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If I Can’t Fuck Her – I’ll Fuck Him

Emma and Pete are a happily married couple, I just helped them become a little – happier.

For quite some time, I had been chatting to a very sexy lady called Emma. I found her profile on a sex contact site of all places. We got on great, despite her being a bit arsy at times, but I kind of liked that. We had exchanged numerous emails, chatted in forums and chat rooms and had, on more than occasion, sexed each other up to the point of telling each other what we would do to them if we could. It would never happen though because Emma was married, and for the record, Emma was not the cheating type. I liked her even more because of that and felt a kind of safeness when chatting to her. We would often discuss anything and everything without ever having to worry about carrying it through. She was, if anything, my confidante.

I knew that her husband Pete was also on the site. They had profiles in her name, his name and as a couple, all of them looking for bi-sexual females. So what chance did a bloke have? Especially an older man at that.

Without telling Emma anything, I started to chat to Pete. As it happened, we got on great as well and I soon found out that despite his profile saying he was straight, he eluded to wondering what it would be like to have his cock sucked by another man. I suppose my profile did hint that I had done that thing before and hence I was straight in there, seducing him as much as I could, egging him on. But being the honest bloke that I am, I came clean and told him all about my chats with Emma. Rather than be put off he seemed to be all the more wicked for knowing about the two of us.

It was a few weeks later that we hatched a plan. I was to stay with them overnight, as a pretend work colleague of his, and then we would see how things would progress.

I arrived on the Friday night. Fortunately, the only part of me that Emma had seen pictures of was my body and cock, so she was none the wiser as to who I was, or why I was there. I never got around to exchanging facial pictures, I don’t know why, and I didn’t have any identifying marks on my body. They had cooked a lovely and homely meal and we ate, chatted and drank wine until it was time for bed. I had swotted up on the work Pete did just in case any questions came my way but fortunately I knew a little about his work anyway. The conversation did get a little horny, and I got a few concerned looks from Emma when I seemed to second guess a lot of her sexual kinks starting with the ‘I bet you like…’ throwaway comments.

That night, I heard them fuck, and it made me all the more horny to hear her groan and grind herself on her husband’s cock; despite her attempts at keeping the sound down. She used to tell me how rampant they were but it was nice to hear them. I’m sure Pete did it deliberately so that I could hear them. I pulled my cock out and started to masturbate. I tried my best to hold back but I came all over my hand and stomach as she came over her husband’s cock.

At six thirty in the morning I could hear the bed squeak next door and knew they were at it again. Then the squeaking stopped and Pete’s head popped around my door. He nodded for me to follow him, but my eyes were locked on his cock which looked absolutely gorgeous in its semi-erect state. My heart rate increased as I became excited about getting my mouth around it. I watched Pete, sidle back into bed and mould his body into Emma’s; pushing his hard-on into her bottom and cupping her breast in his hand.

“I’ve brought Matt to join us,” he whispered in her ear.

Emma turned with a start and looked at me standing there with a hard-on and a smile on my face. Then she looked into Pete’s eyes and smiled; a concerned, questioning look spread across her face. Maybe she thought she was getting me too, or even better, both of us at the same time. I know that it was a scenario that was on her mind even though they were into threesomes with two women.

Pete sidled down the bed a bit as I crawled onto it. Emma twisted herself around and raised herself off the bed; half sitting next to Pete. You could tell that she didn’t know what to do, how to behave. Two men in one bed was a bit like having a box full of your favourite chocolates on Christmas day.

Emma smiled at me.

My actions helped her indecision. I gathered up Pete’s cock in my hand and watched it twitch violently at my touch. Emma stared at me, her mouth open, not comprehending at first. Her gaze followed my hand up and down her husband’s cock, before she turned to look into Pete’s eyes. Her mouth seemed to open and close in unison to my strokes. I knew what thoughts must have been going through her mind. ‘A man touching my husband’s cock, what the fuck!

Pete avoided Emma’s gaze. He was stroking her waist and bum with one hand but I could tell that he wanted to get his hands on her lovely breasts. I watched the dynamics between the two of them with interest. I could tell that Emma was still perplexed with the current situation, but she said nothing.

I rounded his crown with the palm of my hand and then stroked his cock some more. Pre-cum pooled out of its hiding place. Emma made a move towards it but I beat her to it. My tongue extended and I descended to lick the fluid from his slit. I pursed my lips over his cock and gave it a good suck. The warmth of his cock spread through my mouth. The silkiness massaged my tongue and his sweet nectar slipped down my throat.

I looked up at Emma. “Why don’t you sit on his face,” I suggested.

“Yeah, why don’t I do that,” she replied, amused at the suggestion. Emma spun around and placed a leg either side of Pete’s body. I could tell that she wanted to be in control – of both of us. I could sense that it was strange for her to be told what to do by a complete stranger. Pete’s hands cupped her beautiful round arse as he pulled her towards him. Emma moaned loudly as his tongue contacted her moist cunt. Her body was twisted because her head turned almost fully around as she watched my mouth swallow her husband’s cock.

I sucked him all the way in, as far as he would go. I heard Emma gasp. I then raised my head and started to pound my hand up and down his cock, but in slow motion. I started to lick all the way down to his balls, pulling one and then the other into my mouth and suckling on them. It was heaven for me and I hoped Pete was getting the biggest kick out of it that he could but I hoped that Emma was getting an even bigger one.

Emma finally turned back to Pete and let him gain full access to her cunt and clit. In fact I detected a slight rampant groan coming from her mouth.

“Lick it you bastard!” She growled through clench teeth, before lowering her hand and pulling his head up to meet her short-sharp thrusts along his extended tongue while all the time I was stroking Pete’s cock, pulling on it and licking his balls.

Emma’s cries drove me on, and the sound of her building orgasm made me want to bring Pete off quicker than I had wanted to. I slipped my mouth over his cock and sucked on his bulbous head.

The warmth of cock as it slips into your mouth is the most wonderful feeling, followed by the silkiness and then the way it slips down so easily; too easily it would seem, as I gagged a little before I pulled my head up. I sucked on the top of his cock to give more room for stroking his length. Every stroke was deliberate, slow and enticing, or so I hoped.

I left his cock momentarily to watch Emma. She was definitely on the brink of her orgasm with Pete’s oral efforts. Every now and then her stomach would clench and her bum wiggle as she cleverly directed his tongue to the parts it needed to go. Her hands cupped the back of his neck as she pulled his face gently upwards and I could see his hands extending vertically to cup her breasts. I wondered if he was tweaking her nipples; she had always told me she loved having her nipples pinched while in the throes of orgasm. I could see that she was rocking her body to and fro over his mouth. I can only guess at the sensations she was experiencing as her clit rubbed over his tongue. One of his hands came down onto the back of her arse to stop her from rocking and I knew then that Pete’s tongue was heading for her clit. If, what Emma had told me was right, she was going to explode and flood him.

I wanted the male equivalent of that flood in me.

I sucked on the head of Pete’s cock with a constant rhythm. My hand stroked him slowly but consistently; a small amount of loose skin pooled against my lips on the upwards stroke and I followed it down with my mouth pushing his cock about half way in before repeating the whole motion. At the top of my stoke I sucked hard with my mouth and occasionally flicked my tongue over his slit. I could feel and taste more and more pre-cum on every stroke and I had hoped that I had done enough to make him explode into my mouth and down my throat.

I don’t know what Pete was feeling. Satisfied perhaps, about to explode, in heaven, all of the above. I knew, for sure, that I wanted him to explode.

Emma let out a loud shriek. It wasn’t expected. I knew she was coming because the bed shook as she ground her pussy forcefully into Pete’s face.

I dared not watch her orgasm in full technicolour not while Pete seemed to be so close. I stepped up the sucking and stroking of his cock. I started to sink my mouth all the way down when my hand reached the base of his cock and I bobbed on it a few times. The tell-tale signs of Pete’s bucking hips told me he was close, and I had been looking forward to his spunk for a while.

I moaned onto his cock as it invaded my mouth and throat, before repeating the motion over and over. I could hear Pete moan into Emma’s pussy and knew that the moment had come. Literally.

I sucked a little faster, pulled a little faster; urging him on with my moans and groans. With every moan from Pete, I also moaned as well. I wanted this. I wanted his spunk to flood me.

I was almost coming for him. I know that my cock hurt with the hardness and I was tempted to pull on it, but it would have changed the whole dynamics. I stayed where I was, mouth on the top of Pete’s cock, hand stroking it furiously. Waiting. Wanting. Needing. Any minute now, I thought.

His cock stiffened.

The salty silkiness of his white fluid shot into my mouth. I swallowed. Pete grunted into Emma’s cunt. His cock stiffened. The second jet also filled my mouth; I savoured this one before swallowing. Pete grunted again, although a little quieter this time. By the time the third ejaculate left his cock I had removed my mouth, tilted my head back and pulled on his cock hard to get it to spunk over my face.

I moaned out loud when it happened. At the top of my stroke his fluid jetted over my bearded skin. My tongue instantly extended; as tongues do.

As I let his remaining spunk flow onto my face, I saw Emma gasping for breath; one hand on the bedframe and the other still behind Pete’s neck, holding him close and struggling to look over her shoulder at me, in awe. I heard Pete’s moans and groans interspersed with lapping sounds. He was still sucking her pussy, while I, I felt all of his gorgeous spunk slide down my throat and cover my face. But the most exhilarating sight was that of Emma watching me do it and not knowing who I was.

I replaced my mouth back on his cock and started to suck on it. Pete flinched as the tenderness had now become a little too much, but I wanted it all, every last drop. I let my mouth sink down over the length of his cock and I sucked gently on it while stroking his balls with one hand.

It wasn’t until Emma had removed herself from Pete’s clutches that I noticed how wet the pillow cases were. She knelt on the bed next to Pete and I extricated myself from the dying embers of his softening cock and also knelt on the bed close to her.

My face must have been a picture. I extended my tongue covered with ropes of cum over it. Emma made a quick move in my direction and sucked my tongue into her mouth. Nothing remained but I fed her a few more lingering threads of white fluid before pulling away from her.

Pete finally pulled himself up from the bed and onto the sodden pillow. He looked at me first, then at Emma.

Pete and I never did discuss what would happen afterwards.  So, before the situation got awkward, I started to make my excuses and told them both that I needed a shower and get ready to go. I had been in the marital bed about half an hour at most but it was the most wonderful thirty minutes that I had spent in their house. I was not about to make the mistake that I could fuck Emma or get my cock sucked in return. It was better to take the exit and leave.

I headed for the shower, stopping off in my room to pick up a towel; but not before telling them what a wonderful time I had and how much I had enjoyed it. I would have to leave Pete to tell Emma how he let his work colleague suck him off and what that would mean for the both of them moving forward.

I was drying myself in the shower when Emma screeched out loud.

“He’s who? You’re fucking kidding me!” Quickly followed by. “You bastard! Why didn’t you tell me, you bastard!”

I heard a commotion in the bedroom, the sounds of hands thumping against someone’s chest. I could only imagine what Pete had told Emma.

Emma startled me when she appeared in the doorway to the bathroom. “Matt? The Matt?” she asked.

I smiled and nodded. I cocked my head to one side as if to say sorry. Sorry for deceiving her, but it was inconsistent with the grin on my face.

She pulled me close to her and we shared a long and lingering hug; one that was to cause my cock to extend significantly and bump into her stomach.

“My arse, tits and pussy needs you,” she said. “Can you stay…One more day?”

“I guess I can, work was never on the cards anyway.”

This time I got an even bigger hug before she pulled away. A twisted smile appeared on her face as her hand dropped down onto my cock. Without warning, Pete’s hands came up on her breasts from behind.

Emma turned suddenly. “You’re in the dog house, matey,” she said.

Pete recoiled, hands up, palms forward, before getting hit a second time. I smiled at the smirk on his face. We both knew that Emma would get over his misplaced judgement soon enough.

Emma turned to face Pete and while holding my cock in her hand started to walk around Pete and out of the bathroom.

“Shame to get it dirty so soon. But…needs must,” she announced.

Emma marched me into the bedroom, cock in tow. But, that’s another story altogether.

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