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It started as a joke

It started as a joke

She said she had fucked a bigger cock than...

It started off as a joke, one of those throw away comments after receiving a Text Messenger Video.

The image of all those cocks swinging from side to side obviously triggered a spark inside her head, as the team of twenty guys ran around a track beside a large field. The size and lengths of their cocks was impressive, especially when the camera zoomed in for a close up of the main group and showed their long and thick cock shafts bouncing off one thigh across to the other, with each stride.

A comment was dropped that she had seen one or two cocks that big before.

Say it was a coincidence, but another picture message came in on her phone not long after, with a video of the same fifteen to twenty well hung guys running around another park, and with extra footage spent on many close up shots the length of some of those cocks was undeniably in the super cock category. Well maybe some of those Negro cocks would put these to shame, but there are not many of those big meat packs living around these parts, that I know of.

Any guy could understand why the sight of all these supper cocks might trigger some moisture in any female observer’s groins. I could see these guys were well past my length and girth… I was unable to compete!

I was sure she was thinking out loud about two of her previous male friends’ who she had also given some close up cock evaluations in the spa when she said. “Reo’s cock would probably hang as long as any of those cocks on those twenty guys running in the raw around that park.”

“He’s got one of the biggest cocks I have played with … in fact, one of the biggest that I have ever fucked, and Jims’ on the other hand was equally as long but much thicker, even thicker than any of these I reckon” she said, as she watched the video again, pausing it on a close up shot of three of the bigger hunks of prime meat.

And from there, over time, there were small subtle comments – that were not meant or taken as a dig – and Reo’s cock was always a comparison tool, not that she would admit it. I did begin to wonder how much bigger his cock was compared to mine. I was beginning to think Teo’s cock was extra ordinary!

It was strange how Jim’s cock was never mentioned or used as a comparison – maybe she did not enjoy the thicker girth of her well hung friend’s cock, or maybe she thought it would upset me knowing that I was not in their league of well hung cocks and that to keep bring it up would get me upset or moody.

She had commented that one day when they were in the spa quite a few years earlier, not long after they had met, they were relaxing seated across from each other, drinking beer and chatting when she had told Reo it was his turn to get another beer. Jane handed him her empty bottle and he stood up to step out of the spa and get another couple of beers’. As he did his bathing trunks – he was dressed commando in his summer shorts, which he had unbuttoned, slipped down to his knees leaving his large hunk of meat swinging, more than half pumped, in front of her face.


From the odd comment, over time, I was of the impression that the beer refill was delayed as that large piece of meat was encouraged to expand to its maximium size by being cock sucked and swallowed deep until he pumped his loads of jizzm down her throat, and from there on they fucked like rattle snakes, after their session in the Spa that evening.

She said it was the alcohol that lowered her guard and got her turned on when she first saw the size of his Donga bulging under his swimmers. Unable to take her hands off his cock and balls when they swung out in the open, in the front of her face, she cock sucked him right then and there in the Spa. She had said it was so big that there was no way she could get more than half of it in her mouth. She said that after he had face fucked her, he picked her up off the bench seat, ripped her bathing shorts and knickers off her body, turned her over and pushed his still hard cock deep into her wet, wet cunt, doggy style, in one thrust and fucked her until she screamed for release, almost collapsing, in a state of orgasmic pleasure.

This episode was never repeated, I was told, but as the friendship has been maintained I often wonder if maybe one or many repeats had been encouraged, encountered, thought about or actuated. My gut feeling told me they had rutted many a time!

For years she had kept her relationship with Reo separate from ours, and would go and spend a few hours or half a day with him if I was out of town or committed on one of my projects or volunteer rosters, but she insisted that there was never any sexual action during these visits.

Admittedly there was some animosity between us guys, as she played us off against each other, but since a few years have passed the water under the bridge has calmed to the point where Reo was invited to bring his two dogs over for a few weeks of babysitting (He had rung up and asked if Jane could help him out). Reo arrived and peace was maintained between our selves without any negative remarks, suggestions, apologies or expectations. The dogs’ came and went and any other contact or communications was kept low key …. I guess she evaluated that ‘What he does not know will not hurt him’ scenario as safest …. and she was probably correct about that.

A few weeks back, due to the exceptionally hot summer we were experiencing; I suggested that we should get the Spa operational again and use it as a summer pool – maintaining the temperature of the water to be tepid not hot.

So the next weekend I started to clean it out, thinking it would be nice to have a few relaxing evenings … and so another little chore or duty for me was created.

We eventually got the Spa operational and coincidentally she said that she had received a call from Reo, who was asking for some help or support with a small problem. It turned out that one of his dog’s needed a temporary home as he had a FIFO job offer and needed it to be looked after whilst he was away. He had found a temporary home for his other dog, but was running out of time for finding a home for his second dog.

After she asked me if it would be ok, she called Reo back again and suggested that he bring the dog over on Saturday afternoon, which he did, arriving just before 4:00 pm and they set up an area in the back yard for his dog’s temporary kennel and sleep over.

I learnt that work had been scarce for him, and I think the dog minding was as much about giving him support, as he was down in the dumps a bit lately with things not going his way. This FIFO job was a chance for him to get back on top of things.

After an hour of moving the kennel into the back yard and making sure the dog was settled and not stressing we sat out on the Patio and had a few beers, as he told Jane about the dog’s routine and food allocation. The first two beers was followed by a third and a fourth before we had even noticed ,and so I suggested that it would be safer for Reo to stay for a bite to eat and wait for a while, as he would be over the limit to drive if he left now.


A month passed, and Reo was due back from his FIFO job, and Jane asked if I would mind if she invited Reo over for dinner, when he picked up his dog.

It did not worry me, and I just said, “If you want to, go ahead and invite him, I don’t mind”

The invitation was confirmed, and in due course, Reo arrived with a couple of bottles of rather expensive bubbly, he was obviously aware of Jane’s preferences, a small bottle of Baileys and another of the liquor “Cointreau” which I though was a little bit excessive, considering that he was trying to rebuild his bank balance and also would have to drive home.

Reo loaded his dog kennel into his Ute and then the afternoon flowed into the early evening with the dinner being a great success, Jane had excelled again, the drinks were flowing and the second bottle of bubbly was opened just before the deserts were served.

Earlier that afternoon I had been cleaning the Spa and had left one side of the cover off the Spa and this became a point of discussion, after dinner, about heat loss and water temperature variations etc.

Moving away from the table with our drinks in our hands, we moved out onto the patio and stood around the Spa, when Reo said it had been a long time since he last had had a really good spa. I let it ride, but Jane said – he was welcome to have one now if he really wanted. Reo hesitated saying, “Thanks that would be neat, but I haven’t brought my togs with me.” To which Jane surprised me by saying “It’s never worried you before, so why should it worry you now, you can swim in your boxes”

Unbeknown to me, Reo had told Jane that he was in commando dress code – No boxers.

I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback that she would be so frontal, but then that is Jane and she was within her comfort zone of friends.

We moved around the garden and checked his dog was still settled before refreshing our glasses with another round of bubbles – then after another half glass Jane suggested that if he wanted to have a Spa, he should have it soon as it was getting late.

Jane said she would give Reo a pair of my boxers if he was really interested, and I could fix the Stereo and get some more music playing, we can all get changed and have a soak. It appered that Jane was more than a little interested again. Ten minutes later, Jane had given Reo my black boxers with the weak elastic, which amused me, and with everyone changed into togs or boxers, we slid into the spa and switched on the big screen to watch a music video of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” album.

As can be expected the conversation moved towards the sexual exploits of Fleetwood Mac and how Stevie Knicks and Fleetwood got high one night and fucked each others brains out, which her then partner, also in the band was not happy about. This lead on to some of the past situations that we had been in, that were also a little crazy, somewhat erotic and sometimes momentary.

Jane reminded Reo of the last time he had stood up in the Spa and his togs slipped down to his knees leaving a hard on bouncing in the air, without going into any more detail of what happened.

The bottles of bubbly were empty, and as a refill was required, I asked what everyone wanted – Beer, Bourbon, Baileys or Cointreau, or anything else. Jane said Baileys and Reo said Cointreau, so I mixed the two – which is a really pleasant mix – and returned to the Spa with the drinks leaving the Baileys and Cointreau bottles in the beer fridge on the deck, not close enough to reach, but only a couple of steps’ away from the Spa.

The conversation flowed as did the drink, and half way through the glass Jane said to Reo, that maybe he should crash here for the night as he had definitely consumed too much alcohol to drive. I agreed with that statement, and said that after our spa we would make up the spare room, out the back, for him to crash in. We only needed to move a few boxes and back packs off the bed and he would have easy access into the room.

So with that agreed, it was Jane’s turn to make up another round of drinks, and with a few comments bounced around that she could pretend she was Stevie Knicks and she could leave her swimmers in the Spa, she got out and refilled three larger glasses from the drinks cabinet – without removing any of her swimwear.

Half an hour later and now very relaxed, Jane said, “Hey Reo” with a smirk on her face, “It’s your turn to refill the glasses. We passed our glasses across to him and then as he stood up (Too fast for the elastic) from his seat in the Spa - the boxers stayed under the water and his cock hung down his thigh and swung freely in the open air. I was sure Jane had anticipated this to happen, even planned for it, by giving Reo the Boxers with the tired elastic waist band.

Jane commented that it did not look like he had got any smaller over the years. Reo was unsure about my reaction and sat down quickly back into the spa to retrieve the boxers. I laughed and told Reo “I think you have been set up” as Jane made a ‘tut tut’ noise, with her open palm across her chest and a ‘Who Me’ expression on her face.

“Those boxers have no resistance to gravity” I said, and laughed at the situation. Come on get yourself together and refill the glasses, I had suggested and was surprised and amused that after looking across at Jan then at me, he stood up again leaving the boxers on the bottom of the Spa.

Jane looked across at me to get my reaction and see if I was angry or not. I just reached across and lay my hand on her upper thigh and said, "This is your party girl, if you are not going to say anything, I am not going to say a word."

Obviously the drinks had taken control and everyone was getting totally uninhibited in our close environment. So there was Reo standing at the bar fridge, totally naked, mixing another round before moving back to the spa to hand us our refilled glasses. Jane was facing the bar fridge and from where she was sitting she kept looking at Teo’s bum cheeks and catching an odd glimpse of his balls sack and sizeable cock, whilst at the same time she had reached across to me and was fondling my cock which she had withdrawn out over the band of my boxers.

If I was a little more sober myself, I would have realised that she had moved into her insatiable phase and must have been ‘as wet as’ at this point in the evening.

Reo returned into the spa, his cock was a little more pumped than when he first stood up, and now swung across his thighs with each step. After handing us our drinks he sat down again opposite Jane. Then with a little alcohol induced boldness said, “It was unfair.”

Jane asked “What was unfair?”

To which Reo responded that he was the only naked body in the Spa.

“Well that’s tough” Jane said as she laughed about his situation, “You can put your boxers back on and you will not be naked.”

Reo did not make a move to replace his boxers and Jan tugged at my short whispering that maybe I should drop my shorts as well, at least that might even things up. I just laughed and said. "It is all good, I am ok as I am," as I sat there with my cock outside my shorts, as instigated by Jane.

Jane sitting there fully covered in her swimmers as we continued to sit and sip and laugh about anything and everything. Jane had stopped stroking my cock earlier, when Reo had returned with the drinks. Eventually it came time to refill the glasses and as it was my turn, I put my cock back inside my shorts and stood up with all our glasses, but before I could lift my leg to the step, Jane reached over and pulled my shorts down to my ankles, showing my hard on floating freely in midair. “There” she said “That’s fair now both you guys are naked, and your cocks can swing freely out in the open.

With that I looked at Reo and gave him a nod towards Jane, as I put the glasses on the deck. Turning towards Jane as Reo stood up with his massive donga swinging freely, we picked her up off the bench seat and ripped her bathers off her body and with a quick flip of her body I was behind her positioning my cock at her cunt face and pushed it in, burying my cock nice and deep as she bent forward at the waist and grabbed hold of Reo’s cock primarily for balance before she opened her mouth and swallowed as much of his cock as she could take.

I started to pump like crazy as I built up towards my climax, and Reo grabbed her head and started to face fuck her till he exploded deep down to the back of her throat. His load was too much for Jane to swallow it all and his cum juices ran freely out of the sides of her mouth

This blew me away and I pumped my juices deep into the depths of her cunt hole and spasmed in time with her orgasmic muscular excitement.

We sat down, before we collapsed and rested in our seats, just savoring the moment. Gradually we recovered and I stood up to collect the glasses, stepped up out of the spa and went to refill our drinks of passion. My cock hung down, spent but happy.

Reo must have been pumped because as I filled the glasses and turned back around to the spa, he had Jane back in the doggy position and was fucking her hard. Her tits were swinging back and forth like pendulums as he fucked her as hard as.

Jane had hold of the edge of the spa and was hanging on, whimpering with pleasure as Reo fucked her mercilessly, as if it was his last opportunity to fuck this girl.

As I got back into the spa, Jane looked up at me and whispered, “Thank You Hon. I love this and I love you”

I responded with a smile, and wondered if I could get another hard on tonight and fuck her as hard as Reo was.

After he blew his second load for the evening deep into her cunt hole, he shrunk back to reality and just hung there like the rest of us mortals. Now Reo and I were both spent, but I noted that his cock was still larger than mine, even fully spent, as we sipped our drinks in silence for about five minutes.

Jane started to stir first and said she had a fantasy, she would like to play out. “Oh yes, and what would that be” I asked.

“I would like to see one of you guys suck cock” she said. Which both Reo and I said was off the cards.

“Ow come on guys, what is wrong with that – you want to watch me eating pussy, so why can I not watch you sucking cock.”

This conversation rattled on for another round of drinks when she said, “OK, lets toss to see who sucks who.”

And as crazy as it was, neither of us protested any more. “I know what” she said “ to make it really fucking sensual for me and fair for both of you, why don’t you lay down on the towels on the deck, in a 69 position and suck each other’s cock off, that way you're both compromising and even.”

It took a little while to get us to move, but with the alcoholic encouragment and Jane’s excitement and enthusiasm to see two guys sucking cock she somehow manipulated us to lie down on the deck on our sides with each other’s cocks positioned in front of each other’s faces. Jane fussed over our positioning, then said, “OK guys, now suck those cocks and show me you are not wimps”

Jane grabbed both of our hands and place Reos onto my cock and my hand onto Reo's cock and did not let go of our hands until we hand each others cock's encircled in our grip. Tentatively, I squeezed Reo’s cock as he also wrapped his hand around semi hard piece of meat, then with some hesitation I stroked his cock up and down a few times before Jane pushed the backs of our heads down onto each others cocks. Lowering my mouth over his bulbous cock head, which tasted of Jane’s fuck juices and encouraged me to start cock sucking Reo’s cock, and as I started to pump his cock he was also taking my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth giving me a blow job that was incredible in it’s difference to what I was expecting, and anticipating.

Our acceptance of sucking another guys cock was probably encouraged and enhanced by the fact that Jane was leaning over us both and with her fingers coated in Anal lube, she was finger fucking our arse holes in rhythm with our oral masturbation.

Somehow or sometime earlier in the evening Jane had got a tube of lube and had placed it close to the spa. Soon she had two fingers pumping in and out of our arse holes as Reo climaxed pumping a much smaller load of cum down my throat, much smaller than he had fed Jane. It was only a few more strokes, and I blew my load down his throat also.

When Jane stop finger fucking our arses, she said that that was the hottest thing she had ever experienced and wanted to know who was going to recover first to fuck her again.


Climbing back into the Spa, we lay back relaxing, and I wondered who would recover first, in this horny experience.

After another half hour and with everyone totally relaxed and exhausted, we decided that it was time to crash, and so I started to clean up some of the bottles and glasses as Jane took Reo out to the back room to clear the boxes off the bed so he could get some space to sleep.

I went and had a shower and was about to crash when I thought that Jane should have been back by now, so I walked out through the back yard and open the door to the spare room to find that Jane had shown Reo what was in one of our back packs and now had Reo shackled sitting up against the head board.

His cock was hard again and pointing upwards, his arms were tied to the head board and his legs were spread eagled and shackled to the corners of the bed. Jane stood over him with her juicy cunt buried in his face, pushing it against him making him lick and suck all the mix of juices inside her cunt and fanny as she orgasmed yet again. As I walked in she turned around to face me but did not stop face fucking him until she had climaxed and reached the top of her orgasm.


“Fuck honey, come in and suck his cock again while I recover,” she said

I shook my head in the negative, as she turned around to face me and lowered herself down onto Reo’s cock.

She sunk down until it was deep inside her cunt with only his balls on display, then lifting herself right off of him leaving his cock covered in her cunt juices, she said, “Please hon, I know how much you love to suck my juices, and I have just coated his cock with my cunny juices for you” as she reached for his shaft and buried it inside her cunt again and again.

The alcohol, or the hankering for her cunt juices, made me step forward to the edge of the bed, then, bending down, I sucked Reo’s cock once again that evening, as Jane stood up with her bum cheeks pushed back into Reos face. This time her juices made it more appealing, as Jane intermittently squatting downwards and burying his cock inside her cunt, the flow of juices was tantalizing. Soon Jane squirted another orgasmic load of cum juices all over his cock, which I sucked off insatiably each time she lifted herself off of him. We repeated this many times until Reo blew a small load of man cum into my mouth.

“Now I want to watch Reo fuck you up the arse,” she said. “I really want to watch his cock bury itself inside your arse. Fuck just the thought makes me so fucking horny I just want to fuck you guys so bad.”

Absentmindedly, not even objecting, I said I did not think Reo had anything left in him to do that, as he sat there with a limp dick resting against his thigh.

“OK” she said “I want you to fuck him up the arse,” and with that she unshackled Reo from the head of the bed and told him to lay face down on the bed. He must have been totally out of it, as he did not protest, and did as he was told. It probably helped that Jane had sat back against the head board, where Reo had been and with her leg spread apart, she got Reo to bury his face into her cunt again and told him to eat her out.


From under the pillow Jane handed me a condom and the tube of lube and watched with an excited expression, as I inserted my cock into the condom. Then spreading some lube over the head of my condom sheathed cock and around his arse hole as Jan told Reo to kneel on the bed, but to keep his head buried in her snatch. Now with his arse poking upwards, I climbed onto the bed and position the head of my cock at his rear door. Jane kept the encouragement up saying “This is so hot, fuck I am going to cream myself as soon as you push your cock into his arse.” And with that I was surprised at how easily my cock pushed past his sphincter muscles and began to bury itself into his arse canal. Jane was over the top and her eyeballs rolled back as she had a massive orgasm. I thought Reo was going to drown, as she squirted her juices all over his face. I blew my load not long after and filled the condom with another small load I did not know I had in me.

Looking back, I think Jane had planned this evenings activities, and manipulated the two of us guys to do things outside of our ball parks, which made her so insatiably horny. Would I agree to babysitting the dog again – I am not sure … maybe.


As per other authors and storys:- The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the authors imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is entirely coincidental.



This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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