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James' bi beginings...The best of both worlds

When my cousin Peter moved in, he opened my eyes to new and exciting experiences

My name is James. This story began when I was 16. I have two younger brothers and one older brother. My older brother with whom I shared my bedroom in the basement moved to the college campus where he studies. My parents thought it would be a good idea to invite my cousin Peter to live with us for a while. We would have to share my room with a bathroom and my king size bed. I thought it would be fun. By the way, I was 5’4” blonde, into sports. Some girls at school considered me cute and with a nice body, specially my bubble butt. At that time I had an almost 5 inch circumcised penis when erect and only about 2 inches when flaccid which sometimes made me feel uncomfortable. I had a little patch of dark blondish hair above it. My cousin Pete was 18 years old, around 5’8, dirty blond hair and not athletic but in very good shape. He was fun to be with. He was always cheerful and in a good mood and after a couple of weeks we became very close.

One night, when he got home, I was getting ready to take a shower. I said hi to him and went into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later without asking me he went into the shower with me. I was surprised since it was the very first time I saw him completely naked and I was a bit shy. He was very nice looking; nice patch of dark brown hair above his genitals and his penis was also circumcised. It was about 4.5 inches flaccid. He told me not to be shy since we were like brothers and that he would teach me a lot of things. I felt more comfortable and stopped trying to hide my penis and turned around to face him. He told me to relax and that he would teach me the proper way to clean myself. He put shampoo on my head and then started soaping my arms, then my chest and back. He told me that I had a very nice butt and started to rub it with soap. He then told me to bend over. I felt a bit embarrassed but he reassured me that it was ok and I had nothing to be embarrassed about. Nobody had ever touched me there before but I did as instructed since so far I was enjoying the new experience. He told me to open my legs and said that it was very important to clean that area very well. He reached between my legs and passed his soapy hand all the way to my balls. He parted my butt cheeks and started rubbing soap in my anus and then he slowly introduced a finger inside. He told me to relax. I felt weird but at the same time it felt good. After a few times of pushing in and out he started washing my balls and my cock which was fully erect. When he touched it I let out a small groan. He told me not to be embarrassed and that it was normal to get a boner, that’s when I turned my head around a bit and noticed his erection which had grow to about 6.5 inches and it was quite thicker than mine. He rubbed the head of my cock with soap making it feel tender and I moaned a bit. He finished and then told me to stay and enjoy the water while he washed himself. He gave me a nice show while he washed his cock. When he started cleaning his butt he turned around allowing me to see how he opened his cheeks and introduced half his soapy finger into him. I was pretending to be enjoying the water but I was looking at his very nice ass with only a few hairs around his hole. He finished and we both dried ourselves, I went to put some shorts on but since it was time to sleep already he told me that when possible, it was healthier to sleep in the nude and that if I did he would too. I accepted having already seen each other naked and even having had been touch by him all over; I just jumped into bed feeling the new sensations of being both naked together.  


Our relationship grew closer and I liked talking to him because he was very open and we had made an agreement to keep to ourselves everything we talked about or did with each other. A couple of days later, I asked him if he had ever been with a girl and he told me he had and gave me some details about them. He was so vivid in his description of the girls and how he had sex with a couple of them that I got very hard but I was hiding my boner under the covers. Then we discussed masturbation and he told me that he did it almost every day when he took a shower but that he preferred to do it in bed but he had not done it lately because he did not know if it would freak me out or something. I laughed and told him that I wouldn’t freak out. He asked me if I ever did it. I told him that I had started a few months before and that I usually did it when I got home from school and a few times I had done it in the washroom at school. He told me that he was horny and wanted to do it and asked me if I minded. I told him I didn’t and then he asked me if I would do it also. I agreed and he slid the covers off both of us and we both started doing it. I was jerking myself while watching how he did it. Our legs were touching and I felt very excited. Then he got all stiff and I noticed his balls were not hanging like before and were up touching his cock. The head got sort of purple and then I saw how he shot his load in several squirts reaching all the way to his chest. It was awesome. He was breathing really heavily. He was looking at my cock and then looked at me and asked me “Did you like it?” I told him that it had been great. I continued while he watched me and at one point just before I came, he massaged my balls with his hand and I shot my load which was much smaller than his. I found the experience very cool and exciting, I was glad to have a cousin like him, he got up and went to get some tissues and after cleaning himself he helped me clean myself. I looked in his eyes and told him “I am very glad to have a cousin like you” he smiled and told me, “me too” and gave me a small kiss on the lips which I welcomed and made me smile.

We continued our jerk off sessions for a few days and one night he asked me if I had ever done anything sexually with my friends to which I replied that I had not but would not mind doing it with one of them. He then told me that I should invite him over and that he could get some beer from a friend and we could have some fun. Since my room was in the basement, my parents usually did not check on me when I had company or since Peter moved in, they just wanted to make sure I was there so we were free to do things without being bothered. I liked the idea of having my Irish friend Tom over for the following weekend, he is my best friend. He is between blond and redhead and about my size in every way. I waited patiently for the following Friday.

When Tom arrived, we played some video games and had smoked meat sandwiches for dinner. After the day was over, we went into our bedroom. Peter had hidden a bottle of Tequila. He told us that he was not able to get beer but that Tequila was even better. We started playing cards and the looser would take a shot of tequila. After about 30 minutes, Tom and I had taken about 5 or 6 shots each. We were buzzing. Peter told us to take a shower so we would be ready to go to bed. Tom told me to go first but Peter told us to go together to save time and that he would join us. Tom hesitated a bit but I told him it was cool and that we were all guys and that he should not be shy about being naked. Peter told him that we frequently took showers together and it was no big deal so he set the example and started getting undressed, Tom and I followed and got into the shower before him. It was the first time I saw Tom naked and the alcohol made us giggle at first. His penis was a little smaller and thinner than mine but his balls were a bit bigger and he had more hair than me. His ass was nice and round. Tom was a bit dizzy from the tequila so I told him to let Peter wash and clean us up. At that moment Peter joined us and the first thing Tom looked at was Peter’s cock which was hard and said “Wow that’s really big”. Peter said that the alcohol had given him an erection. We laughed and I asked Peter to teach Tom what he had taught me. He took the soap and started, I waited to see Tom’s reaction when he got to his “private parts”.


When Peter asked Tom to bend over and spread his legs I got behind Tom to get a view. He had a very cute butt. I opened his ass cheeks and saw his reddish pink hole. Peter stuck his finger in his hole and Tom just said “ooh, that feels weird”. I told him “just relax, it will feel good, you’ll see”. Peter started to move his soapy finger in and out of Tom until we noticed Tom had gotten a boner. Then Peter told Tom to turn around and got on his knees and stared washing Tom’s cock and balls. His cock was very hard with a nice purplish head. Peter told him that he had a very nice cock. He asked him to open his legs and washed between his balls and his ass. Once Peter finished he told Tom that it was his turn to wash me the same way. He looked at me and we both smiled. He proceeded to do it the same way Peter had done to him. He knelt behind me putting his face inches from my ass. I bent over and Peter separated my ass cheeks. Tom got his fingers soaped up and started to introduce his middle finger in my ass. Peter told him to push it all the way in and slip it out several times making me feel very good and horny. Before stopping, Peter told him to push it all the way in and feel inside. He asked him to feel like a little bag with a kind of vein in the middle which was right behind my balls. He did and stared massaging it a little. My cock jumped and pre-cum started to ooze from it giving me a feeling of ecstasy which made me roll my eyes and moan a bit. They smiled and Tom took the finger out telling me that he also wanted to feel what I had felt so I did the same to him briefly so I could feel also the right spot. He didn’t want me to stop but we had to. They both smiled and Peter asked us if we had enjoyed the experience, we both said yes at the same time with a big smile.   We got out and went to bed naked since we told him we slept that way.


We continued talking and after a couple of more tequila shots each, Peter asked us if we wanted to play truth or dare. We just said yes. Peter started and dared me to French kiss Tom. He hesitated but we told him about our confidentiality agreement so we kissed for about one minute. Then Peter asked Tom to suck my dick for one minute, he went down and grabbed it with his hand and just put it in his mouth and started blowing me. Peter told him to be careful with his teeth and showed him how to do it after I showed some signs of discomfort. After that it felt great. Then it was my turn so I asked Peter to suck Tom’s dick which he did without hesitation, Tom was moaning in ecstasy. When Peter finished he had a string of pre-cum from his lips to Tom’s dick. It looked really hot. It was my turn to ask Tom so I asked him to French kiss Peter while jerking him off. He got besides Peter and kissed him taking Peter’s cock in his hand and jerking it. Tom’s dick was touching Peter’s legs and he was moving his hips rubbing his own dick on Peter’s leg.

It was Tom’s turn and I really thought he would ask something easy but he asked me to fuck Peter for a minute. Peter and I asked him to explain what he meant and he said he was daring Peter to lie on the bed facing down and for me to stick my cock into his ass. We were surprised to hear Tom since he had been a bit shy most of the night. I just stood there waiting for Peter’s reaction. Peter just said “a dare is a dare” and he got some cream from a drawer and got on the bed face down, he opened his legs and pushed up his ass. He told me I had to get my finger full of cream and stick it in his ass slowly and make sure it was well lubricated. We could see his light brown hole with some hair around it and his balls hanging. It was an awesome sight. Tom opened Peter’s ass cheeks while I stuck a finger up his hole, he told me to push it in and out a few times and to try with two fingers. Tom asked if he could do it also and Peter told him to go ahead. Tom stuck two fingers up his ass and we noticed that his dick jumped a little and was very hard. Then I got on top of him I pushed my dick slowly and then started going at it faster. Peter was moaning a bit. After about two minutes I stopped and Peter got up. Peter got up and we noticed he had left a wet spot of on the bed, the head of his cock was all wet. Tom asked him if it had felt good and Peter told us that it had felt wonderful. Tom said he wanted to try it so we fingered each other first and then fucked each other and finally after sticking up to three fingers up our asses, Peter fucked both of us in different positions, we lost track on how many times we came because for the first time we were cumming without actually ejaculating. The prostate massage was giving us a very different but wild and erotic experience.


It was the most exiting night Tom and I had ever had. We were exhausted so we fell asleep. Tom’s last comment was “your cousin is really cool”. That was the start of a very nice relationship with Tom and Peter. I will tell you more about our experiences in my next story. I hope you liked it because it was a true story. Peter taught us a lot of things and we were fast learners. We had other experiences together with other friends and some girls but I will tell you about them at another time. I hope you liked it and I hope I did not miss many details about our experience, my first time with my cousin and my friend Tom.
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