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It Turns Out Some Of Those Letters Must Have Been True After All.....Part II

A business traveler's first experience continues.

Well, I was right.  Tuesday was a long day and not a very productive one either.  Oh, I went to all the meetings I had scheduled, suffered through what felt like an endless series of PowerPoint slide shows.  I made the appropriate polite conversation with the suppliers.  Just a typical day on the road for me, except all I could really think about was Steve’s hard cock straining to get out of that Speedo!

I spent the entire morning semi-hard and leaking precum.  It was sort of becoming an issue.  I was just glad the conference room table was not made of glass.  As the meetings drew closer to the lunch break, I had to force my focus back onto the presentation so I wouldn't embarrass myself when it came time to get up from the table.

The supplier Team Lead suggested we go out to a local spot he knew that had great hand tossed pizzas. 

“Sounds great,” I said.   But thought to myself, "The only thing I want hand tossed is my cock!"

Once we got to the pizza joint and were seated, an extremely well built young waiter came up to the table and proceeded to take our order. 

"It just had to be a guy built like a model, didn't’ it?" and my cock started to grow again.  I looked down at the menu to try and settle down. 

“Can I take your order now, sir?"

I looked up from the menu and was greeted by the sight of the young man's tightly jean-clad crotch.  “Um, er, sure…” I stammered out and gave him my order.

"Great!  Just how the hell am I going to make it through the day if the Universe keeps putting studs like this guy in my way?  I’ve got to do something about this so I can focus," I thought to myself.

I excused myself from the table and headed for the men’s room.  Fortunately, it was empty at that moment.  I headed straight to the stall on the far end, closed myself in and fished my dick out.  I was so intent on playing with myself that I didn't’t even hear the men’s room door open.

As my breathing was picking up I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye.  The stalls were made from old barn wood and there were definite gaps between some of the boards.  "Am I being watched?” I thought. "Oh to hell with it, I really need to get off!  Hope whoever it is enjoys the show."

I came quickly after that and let out a low moan.  I needed a couple minutes to catch my breath and clean myself up. But the release was just what I needed to get my head back in the game for the rest of the day’s meetings.  I heard the stall door next to mine open, someone washed their hands and left the men’s room.  I was pretty certain I was alone at this point so I left the stall to wash my own hands.  I turned to the paper towel dispenser to dry my hands and that’s when I saw the note written on the towel.

"If you need a hand with that sometime, give me a call stud!  Chase.” Below that there was a phone number written.

“Well I guess someone did enjoy the show,” I thought with a mental smirk.  I tore the note free and stuffed it into my pocket without giving what I doing a second thought.  I returned to the table much more mentally settled and proceeded to enjoy my lunch. 

When the check came, I handed the hot waiter my credit card.  He brought me my receipt and the sales slip and I went to sign in.  That’s when I noticed the note written on the bottom of the receipt.  “Hope you had a satisfying experience with us today.  Chase.”

“The hot young waiter was the guy in the next stall?  Holy crap!”  And just like that all I could think about was cock!  Needless to say I gave Chase a healthy tip.

I struggled through the afternoon and probably didn’t ask a few questions I should have of the supplier team, but I just wanted to get out of there and head back to the hotel bar to see if Steve was actually going to show up. 

I returned to the hotel about 6:00 PM and was tempted to head right to the bar.  But, then I thought to myself, “I don’t want to appear to eager do I?  What if he’s not there?  What if he is?”  I decided not to rush into the bar like some horny teenager (I was horny; don’t get me wrong, I’m just no teenager).  So I headed up to my room and took a long shower to freshen up.  After my shower I got dressed and headed down to the bar. 

I paused outside the door to the bar to take a deep breath and settle my nerves a bit when I heard a voice behind me, “Hey there Rob!  I wasn't’t sure if you’d actually show.” 

“Steve!  I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink,” I replied and lead the way to a quiet corner table.  We talked for a good couple of hours about life, work and our home lives.  The topic finally got around to sex and I discovered that Steve was in the same boat as I was.  Married to a woman he loved but barely had sex with anymore because of the pace of life.

Finally I worked up the courage and said, “So, last night in the hot tub, that was a first for me.  Do you do that a lot?”

"Well, that was kind of a first for me in decades.  I fooled around a little with a guy in college, but not since,”  Steve replied.  Nervously he asked, “You did like it right?  I mean you did meet me tonight.”

“Hell yes!  I’ve fantasized about something like that for years.  I spent most for the day hard thinking about it.  As a matter of fact... ”  I proceeded to tell him about my lunch time adventure.

“Wow that’s hot!”  He looked me right in the eye and asked, “Do you want to get out of here?”


We settled up our bar tabs and Steve lead me out of the bar and to the elevators.  We went up to his room and I just don’t know what came over me.  Even before the door had completely closed I was stepping forward to unbuckle Steve’s belt.  In what seemed like seconds I had him completely naked while I remained fully clothed.  He started to reach to undress me but I said, “Later.”

I stepped back and took in his naked body.  The Speedo from the night before hadn't really left much to the imagination, but his cock which was raising to full attention as I stared at it was impressive.  It looked to be just over seven inches long and thick, very thick!  It was easily five inches in diameter with a nice smoothly shaved set of balls below.

I walked up and took his cock in my right hand and began to gently stroke it while my left hand fondled his balls.  His eyes closed and he let out a low moan.  I leaned in, never letting go of him and whispered, “I want that cock in my mouth.”   He reached up to my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. 

I started out by licking the tip while I continued to play with his balls.  I’d never done this before but quickly decided that I couldn’t really go wrong if I just did to him the things I liked done to me. 

I ran the tip of my tongue down his shaft and licked first one ball and then the next.  I could hear his breathing picking up and this turned me on even more.  It was time.  I needed his cock in my mouth like nothing I’d even needed before.  I moved my lips back up to the head and slowly began to slide it into my mouth.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take him all the way in at first but I took my time and slowly work more and more of it in.  Steve was really moaning now and when I reached up for his balls I could feel them begin to contract as his orgasm built.

“I’m going to cum,” he gasped.  I gave his balls a squeeze that pushed him over the edge.  Huge spurts of Steve's cum filled my eager mouth and ran down my chin.

Still on my knees, Steve’s cum on my chin, I looked up at him and asked, “So how’d I do for a rookie?”

“Rookie hell, you suck cock like a pro!  But now it’s my turn.”

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