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In the Blink of an Eye

In an instant a decision is made that changes my sexual life
I had always considerd myself as strictly heterosexual. Actually, I had never put a label on myself, as I had never thought about anything but sex with a woman, but if I had to say so, I would say hetero. I had grown up like any young boy, I discovered at a certain age that girls sparked my interest. I would see an attractive girl and would feel a stirring in my loins.
My friend Jimmy and I had grown up together and both had discovered women around the same time. We would sneek playboy and penthouse magazines into our room and look at them together, commenting on what we liked about the girl in the spread.

We read the stories in penthouse and got turned on and talked about how we would like to have those experiences with some girl ourselves. Being close, we had admitted to each other that we masturbated, but had never done it front of each other or anything like that. When we started dating girls, being best friends, we tended to tell each other what experiences we had. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The other day started out the same. We were hanging at the pool at my house with our girlfriends. The folks weren't home, so we were all being a little less cautious about what we were doing, as we weren't afraid of being caught in a compromising situation.

Sandy sat sideways across my lap as we made out. I had my hand between her legs and had slid a finger under her bikini bottoms and was slowly fingering her. Each time I slid my finger into her she would push her tongue in my mouth as far as she could and squeeze my already hard cock, making it even harder.

Next to us, Trish was straddling Jimmy's lap. She had her head leaning back and was moaning. Her top was off and Jimmy was sucking on her nipples.

She pushed him down onto the lounge chair and started kissing him. She started to kiss his neck and move lower, progressing towards the inevitable. He was either going to get a blowjob right here in front of us, or they were going to be headed for the house in a very short moment. Apparently it was going to be right here as she reached for his waistband and started to pull on his shorts.

Suddenly, Trish's phone rang. "Shit!" she said. "That's my Mom's ring. I gotta answer this." She hopped of Jimmy's lap, letting the waistband of his shorts snap back into place. His look of pleasure quickly became that of discomfort.
All details of the call aside, the outcome was that they had to go. "Now," she added. They kissed us goodbye, and made promises of "next time" and we were left horny as hell.

"That didn't go quite as I had hoped," said Jimmy, with a tortured look on is face. "We need to go play video games or something. I need to think about something else, if you know what I mean."

I did know. My hormones were raging too, and if I didn't focus on something else, I was gonna have to go into the bathroom and relieve myself. "Dude, tell me about it," I said in understanding. "Let's go get changed and play some Call of Duty."

We ran upstairs to my room to change. My shorts had somehow fallen off and under the bed, so I had to kneel down to get them. Meanwhile, Jimmy hadn't gotten his mind away from what just happened, or didn't happen as it were, and was complaining.

"Man, that made me so horny! The fact that she was about to do it right in front of you guys has me ready to explode!"

Now, for guys, its normal to make those types of comments to your friends. There's nothing embarrassing about admitting you're horny. However, most guys will avoid undressing in front of another guy when they have a hard on.

Being flustered a he was, Jimmy apparently hadn't thought about it, and unbeknownst to me was dropping his swim shorts right behind me. I had grabbed my shorts as he was talking and as I came up from the floor I turned to respond and found myself looking eye level at his dick.

It's funny what your mind can process in the matter of nano seconds. As soon as his dick came into my view several things went through my head. "Oh shit, his dick is right there, this could be embarrassing." The size. About six inches. How hard he was. It looked rock solid. I saw the vision from earlier. The pleasured look on his face turning to discomfort as Trish hopped off his lap. I heard his last words echoing in my head, "Has me ready to explode". I saw a drop of precum forming.

All these thoughts swirled through my mind in that short span of time as I became facing directly at his cock. Somewhere in that short span of time my mind had processed that I needed to suck my buddy off to completion, and relieve him of is pain.

I had never before thought about any sort of sexual contact with a guy, yet at this moment I knew that I needed to be, even wanted to be, the person to give him release. I knew that I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. I suddenly needed to taste his cum. Without thinking I continued my momentum forward, opening my mouth and taking his cock in it.

The feeling was electric. As his cock slid in my mouth for the first time, I felt the hardness of it, I felt every thick vein along its length. The smoothness of the skin. The taste was bland yet almost tangy. I felt him twitch from the sensation of my mouth on his cock. He moaned a deep guttural moan, and managed to say, "Dude, what are you doing?"

It wasn't a freaked out question, more asking me if I was sure of what I was doing. I bobbed up and down a couple of times before coming up for air and quickly replying, "Shut up," before taking him back in my mouth. There was no time for talking. If I even stopped for more than a second to think about it, I probably would have freaked out and not continued. Instead, I was engulfed by this sudden desire and was determined to see it through to completion. This wasn't a question of "should I", but more of a statement "I have to."

My lips were wrapped tightly around his member as I frantically bobbed up and down, feeling his tension growing quickly. His cock was getting larger in my mouth and I could tell he was about to let loose.

"Dude, you're gonna make me cum," he warned. I didn't stop. I didn't slow down. "Dude! Dude, I'm gonna.., Oh, I'm cumming!"

His cock began to swell and I felt him suddenly let go. His cum splashed out into my mouth. His dick swelled again and another blast came out. I kept bobbing up and down, feeling his dick swell over and over again. I tasted his come, and began to swallow as he filled my mouth with his semen. The taste was electrifying. I greedily swallowed it all and continued to suck him until he pulled away from me and fell down on the chair behind him.

He was sweating, and shaking a bit. "Wow!" he said. "That was.. I mean.. Holy shit Dude, what made you do that?"

"I...I.. Ihonestly don't know, man," I replied. "I turned and saw your dick in my face, and something in my head said to suck it. I mean, I didn't plan to do that. I never even thought about it before, and yet I just, you know."

"Oh my fuckin god!" he exclaimed. "I never thought I would get a blowjob from a guy either, but that was awesome. What was it like? What did it feel like in your mouth? Did you like swallowing it? Would I like it?" He started firing questions at me.

"It was cool. I guess it felt good in my mouth. Hard to describe, this being the first time I've ever done that before. I guess I didn't mind swallowing either. It didn't taste bad," I answered. "As far as if you would like it, I can't answer for you. Why, are you thinking of trying it?

"Hell yea!" he said. "I mean, that's if you're cool with that and all."

I answered by dropping my suit to the floor, stepping forward and offering him my dick. He looked at it for a second, reached up and wrapped his hand around it, pulled the skin down and took me in his mouth.

He had me about halfway in his mouth and paused to take in the feel of my cock. I could feel him exploring it with his tongue for a few seconds, and then obviously satisfied, began to move up and down. He sucked my cock now with the same abandon that I had shown while sucking him. The sheer excitement, lust and desire of the moment was driving him to bring me to completion. To taste my cum. To understand what the other side feels like.

It was not long before he found out. I also hadn't come and was all fired up now from giving my first blowjob, so that it took only a couple of minutes and I could feel my balls tightening. Jimmy could feel my cock growing too, because he tightened his lips around my cock and began to bob even faster. I didn't even warn him I was about to come and let loose.

I came furiously for what seemed like forever, loading his mouth up with my come. He took as much of my dick in his mouth as he could and held it there while he swallowed. As he swallowed, I kept replacing it until I couldn't cum anymore. Jimmy sucked me until I went soft and then took his mouth off me.

"How was that? Was that good?" he asked.

"Fucking great," I said. "What about you? Did you enjoy it?"

"Did I? I don't know about you, but I would definitely do that again, if you ever wanted to," he said.

"Cool," I Said. " 'Cause your dick looks like it's ready to be sucked again, and I want to suck you some more too. You wanna try a 69?"

I backed over to the bed and lay down. "Come on," I urged. he followed over and lay down beside me in the 69 position. I immediately took his cock in my mouth and felt him do the same to me. My pace wasn't as frantic last time nor was his, but the desire was the same. It took longer than last time, but soon enough we were both on the edge.

I tried and succeeded in deepthroating him, and that pushed him over the edge. The feeling of his cock once again pulsing in my mouth was enough for me and I unloaded into his mouth. We continued until each other had gone soft and then rolled on our backs.

As we lay there recovering from our orgasms, we both agreed that we would happily have this type of experience again real soon. Who knows, we might even be able to get our girls to join in as well.

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