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I Love My Bestie Part Two

I tried to go early. . .
"Sarah! Hurry up!" I screamed as I leaned against the bathroom door.

We were going to a masquerade party at QUT, and Sarah decides to come and dress at my house for some odd reason. She always takes so DAMN LONG! I leaned there against the door, stark naked from our recent sexual endeavors and covered in a layer of sweat from the exertion. Since Sarah first squirted, her sex drive has been off the charts, and even a sex fiend like me can barely keep up with her.

"SARAH!!!!" I yelled as I banged on the door.

I sighed heavily as I tucked an unruly wisp of hair behind my ear and walked downstairs to my brother's room.

"Hey Josh can I use your shower for a second?"

I was met by three faces with gaping mouths and wide eyes, and my brother's own in disinterest as he listens to the music coming from his headphones.That asshole! He knows I'm always walking around naked and he doesn't tell me he's having friends over! I kept my composure and walked though his boneheaded friends to where he lay on the bed. I swatted away the pinches and the squeezes from the hungry pack, emerging victorious at the side of his bed. I nudged him and took out his earphones.

"Why aren't you wearing any clothes slut?" He told me.

I closed my eyes to keep in control.

"Please, don't call me a slut. Now can I use your shower please?"

"Umm, isnt a slut someone who enjoys sex?"

"Joshua. Don't. Go. There."

"You're right, someone who fucks everyone in sight?" He said with a grin on his face. The other boys in the room snickered.

"Are you mad because your little sister gets more pussy than you ever will Joshy?"It was so ironic since I used the most innocent voice I had.

More snickers from the crowd.

"Well Ally I'm sorry not everyone can be horny as fuck all the time."

I lost my cool. Whenever I'm angry, I put my fist on my left hip and favor my left leg. My right leg then moves forward and my foot arches upward. I heard gasps all around as I parted my legs, exposing myself.

"What the fuck Josh! I am not horny as fuck all the time!"

At that moment one of the assholes decides to slide his finger down my exposed vulva and I inadvertently moan from the caress. Ughh, I'm caught. All the guys immediately start howling and falling over as I blushed bright red. I stormed out of there, but found out instead of outraged, I was go figure, horny as fuck. I could feel my nipples hardening and my breath shortening as my clit filled with blood. I stood there in the hallway with my eyes closed and letting my body continue its state of arousal. I was aching for a cock inside me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sarah's pussy but a gal needs a cock now and then. I stood there letting my fingers run lightly over my whole body with labored breathing. I was shocked when I felt someone press into me and kiss me. It was the asshole that touched me! I was considering pushing him away, but I needed him right then.

"I'm Steve." He said between the kisses. My God he was a good kisser

."Ally." I replied.

I loved the pressure as he pushed into my naked body, his hands snugly sitting on my hips. This guy was good. I should actually take this guy someday. But for now, I wanted his cock. I slid out from under him and took him upstairs to the guest room, because I didn't want Sarah to hear. She would throw a fit for not sharing. Steve was naked in a flash, and on top of me even faster. I wanted to keep kissing, but he obviously had other plans. I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him get to work.

"Someone's enthusiastic!" I said smiling as he feverishly pounded away.

He laughed and worked even harder and the smiles were soon replaced by faces contorted in pleasure. It was over in a matter of minutes, but my urge was satisfied. I allowed him to cum deep inside of me, and he lay on top of me to catch his breath.

"That was so exciting Ally, the risk of being caught by your parents or even caught by Josh was exhilarating. Never thought I would end up fucking my bestfriend's sister." He told me.

I laughed and he laughed with me as he got dressed.

Well, it was 10 minutes later, and I was still sweaty from sex and now was filled with cum. Back to square one.

I sighed again as I walked over to my room ready to run the door down when I found it unlocked. I stepped in and closed the door behind me. Ugh, the bitch turned out the lights. I let my eyes adjust to the dark and began to make my way to the shower. The bathroom was full of steam and the moonlight coming in from the skylight made the whole experience so surreal and almost erotic. I screamed for a split-second as Sarah jumped on me and pushed me against the wall, kissing me.

"Hey there little mama" She said with the sensual voice that I loved.

Here I was for the second time against a wall making sexual contact with the same person for a second time. I don't know what it is about Sarah, but she just makes me melt like a hot guy does. I don't know if it's because she's a redhead. or if its her curvacious body, but something has me crazy for this girl, and I always let her have her way with me. The vapor in the air was condensing on my body and making tiny rivulets all over me. Her body was warm from the heated shower and felt good against my skin. I was so horny I could barely breath. That was the effect this girl had on me.

"Allyson your lips are so tasty!" She told me while sucking on my bottom lip

"Good." was the only thing I could say at the time.

Sarah made her way south, licking my jaw line as she settled on my neck. She peppered light kisses on me followed by hungry sucking and nibbling. Silent moans were escaping from my throat as she traveled farther down, outlining my clavicle before sucking on my nipples. Her hands kept busy with my thighs, rubbing them gently and curving inwards towards my sex.

"Ooooh fuck yes Sassy. . ."

She smiled as she sucked my nipples, enjoying the pleasure she was giving me. My excitement soared as she went farther down, licking my tummy and sending shivers through my body. I was practically panting when she finally got to the curly strip of hair above my engorged clit.

"Awww, how cute!" She said as she ran her finger through my landing strip.

She coyly nuzzled my lips with her nose, taking in my scent.

"You smell so fucking good Ally baby! I think I just might want to eat you out!"

"Oh please Sassy! Do it!"

I could barely get the words out from my excitement. Her hands moved up to my ass and grabbed it firmly as she began to eat me out.

"Uh-oh! Looks like someone's been naughty!" She told me.

"Is this boy cum I taste?"

I laughed at the whole situation, and nodded sheepishly.

"No problem, looks like I get a two in one tonight!"

She dove in without any inhibitions and I let out a yelp in sexual bliss. I was moaning very audibly now, and I soon began to slip down towards the floor.

"If you fall, I will stop." She told me matter-of-factly.

I nodded as fast as I could to let her continue her nerve-destroying pleasure. I was panting as I moaned, pushing myself into the wall to prevent myself from falling. My knees were weak from the total bliss I was in.

"Mmm Ally this pussy is sooo tasty!"

She pushed her head deeper inside of me, her tongue licking everything as she nibbled and slurped at me. I was almost delirious in delight. Waves of gratification washed over me, each getting stronger in succession. Sarah pulled away from me and started on my clit. My vision blurred as she made slow, deliberate circles around it, taking it into her mouth once in a while and sucking hard.

"Oh my fucking gosh Sarah, mhm, eat my clit!" I panted out.

"Oh don't worry my cute little bitch, I will!"

The waves were getting stronger as she started to hum, the vibrations adding more pleasure to the mix. My mind was totally primal as my legs became numb and I could barely hold on. The waves were now roaring tsunami's and I could feel the last one arriving. Sarah must have felt something, and she instantly began to work faster, shoving two fingers into my sopping, wet cunt and thrusting fast.

"Go ahead bitch, cum. Cum for Sassy. I want to you to cum all over my face."

Faster and faster she went, sucking and fucking so good.

"Oooooh yes Sassy,, unhhhh,, fuck yesss,,unhh, unh. . ."

I could feel the last tsunami coming from deep inside, burning, and it was HUGE.

"ohmyfuckinggosh,ohmyfuckinggosh, HERE IT COMES!" I was screaming.

I closed my eyes as my orgasm blind-sided me. I could feel that familiar tightening inside of me as I came. Intense feelings of pleasure hit me and over and over again, and I rocked to each and everyone of them.

"Oooh yea Ally, thats right, mmm look at all this tasty cum over my face."

My orgasm went on for another twenty seconds, and as it subsided I fell in a heap on the floor. My chest rose and fell with my panting and I whole body felt alive with sexual excitement. I couldn't stop squeezing my thighs together and feeling myself as I smiled. Sarah slowly came over and lapped up the last traces of Steve's cum and my own before laying on top of me and letting me taste both. I loved the feeling of her being on top me with her legs between mine. Ou sexes touched and we both shuddered. I could feel her nipples boring into my own breasts and I could tell she wanted some attention herself.

"Did you enjoy that Hannah Banana?" She smiled as she said my childhood nickname. My middle name is Hannah-Claire and she loves calling me Hannah Banana.

"That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had." I said with a giggle. "My turn now!"

I led Sarah to the shower and we kissed passionately under the torrent of the warm cascading water.

"You look so beautiful when you're wet." I whispered to her with my sensual voice powered on.

She moaned in agreement as I traced the contour of her ear and sucked on her earlobe. I inadvertently pushed in the stopper as I gently pressed her against the bath wall and started kissing her again. I could feel her heart racing under me as we made out with loud smacks and terse breaks filled with lustful moans. I had a brief episode of deja vu as I saw the role reversal taking place. Here I was holding Sarah by the waist against the wall just as Steve had me! I giggled inwardly. I felt so much like a guy!

"Your moans make me so horny. . ." I whispered into her ear again.

I grabbed the soap and began coating her in a thick lather, starting from her cheeks as I kissed her over and over and over again against the wall. I gently massaged her shoulders and descended to her breasts.

"Mhmm. . ." Was her silent reply to my gentle touches.

Her nipples were as hard as pebbles in the transition from the water to the cold air. I circled them with my thumbs, enjoying her squirming. I washed her breasts and stomach and started on her pelvis. I felt her chest expand with the sharp intake of breath she took as I got closer and closer to her sex. Her vulva was puffy and glistening with anticipation. I nonchalantly skipped over her slit and I could feel her shake with frustration.

"Allllllyyyyy! Stop teasing me!!!" She yelled out.

I ignored her with a smile and continued on down to her thighs, curving inward with each swipe of my hands. I slowly washed her pussy, taking my sweet time with her clitoris. Every now and then I brushed it and I loved hearing her moans. The anticipation by itself was pleasurable to her, and I wanted to drag it out as long as I could.

"Fuck Ally, you're such a tease. . ."

I pulled her into me under the falling water and held her in an embrace. The feeling of our nipples and sexes touching was exhilarating. Sarah's bright green eyes were shining as I lay her down in the filled bath and sat in between her legs.

"Ready?" I asked her.

She must've thought I was going to finger her, because she looked surprised when I winked at her and dove under the water. I opened my eyes in the water and saw Sassy's slit directly in front of me. I instantly tore into it, nibbling and munching on her lovely folds, and sucking on her engorged clit. I came up for air for a split-second and to see her reaction. She was panting and she turned to look at me slowly.

"That was the best fucking head I've EVER gotten." She told me with a beaming grin.

"It's no over either!" I told her.

She rolled her head back in happiness as I dove back down. This time I focused on her clit. I could hear her screams above me as I sucked and nibbled at her little pleasure button. I started using the water to my advantage, taking it into my mouth, then jetting it out onto her clit like a shower head. I knew I was doing the right thing when I felt her hand shoot down and push me harder onto her clit. I went up for air one more time and continued to my barrage. I held her tightly by the hips as I shot the water, each time she bucked and screamed in delight. She squirted instantaneously. I saw the water around her cloud up and felt her body go limp. I came up with a grin on my face.

"How was that?" I asked her.

"We have to do that everytime we shower from now on!" She told still out of breath.

I creeped up onto her wet naked body and kissed her long and hard again.

"Fuck Ally, you make me feel so good inside, and out!" She smiled.

"I only return favors love." I said with a giggle.

She sat under me, sucking on my lips and grinding her pussy into mine as she held me tightly. After she came once more, she washed me and we finally stepped out of the shower.

"Hannah Banana, you are fucking incredible."

"I get that a lot." I said with a closed-eye smile.

"Ughh, give a bitch one compliment and she suddenly thinks she's the sexiest thing on the planet!" Sassy said in mock exasperation.

I laughed and we finally began getting ready for the masquerade party.
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