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Jason and Kym ~ Part One

A story about self-discovery.
I think back to the day I’d met Jason; it was at one of the biker rallies that I attend through the riding season. I say ‘season’ because where I reside it gets bitterly cold and the ground snow covered for slightly less than half the calendar year. That being said, one must make the most of the good weather if motorcycles are a passion to which you subscribe. For example, can you imagine Sturgis being held in the middle of January?

I was standing looking at the bike that was parked next to my own and I remember suddenly sensing someone standing nearby admiring the same machine. He was shorter and slimmer than my five foot ten inch, two-hundred pound frame; his long hair was a sharp contrast to my shaved head. He didn’t look like he was dressed to ride, but then for all I knew, he was here for the weekend. We exchanged the normal small talk and when he asked where I lived we discovered our houses were just over an hour apart… small world.

He flipped me a scrap of paper with his email on it and said I should write him sometime.

I tucked it into my jeans and dismissed him quickly, my attention drawn towards a trio of lovely young ladies who were strolling by. Two of the women were dark haired beauties, but the third… the redhead with bright blue eyes; she held my attention. The girls and I exchanged playful banter until the two brunettes began strolling away once more, but as their friend told them, “I’ll catch up with you later,” I felt my luck had definitely taken a turn for the better.

She and I quickly escalated to erotic flirting, each sentence from our mouths becoming bolder than the last as our bodies danced without music. Finally, with her long thin fingers squeezing my forearm, she said, “So, are you gonna offer to give me a ride on your Harley or not?”

Ten minutes later we could be found outside of town, racing down a country highway that would inevitably lead us to my hotel room where this smoldering redhead took me for several long, hard rides, cowgirl-style! The sex was hot and amazing; we both spent hours trying to wear the other out until we collapsed in a heap atop the sheets. Later, in the shower, I ate her sore pussy until she called out and tore the shower curtain.

Sometime that night, she phoned her friends and soon after, they arrived to pick her up. But I digress; that is not the story in which I am here to tell.


A week or so after that rally I was back at home and came across that wrinkled note; one thing lend to another and before long I had sent Jason an email. I figured it might be nice to have another friend to shoot the breeze with about motorcycles, guns, girls and other ‘guy’ stuff… Had I known where it would lead, I’m quite sure I’d have thrown away his information and never gave it a second thought.

It was one of those cold winter days where Jason had come over to help me work on my Jeep. Actually he wasn’t very mechanically inclined and did little more than hand me tools and talk while I worked, but it was better than being alone. I learned that the reason he sounded naive was one, because he’d lead a fairly sheltered life still living with his old man, and two because he was younger than myself. At thirty five, I thought of myself as ‘getting old’ and considered him a ‘young pup’ because he was eleven years younger.

After the hood was slammed closed and the tools put away, we went in for a beer and decided to watch a movie on cable that he had said was a good one. It was on the Sci-Fi channel so I was all for it, and while I thought the plot was thin, I let him think I’d liked it enough. The really weird part about the movie was where these two guys kissed each other, passionately. Although there wasn’t any sex between them, I got up and grabbed us another beer while Jason watched intently. As the credits rolled up the screen, we were sitting on my sofa chatting about the movie and Jason asked me what I’d thought about the scene where the two guys made out.

“It doesn’t do anything for me,” I told him. “Now that part where the two girls and the guy were going at it, you know… just before the enemy broke in and slaughtered them… now that was hot!”

“Yeah,” he said, “Those scenes do get my blood pumping.”

I misunderstood him at that point; I thought he was referring to the scene with the two chicks and the dude, where I had said it was ‘hot’ and I was commenting on that when I next said, “Yeah, I was starting to get hard watching it… guess I need to get laid or jack off or something, eh?”

Truthfully, my lap was slightly tented from thinking about the three-some scene and I had begun to think about hitting a tavern in search of some pussy after Jason went home. In the moment that I turned my head, picked up the remote and flipped on the channel guide to see what was coming on next, Jason slid over towards me and before I knew what was happening I felt his hand near my lap, his fingers just an inch or two from wrapping around my semi-rigid cock! In my ears I heard him say, “I could, umm…take care of that for you.”

When I think back to that moment, I still wonder why I didn’t push him away, or jump off the sofa, or smash his face in with my fists until he was a bloody mess. For whatever reason, I looked into his eyes and saw a look that I’d seen many, many times before. Only when I’d previously seen that look, it was on the face of a woman. Now here that look was on a guy’s face; his eyes filled with that look of lustful yearning and excitement as I felt him fondle my hard-on!

It was then that I thought about my physical reaction to his stimulation. I’m not going to tell you it didn’t feel good because it did. Jason was stroking my cock lightly and it was having the desired effect on me as I realized I was quickly getting harder by the second. But this was a guy, I thought…’and I’m not gay’ my brain screamed inside my skull. Then the inevitable happened, I stood up and quickly backed away from him while telling him to go home, loudly. He looked heartbroken, but stood and quickly made his escape. As I watched him drive away, I reached down and felt my aching cock through my pants, realizing how hard I still was. ‘Was I about to let him give me a blow-job’ I thought to myself?

I was still thinking about what had just happened while I stepped to my computer and brought up a favorite porn site, quickly playing one of my favorite films as I released my fat sausage into my fist. I stroked myself to an amazing orgasm, all the while watching the skinny, large breasted strawberry blond bent over a table getting fucked from behind. I couldn’t stop a mental image of Jason’s lusty-eyed look flashing through my mind, the way he’d licked his moist lips… and God help me, but it made me cum that much more!


The weeks that followed that day when Jason touched me were some of the strangest in my life. I refused to email him for two weeks, which was our normal form of communication, even though he had written me a couple of times. It was during that time that I went from a period of denial about my excitement from what had happened, to one of a curious acceptance of it. I began to look into things I’d never before given much thought, telling myself it was ‘research’ and nothing more.

The types of scenarios that turned me on most were ones where I was with a man who was Submissive in nature and allowed my Dominant side to prevail throughout the time we would be together. There were plenty of combinations to fuel the erotic fire; from Master and slave to Teacher & student and beyond… the list was only restricted by a person’s own imaginative limitations. I had to seriously contemplate the possibilities that the incident between Jason and I had awaken the ‘bi-sexual’ side of me that was formerly buried deep within my sub-consciousness.

It wasn’t long before we’d chat on YaHoo’s Messenger about more things than bikes, cars and the weather. While it was strange to have a discussion about homosexual desires with a male friend, it was also refreshing to be able to talk about our mutual curiosities and soon we broached the taboo subject that we’d been avoiding for weeks.

Jason is about four inches shorter than I and weighs a good thirty pounds less; having what some would call a slim size for a guy. What turned me on was when he explained that his secret desire was to be completely submissive towards another man he was having a sexual relationship with. I didn’t know if he was just flirting with me or not, but he mentioned more than once how he was attracted to men who were taller and huskier than he was.

Perhaps it was the sadistic side of my brain rising to the surface, but suddenly I felt the urge to tease and taunt him. I began to stroke myself as I fantasized about an anonymous babe’s tongue running around the large, bulbous mushroom that sat atop my stiff prick until I was rock hard and then I reached for my Nikon. In one shot I held a ruler next to my thick cock so he could see that I was over eight inches long and in another he could see the curved shape of my tool. I uploaded them and wrote him an email returning the favor of the photos, asking him if he’d let me know his opinion of mine. From that day on he told me that he’d do anything I wished and let me do anything to him I could think of or wanted to try, in order to service my cock.

After suggesting he wear tight blue jeans the next time we saw each other, he answered back ‘anything else’, without missing a beat. I told him that I wanted him to dress in heels, silk panties & bra and possibly even a wig sometime. I think I was trying to call his bluff so to speak but he repeated his earlier insistence by writing, ‘if that’s what you wish.’


The first real incident happened a week or so after that. I was over at Jason’s house helping his old man fix their pick-up truck. We worked in the small garage that stood behind their house, mostly blocked from view by the house and trees. We were attaching a new exhaust system and muffler; I knew if I was doing it to my Jeep it would be a pain in the ass to do so alone. A couple of hours later and his pin-head neighbors could stop crying about the noisy truck.

His father told Jason to go get us a couple cold beers and then remarked how he wished the kid was more mechanically inclined, but that he hoped Jason would find his niche’ someday. I shook his callused hand and watched his father disappear down the driveway, the vehicle as quiet as a mouse.

Leaning against the workbench I concentrated on finishing my beer, listening to Jason talk about how his dad was getting older by the minute and how much he appreciated me helping him out. Then I saw he was modeling new jeans for me that fit him like a second skin; when he knew I’d noticed, he turned his back on me, looked over his right shoulder and said, “Well? Is this what you meant?”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant,” I told him as I tilted my head back and gulped down the rest of my beer. When I saw he’d turned back to face me and stood looking in the general direction of my belt buckle, I felt my heart pound inside my chest. Almost as if in a dream, not sure if I was more nervous than he but set on playing my part, I began by asking, “You like what you see, boy?”


“Then get your ass over here.” As I contemplated the unfolding scene, I watched him drop down onto his knees. I watched him do so without question, his eyes never leaving the large bulge that grew just beneath my light blue briefs. “Rub it, Jason.”

In no time I was straining against the thin cotton fabric, so I took a deep breath and told him to drop my shorts. When my hard cock sprang forth from the confining underwear, it bobbed slightly in front of his face and I watched his eyes widen. “You wanted the chance to go down on me, boy, so here’s your chance,” I hoarsely said as I glanced towards the open garage door and back again. “Go on, blow me,” I told him.

I leaned back against the workbench, not so much for comfort as for stability. My cock twitched when his hand cupped my sack and jerked when his fingers slowly slid around the circumference of my shaft, but when I watched him lean forward to kiss the tip of my prick it took every ounce of self-control not to grab the back of his head and shove it down his throat. His tongue slid from between his dry lips and tentatively tasted my leaking pre-cum. I realized my eyes were shut and opened them to watch the show, coaxing him along with my words.

“Put it inside your mouth and suck it,” I began, “Yes, like that. Now see how much you can take, baby,” I said.

He seemed to respond to my dirty talk as he began to bob his head up and down, slowly sucking on the front half of my throbbing cock. The slurping noises he made seemed very loud but I was certain it was more likely because of the situation and my acute senses. Every minute I kept hearing noises that made me think someone was going to catch us, but no one ever did.

“When I cum, you’re going to swallow my fuckin’ seed,” I hissed as I felt my nuts tightening. “You hear me?”

When he nodded his head quickly, the head of my cock bounced at the back of his throat, causing me to feel my crown begin to expand. Knowing I was near the point of no return, and knowing he’d be made aware of it soon enough, I held fast to the bench with one hand while grasping for his long hair with the other. My fingers twisted his long locks between them, holding his face onto my shaft as I said, “Here it goes, baby. Now be a good little slut and take your Daddy’s cream.”

“OH Christ,” I bellowed as I forced more of my tool into his throat. And then…just as doubt entered my mind, I felt his muscles moving. His throat working as God intended it to do so…my sperm sliding down to fill his belly. I loosened my grip on his hair slightly and watched as he pushed six of the eight inches of tube-steak down his throat, a gurgling sound coming from his throat as he milked every last drop from my cock!

With a plop I pulled my dick from him, hearing his gasps as he relaxed to the floor. We both panted for a few minutes, my cock barely softening and Jason barely looking away from it. I buckled my belt and helped him to his feet, before I gave him a lame excuse and rode off down the road.

Later that night as I sat in my favorite bar sipping strong whiskey, I couldn’t help but think about how much I’d enjoyed my latest blowjob, but what really stuck in my head was how long I remained hard after I’d departed. Heck, I was getting stiff now just reliving it in the privacy of my mind. The bartender who knew me by name walked by and said, “I’ve seen that look before.”

“Huh? What do you mean,” I asked.

“Its girl trouble, ain’t it? You look like you’ve got trouble with a friend, my friend.”

I motioned for another drink and said, “You’re close, but you don’t know the half of it.” I watched him make me the third drink that night, knowing he wasn’t the person to talk to about the mixed feelings I was having. But then, who was?


During the next week or so, Jason and I chatted daily and of course he referred to our rendezvous in his father’s garage often. I admitted to him that it had been very hot and still got me hard when I thought about it. Every day he’d ask when we could get together again, to continue exploring our fantasies, but I was playing hard-to-get and put him off each time. I decided to give him some ground rules, the first of which was that we’d only get physical when I initiated it; he was never to make the first move. He understood my wishes and promised that he would adhere to them, just as long as I promised that we would someday do it again.

Sensing an underlying urgency in him, I wondered if he’d be able to allow me to control that side of our relationship. I was still somewhat confused about my emotions, but having said that I also knew that I wanted to feel his lips and tongue on my stiff prick again. I got very turned on when I talked down to him and he responded submissively, as I wanted more than anything to try some things such as bondage and discipline with him. But that of course was something we’d have to work up to as the level of trust increased between us.

I even went so far as to order him to go out and buy some extra large rubbers and lubricant for the two of us, in case we ever got to the point where I wanted to know what his asshole felt like around my cock. Talk like that seemed to push all the right buttons with him and I have to admit, it excited me as well, although I wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually do it.

One day I told him I wanted him to start experimenting whenever he could do so by lubing up a long, thin candle or a carrot and pushing it up his ass. I suggested he do this to put him off for a few weeks, but amazingly he told me just a few days afterwards that he’d done what I said and had worked up to the thickest candle he could find in the house. I guess I’d underestimated his enthusiasm.

The next day I read a note he’d sent me. In short, it told of how his father was going fishing that Friday morning and wouldn’t be home until late; he wondered if I wanted to stop over. I wrote back and told him to plan on it.

Friday morning came around and I drove over to his house in my truck, taking a duffle bag with me. Knocking on his back door, he quickly came and answered it, waving me inside. From what I could see he looked the same as he did before, dressed in a T-shirt and his tight-fitting jeans. I sat down on their couch, half listening to Good Morning America and half thinking about the way Jason’s mouth had felt on me a couple weeks ago, as my cock began to thicken. When he walked back into the room, he still had the tight Levi’s which showed his cute ass off so nicely, but he also wore a pair of black shoes with a thick three inch heel.

While they did something for me, I didn’t want to appear overly excited and tried to play it cool as they allowed me to admire his now, slightly upturned rear a little better. He sauntered back and forth across the carpet swaying his hips more than normal, putting on a show for my benefit.

“I was at the Laundromat last week washing some of the blankets that our dog used to sleep on,” he began to tell me, “Because my old man didn’t want me to use our machine, ‘ya know? So anyways, this lady was washing a load of stuff next to mine and when she left for a while, I stole a couple of things! I’ve been hiding them all week until I got a chance to show you,” he said excitedly as he motioned for me to wait while he scurried towards his bedroom, but I called him back.

“You’re dad has some whiskey around here, right?” He nodded affirmatively and I told him to go make me a mixer in a tall glass. As he handed it to me, I said, “Tell me what you stole, Jason.”

“Well, I took some of her underwear, you know, and a bra too. I threw it in my basket and came home. Wait here and I’ll go get ‘em,” he said once more. By then my gears had started to turn and I wanted to test his submissive side once again, so I stepped up to him and said, “I don’t want to see them unless you’re in then, Jason.”

I sat on their sofa flipping the channels as I drank my large drink… waiting. A short while later I heard Jason clear his throat and glanced towards the rooms’ entrance, where he stood still dressed in his tight jeans and t-shirt. The only obvious change was that he’d tied his long hair into a ponytail. Just then I noticed the bra straps through the thin cotton shirt he had on and I sat back down as he stepped to the middle of the room.

Without ever lifting his eyes to mine, he began to slowly turn about in circles, making sure I noticed his shapely butt. When his back was turned to mine, he reached for his waist and slowly lifted his shirt above his head, dropping it to the floor and revealing the light blue bra that was fastened to his upper body. I couldn’t help but be turned on as I thought about all those images I’d seen on my computer and how one of them was materializing right before my eyes. My cock twitched as the front of his body turned to mine and then I saw him lowering the zipper on his jeans.

“Good… keep going,” I slurred as I started to rub myself. As he turned his back to me once again, he stepped from the high-heeled shoes and began to slide his pants down. A matching blue pair of panties was leisurely revealed to my hungry eyes. Finally out of his jeans, he slid his feet back into the heels and turned once more to face me.

I took the scene up another notch when I stood and took the liberty to kick off my shoes, slide my pants and shorts off. Sitting down once more, I knew without looking that his eyeballs were glued to my thick snake as it uncoiled and grew before his wide eyes. On the way over here I’d thought that the possibility of getting another blow-job from Jason was high, but now there was no way I was leaving here without a blowjob.

I let my imagination run and saw him as one of those she-males I’d seen on an internet pornography site. The only thing missing was a set of tits, but my imagination would suffice for today. On a future occasion I thought about having him stuff the bra with something to make it look like he had a nice set of boobs. I stroked my cock until it was as hard as it had ever been, so hard that it hurt.

Walking to him, feeling as though this were all a dream and not really reality, not only from the alcohol effects but also the sexual electricity in the air, I slowly circled him until I stood directly behind him. He jumped as I put my right hand on his hip and again when my left rubbed his bottom. “I like the way these hug your ass,” I whispered, “And they feel good too.” Pressing my body against his ever so slightly, I felt him shiver as I began to play out the fantasy unraveling before me.

My right hand slowly slid forward and upwards until I cupped the bra in my palm, squeezing his flesh as if it were a woman’s breast before slipping my digits underneath to touch his stiff nipple. When my thumb and forefinger pinched it, he sighed and leaned his head back towards my chest. Again I whispered into his ear as I told him to follow me and taking his hand in my own, I lead him back towards his bedroom. Once there I ordered him to kneel before me, and then jerked my body so my dick hit him in the face.

“Be a good little whore and suck my cock,” I said. The next few minutes were filled with wonderful sensations as Jason repeated the performance from the garage, but unlike that day I suddenly wanted to experience an orgasm in a much different way. I silently wondered if crossing this line was right or wrong but knew in my heart that I wanted to experience it and know what it was like. So I pulled away from his slurping face, gazed down into his eyes and held out my hand.

Pulling him to his feet, I held a finger to my lips, motioning him to be silent. Then it was my turn to kneel before him as I slid my hands up his legs until I reached the thin elastic band on the tight panties. Tugging them off his body, I helped get them over the heeled shoe on his left foot but left them hanging around his right ankle. I looked at his semi-hardness and wondered how on earth he couldn’t be as stiff as me, but then remembered when he’d explained how he had so much trouble getting stiff.

Lately I’d found myself wondering what it would be like to taste a cock and I quickly found out as I began to kiss and suck on the end of Jason’s. I swirled my tongue around and around his small head, flicking my tongue along the shaft, but it didn’t seem to make a difference so I began to tickle his balls with my left hand. I felt him twitch but he never got more than half way to full hardness.

“I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you couldn’t get hard. I wanted to know for sure, and now that I do I won’t feel bad about not reciprocating the pleasure I get from using your body,” I told him as I guided him towards his bed. Changing my voice to a more authoritative tone, I said, “Now, show me where those things are I told you to get.”

His eyes widened at the implication and when he hadn’t moved fast enough, my hand shot out and slapped his face! “You do what you’re told; when I tell you Slut, without hesitation or you will suffer the consequences…understand?”

“Y, yes…I understand,” he whimpered as he stepped to his dresser, withdrew the items and held out his hand for me to take them.

“Good girl,” I told him to see if the term would upset him, but he merely bowed his head and waited. “I want you to get on your hands and knees on top of your bed, then lean your head down and hug the pillow.” He assumed the position so fast it was nearly a blur, but there it was, his sexy ass pointed towards his bedroom ceiling and all mine to do with whatever I wished.

“Now take this lube and work it into your tight little hole; I want you nice and slippery for my cock,” I told him as I tossed him the tube and went out to the family room to finish my drink. It wasn’t that I was loosing my nerve, or my hard-on, but I was wrestling with what I was about to do for the first time in my life.

Returning to see him positioned as ordered, with the clear slick lube oozing from around his anal hole, I walked to the head of the bed and said, “Suck my cock some more whore,” and while he did I told him, “I want you to put a condom on my cock and then I’m going to make you my bitch once and for all,” slapping his face hard to drive home my meaning.

“You are going to be fucked and from this day forward no other cock will enter either of your holes without my permission, you understand?”

“Yes…I understand,” he panted as he grabbed a Trojan and tore the gold wrapping off.

“You understand what?”

“That you own me; I am your slave and will only service you,” he repeated in a monotone voice that confirmed his submissive nature and acknowledged my dominance over him. He slid the condom onto my glistening prick and then faced the sheets again.

“While that’s true, you’re not quite correct, young lady,” I continued. “The term that will be used to describe you from now on will be my bitch. Now say it, Jason… I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m your little bitch, he mumbled.”

“And my whore?”

“Yes, your whore.”

“And my little dirty slut?”

“Yes, yes whatever you say. I’m your slut and your whore and your bitch,” he whined in frustration.

I went and stood at the base of his bed and told him to scoot back towards me until his raised ass was close enough to touch it. With an open palm I smacked his left cheek harder than I should’ve but that didn’t stop me from laying one onto his right side, too. I listened to him yelp and squeal. Then I lifted my thick prick up and heard a voice in my head say, ‘It’ll be the same as fucking a chick’s ass and you’ve done that plenty of times’.

Jason felt the blunt end of me rub his backdoor and my hands grasping at his waist. I heard his lungs expelling air in a heavy, lust-induced exhale as I began to apply pressure with my muscled legs, forcing the fat head against him with an ever increasing amount of pressure. Just a second after I began to think I should give up and walk away from this perverted little tryst, I felt the amazingly familiar feeling of a tight anal ring opening…stretching…and slipping around the tip of my dick as it slid within his poop shute! My gaze cast downward and I saw the remaining seven inches of my hard pipe that now connecting us in a most intimate way. Looking forward over Jason’s back, I saw he was clutching the pillow and waiting.

“Talk to me, Bitch; tell me what I want to hear,” I said as I tightened my grip on his narrow hips and began to push my cock deeper into his tight little asshole.

“Ooohh, Ooohh,” he moaned as I inched forward inside him. “Oooh fuck me,” he hissed. “Take my ass and make me your little bitch!” My words coming from his mouth were such a turn on, that I began to flex my tool as I invaded his box, letting him feel it as I reached the halfway point of splitting his buttocks in two.

“That’s right Jason, you are my fuck-toy,” I hissed right back as I reached for his pony tail and increased the pressure on my thrusting, even though by now we both felt his inner tube tightening around my cock as I stretched him deeper than ever before. “I’m going to enjoy fucking your man-pussy when ever I want and you’re going to beg me for more, aren’t you?”

“Y, yes…pound my asshole, pound…” he started to moan, but I cut him off as I yanked his hair back.

“Call it what it is, Bitch!”

“S, sorry… it’s my pussy. Pound my pussy, oh please, pound my pussy,” he began to beg with his whiny little voice. For the moment I held him tightly and pushed again, trying with all my might to force my prick deeper still. The yelp of pain barely registered in my ears from Jason before I leaned back, withdrawing over half of my prick and then pushing it slowly back home again!

My balls were bouncing off of his sack each time I moved inside him and I thought I could feel his limp dick slap against me every now and then. I chuckled silently at his inability to get it up, even as he was finally getting what he’d been begging for. After all, if this didn’t do it for him, nothing would and it made me understand why he was so submissive towards me.

“Jason,” I said, “I’m going to cum and when I do I want you to be sucking my cock, understand?”

“I’d rather have you cum in my ass,” he said.

“Well too bad you’re my bitch and I decide for you,” I told him as I walked to stand next to the head of his bed and yelled, “Now take it off my cock and suck me dry!”

He looked at my throbbing tube-steak for three seconds, before he reached forward and tugged at the Trojan. It felt like a breath of fresh air when he released my flesh from the rubber sleeve, but it felt even better when he took it into his mouth and sucked like a starving newborn on his mama’s teat. I held his head steady as I looked down at his lips, which were tightened about my prick, and without further ado I began to face-fuck him with quick thrusts as my balls began to boil.

Then it happened, in one moment he was struggling against me and in the next I felt his throat relaxing; his nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply and the head of my cock slipped past the back of his mouth and into his throat! Jason had successfully deep-throated me and I was taking full advantage of him, slamming my body forward and driving my shaft towards his belly. My balls smacked his chin as I saw his watering pupils widen, his mouth and throat distended from the pole lodged within his airway.

He looked up at me; for a second or two I considered pulling out, but just then I felt the tell tale feeling of my body being pushed past the point of no return not unlike the way it felt that day in his garage just prior to his initial sampling of my seed. My cock straightened, my body convulsed, my vision swam and then… my balls expelled a torrential flowage of sap that seared through the center of my root and shot from the flaring tip, splattering onto the walls of Jason’s esophagus!

Grunting in pleasure as my erupting prick slowly withdrawing until only my fat head remained between his lips. It was there that I held myself as I ordered him through clenched teeth, “Let me feel your tongue milking every last drop, Bitch!”

Shortly after that, he waved good-bye as I drove out of his driveway and made my way back home. I’d left the duffel bag with him, telling him to guard it with his life but not to open it, as a test of his compliance to our understanding.


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