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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental.
 Copyright © UnXpected, 2010

“Babe, are you ready?”

I fluff the height of my hair, with my fingers, at the top and back of my head. Then run my brush across the short faded sides, before standing to straighten out my silk navy blue shirtdress. Andre’ peeks his head in the doorway,

“Come on, we’re going to be late.”

Holding my hands out to my sides:

“How do I look?”

A smile spreads across his lips:

“Gorgeous, as always.”

He watches as I walk over to my dresser. I place my favorite perfume at my “hot spots”, then spritz into the air as I walk thorough, letting the droplets fall into me. I step into my pointy, 5 inch matching navy heels, and grab my clutch off of the bed as we walk out of the bedroom door.

When we reach restaurant, it’s decorated for Christmas. It’s quite warm out tonight, since we are in Florida. Most of Andre’s acquaintances have gathered at the outdoor bar. We make our way over to them. After the greetings, our drinks are ordered, at the company’s expense, and we fall into groups as we wait for the reserved tables to be put together.

Andre’ is a broker, so every Holiday event is housed at a different venue each year. He, most of the time, works on his own, so when the parties are announced, we usually never miss them.

As the guys catch up, the wives and girlfriends make idle chit chat. I try to fall in with them, but it seems so fake. I stand and smile for a minute or so, then make my way over to the bar to, as I told them, “Freshen my drink”.

At the bar, I order another drink, and take a seat, to finish off the one I held. While sitting there, between glancing at the mounted television, and watching the bartender, my eye catches a tall, beautiful Spanish brunette as she came into the establishment. I’m not in any way a lesbian, or a jealous person. I give credit where credit is due. She is BEAUTIFUL, and there was no way in denying that. As I sat, mesmerized, Andre at some point, had joined me at my side,

“Babe, our tables are ready.”

Apparently I didn’t respond to his first announcement. He pokes at me,

“Babe. You alright?”


His eyes follow mine.

“Wow, she’s beautiful.”

“Yeah.” I respond.

“Here is your drink.” The bartender interrupts, bringing us back to reality.

Andre helps me from my seat, and takes my drink from the bar’s counter,

“Put it on the office tab.” He instructs as he led the way to our table.

The festivities have begun, appetizers, and meals ordered, wine, bread. Everything is in full swing. Laughter accompanies each brokers story of situations they have found and gotten themselves out of over the past year.

After finishing most of my meal, I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. Once inside I stop at the mirror, to check out my face. I wasn’t in much of a rush to get back, and the ladies room was “equipped” to be sort of a lounge area. After applying more lipstick, I head over to one of the “Cleopatra lounge chairs”, placed in an adjoining room off of the bathroom, sort of a quiet area. It was quite comforting. I kick off my shoes, put my feet up for a few moments, and lie back. In the distance I hear the bathroom door open and close. From where I was I couldn’t see unless I got up who entered, so I didn’t bother to open my eyes, it was so relaxing in here.

“Oh excuse me.”

Opening my eyes, the Spanish chick is standing in the doorway.

“It’s ok.”

“I just had to get away for a bit.” She explains.

“No explanation needed.”

“I’m Karmen, do you mind if I join you?” she asks.

I answer, as I close my eyes:

“I’m India, be my guest.”

I was unaware of what she meant. It became clearly apparent when the cushion I am sitting on depress' from her weight, as she sits down next to me. Opening my eyes, I come face to face with her hazel eyes.

“I’ve been watching you since I came into the restaurant. Your beautiful.” She informs me.

Responding a little uncomfortable, but intrigued, “Thank you, you’re beautiful too.”

What happens next is inevitable. She held my cheeks and jawbone softly between her palms as she leans in, tilting her head, to kiss me. I fall into the heat of the moment kissing, licking, and sucking, back at her soft full lips, and tongue. She breathes in my breath, as I exhaled out. I do the same on my end, as we continue to kiss at each other erotically. It was like being lost in a cyclone. Nothing was going to penetrate this bond, until we were ready to break it.

Time seemed to stand still, yet move so fast. First we were kissing, next she moves down to my neck, my cleavage. This girl had some skill because next thing I realize, I am lying, still on the chaise, my shirtdress completely unbuttoned, lying wide open as she continues to move down my body, kissing and caressing as she goes. She lifts my breasts from my bra, tracing my areola with the tip of her tongue, sucking softly on each nipple, looking straight into my eyes. She put one of her hands into my panties, squeezing and encasing the fullness of my clit between her index and middle finger. I suck in my breath, taken back by how forward she is, and how much she had me under her control. She comes back up to me, bringing her free arm around my neck, drawing me back into a kiss, while she continues to fondle my clit between her fingers, cupping her fingertips in and out of my canal. Pumping, moving her fingers and hand seductively, slowly, as she meticulously brings me to a frenetic climax. She breaks the hold she has on my lips, pulls her fingers from my panties, my clit. She holds my eyes with hers, as I watch her place her two fingers into her mouth. Her tongue occupies the area where my clit had been minutes before as she sucks my juices that had gathered there, before pulling them from her mouth. Standing up, she straddles me on the chaise, lifting her skirt.

“Taste me!” she orders.

“I don’t know how.” I utter, “I’m not a lesbian, or bisexual.”

“I’ll teach you.” She whispers.

Nervous, but wanting to comply, she shimmies over my head. Her skirt makes a hidden cover around my face. She lowers her snatch to my mouth. I have no other choice but to open, and take her in. She was sweet, as if sucking on a soft papaya. At first I cautiously lick at her. Soon she starts to gyrate into my mouth, faster and faster, as she instructed me from up above. I didn’t know she was climaxing until I start to taste her sweet, sticky, nectar dripping down from her canal. I couldn’t stop sucking at her, until she forcefully pushes my head down, and off of her.

“Slow down baby” she coo’s

Still straddling me, she backs down from my head, moving down to my pussy. She helps me out of my panties, then, dives in latching her tongue into my canal. She hums into my “princess”, vibrating me, as she laps at me, stirring a deep seeded taboo from within. I break away from her.

“No, I can’t do this.” I state getting up from the chaise, re-buttoning my dress.

She sits up, retrieving my panties from where they fell on the other side of the lounge. She places the string thong in her mouth, making sure to suck at the area where my vagina rests.
I don’t speak, but just hold out my hand. Reluctantly, she hands my panties to me, as I step into them, then my shoes and exit the bathroom.

I walked out the ladies room still straightening my clothes, glancing around, trying not to look so suspicious. I usually cared less of what people thought of me, but this time was different. This wasn't anyone’s business but my own. I join Andre back at the table with his coworkers, just in time for the toast.

Meanwhile, back at the ladies room, the door opens and Karmen emerges. She glances around until her eyes find mine. She makes a special trip by our table with friends. As she passes, our eyes lock, she runs her tongue across her lips slow, and seductively. Everyone catches the display, and wonders what that was about. I take another sip from my drink trying hard to remain incognito.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © **Disclaimer** This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental. Copyright © UnXpected, 2011

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