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It Turns Out Some Of Those Letters Must Have Been True After All... Part VI

My night with Chase continues and It's another first for me

Without missing a beat, he said, “You two want company?”

Now this had definitely been a week of firsts and fulfilled fantasies for me, but this took it to another level.  I had always wanted to be part of a threesome.  I mean always!  Probably since the minute I had my first hard-on.  Back then it was always two women in the fantasy, but once I realized that guys turned me on too, the fantasy morphed into me a guy and a girl and eventually three guys. 

I’ve gone this far, why not?

“Well, I’d be down with that, but I can’t speak for the other guy, Steve.”  I remembered that Steve had given me his cell phone number the other night.  “But I can text him right now and find out!”

“Tell you what, man, send him my picture too,” Chase said and got up off the bed to stand in front me.  This was apparently turning him on and his cock was starting to swell again. 

I snapped a full body picture of Chase and typed out a text to Steve.  “Made a new friend tonight.  He wants to know if he can join us tomorrow night?”

I looked back to Chase and saw that he was more then half hard again and slowly stroking himself while staring at my crotch.  It had been years since I was able to re-tool quickly after cumming, but the sight of this young stud playing with his massive cock while staring at me got my cock swelling in reply.

Just then, my phone went off with a reply from Steve.  “OMG!  Hell yes, I want to meet your new friend!  Wish I was there right now.”

“Steve says he’s in.”

Chase cracked a wicked smile and replied, “Not yet, he’s not.”

And with that, I had my second raging hard-on of the night.  Chase sauntered over to me with his throbbing cock leading the way.  When he got to the side of the bed where I was sitting the head of it was right at mouth level and he brushed the tip gently against my lips.  I quickly opened my mouth and felt him push himself into my mouth.  He slowly began to thrust himself in and out of my mouth.  Going a little deeper with each thrust and picking up the pace.  He thrust deeper and deeper until I started to gag on him.

As soon as he heard me gag, he pulled out and told me to lie on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed.  I quickly did as he asked and he began the process again.  From this angle I could take his entire length into my throat without gagging and I was soon feeling his massive smooth shaven balls resting against my nose.  He paused at this point to let me adjust.  He then began to fuck my mouth, slowly at first but with increasing speed and urgency.  I reached around his back with both hands and grabbed a hold of his muscular ass and urged his thrusting rhythm on.  This seemed to push him over the edge and for the second time that night; this young stud came in my mouth with an explosive groan.  I sucked hard on his cock as he came to swallow every last drop of his cum. 

I listened the Chase's panting as he slowly softened in my mouth.  The salty taste of his cum on my tongue was amazing.  And I was hard!  So hard!!!

After a short time, Chase pulled out of my mouth and stepped back from the edge of the bed.  He knelt down with me still lying there on my back and moved in to kiss me.  Our tongues writhed together and we shared the remainder of his seed for a few minutes until he broke the kiss and started to work his way down my chest.  He paused to tease my nipples before continuing on to my engorged dick. 

Chase took his time, teasing the head of my shaft with just the tip of his tongue before taking just the head into his mouth to give one quick, hard suck.  He moved on to run the tip up and down the shaft, each time he came back up to the head, repeating the quick, hard suck.  He was driving me wild with lust.

After a few minutes of this, he moved his tongue’s tip on to lick and tease first one of my balls and then the other.  He eventually lifted my sack up to lick at the underside of each ball.  When he did this, I drew my legs up to spread them wide, hoping to get a repeat of the tongue treatment of my ass hole that Steve had given me the night before.  I didn’t have to wait long before I felt Chase’s tongue tease my puckering hole.

Chase took things a step further then Steve had.  I felt him gently probing into my ass with that amazing tongue.  I moaned and gasped when he did that.  “You like that?”

“Hell, yes!”

Next I felt one of his fingers replace his tongue.  I opened my eyes and looked down at him just as he spit on my hole to provide lubrication.  As I watched, he slid his index finger into me and began to fuck my ass with it.  This was an absolute first for me.  In all my years of fantasizing and masturbation to male porn, I had never inserted anything into my ass.  It felt incredible!

“How does that feel, Rob?”

I couldn’t form words at that moment.  I closed my eyes again.  The only thing to come out of my mouth was animal sounds. 

With a wicked chuckle he said, “I’ll take that as a good.”

He pulled his finger out and spit again on my hole.  What I felt next was not one, but two of his fingers being slowly inserted into my virgin ass.  He took his time and let me adjust to the size of his combined fingers before starting again to gently fuck my ass with them.

After a few minutes of this, I felt him pull his fingers back out again.  I opened my eyes again and looked down in slight disappointment.  That’s when I saw that Chase had his third erection of the night and was reaching for the pocket of the shorts where I had earlier found the condoms he brought.

I won’t lie.  I wasn’t at all sure I could take on Chase’s enormous cock as my first ever and said as much to him.

“I’m the first?  Good!  Every time after this, my cock will be the one you think of.  I’ll take is slow and easy,” he said as he slipped a condom on. 

He slid me to the edge of the bed and took one of my legs in each of his hands.  The head of his cock was just resting against my hole and I felt is relax as he slowly applied pressure and began to enter me.  Good to his word, Chase took it slowly at first.  Easing himself in an inch at a time and pausing to let me adjust.  It was driving me mad with lust!  He pulled all the way back out after each pause and then slowly thrust in deeper.  After a few minutes of this, he  lifted up on my legs, raising my ass up off the bed and gave one last final thrust and I felt his heavy balls rest against my ass cheeks.

He started to fuck me then.  Faster and faster.  Moaning in lust, I grunted in ecstasy.  I started to thrust back in time to his rhythm, fucking him as he fucked me.  When I felt his cock swell just before he came, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came at the same time, spraying cum all over my belly and chest.  Chase pulled out at the sight of this, whipped off the condom and came in huge spurts all over my chest and belly too.

He collapsed on the bed next to me and we both lay there catching our collective breath for a couple minutes.  He looked over at me and said, “If your friend's as good a lay as you, tomorrow might be the best sex of my life!”

“Mine too,” I laughed.

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