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It Started in the Steam Room: Last Chapter

Things cum full circle.
When we pulled into Matt’s driveway, I heard Terri take a deep breath.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said. “Just a little nervous.”

‘Me, too,” I said. “A lot nervous, actually.”

“Ok, me, too. A lot.”

“Two weeks ago, would you even have dreamed we’d do something like this?” I asked.

“Ha!” she said. “Not a chance.”

We both laughed a little at that, which seemed to relieve the tension.

It was a few days after Terri and I, during a wilder night of sex than we’d had in many years, both admitted having sex with other people, and what’s more with people of the same sex.

Terri had admitted to a long affair with a woman who had lived next door, and I had admitted to some recent explorations with a guy I’d met at the gym.

Confessions like these could easily have driven us apart, and perhaps broken up our marriage, but somehow the total honesty they required brought us if anything closer together. It wasn’t just that we were “even,” in the sense that both of us had cheated on the other; we both recognized right off that there were now opened to us new and exciting ways of exploring sexually.

After my confession, that Matt and I had had an exciting “introduction” in the gym steam room and then met twice at his house, Terri not only decided it was okay but also that she wanted to be present next time we met.

“Just to watch?” I had asked. “Or to join in?”

“Let’s see how it goes,” she had said.

Matt was at first reluctant. He didn’t say why, but I could guess. If it were just he and I, we were both running the same risks, and had equal incentive to keep quiet about what we were doing. But if my wife were involved, it raised the risk that someone would get mad or jealous or something and spill the secret.

I guess his curiosity -- and his hormones -- won out, because he not only agreed to meet both of us but offered to play host a few days later around lunchtime.

It wasn’t easy for both Terri and me to get off at the same time, but somehow we worked it out. And so we found ourselves standing on Matt’s doorstep. “Well, here goes nothing,” I said, and rang the bell.

Matt opened the door.

“Hi,” he said. “Come on in.”

He smiled in Terri’s direction but she averted her eyes. As he stood back to let us pass by him, and as he did so he gave me a questioning look, like “Is everything OK?” I nodded and shrugged at the same time, as if to say, “I think so but wouldn’t swear to it.”

Terri had found her way to the living room, where she stood awkwardly.

“Have a seat,” Matt said. “Would you like a drink?”

I was about to say no when Terri said, “God, yes, please.”

“Scotch OK?”

“Anything,” Terri said.

When Matt stepped into the kitchen, I asked Terri, “You OK? We don’t have to go through with this, you know.”

“I’ll be all right after that drink,” she said, and managed to smile a little.

Matt came back in and we all sat down. We made small talk for a few minutes, and then Terri finally said, “I’m sorry I’m kind of awkward here, but it’s weird to meet the guy my husband has been having sex with.”

Matt smiled at her and said, “Well, it’s weird to meet the woman Chris has been having sex with.”

Terri laughed at that.

“I had him first,” she said. After a pause Matt asked, “How do you feel about sharing him?”

“I’m actually not sure,” Terri said. “Part of me is angry and jealous and hurt, but part of me is….well...turned on by the thought.”

“How about by the real thing?” Matt asked.

With that he got up from his chair, walked to where I was sitting on the couch, sat down next to me and started unbuckling my belt. I glanced at Terri, who looked a little shocked. When Matt undid my pants and lowered the zipper, she flushed a deep pink. When he started rubbing my cock through my underwear, her mouth opened slightly. When he buried his face in my crotch, I saw her take a deep breath. When he tugged my pants down, so that my rigid cock burst into view, I heard a little sigh. And when he took my cock in his mouth, I heard her gasp.

Matt drew back for a second and said, “Let’s take this in the bedroom.”

He stood up and headed down the hall. I looked at Terri, who was watching Matt. Before I could move she got up and headed after him. I tugged my pants up and followed.

In the bedroom Matt was already down to his underwear. I glanced around, and saw that he had positioned a chair next to the bed, and placed some condoms and a bottle of lube on the nightstand.

“I thought you might want to watch, at least at first,” Matt said to Terri, nodding toward the chair. As he said this he shucked off his underwear, and his wonderful cock with their big balls came into view. Terri stared at him, and I could see she was impressed, but she made no move to sit down.

In a few seconds I was naked, too. Both Matt and I were very hard. I went over to him and grasped his cock, and laid it next to mine. Matt encircled both our cocks with his hands, and we started moving together.

“Aren’t you going to undress me?” Terri asked.

I looked up, but she was looking at Matt. He looked at me as if to say, Is it OK, and I gave him a little smile. He let go of my cock and went over to her.

He stood there for a second while she gazed at him, or more accurately at his cock, which was straining upward. He reached up and started undoing the buttons of her blouse. When he had undone the last one she shrugged off her blouse and it fell the floor.

Terri had worn one of her sexiest bras, a lacy number that showed a lot more skin than it covered. Matt’s cock gave a little jump when he saw it. Mine did, too.

Terri turned around so Matt could unfasten it. As it fell away she turned back around, and her gorgeous tits came into view.

This time Matt didn’t turn to me for permission. He took a breast in each hand, placing his thumbs on her nipples. He rubbed them gently, and Terri gave a little sigh.

Without letting go of her breasts, Matt sat on the edge of the bed so his face was about even with her breasts. Slowly he leaned forward and began kissing them, and then one by one he took the nipples in his mouth, giving each of them a gentle suck.

His hands dropped to her belt, which he deftly unbuckled. He unzipped her jeans and lowered them. Terri had worn a pair of low-cut black lace panties, and as they came into view the two cocks gave another little jump.

Terri helped Matt take off her jeans. She wasn’t wearing socks, so only a scrap of black lace stood between her and total nakedness.

Matt hooked his thumbs on the panties and slowly began to lower them. Knowing that Terri keeps herself neatly trimmed, I was not surprised that he saw only skin at first. But as the panties moved lower I realized with a start that Terri had shaved herself clean.

The panties fell to the floor. Terri’s pussy was fully engorged, and several drops of moisture were visible on the lips. I could tell she was sopping wet.

Matt was reaching up to touch her when she backed up a step and sat down in the chair. As Matt and I watched, she lifted one leg and draped it over the arm of the chair. The pink lips parted, and Matt and I stared at the wonders within.

“Okay, you guys,” she said. “Go for it.”

Matt turned reluctantly away and lay down on the bed. I lay down next to him and, making sure that Terri was watching, leaned in to kiss him. As I did so we took hold of each other’s cocks, and again I heard Terri give a little sigh.

My move. I slid down so that my mouth was near the tip of Matt’s cock. Turning my head slightly, I saw that Terri had one hand on her breast and the other moving toward her crotch. When her fingers found her clit I tongued the end of his cock, licking off the drop of precum that had formed there. When Terri slid two fingers inside her cunt I opened my mouth and took Matt in.

With his cock fully in my mouth I could no longer watch Terri, but I could hear the tiny wet sounds of her fucking herself. This made my cock swell yet again. Matt must have been watching her, too, because I could feel him swelling in my mouth. At this rate, I thought, he’s going to come too quickly, so I backed off for a minute and sucked instead on his balls.

As I did so Matt opened his legs, and next thing I knew he had poured some lube onto his fingers and was rubbing it around his asshole. When his hand withdrew I brought mine into play, circling the pink opening with finger. When I placed the finger against the opening he pushed against it, and it slipped in almost effortlessly. I pushed a second finger in beside it. Then, taking his cock back in my mouth, I started finger-fucking him.

In seconds I heard Terry gasp, and I looked up in time to see her writhing in what I knew at once was not going to be her last orgasm of the afternoon. At the peak she shuddered so hard she almost doubled over, and from her throat came a moan like I hadn’t heard from her in 15 years.

When I glanced up at Matt he was looking back at me, his face flushed and his eyes wild with excitement. Still pinned on my fingers, he was trying to maneuver his cock back into my mouth.

I had other ideas. I pulled free and sat up.

“Turn over,” I said.

Matt looked apprehensive but complied. He got up on all fours and spread his legs. I grabbed a condom and tore it open. I was about to put it on when Terri stood up and stepped to the bed. She took the condom, positioned it on the tip of my cock and unrolled it down the shaft. Then she grabbed the lube, poured a generous amount into her hand and slathered it onto my cock. When she was done she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I put the tip of my cock against the puckered flesh of Tim’s asshole.

“What do you want, Matt?” Terri asked. “I want him to fuck me,” he said. I pushed in, and wasn’t very gentle about it. Matt gasped, so I stopped long enough for him to adjust, and then pushed in more slowly. This time he was ready, and soon I was balls-deep. “Oh, fuck,” he said. “Oh my fucking God.”

I started moving, slowly at first, then faster as Matt opened up. Soon I was really fucking him, and with each thrust he was giving a little moan.

Terri lay down beside Matt and took hold of his cock. With each of my thrusts into his ass she stroked his cock, and he was absolutely mad with pleasure. But soon he was saying, “Not yet, not yet,” so she let him go.

She moved again, sliding upward and sideways so that her legs lay on either side of his arms and her pussy was positioned just below his face. Reaching up with both hands, she took hold of his head and guided him toward her gaping pussy.

All I could see was the back of Matt’s head, but despite the banging at his back door he was clearly giving her a vigorous eating-out. Terri writhed underneath him, but kept her eyes locked on mine.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

“Oh, yes, baby, cum for me,” Terri said. “Cum in his ass for me.”

In seconds I did, with a long, shuddering spasm and a loud, guttural groan. Matt ground against me, greeting every forward thrust of mine with a backward thrust of his own. Four, five, six times I shot, until I felt as if every ounce of fluid in my body had passed into his.

When the last spasm passed away Terri moved again, burying her fingers in Matt’s hair and gently pulling him toward her and away from me. As he moved my cock slid out of his ass, and his cock went straight into her.

“Oh, yes,” Terri said, wrapping her legs around his torso. “Oh, yes, fuck me.”

Matt dug his knees into the bed and drove his cock into Terri’s cunt. As he did so her eyes rolled back in her head and she emitted a long, coarse groan. They began moving together immediately. They kissed, roughly, and I felt another twinge in my still semi-hard cock. Barely half a minute passed before they both came, almost shouting with release.

I flopped down next to Terri, whose legs were still wrapped around Matt’s torso. At length she brought them down to the bed, and Matt rolled off of her on the other side. For some minutes we lay there, the three of us, me, the woman I loved and would always love, and the man I was coming to love.

Terri and I stayed another half-hour -- not enough to explore every possible combination of three bodies, but enough to make a good start. I came three times, Matt four, I think, and Terri must have come at least six times. When we left she gave Matt a long kiss, and then I kissed him, and then Terri said, “Next time you can come to our place.”

It seemed like a long time before we managed to get together again, but it was really just a couple of weeks. Matt came to our place one Saturday when both kids had away games, and we were able to spend a good three hours in bed, and a couple weeks after that we went back to Matt’s for a lunchtime visit. At the end of that visit Terri and I suggested that Matt’s wife could be enticed to join us. Matt was reluctant even to hint to her about it, so we let it drop for the time being.

Between these encounters, Terri and I were enjoying some of the wildest, most abandoned sex of our marriage. Weird, I thought more than once, that all this started because I was getting bored with our sex life.

A few days after our third encounter with Matt, we were sent home early from work because of a water main break in the next block. I decided to go the gym for a long workout while it wasn’t so crowded.

Afterward, sweaty and spent, I was getting undressed when I realized I was nearly alone in the locker room. A couple of older gents, both clad only in towels, were chatting in the section of lockers near the front door, but the next two sections between theirs and mine were empty. I was alone in my section, and although I couldn’t see directly into the last section it was mostly visible in the mirror over a long line of sinks on the opposite wall.

Glancing at the mirror as I wrapped a towel around my waist, I saw a guy looking straight at me, or to be exact at my reflection. He looked quickly away, but something told me he had been watching me.

I had seen the guy before. He was light-skinned black man, maybe biracial, about my height but a little slimmer, not muscular but toned. We had nodded hello once or twice, but had never spoken, and I hadn’t seen him in the weeks since my first meeting with Matt.

He had turned away from the mirror when I caught him looking at me, and started rooting around in his locker. As he did so he dropped his own towel, and I got a good look at him in profile. I couldn’t help noticing that his dick was sticking out a little in front of him.

“Whoa,” I thought.

Turning back to my locker, I locked it, snugged my towel around my waist and headed for the shower. But as I passed the steam room something made me stop, open the door and step in. Once inside, I pressed the button for fresh steam, spread the towel on the bench along one side and sat down.

The room had nearly filled with steam when, a minute or so later, the door opened and someone walked in. In the dimness I couldn’t tell for sure who it was, but then I saw a dark shape and realized my neighbor had followed me.

He sat down on the opposite bench, not directly across from me but nearly so. As the cloud of steam dissipated I looked through half-closed eyes and saw that he, too, was sitting on top of his towel. I could just about make out the shape of his cock in the mist.

Six or eight weeks ago I had sat in this very spot, knowing nothing of the adventure I was about to embark upon. The mist thinned. Before long another gush of steam would fill the room. I looked up slowly, and he was already looking at me. I closed my eyes.

Almost without thinking, I placed my hand on my thigh, then slid it toward my crotch, then took hold of my cock.

“Well,” I thought. “Here we go again.”

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