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It Turns Out Some of Those Letters Must Have Been True After All... Part III

My adventures continue...

“Rookie! Hell, you suck cock like a pro!  But now it’s my turn.”

I stood up and went to wipe Steve’s cum from my chin, but he stopped me.  He leaned in and licked his own cum from my chin and then came in for a kiss.  I hesitated for just a second and then went with it.  I mean hell, I just had his cock in my mouth after all.  We intertwined tongues as his hands tugged and tore at my clothes.  He had me completely naked in what felt like seconds and his mouth never left mine. 

He finally broke the kiss and huskily said, “Time to climb into bed Rob.”

“Yes, yes it is,’ I replied.   

I tore the covers off the bed and laid down on my back right in the middle with my legs slightly spread and my cock harder then it’s ever been.  I looked up at Steve and said, “Like this?”

He stood at the foot of the bed for a few seconds just staring at me with a half smile on his face.  “Yeah, just like that.”

He crawled up from the foot of the bed and spread my legs further apart.  He leaned in close and I felt his hot breath on my cock and balls.  “You have a beautiful dick, Rob.” 

And with that, I felt the tip of his tongue tease the head of my dick.  I groaned in pleasure as he proceeded to flick his tongue over the tip and finally down the length of my shaft.

“Oh, God,” I gasped.  “Suck me, man!  Suck me right now!”

He looked up at me, grasped my dick with his left hand and said, “Not yet stud.” 

With his right hand, he pushed my left thigh back towards my chest, spreading my legs even wider.  Never breaking eye contact, Steve started to lick one of my smoothly shaven balls and then the other.  He was driving me crazy! 

The combination of his left hand gently gripping my hard-on, his right hand spreading me wide and that tongue teasing my balls was amazing.  And then he did something I’d never experienced before.  The tip of his tongue slides further down and flicked over my asshole.

I nearly came right then!  I was breathing hard, my face was flushed and I yelled, “Yes, oh yes!”

Steve stopped and asked, “You like that?  Want more?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

He went back to flicking his tongue around my opening and then I felt his tongue probe ay the opening.  That was all I could take.  I came in waves.  I spewed cum all over my chest and Steve’s hand.  I’d never cum so hard in my life!

Steve crawled up and gently licked the cum off my stomach.  He climbed further up and kissed me again.  The taste of my cum on his tongue was amazing, I’d tasted my own cum before.  Occasionally, my wife will let me go down on her after I’ve cum in her pussy, but this was so much more erotic! 

After he finally broke the kiss, I asked, “So what are you doing tomorrow night?” with a wicked smile.

“I’d like to say you stud, but I have to do dinner with my clients.”  The disappointment must have been obvious on my face because he quickly asked, “You’re still here Thursday night right?”

“Yes, I am,” I replied.

“Excellent!” he replied.  “Maybe we could take this to the next level?”

“That would be amazing,” I replied.

I left his room soon after and headed for my own room.  I was sated and yet a little disappointed at the same time.  Now that I’d finally crossed that line from bi-curious to bi, I wanted to try it all.  But with Steve unavailable tomorrow I was a little bummed.  I guess I’d just have to wait an extra night to go any further.

The upside was that I was far more focused and productive the next day at work.  But I still found my mind wandering from time to time to Steve, his cock and what we did and could do.    

When the day wrapped up, I went back to the hotel, took a shower.  As I was getting ready to head down to the hotel bar for some dinner, I noticed a folded up piece of paper on the dresser that I had completely forgotten about.  I grabbed it, unfolded it and reread the message on it.

“If you need a hand with that sometime, give me a call stud!  Chase”

“Hmm, I wonder…” I typed a quick text to the number on the note and hoped for the best. 

I went down to the bar, ordered a drink and a meal at the bar.  I had set the phone down on the bar when I got there.  I picked it up after ordering and checked to see if my text had gotten a response.  Sure enough, it had!

The text I had sent out read, “Remember me from Tuesday lunchtime?  I find myself in need of a hand tonight, you interested?” 

The reply I found on my phone was, “Hell yes!  Would love to give you a hand and anything else you might need stud!”

'Hell,' I thought, why not at this point?' and started a text exchange with the hot young waiter that ended up with me giving him my room number at the hotel.  Chase said he’d be there in thirty minutes.  I settled up my bill at the bar and headed up to my room to wait for Chase.

After I got up to the room I thought to myself, 'Go big or go home,' and stripped down to wait for Chase.  I didn’t have to wait long.  There was a soft knock at the door and I checked the peephole.  It was Chase and he looked even hotter then I remembered.  I quickly opened the door to him as my cock started to swell.

“Come on in,” I said.

“Planning on it,” he replied with a wicked little smile and a gleam in his eye.

I turned to close the door.  When I turned back to face him, Chase already had his shirt off and was undoing his shorts.  He was in incredible shape and when his shorts hit the floor they revealed a porn star quality cock.  He was completely shaved smooth and probably the most masculine man I had ever seen.  He walked up to me, slid a hand behind my head and leaned in to kiss me.  His tongue washed deep in my mouth as his other hand reached around to squeeze my ass. 

As we stood there making out, I could feel his dick swelling and pushing against my inner thigh and balls.  I wanted that cock in my mouth and I wanted it now! 

I broke off the kiss and managed to gasp out, “Bed, now!”

He turned and walked slowly over to the bed revealing a muscular ass and back.  He crawled into the bed lay on his back and asked, “Now what?”

This was my first good look at what he was packing.  He was easily nine inches long and thick as a baby’s arm.  Below that was a set of balls easily as big as mine and heavy with cum.  “Now I get to suck that monster!”

I crawled up from the foot of the bed between his legs.  I stopped to kiss his muscular inner thighs.  He must have liked it because he let out a low moan as I did it.  I worked my way up his thighs, kissing and licking as I went.  The smell of him was intoxicating.  It was masculine and erotic.  I moved my lips from his thighs to his ball sack and alternated between kissing them and licking them with the tip of my tongue.  I could hear Chase’s breathing pick up a beat.

I could have spent a while longer right there with his balls but lust was driving me on.  I needed to taste that monster cock!  I moved up further and gasped his engorged cock in my left hand and lifted it up off his hard abs.  I took a few seconds to just stare in awe at the most amazing dick I had ever seen in person. 

As I lowered my mouth to the head of that beautiful monster, Chase murmured, “Yes!  Suck it!” 

Who was I to argue with that?

I started slowly, I really wasn’t sure I could take him all the way in.  He was just that big.   But with patience and more than a little lust, I finally managed to take him all the way in. 

Just as I did, Chase said, “Oh wow, no one’s even taken me that deep.  Don’t move for a minute.” 

Then he began to slowly thrust with his hips, fucking my mouth.  His pace built and built.  His breathing went from rapid to panting.  I could tell he was on the edge of an orgasm and I want nothing more than to have this young stud cum deep in my mouth.  He only lasted a few more seconds and then convulsed.  Wrapping his fingers in my hair, he came in waves.

After he’d finished a sat back up on my knees.  My dick was as hard as it had ever been and was drooling precum.  He looked at my cock, smiled and said, “I brought a condom.  It’s in the pocket of my shorts.  If you want, you can fuck my ass.”

At this point, I realized I had fulfilled each of my bi-fantasies but one.  And here this muscular young stud was offering to fulfill one of the last two I had.  I quickly scrambled off the bed and found his shorts.  I retrieved the condom and put it on.  When I turned back around, Chase had slid to the edge of the bed and spread his legs wide to give me better access. 

I moved over and placed the head of my cock against his puckering asshole and slowly applied forward pressure.  I slipped into my first male ass until I could feel my heavy balls rest against his ass cheeks.  It was amazing!  I lifted his legs up onto my shoulders to get just that much deeper into Chase and started to thrust for all I was worth.  I held out as long as I could but I was so turned on I came quickly.

I collapsed onto his chest as my cock slowly softened inside him.  I finally rolled over and slipped out of him.  We lay there for a couple minutes catching our breath. 

He rolled onto his side, looked me in the eye and asked “What are you doing tomorrow night?  That was the best lay I’ve had in a long time!”

“Well, I kind of have a thing with another guy here in the hotel set up for tomorrow night.”

Without missing a beat he said, “You two want company?”

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