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Janet, My First Woman Lover

Janet, My First Woman Lover

The following is a true story about my first time with another woman.

I first met Janet at work. She was a tall woman, about five foot-six-inches. She was transferred to my restaurant to help me. I had the busiest restaurant in my area. She was one of four assistant managers. Janet was funny and had a very good sense of humor which is what I needed at the time what with the ordering and payroll and the scheduling. Not to mention the meetings I had to attend. Well, needless to say, I was very happy to have her.

About three weeks after she arrived, we were on the same shift and I had to run to another restaurant to get some food until my supply truck came. I realized that it wouldn't all fit in my car. Then Janet spoke up and said she would be glad to take me. She had a truck and thank God for that because I really needed a lot of stuff.

It was around 10:00 that morning. I had waited for my other manager to come in so I could go. He got to the restaurant and I told him I was going to pick up more supplies.

He said, "No problem," so Janet and I left.

Me being only four-foot-eleven-inches tall, I had trouble getting into her truck. I was embarrassed, to say the least when she came around the truck to help me in. Once inside, we both started to laugh about my "altitude impairment". She thought it was so cute that she had to boost me up into her truck. We talked for a while on the way down to the unit.

When she turned and said, "I don't know if anyone told you, but I am gay."

I didn't say anything at first. I just sat there, waiting for her to say more. 

When she didn't, I turned and said, "So what's it to me? It doesn't matter."

I think I asked her if she had a girlfriend. I don't know why I even asked her that. To this day, I still wonder.

We talked until we got there. She loaded the truck and wouldn't let me do anything. Instead, I spent the time talking to the other manager, telling him that the items would be returned by tomorrow.

"No problem," he replied.

Janet came and said everything was loaded. So we got back in the truck, again with her help, and again she laughed.

The drive back took about an hour, so she asked me about my marriage and if I was happy. I thought that was a pretty odd question, but I answered her truthfully with a no. She had a silly grin on her face. I really didn't think anything thing of it.

Back at the restaurant, she unloaded the truck. Things inside were starting to get busy. It was lunchtime, and Janet was the kitchen manager for the day. My other manager, John, was the cashier manager, and I was overseeing the whole operation - dealing with customers, and making sure everyone was pleased.

When lunch was over, my truck delivery was waiting to be unloaded. The two drivers had patiently waited until we could get to them. So I got John and Janet to help, and by this time, the next manager was in for work.  She took over the floor, while the three of us checked in the truck. 

Once I was sure we got everything, I signed off on the slip so the drivers could leave. 

Janet walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper.

"Miss Dee, I have to leave now," she said. I didn't look at the paper right then because I was counting money and trying to get the day deposit done and to the bank.

When I finished, I took the paper out of my pocket. There on it was her phone number and a short note:

"Call me tonight, I want to talk to you about your unhappiness."

I was annoyed, but also intrigued.

After the kids were in bed, I decided to call her to see just what she wanted. I dialed the number, and an older woman answered.

"May I speak to Janet please?" I said.

"Yes, hold on," the woman said. 

I waited for a few minutes and then Janet came on the phone. "Hi," she said.

"Hi Janet," I said.

"Oh, hi Dolores!  How are you?" Janet said.

"I'm fine thanks, I just wanted to call and find out what you wanted from the note you handed to me," I replied.

"Well," she said, "I was wondering if you would please go to a party with me on Saturday?"

"On Saturday? Well, I am not sure if I can find a babysitter, but I will try," I said.

"Okay," she replied. Now I was really getting very interested in what was on her mind.

She said that if I could find one, she'd pick me up at 8:00 p.m. So I agreed and hung up.

Saturday came, and with the babysitter comfortable, Janet showed up right on time. I got in the truck again with her help, but this time her hands were on my ass.

I didn't say anything but a casual thank you.

She got into the driver seat and looked at me, and said, "Boy you look different outside of work!"

I had on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt shirt with spaghetti straps. For some reason, I didn't put on a bra. I also had on a pair of tongs, purple in color. I guess I was hoping that she would try to seduce me.

That night was wonderful, I met most of her friends and many of them were couples. I was nervous when Janet offered me something to drink.

"I will have a rum and coke please, but light on the rum," I said.

She smiled and went to get it, and one of the girls started to talk to me, asking me questions about me and Janet.

I looked a little shocked and said, "We are just friends." The girl just giggled.

Janet came with the drink and said, "Let's go out on the patio."

She led the way. We sat down and started to talk, I had mentioned that one of the girls wanted to know if we were a couple. Even she thought it was cute, then out of nowhere she kissed me on the lips. I was so surprised that I started to shake.

She apologized right away, "I am sorry."

I must've been still in shock, but managed to say, "It's okay."

"Your lips tasted so good," she said. "I just couldn't resist it anymore."

Now I know I was blushing. We sat there a little longer when she asked me to dance.

Now remember her height and mine, we looked like "Mutt and Jeff"! But I can honestly say I was very happy and she was an excellent dancer. Her hands were around my waist pulling me closer to her, sliding one over my ass. I didn't want it to stop; I was reeling at the moment, feeling better than I ever did.

She held me so tight, I could feel her breathing on my neck. I was wondering where she was going with this, but definitely, I was in the moment.

The music stopped and she whispered in my ear, "Do you want to leave now?"

I answered by nodding my head "yes." We said our goodbyes to everyone and got hugs and kisses too. We got into the truck and took off and went for a drive, ending up in a very secluded place. She parked and moved closer to me.

I was curious and filled with anticipation, not sure what to do. She leaned over and kissed me so tenderly, it took my breath away. Her mouth slid down my neck, kissing and licking, all I could do was moan. Back at my mouth, her tongue began searching for mine, and they started to dance as I move in closer myself. I couldn't do anything but moan. 

My body trembled at her touch.

Her hands moved down to my breasts, squeezing them gently and playing with my nipples, which were like bullets pointing in the air. Her mouth moved down to suck them and I almost hit the ceiling when her mouth closed over one aching nipple.

She stopped, and I began to whimper, puzzled to why. She opened my door and made me lay back.

She pulled my shorts off and said, "Mmm, I like your panties."

With that, she removed them. There I was, totally naked from the waist down and she was between my legs. Her hands started sliding up my thighs, spreading my legs open.

I was mesmerized by what was happening to me.

"Janet," I managed to get out of my mouth. 

All Janet would say is, "Shhhh, just relax."

Then I felt it - Janet's tongue licking my lips, pressing on them so they would open up for her. The moan that escaped from my mouth was pure ecstasy. I had never felt this way before.

Janet kept on her assault to my ever-growing-swollen pussy. My body was shaking and my hands grabbed her head as my hips began to buck up to her face. The more I bucked, the more she licked. I could feel it beginning to happen then, I felt her fingers slide into my waiting hole. I let out a groan as she kept sliding them in and out as she licked my swollen clit. This woman was fingering me to a tremendous orgasm!

Janet said, "It is okay to cum sweetie," and with that, I bucked a few more times.

I said, "Ohh, God, Janet I am cumming! Oh, please don't stop!"

I tightened up, my legs quivering, and her face buried deep in my pussy. All the sudden cum came pouring out of me, all over her face. I lay there panting and breathing so hard, then when I got the hiccups, she laughed so hard and so did I.

When I had come down to earth and my breathing was back to normal, she got in next to me and held me so tight. We talked for a few minutes after that, then she asked me if I enjoyed it.

"That was a stupid question," I said, "But yes I did very much so."

Janet then said, "I guess I better get you home before your husband starts to ask you where you've been."

With that, she drove me home. We parked in the driveway and said goodnight and she stole a kiss.


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