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Impromptu Party

Carrie explores her boundaries to find they don't exist.
Invited to a casual party at her boss Shelly's home she unwinds with friends and coworkers. Carrie attends alone, her husband gone for a week working in another city for his company. She hopes to bump into Rick here, otherwise she'll call it an early evening.

Wearing a loose blouse and shorts, Carrie mingles through the crowds doing a little chit chatting amongst everyone. Shelly being the gracious host presents Carrie with a drink. 

"You have to try this one Carrie, it's so smooth it will be gone before you know it," Carrie tentatively takes a sip sampling the drink. "God, she's right this is damn good," she thought to herself. 

"You're right Shelly, this is a nice tropical treat, what's it called?" Carrie ponders some unique names when Shelly tells her it has no name yet, she's still working on it. Since the invention of this drink and it's success, she only offers it to women she wishes to bed.

Shelly made sure that Carrie's glass was always full while making her rounds as a gracious host. By the time Rick arrives, Carrie has a serious buzz from the alcohol. Walking off to the side meeting Rick they make formal greetings like coworkers in case anybody is watching.

"Hello Carrie, you're looking splendid today. I didn't see your husband in the crowd, is he sick or something?" Rick looks inquisitively at her.

"No, he's on a business trip again, the company seems to demand more of his time lately. I just have no idea what I'm going to do to pass the time if this keeps up."

Carrie looks directly at Rick's bulge, then slowly looking up at his chiseled torso up to his ebony face and then up to his eyes making it very clear what she wants.

"Not to change the subject, but I need to use the bathroom, It was a long drive. Do you know where it's at?"

Rick follows Carrie's lead towards the house. Upon entering the cold air causes her nipples to harden, and it doesn't go unnoticed by Rick. Looking both directions seeing the coast is clear, Rick steps close to Carrie, groping her breasts while kissing her with such lust she gets wet almost immediately. Breaking the kiss, Rick steps into the bathroom, telling her it may be a while.

Carrie absentmindedly walks to the back room and stares out the window admiring the country view, she feels her hair being swept to the side, soft lips kissing and sucking the back of her neck, causing her to moan out loud. Carrie tilts her head down giving total access. She doesn't remember Rick ever hitting this spot before. She feels two hands reach around and grasp her breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples through the thin blouse. Carrie opens her eyes and notices the hands were white and feminine. Shocked, Carrie turns to see her boss Shelly standing so close to her. Her eyes betraying her lustful desires.

"I have wanted you for so long, and when I seen you giving Rick that luscious blow job at work....." Shelly stopped her statement allowing it to sink in with Carrie.

Carrie being dumbstruck and shocked at the thought of somebody else catching her and Rick let alone on company property caused quite a stir within Carrie. She couldn't bear the thought of getting fired or the humiliation of why.

Shelly not wasting any more time talking, steps close to Carrie, grasping her breasts, lightly grazing her nipples as she kisses her on the lips. Carrie's eyes open wide in surprise feeling such soft sensual lips on hers. Shelly's tongue probes Carrie's lips, parting them in search of Carrie's. Taken back by the sensuality of the kiss and who was giving it, Carrie moans into Shelly's mouth as their bodies touch intimately.

Shelly is surprised at Carrie's submissiveness as her hands roam over Carrie's body, sliding down her back, one hand grasps her tight ass the other caressing her pussy through her shorts. Sensing Carrie's quickened breath, Shelly smiles inwardly knowing that she will enjoy what her best friend has to offer tonight.

Breaking the kiss, Shelly steps back, reaches up and cradles Carries face in her hands.

"I want you to spend the night and share my bed with me," Shelly looks at her lustfully waiting for a response.

Carrie stammers not sure of what she should do, feeling this is taboo, yet realizing so was servicing Rick so many times. In almost a whisper Carrie replies.

"I ... um ... we ..., I would like that too," Carrie giving in to her secret desires. Shelly smiles deliciously at her and says that they should get back to the party.

Carrie walks back outside to the party in a stupor, her mind swimming with so many thoughts. Looking around she doesn't find Rick among the gathering. Sitting down on a bench, she joins a heated debate about work. As the party comes to an end and the guests leave, she notices Rick's car was still parked off to the side.

Shelly went about searching for Rick. Finding him admiring the home inside, she suggests that he should also check out the lower level as well and leads him down the carpeted stairway to the basement.

After seeing the big screen tv and the sectional couch, a mini bar tucked in the corner, Rick was mildly impressed. A very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Shelly leads Rick to the last room, a digital lock on the door. Turning towards Rick she mentions that this is her 'escape room'. Entering her 6 digit code the heavy door swings inward. With light flowing into the darkened room Rick follows Shelly curiously. As the door closes with a distinct 'thunk' sound, soft lights come on in the room.

In her search for Rick, Carrie enters the house and checking rooms. Not finding him, she was about to give up when she thought she heard muffled voices from somewhere down below. Walking down the stairs she admires the large room while noticing 2 rooms off to the side. One has a digital lock on the door, the other connected to it looked like an office. Walking into the office finding it empty. As she turned to leave, she noticed the large couch facing a curtained wall. Curiously she peeked inside the curtain.

Shelly confronted Rick about the warehouse office blow-job, the video she has of it and how delicious his cock looked while Carrie sucked on it hungrily. Rick was taken back by everything she told him. Only for a moment Rick feared for his job, then he realized that Shelly used the words 'delicious and hungrily'.

Carrie watches as Rick sees an opportunity and pushes Shelly down to her knees. Unbuckling his pants Shelly watches in anticipation. Reaching his in shorts, Rick pulls out his massive cock presenting it to Shelly.

Shelly looked at the cock hanging down right in front of her face when he lifts it and pulls her face towards his cock. Shelly was getting nervous about the size of it and it wasn't even hard yet. She hoped she didn't get herself into something she couldn't handle.

Carrie was shocked and angry at first but quickly remembered that she had no ties to Rick other than sexual. A thrill shot through her watching Rick dominate her boss. She personally knew the damage that cock can do and secretly hoped he would work her over hard.

Rick's cock twitched, growing in size as Shelly feebly tried to suck on it. Becoming more forceful, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth he glances at the swing off to the side. Lifting Shelly to her feet he leads her to it, strips her of her clothing and helps her into the swing. Rick quickly attaches her wrists to each lead, and straps her legs in as well. For a divorced woman, she really keeps herself fit and judging by all the toys in this room Rick can see how.

Rick proceeds to run his hands over her body, stopping at her breasts. Kneading each breast, he views her cleanly shaven pussy, admiring the pouty lips and light traces of fluid leaking from it. Leaving one hand on a breast he rolls the nipple between this fingers, eliciting a moan from Shelly while his other hand slides across her flat stomach and stopping over her pussy.

Carrie closes the office door and opens the curtains fully. Noticing the video camera on a tripod, she turns it on to record the show. Spotting a mini fridge off to the side, full of soft drinks and bottled beer, she decides on a local brand. Settling back into the couch she takes a long pull off the beer and watches the scene unfold.

Rick manipulates Shelly's lips, his fingers lightly caressing her clit, his fingers becoming lubricated with her juices. He brings his coated fingers to her lips and watches her suck them clean. Leaning down bringing his face inches from hers he looks into her lustful eyes then kisses her. Accepting his tongue, her's dances with his. Moving into position between her legs, his cock head slides across her lips gathering juices. Stopping at her entrance he slowly adds pressure feeling it start to enter. Breaking the kiss, Rick's face pulls away to watch her eyes widen the deeper he goes.

Working into her for several minutes using short deliberate strokes, Rick plunges the last couple inches burying into her completely. Shelly cries out loud, the sheer size of his cock buried deep inside her, the head bumping against her cervix. Shelly has never experienced such erotic feelings before with any man until now. Mumbling incoherently as he sawed that monster back and forth inside her, she felt her arms released from the leads. Wrapping her arms around his ebony torso, she pulls him against her holding him tightly.

Carrie chuckles at Shelly's demise, knowing first hand the feelings she's experiencing. Carrie never realized how erotic it looked until she seen his black body covering her boss. As she watched them fucking, her hand crept into her shorts and she slowly masturbated as the show continued.

Rick brought Shelly to several orgasms, the last being the loudest. Her body shuddered as he hammered his cock into her. His balls slapped against her ass one last time before he moans into her ear that he's cumming. His cock expanding as each spurt enters her womb. Shelly's eyes widen as she realizes he isn't using protection. He flexes several times filling her with his seed.

After withdrawing his cock, he helps Shelly out of the swing. Seed dribbles out of her well used pussy, running down the inside of her thighs. Rick cannot get over how erotic it looks to see his seed seeping from her.

Shelly squats down, grasps Rick's semi hard slime coated cock and starts to lick it clean as her hand strokes the length. Savoring every inch of his manhood, she sucks him deeply into her mouth. Rick gently pulls her head against him, his cock going down her throat. Groaning loudly, Rick withdraws.

"When can we get together again and continue our quest of lust?" Rick inquires.

"I'll let you know in a couple days. I need to rework my schedule to get some time off. You should do the same," Shelly looks seductively at Rick's body.

Carrie rubbed herself to orgasm just watching them. Realizing the show was over, Carrie quickly copies the video to a portable flash drive, shuts off the camera and straightens the room. Quietly exiting and going back up stairs to wait she takes a walk along the property enjoying the view while they were busy getting presentable.

As Shelly walks Rick through the house towards the door, she spots Carrie walking out in back. At the door Rick turns towards Shelly, when she suddenly pulls his body to hers and kisses him with such ferocity it catches him off-guard. Breaking the kiss, she pats his bulge and says 'Soon'.

As Rick drives away, Shelly pours a couple more of her special drinks and walks out to visit with Carrie. Carrie inquired where did she and Rick disappear to, smirking.

"I had talked to Rick downstairs in my office to discuss some upcoming changes and wanted his input. We got so involved we lost track of the time. Sorry Carrie, it wasn't my intention to ignore you.."

Carrie knew firsthand what really transpired downstairs, but chose to keep quiet for now. Part of her felt jealousy, yet she was turned on from witnessing the debauchery.

Taking Carrie's empty glass, sets it down by a tree then holds her hands. Walking intimately close, they continue to chat.

"Why did you choose to stay with me tonight Carrie? I know by your reaction, this isn't something normal for you," Shelly stares out in the distance not looking Carrie in the eyes.

"I'm not sure really. To be honest, I think you're an attractive woman, and I've always wondered what a woman's touch would feel like. I never had the courage to explore this before. And with my husband out of town, this seemed to be an opportunity to find out," Carrie stops and turns towards Shelly, both looking intently at each other.

A hand reaches to caress the side of Carrie's face, while looking into her eyes. As their lips meet, Carrie wraps her arms around Shelly, in a snug embrace while enjoying the soft, passionate kiss that seemed to be never ending. Breaking the kiss Carrie's nervousness surfaces.

"Relax, it's two close friends enjoying each other's company. There is no performance standard to live up to, just a time we can spend together exploring," Shelly whispers softly.

Walking back to the house, Shelly says she'll clean up from the party tomorrow. For now, her only concern was getting between Carrie's legs.

Leading the way through the house they walk directly into the master bedroom. Shelly turns to Carrie and tells her she really needs a shower badly. Reaching in, she adjusts the temperature and lets the water flow.

"Would you join me in the shower? There is plenty of room for two."

Releasing Carrie's hand, she starts to undress in front of her. Fully disrobed, she can see Carrie's hesitation and starts to help her out of her clothing.

With Carrie stripped naked, Shelly admires her pert breasts jutting out, a small pouch stomach, nicely rounded ass and shapely legs making her look so sexy. Taking her hand, she leads Carrie into the shower stall. With 2 shower heads flowing, pulsing lightly the two women enjoy the sensations.

Shelly takes down her bottle of body wash and squirts some into her hand. Spreading it across Carrie's body, across her breasts, stopping to cup each while her thumbs brush each nipple. Seeing Carrie shudder as her nipples beg for more, pulls her closer, breasts rubbing against breasts. Shelly looks into her best friend's eyes with intensity.

"I've wanted you for so long Carrie. I am getting very wet in anticipation just holding your body close to mine. You're such a great friend and tonight my lover as well." Carrie looks into Shelly's eyes, her tension melts as she feels hands roaming her body. Wrapping her arms around Shelly, Carrie tilts her head as her lips cover her best friend's.

Shelly moans as she feels a tongue probing, searching. Feeling Carrie's hands roam freely as their tongues are entwined, all pretenses are gone. Shelly can't stand it any longer and breaks away and rinses off in record time. Assisting her lover, they step out of the shower under the glow of heat lamps. Toweling each other off, they are soon dry.

Taking Carrie's hand, Shelly leads to her bed. Never before has Shelly entertained anyone in it, all previous sexual activities have taken place in the locked room down in the basement. As they stop before the king sized bed, Shelly turns down the covers, and turns on a small lamp beside the bed. Carrie slides beneath the covers as Shelly joins her.

Sharing a long sensual kiss, Shelly's hands roam freely over Carrie's body. Carrie slowly drapes an arm across Shelly's torso. Breaking the kiss Shelly whispers her thoughts.

"You are such a beautiful woman, so sexy..... sultry. I long for your touch and to feel your body next to mine.I want to cum from your touch."

Leaning in they resume their passionate exchange, tongues sliding deeply against each others. Carrie's hands slowly roam across her partner, touching her as she desires to be touched. Gentle yet persistent, exploring every region leaving nothing untouched.

Feeling Shelly's hand caressing her mound, she parts her legs offering herself openly. Shelly's fingers slowly slide between the delicate folds eliciting a muffled moan from Carrie. Rubbing deeply, sliding the middle finger between the folds, entering inside, shortly followed by another finger. Shelly continues her ministrations as she takes Carrie's nipple in her mouth. Lightly flicking her tongue across the nipple, her fingers continue to work their magic on Carrie. Releasing the breast Shelly continues leaving a trail of kisses down across her torso, leading to the honeypot her fingers are buried in.

Carrie arches her back as her boss assaults her pussy with complete abandon. With Shelly's mouth clamped down on her clit, and fingers filling her, she feels a climax building like never before. Her moans turn into a scream of ecstasy as her body shudders. Shelly slowly withdraws her fingers, then bringing them to her own mouth, she savors the taste.

With her new found lover lying motionless in the center of the bed, Shelly shifts her body over Carrie and lowers her pussy to her lips. Carrie's eyes pop open when she feels weight shifting on both sides of her head. Looking directly at the pussy that was assaulted by her lover Rick, seeing remnants of his seed still seeping out she tentatively sticks her tongue out tasting it. A sudden flashback of the wonderful taste of his seed, Carrie buries her face in between her boss's legs and starts lapping away furiously.

Shelly thought it would take more than this to get her friend to try pussy, but almost launched off the bed when Carrie dove in and started attacking her pussy with such ferocity. Smiling to herself, she thought about Rick as he drove that huge slab of meat inside her. The only thing that concerned her as she was getting close to cumming, was the thought of Rick filling her with his seed. He'll have to wear protection next time, pregnancy isn't an option.

Shelly reaches down and cups Carrie's face with her hands as she pulls Carrie tighter against her sex. Starting to hump against her face, Shelly cries out, flooding Carrie's mouth with her juices. Sagging forward releasing Carrie from her deathgrip she rolls off to the side and just lies there numb.

After several minutes of silence, the two women slide under the covers and entwined themselves with each other. Intimately kissing each other before drifting off to sleep, Shelly whispers, I have a room downstairs that I'd like you to see tomorrow. Carrie smiles demurely and nods briefly. Cradling each other in their arms they drift off to sleep, each having their own fantasies playing in their minds.

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