kissing, or other manifestations of affection.  Just two men, one enjoying his passion to dominate another man, and the other happy to be subservient to him.

That man finally pushed up on Tony’s ass, giving him a signal that he wanted to get up.  The look on his face was one of pure euphoria, as he looked submissively up at Tony’s face and then back down at his cock, before sucking it again.  Tony just relaxed back in his chair, letting the other man casually suck his cock and balls, until about fifteen minutes later, Tony ejaculated into his mouth again.  It was at that point, that I took myself over the edge, and had the biggest ejaculation I could remember.

I was feeling a little subdued again after my orgasm, and seeing that the man had left, I decided to call it a night.  But I remembered something Tony said to the guy earlier, about them having been talking.  It had to have been online since I hadn’t heard him on the phone, and I was curious about what platform they were using to talk.  So, I was planning to do something that I knew was wrong.  

With my computer skills, and having access to his unprotected network, I would be able to easily hack his computer and look at his email and other activity.  I planned to come home early the next day, before he got home.  I was hoping that he left his computer on all the time, so he wouldn’t be on it when I hacked him.

The next day at work I was obsessed with what I had seen and heard the night before, and I couldn’t get the vision of that man having Tony’s cock and balls in his mouth, knowing that he not only swallowed two loads of cum, but he also sucked Tony’s asshole.  I even felt embarrassed for myself, and somewhat perverted, because I found myself imagining that I was doing the same thing with Tony.  It was hard to envision myself that way, after being heterosexual for my entire life.

Once I got home, it only took a few minutes searching on Tony’s computer to find that he visited numerous porn websites, many of which catered to bisexual men.  I even found his files where he had copied stories involving dominant men using submissive men for their pleasure.  That was easy to understand, after hearing and seeing the way he used that man for his pleasure the prior evening.  Then I found what I was really looking for.

Tony is a member of the SilverDaddies website, which caters to mature men looking for hookups with other men.  His profile message confirmed what I already knew about him being dominant. 

He has several photos posted, and his profile reads, “Italian Stallion in his mid-40s seeking other mature men with a hunger for my thick, meaty, uncircumcised, eight-inch cock and plum-sized low-hanging balls.  You’ll love my thick foreskin and big cum loads.  I won’t reciprocate but do expect you to follow my instructions.  I’m also not into any huggy, kissy stuff, and just want your cock-sucking mouth to service me.”

I had never heard of that website before, and I looked at dozens of other profiles, I learned that there were more men who wanted to suck cock, than those who wanted mutual oral sex, or just those like Tony, who wouldn’t reciprocate.  So, I guessed that he was probably very popular with the cock suckers, especially since it seemed that it was hard to find married men who could host in their homes.  Angie’s evening shift was perfect for Tony’s practice of having men to his home to suck his cock.

It was excruciating waiting until after dinner, so I could go back to my den, to see what kind of action Tony would have that night.  I didn’t have to wait for very long after I got to my den, since another man soon pulled up out front, and Tony brought him back to his den.  Tony didn’t speak as harshly to that guy, and I got the feeling that he might be one of his regulars.  

I watched as they did everything I had seen the previous evening.  When they were finished, after the guy sucked two loads out of Tony’s cock, the guy said, “Damn, Tony, you seem to be as horny as ever, and I love your big loads.  Do you still need this pretty much every day, and are you successful finding all of the cock suckers you need on SilverDaddies?”

Tony laughed and said, “Yeah, Frank, I do need to get off at least once a day, either into a warm, sucking mouth, or sometimes by hand when no one is available, or when Angie’s home.  SilverDaddies doesn’t supply all my needs, so I sometimes use Craigslist.  I’ve enjoyed having your steady, weekly visits.  I could use more regulars like you.  I’ve also had some luck with a couple of men from the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, my very compliant, previous next-door neighbor just moved away.  I haven’t had time to gauge whether the new guy has a hunger for cock.  I’ll pursue it with him as soon as I can.”

It’s hard to explain, but it got me aroused hearing that Tony intended to pursue me.  At that point, I had no intentions of becoming his cock sucker, but I found him to be a compelling force of nature, with his aggressive, dominant manner, big cock, and high libido.  I could hardly wait to see how he would approach it with me.

That was Wednesday night, and the next day when I got home from work, Lindsay told me that we were invited over for a cookout with Tony and Angie on Saturday afternoon.  That was a neighborly gesture and would be our first occasion spending any real time with them.  I had to wonder, though, if that was Tony’s first salvo in trying to discern my receptiveness to him.

I watched Tony again on both Thursday and Friday nights.  He got sucked off by another man on Thursday but jerked off on Friday.  I was getting more and more excited watching him sitting in that chair.

We got along very well at the cookout, and I think that Lindsay and I genuinely liked and felt comfortable with our neighbors.  The conversation was mostly about what we did for a living, where we came from, our kids, and general familiarity with the neighborhood.  

We were all drinking beer, and after my third one, Tony said, “Being from Minnesota, you must be quite a fisherman.  We probably don’t have it as good here, but I like to hang my pole out and drop a line every now and then.”

I didn’t miss his likely double entendre about ‘hang my pole out’, but I ignored that aspect of it and said, “I did quite a bit of fishing up on those beautiful Minnesota lakes, and it would be interesting to go fishing around here sometime.  I just need to find out where the movers hid my fishing gear.”

Tony smiled and said, “I’m happy to hear that.  I’ve got a small fishing boat on a lake only about an hour or two from here, depending on the traffic, and I’d be happy to introduce you to Pennsylvania fishing.  Hell, we can even go up there tomorrow, unless you have other plans.  I’ve got plenty of fishing gear, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

I was a little nervous that he was moving so fast, but I was curious what it would be like being alone with him, and I agreed to go.  Lindsay and I went back home at around 8:00 pm that evening, since Tony and I would be getting up very early on Sunday.  I watched for Tony to go to his den on Saturday night, but he didn’t show up.  I had to wonder if it was because he had hopes of enticing me on Sunday, and he wanted to save himself for his new conquest.  

We left early on Sunday morning, and with little traffic, we were on the lake before dawn.  We talked about fishing for the first half hour of our drive, and then he carefully changed the subject to sex, which is not all that unusual when men get together without their wives around.  

He first brought it up, saying, “I probably don’t know you well enough to bring this up, but I’m just curious.  Lindsay seems to be such a nice and outgoing lady, but I was wondering if you’re having some of the same problems as I’m having with Angie?”

I really didn’t know what he was talking about, and asked, “What do you mean by problems?  I think that Lindsay and I have a good marriage.”

Tony laughed and said, “Don’t get me wrong, Angie and I get along fine in almost every way.  It’s just that as we got into our forties, she hasn’t been that excited about taking care of me in the bedroom.  Hell, I don’t know, maybe that’s normal for women.  But I, well, I, uh, you know, I still have my needs.”

I knew full well how he was taking care of his needs, but I didn’t want to say that I knew anything about any of that.  I just kept my response as general as I could, not trying to help him in his approach to me, and answered, “Well, yeah, I think I’ve noticed a little less excitement on her part at times, but nothing I would call unusual.”

That’s probably not what he wanted or expected to hear, and he seemed a little uncomfortable as he pressed the question, asking, “Well, if you don’t mind me asking, what do you do during those times when Lindsay isn’t very receptive in bed?  Do you take care of it yourself, or what?”

We were pulling into the fish camp entrance at that point, and I didn’t want to embarrass him by calling him out for being so brash, and I didn’t want to admit to masturbating either, at least at that point.  So, I responded in a way that let him off the hook, with only a little chiding, while at the same time probably making it seem like I had a lower libido and providing my own double entendre.  

I laughed and replied, “Wow, Tony, that’s a pretty ‘meaty’ question for this early in the morning and considering that I’ve only known you for a week.  But to answer, I’ve never felt like I needed to take care of things when Lindsay isn’t in the mood.”

My answer seemed to satisfy Tony for the moment, and we took our gear, beer, and food down to his fifteen-foot, aluminum boat, that has a small outboard motor. 

We started drinking beer when we pulled away from the dock, as Tony said, “I’ve got a favorite fishing hole in a cove on the other side of the lake, and it will only take us about twenty minutes to get there.  Just relax, drink up, and enjoy this beautiful dawn.”   

There were no other boats around when we got to the fishing hole.  Tony explained the species of fish we were going to be trying to catch, and what he thought might be the differences in the types of lures and bait to be used.  We didn’t have any luck catching fish, right up until it was approaching late-morning, a time when we would have even less luck catching fish.  If Tony was like me, he was relaxed and a little woozy from the beers.

We still had the cove to ourselves, and there were no homes in that section of the shoreline.  Tony had just popped the top on his fourth beer, when he said, “Here, hold this for me, Dan.  I need to unload a couple of those beers.”

He handed me his beer and stood up in the boat.  Then, like some guys do when they piss, instead of just unzipping and pulling his cock out, he unfastened his shorts and dropped them and his underwear down to his thighs.  He also pulled up his shirt, and was standing unsteadily, half naked, only about two feet from me on my left side and turned partially my way.  

I couldn’t help but look at his thick, uncircumcised cock and big, low-hanging balls, as he gripped his shaft and shook it a little, before beginning to piss.  His piss stream was forceful, and he swung his cock around a little with his left hand as he sprayed the water.  He had been pissing for about half a minute when he lost his balance and stumbled my way and caught himself with his right hand on my shoulder, and his right knee on the side of the boat.  

As he continued to lean my way, I quickly put his beer in the can holder and wrapped my arm around his waist to steady him.  In that position, his cock, which was still pissing, was less than a foot from my face, and I was looking right at it. 

Tony just laughed and said, “Oh fuck, Dan, thanks for catching me.  Just continue holding me so I can finish, without making a mess in the boat.”

It really felt strange holding him that way.  My arm was around the bare skin at the top of his ass and waist, and I was leaning down close to his cock.  I was close enough to smell the musky odor of his hairy crotch, and even the aroma of his urine.  He finally finished pissing and got his footing to stand up.  

I continued looking at Tony’s swinging cock and balls as he leaned down to slowly pull up his shorts and underwear, taking his time as I continued to stare.  After he was dressed, I handed him his beer, and he sat back on the seat.  

He took a big sip of his beer, and then laughed before saying, “Thanks again, buddy.  That was probably too close for comfort for you.  I know you probably saw more of me than you wanted too, but you saved me from making a mess or falling out of the boat.”

It was obvious to me that Tony had purposely stumbled into me that way, just to get my reaction.  I couldn’t help staring at his genitals, and that probably gave him an incentive to continue pursuing me as a cock sucker for him.  I had to piss too, at that point, but I moved to the other side of the boat and just unzipped my pants to pee.  I was embarrassed to let him see my little dick.

Tony started the motor, and headed towards shore, as he said, “Let’s go over under the shade of that big tree while we eat our lunch, and we can relax and talk until a little later when the fish might start biting.”

We tied the boat to a low-hanging tree branch and drank more beer while eating our sandwiches.  Then, Tony brought up his question again, asking, “So, Dan, you really don’t at least use your hand to get off when Lindsay isn’t in the mood?”

I was still uncomfortable answering him and decided to put it back on him.  He hadn’t said earlier how he took care of his needs, and I asked, “Well, what about you, Tony?  You mentioned earlier that you have needs, but you didn’t say how you satisfied them.”

When I saw the way he smiled at my question, I realized that I was playing right into his hands.  Looking back, I think that I must have subconsciously known that I was encouraging him.  

He replied, “Well, I think I’m like most men, and I masturbate when I need to, but that’s not the only solution.  I’m horny most of the time, and need to get off at least once every day.”

I tried to appear naïve and asked, “How many solutions could there be?  I mean, all I can think of instead of jacking it, unless you could find a lady on the side.”

Tony laughed and replied, ‘Yeah, I’ve thought about that quite a bit, but I think it’s too risky.  Most women want to be romanced before they’ll fuck.  That’s too expensive, and I don’t want to run the risk of having a woman develop feelings for me, or me for her, or getting caught, and causing a disruption in my marriage.  I just want sex for the sake of sex, with no entanglements, me in control, and in a way that both parties are satisfied.”

It was fun baiting him with my questions, since I knew what he was doing with men.  So, I said, “Wow, that sounds like a pretty tall order.  Where the fuck could you find a woman who is motivated that way?”

He thought for a few seconds, probably wondering if it was too soon to expose his real-life solution.  He finally answered, “Well, who says it has to be a woman?  There are plenty of men who like to take care of other men’s needs.”

Continuing with my naive approach, I countered, “Oh sure, like you could really find a man to do that for you.  And even if you could, wouldn’t you need to help him out too?”

Tony laughed and replied, “You’d be surprised, Dan.  There are many mature, married, bisexual men who enjoy providing oral service to other, more-dominant men, and a lot of them don’t want any reciprocation.  I think that many of them feel more submissive, because they have smaller dicks.”

I acted as if I was incredulous and responded, “Yeah, right, Tony.  What kind of man would agree to suck off another man, especially if he wasn’t getting sucked himself?  What’s his motivation?  And what kind of distinction are you trying to make when you emphasized that those men are mature and married?”

He thought for a moment and replied, “I’m not a fucking psychologist, Dan.  I just know from experience, that some men have submissive streaks, and they enjoy providing oral service to more-dominant men like me. And, I think it safer to only get involved with other mature, married men that way, since both men have a lot to lose if anyone exposes their secret, or if anyone has any STDs.”

At that point, I wanted to let Tony know that it was just dawning on me that he might really be involved in those kinds of bisexual relationships, and I asked, “Wait, whoa, holy fuck, Tony!  Are you telling me that you let men suck your cock?  Holy shit, how could you find someone to do that for you, and how do you attract them?”

Tony leaned in, talking in a softer voice, like someone might overhear him, and answered, “Yes, I do have quite a few men who suck my cock, and it’s not that hard to attract them.  I belong to a website that caters to mature men.  I have a profile that describes what I’m looking for in a cock sucker, along with several photos of my cock, both soft and hard, along with my big balls.”

I was still acting surprised and asked, “So, you offer your cock to suck and show them pictures of it, and that’s all it takes?  Why would those men get turned on enough looking at your cock pictures, to then decide to respond to your ad?”

He looked at me with a knowing smile, and said, “Come on now, Dan, I think you know the answer to that.  I pissed in front of you a while ago and pretended to stumble, just to see how you’d react to seeing my cock and balls up close.  You didn’t take your eyes off them the whole time.  And from the way you hid yourself when you pissed, I think you might be ashamed to show me your dick.”

I held my head down and didn’t answer right away, so Tony continued, “Hey, man, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, if you’re attracted to big, thick cocks.  All men are not created equal in that department, and it’s good that men like me are willing to share their good fortune.  I’d be willing to give you an even closer look, right now, if you’re interested.”

Tony’s aggressive approach, and seeing his cock earlier, was weakening my resolve to resist him.  But I didn’t want to appear to be too eager, and I wanted him to feel like he was seducing me. 

I continued to hold my head down, as I said, “I’m sorry for staring at you earlier Tony, but I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before, and I was curious.  I’ve never had an attraction to men in that way, or done anything sexually with men, or even as a teenager, for that matter.  I don’t think I could respect myself as a man, if I got an even closer look.”

He pressed on, saying, “Well, just because you’ve never done anything like that in the past, doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it now.  And shit, I mean, you still love your wife and have sex with her, so it’s not like you’d be gay or anything.  Back in the car, you said that you never felt the need to take care of yourself when Lindsay isn’t in the mood, so you don’t seem to be that horny or passionate at getting yourself off.”  

Tony paused for a moment to let that sink in, and then continued, “Maybe a new experience, like examining my cock, which gets big and hard, will help you discover a little sexual passion.  And besides, your willingness to talk about this like we have tells me that you must have some interest.  Come on, Dan; it couldn’t hurt to look, and I won’t try to force you to do more.”

I looked up at him and said, “Okay, Tony, I guess it won’t hurt to look, and fully satisfy my curiosity, but you can’t ever tell anyone else about this.”

The boat has a bench seat in the stern, used for operating the motor and steering, and two, cushioned, swivel chairs in the mid-section used for fishing, and about three or four feet apart.  Tony smiled, stood up, and dropped his shorts and underwear, before sitting in his seat.  He slouched back, pushing his hips forward, ceremoniously presenting his genitals to me.  

I sat in my seat, just staring at his thick cock laying across his thigh, and his balls hanging down over the edge of the seat, until Tony gestured with his arms, and said, “Damn, Dan, you were closer than this when I was pissing.  Put that life vest on the floor to cushion your knees and come on over for a closer look.  It might squirt at you, but it won’t bite.”

It was hard to imagine myself kneeling in front of Tony, as I saw those men doing at his desk, but I was drawn to his cock like a magnet.  My self-image was definitely taking a hit, but I thought that he might have a point about something he said earlier. Maybe I was inherently more submissive, because of my small dick.  But for whatever reason, I was starting to enjoy his dominating personality, and I wanted to please him.

I knelt, steadying myself by placing my hands on his hairy legs, as I positioned my knees on the life vest.  There I was again, with that skin to skin contact, and it seemed strangely intimate to be touching a man that way.  Tony began to slowly stroke his cock, as I had seen him do several times at his desk, and I loved the fluid movement of his foreskin, and his big testicles rising and falling in his long scrotum on each stroke.

There was a squishing sound as he stroked his slick shaft and cock head, likely the lubrication from a little precum, and remnants from the piss he took a little earlier.  His cock quickly hardened, and it was amazing seeing it up close like that; close enough to sense the musky aroma of his hairy crotch.

Tony watched me staring at his cock for a couple of minutes, and then said, “I can tell that you’re attracted to my cock, so you might as well get a feel of it.  Just grip it for me, and give it a few tugs, so you can feel the weight and texture of it.  What could it hurt, Dan, no one is around here to see us, and you’re already so close?”

I glanced up momentarily at his face and saw that he was smiling, before I said, “I don’t know about that Tony.  You just pissed a little while ago, and it looks so moist.”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, well, uncut cocks aren’t dry like cut ones, and that’s probably more precum than it is piss.  It’s not a big deal, anyway; I’m touching it.”

His logic was flawed, but I did want to get a feel of his cock.  He let go as I reached out with my right hand and gripped his meat.  It felt heavy in my hand, and I liked the hard, yet pliable texture of his thick cock, and especially the cushy feeling of his plentiful foreskin.  I started stroking it, and then, without him telling me to, I reached down to fondle and weigh his big balls in my left hand.

My fingers just barely touched around his shaft, as I slowly stroked his cock, with copious precum oozing out of his urethra.  His cock is meaty and substantial, and it felt so much more erotic than my thin cock feels in my hands.  In the position I was in, I was close enough to smell his precum.

Tony reached out and patted me on the shoulder, as he asked, “What do you think, Danny boy; isn’t that an amazing piece of fuck meat?  You really seem to be enjoying stroking it for me, and you’re doing a nice job.  But, I’d be much obliged if you’d just lean down a little farther and get a taste of it.  Just think about how wet and juicy it is, and how it must taste.  You’ll really be helping me out too.”

I had not planned on things going as far as they were, but something deep down in my primal core was drawing me to his cock.  Maybe I was inherently wired to be submissive to a dominant, big-cocked man like Tony, or maybe it was just curiosity at what it would be like to taste and suck a big, uncut cock.

Whatever the reason, it was like I was outside of myself looking down, with everything in slow motion, as I leaned down the last few inches to his cock.  I took his wet, rubbery foreskin between my lips on the next upstroke, and then opened my mouth wide as I followed the skin down to his swollen cock head.  I loved the taste and texture of his foreskin and cock head in my mouth, as I swirled my tongue around it.

Tony slumped back in his chair and reached out to put his hands behind my head, as he moaned, “Oh fuck yeah, Dan, that feels so fucking good.  Make love to my meat, man.  Lick it, suck it, and let it slide deep into your mouth.  There’s nothing like the feeling of a warm, wet, cocksucker’s mouth on my cock, sucking for the nourishment it will provide.  That’s it, Dan, keep fondling my balls too, and you can suck them later.”

His cock was too big for me to take more than about six inches of it, at least that first time, and I was struggling to control my gag reflex as he started gently thrusting it into my mouth and the entrance to my throat.  I reached my right hand around to hold onto his back and the top of his ass, for leverage while sucking him, and to keep my balance.

I was getting into a good rhythm, bouncing up and down on Tony’s thick cock, and he was moaning louder and louder as the minutes passed.  At first, I hadn’t thought much about the fact that he would want to cum into my mouth, but I was getting more worried about it as he held my head firmly on his cock, and the pace of his thrusting increased.  I had tasted my own cum years before when I sucked Lindsay’s pussy after fucking her, but I knew that Tony would be shooting a much bigger load.

He was moaning and breathing harder as his orgasm approached, and I braced myself for the infusion of cum.  He held my head even tighter as his cock began to jerk, pulse, and throb, as the first spray spewed right into my throat. 

I started gagging on his load, and he said, as he was moaning, “Uh, uh, uh, take my cum, cocksucker, and don’t you dare throw up on my cock.  Just keep swallowing until the last pulse, and then you can savor the taste and texture by rolling it around in your mouth.”

I did as he said, and as the gag reflex subsided, I realized that I did enjoy the taste and slimy texture of his semen and sperm.  I continued sucking his cock as it deflated, making sure to get all the oozing juices following his powerful ejaculation.  

Tony finally pushed me back as he said, “Damn, Dan, that was amazing for your first-time sucking cock, if that really was your first time.  You must be a natural.  Now, get on down there and suck on my balls for a few minutes, while I recover to give you another load.

His big balls are hairy, and they were sweaty and musky from the heat of the day and from me sucking him.  I sucked on his long scrotum and took his balls into my mouth, one at a time, sucking, licking and slurping on them as I had seen those other men do.  

After sucking him that way for about five minutes, he pushed my head back and said, “You’ve been very receptive to this experience, and I’d like to try something else with you.  When I stand up, you need to turn your back to the chair and lean your head back on the seat.  Then I’ll show you something you might like.”

It was obvious what he was going to do, and at that point, I wanted to try it.  I got into position and got a close-up view of his balls, perineum, and ass as he sat on my face.  I resumed sucking his balls, with my nose and forehead pressed into his perineum and ass, and it was an amazingly erotic feeling being pinned under him that way.

I faintly heard him moaning above me, as he slowly slid forward, lifting his ass cheeks with his hands, until he let them back down, with my face enveloped in his hairy and sweaty ass.  I knew what he wanted, and I kept sucking his ass crack until I felt my tongue graze his wrinkled sphincter.  Then he squirmed and sat down even harder, as I pressed my tongue into his asshole.

Tony continued to writhe above me, fucking my face with his ass, as I sucked and probed his hole.  I learned to turn my head to the sides to get occasional breaths of air, and he stayed on me that way for what seemed like ten minutes. 

He finally pulled off me and said, “Hot damn, Danny boy, you were really hungry for my ass.  That’s amazing since you said that this was your first time doing anything with a man.”

I was feeling embarrassed then, and stammered as I said, “Oh fuck, Tony, I’m so embarrassed by what I’ve done out here with you, and you must think that I’m a totally weak and submissive pervert.  I still don’t know why I let you talk me into this, and I’m sure that it will be difficult for you to see me as a friend in the future.  Fuck, now I’m no different than those other cock suckers that I’ve seen at your home.”

I knew when I said it that it was a mistake, and Tony picked up on my admission.  He said, “I guess it pays to advertise, and I’m glad I left my window shade up.  That’s the same way I got my previous neighbor to notice and become interested in my big cock, and me feeding those other cock suckers.  So, fuck, Dan, it seems to me that you wanted this to happen, or you wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to be out here alone with me.”

When I didn’t immediately respond, he continued, “Don’t worry, Dan, I expect that we will be good friends, especially if you continue taking care of my cock and balls for me.  You sucked me like a pro, and if this really was your first time, then you’ll get even better with practice.”

I finally had the presence to talk and said, “I don’t know what got me so interested in watching you and what you were doing with those other men, but I just couldn’t look away.  I had never seen anything like that before, or a cock as big as yours, and I guess I was curious.  I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed what we did together.”

Another boat was coming towards us, far off in the distance.  Tony glanced that way and laughed before saying, “This is perfect, Dan.  If we both enjoyed it, then we can do it a lot more.  I’m always horny, and I’ll sure keep your mouth busy.  In fact, I could use another suck job right now.”

I was concerned about the approaching boat, given that Tony was still naked from the waist down.  But, before I could object, Tony pulled me to my knees in between his legs again and said, “Don’t worry about that boat, just get busy so you can get my second load.”

His thick, soft cock looked delicious with the long foreskin and the remnants of his previous ejaculation oozing from his cock head, and I sucked his cock into my mouth.  His cock started hardening immediately, and I was soon sucking and bobbing up and down on his lengthy shaft.  When I heard the other boat coming closer and tried to pull away, Tony held me in place on his big cock.

I heard the boat pull alongside, and someone saying in a deep, melodic voice, “Damn, Tony, I don’t know how you keep finding these cock suckers, but I’m glad that you do.  They don’t usually mind taking care of your fishing buddies on the lake either.”

Tony laughed as I kept sucking him, and replied, “Yeah, Sammy, this is my new neighbor, Dan, and I couldn’t be happier about how easy it was to convince him to suck me.  I got him interested the same way as my old neighbor, by letting him get a good look at my meat and those other cock suckers through the window.”

The other man laughed and said, “I’ve been watching you with my binoculars from across the lake, and it looks like you already fed him one load.  Why don’t you take a break, and let him take care of me before you get off again?  I’ll just tie up alongside and he can come over for a taste.  Maybe he’ll like my black meat even better.”

After hearing his voice, I thought that Sammy was probably a black man, and I got a good look at him when Tony pushed me off his cock, saying, “Meet my old friend Sammy, Dan.  It would sure be nice of you to take care of him.  What do you say, neighbor?”

Sammy’s boat is like Tony’s, but it looked smaller with him sitting in the seat.  He appeared to be a big man, probably in his fifties, maybe six feet and six inches tall or so, and weighing about two hundred and eighty pounds.  I found out later that he had played football as a defensive tackle in college, and even though he was out of shape, he was still an imposing man.

I was embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond at first, until Sammy made it easy for me.  He held out his big hand to me and said, “Come on over, Dan, I think you’ll like what I’ve got for you.  I’ll be pretty quick too, since I haven’t had an opportunity to get off for a couple of weeks.”

It was like I was on autopilot as I took his hand, and he pulled me across, sitting me in the chair in front of him.  Then he stood up, dropped his shorts and underwear, and kicked them off his feet.  He sat down, and his belly was hanging down a little, but my eyes were focused on his huge genitals as he spread his thick legs.  His thick, soft, uncircumcised cock was seven inches long and hanging down over the biggest set of balls I had ever seen.  They were the size of plums and hanging down about seven inches over the edge of the seat.

Tony saw that I was staring at Sammy’s massive genitals, and he laughed before saying, “I know, Dan, that’s quite a meal you’ve got in front of you there.  Just take it nice and slow and enjoy it.”

Sammy threw a cushion on the floor and pulled me to my knees in front of him.  I reached one arm around to hold him by the waist, as I squeezed between his meaty thighs.  That’s when I first sensed his strong, musky and sweaty odor, which was somehow intoxicating to me.  

I lifted his heavy cock with my other hand and took the long foreskin and cock head into my mouth.  He moaned as I began sucking and tonguing his foreskin, tasting his copious precum, and then he held my head with his hands, as he said, “Oh fuck, yeah, cock sucker, suck my black cock.  Get it hard so I can choke you with it.”

His cock was quickly hardening as I took more of it into my mouth, and soon my forehead was pressing again his big belly.  That should have grossed me out, but it was instead a huge turn on to be pressing my face into his black flesh.  His cock was finally what I guessed to be eleven inches long, and so thick that I could only take about the first seven inches into my mouth.

Sammy was moaning as he flexed his hips, thrusting into my mouth, and I guessed that he must be close to ejaculating.  His big cock soon hardened further, started flexing, and I felt it pulse as his cum flooded my mouth. 

I swallowed as fast as I could to take all of his juices, as he gasped and moaned above me, “Uh, uh, uh, oh fuck, oh shit, yeah, cock sucker, eat my fucking cum.  Swallow it all, mother fucker, and take it into your belly.  That’s it, keep sucking and get it all.”

His ejaculation was stronger and had more volume than Tony’s, but I was able to keep it all in my mouth and swallow it.  I kept sucking his thick cock as it softened, until Sammy said, “I saw from across the lake that you had a taste for Tony’s balls and ass, so get ready to service mine.  I’ll stand up while you turn around and lean your head back on the seat.”

I was a little concerned about being able to breathe as his massive balls and ass settled down on my face.  But I started sucking his gamey scrotum and balls, one at a time, until he moved forward and lifted his ass cheeks, before letting them go and enveloping my face in his fat, black ass.  The funky, musky aroma was strong, but I loved the feeling of being pinned under him that way.

He squirmed on my face as I licked his big, sweaty ass crack, until he finally had me positioned correctly to be able to lick and suck his tangy asshole.  I sucked him there and tried to push my tongue inside of him, and I could just barely hear him yelling out to Tony, “Son of a bitch, Tony, this cock sucker is hungry for my hole, and even trying to tongue fuck it.  You’ve got yourself a winner here.”

I was able to get intermittent breaths while under Sammy that way, and after what seemed like ten minutes, he moved off me.  I got up and sat in the other chair, and he was stroking his soft cock and said, “Thanks a lot, Danny boy, I sure hope that you come fishing with Tony all the time, now that we’ve gotten to know one another.  I might even bring a couple of other brothas with me next time, to enjoy your cunt mouth.”

As I climbed back into Tony’s boat, Sammy said, “Let me watch you feed him another load, Tony, and that might help me work up another one too.  Judging from the way he sucked me, I think he can go all afternoon.”

I did suck Tony off again, while Sammy watched, and then sucked Sammy off again too.  My mouth was getting sore by that time, and we left for the dock, shortly after Sammy headed back.  Sammy was standing by the fish shack talking with some black men, and they all watched and smiled as Tony and I tied up the boat and headed back to the car.  

Just before we reached Tony’s car, Sammy called out, saying, “Hey Tony; be sure to let me know when you and Dan are coming up here again.  My friends and I would sure like to help you make a day of it.”

The traffic was heavier that afternoon than it had been in the morning, and it took us one and a half hours to get home.  We were both quiet for most of the ride, until with about a half hour to go, Tony pulled into an isolated section of a rest area. 

He looked over at me and said, “I can’t stop thinking about what you did for Sammy and me out on that lake today, and I don’t want it to end.  Come on, Dan, suck me one more time before we get home.”

It was hard to believe that Tony was so horny and wanted to be sucked off for the third time that afternoon, but I was more than happy to oblige him.  He unfastened his pants right there in the car, and I leaned over to suck his third, though smaller load out of his big cock.

We talked for the rest of the way home and agreed that we would let our wives know that we were becoming good friends and fishing buddies.  That would make it seem normal when I went over to his home on some evenings, with his window shade pulled down, and then spent time with him at the lake on the weekends.

Lindsay and Angie were both happy that we were such good friends, and they became best of friends too.  Little did they know how just good friends Tony and I were, and how well we fulfilled one another’s complementary sexual hunger. 

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